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jurovI'd really like the keys to be named, please - instead of "Key" set it to "Key to XXX Claim".. would save you server bandwidth of people requesting the key properties all the time, too.00:01
mircea_popesculike "key to small claim" ?00:12
HeySteve+1 keys would benefit from a name or tooltip to save examining them00:14
jurovFull claim name like "key to small rickety reeds claim" would be best.00:18
HeySteveI don't fully understand the purpose of claims. do they yield specific resources when combined with bits of nothing?00:19
jurovyes, today's trilema article touched on that00:20
jurovand there are larger claims that require other materials00:21
chettybut why do you look at keys so much? if its in your inventory you just unlock and it finds the right one00:45
mircea_popescuprolly wants to know what to throw out ?00:47
HeySteveis there a possibility of fast travel between markers or having a map which shows them? cuz then markers would become a valuable utility / resource02:07
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mike_cso.. i put a little bit o nothing in a claim, try to combine, it tells me to fuck off.02:31
mike_ci'm so confused.02:32
mod6did you unlock it first?02:32
mod6then after you put in "little bit of nothing" and hit "use" what did it say?02:32
mike_cah, no, i hit combine.  lemme try use02:32
mike_c'what do you have in mind to build'  perhpas i am too unskilled for this02:33
mod6na, you need to put the recipe (that came with the claim) in your "mind"02:33
mike_coh.  well then maybe that's the problem.  i took a key from the pile, didn't explore this claim.02:34
mod6equip this item either by dropping it on the avatar of your character in the inventory screen, or drag/drop it right on to the brain icon at the top next to the hat.02:34
mod6oh yah, then your fuuked02:34
mod6you need a recipe.02:34
mike_ci haven't been able to find any of the 'random' items..  so don't have no smelly murky stuff.02:35
mod6all the discarded keys laying around are probably just toast.  these claims are one time use, and before that there was bug that nuked all of the claims.02:35
mod6you can tell if you examine the key and it says "Opens: (null)"02:35
mike_cno, this opens a claim02:36
mike_cjust then i can't do anything with it02:36
mike_copens: tiny crubmly rock exploration marker02:36
danielpbarronequip the recipe in your mind and put tiny bit of nothing in the claim and hit the topmost button on the claim inventory box02:37
mod6ok well maybe the key is good, but if you don' thvae the recipe you wont know how to use the claim.02:37
danielpbarronbut i think you need to have found one of the items (the rock?) to do that02:37
mike_cI don't *have* a recipe02:37
HeyStevemike_c I can show you where to find some murky smell stuff, one moment02:37
danielpbarrona tiny claim is pretty much only good for practice02:38
mod6what type of claim is it? i might have one you can use02:38
danielpbarronso just do anyother one and forget about that one02:38
mike_cHeySteve: that would be awesome02:38
danielpbarroni found some bigger claims that produced over 100 items in one cycle02:38
HeySteveok mike_c, I'm at the crafting tables02:39
mike_cyeah, i made that :)02:39
danielpbarronlol you made the map and you didn't find the murky stuff?02:39
danielpbarronthat's like.. hard to do02:39
mod6i think he just walked the edges.02:40
mike_ci walked all over02:40
danielpbarron(hint hint)02:40
mod6*shrug* shit happens02:40
mike_cHeySteve: yeah, that pos is out in the water02:46
HeySteveah, I see the problem02:46
HeySteveforgot the minus02:46
mike_coh hell, tab allows free-look?03:05
mircea_popescuhttp://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=13-06-2015#1163040 << i thought it did that.03:05
HeyStevethis thing reminds me of Boxy http://www.680news.com/wp-content/blogs.dir/sites/2/2015/06/05/CAAG111-65_2015_105351_hd-640x1024.jpg03:06
mod6i kinda miss bobby boxhead. in like 5 years im gonna request that I can have it back.  so when all these newbs are in there looking cool with their hats, i can be bobby boxhead again.03:07
danielpbarronclicking a stack that's greater than 1 will open up a new menu box that makes me choose how many to pick up03:08
mircea_popescudanielpbarron on the ground you mean ?03:09
danielpbarronoh i see, i can ctrl+click to pick up whole stack03:11
danielpbarronand shift+click to pick up just 103:12
mircea_popescuthe interface is actually very well done, just, needs some getting used to03:12
mircea_popescuat least imo03:12
mircea_popescubtw, this shou;d prolly go in wiki03:13
mike_cthanks to HeySteve i got some murky and found some tubers.  ur all screwed now03:13
mircea_popescuwd :)03:14
mike_cmap updated for the other n00bs03:18
mike_cso.. i have a vague memory of this - you can't use somebody else's claim recipe, right?03:23
mircea_popescusure yo ucan.03:24
cazallaanyone want to sell me some copper?03:51
cazallaand what is the going rate03:51
danielpbarronjurov does03:52
danielpbarroni should get some more too; I kinda wanna get one of those expensive limited blueprints03:53
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cazallai just wanna make my pick axe without waiting another week, i didn't get the chance to use my bezzle bag each day past week :\03:54
danielpbarroni don't think it can be made yet03:58
danielpbarronone of the ingredients' blueprints is blank03:58
cazallai can't remember the specific name of the item, some shitty pick axe though04:00
cazallathe items i needed were on the vendor if memory serves04:00
danielpbarronit needs some sort of oil04:00
danielpbarronwhich needs a "leaky treebark flask"04:01
HeyStevewhat's the going rate on a bezzle bag?04:01
danielpbarronand that thing's blueprint is blank04:01
danielpbarronlol i'm not about to sell mine04:01
HeyStevenot even for... one million dollars?04:01
danielpbarroni would sell it for that04:01
cazallawhat are you offering HeySteve ?04:01
HeyStevelol thought so04:01
HeyStevewell a bit less than that04:01
HeySteve1337 satoshis a week right?04:02
cazallaa day04:02
HeySteveah ha, not bad!04:02
cazallaso that is what.. 0.00488005 per year04:02
HeyStevebut they're only satoshis if you find a buyer04:02
HeyStevebut perhaps I'm right in thinking you can make a greater profit from intelligent crafting if you know the right recipes and have the ingredients?04:03
danielpbarronlike the trilema article says, everything is a net profit right now04:04
danielpbarronthe 1337 copper a day is nothing04:04
cazallanot sure, i have accrued much /played yet (does eulora have /played? if not, pls to add kgo)04:04
HeySteveoh you can make more from selling things to the vending machines?04:04
danielpbarroni sold 200+ rotten fruit for many times that and it only took me a few hours to make04:04
HeySteveok but each rotten fruit you make costs 7 satoshis, right?04:05
danielpbarroni found a normal sized marker04:05
HeySteveah I see04:05
danielpbarronit needed different ingredients04:05
danielpbarronit was more complicated to do, but in the end it gave me 200 in one pass04:06
HeyStevehave an enumeration which costs 1 copper04:06
cazallafound as in found on the ground like chicken scratchings (only thing i've found) or another way?04:06
HeySteveor does the amount of copper depend on crafting skill?04:06
danielpbarrongotta level skills up to get the good exploration markers04:06
danielpbarronfound as in /explore04:06
cazallayou need a pick axe or whatever to use that though, right?04:07
cazallaor some tool04:07
danielpbarronwhat's the deal with spoilers? are we supposed to not give away all the secrets or what?04:07
danielpbarronnope, can be done with bare hands04:08
danielpbarronyou need to find an item similar to the chicken thing04:08
danielpbarronand use it04:08
danielpbarronit might be on the map now04:08
cazallawhy spoilers? fine to share hints/tips in an mmorpg since forevar04:08
danielpbarronyeah it is04:09
danielpbarronit's on the map04:09
cazallaof course, your prerogative whether to share or not :P04:09
danielpbarronsmelly murky something04:09
danielpbarronor if you like, i have 23 for sale (23 is the max you can use atm)04:10
HeySteveyep I showed mike_c that harvesting location. forgot where the chicken scratchings are and haven't found the stones yet04:10
danielpbarronthey are near fountain04:12
danielpbarronand are very very tiny04:12
HeySteveah thanks04:12
danielpbarroni noticed a trick, the skill items are visible from further away than the decorative grass04:13
danielpbarronparticularly helpful with the chicken thing04:13
HeySteveI found the stone04:15
cazallaany idea what the magic dungbeetle is for?04:15
cazallaalso, is there a function like /unstuck as i'm stuck and /die doesn't shift me back to respawn04:16
cazallayeah, did, didn't work04:17
danielpbarronhow full is inventory04:18
cazallanear empty04:18
danielpbarronthe number under capacity04:18
* danielpbarron shrugs04:19
cazallaah there is /unstick but did not work for me either04:19
danielpbarronlol i bought out the 11 satoshi bit of nothings04:32
danielpbarronit's 12 now04:32
danielpbarroni'm hooked on trying to find bigger exploration markers04:34
danielpbarroni got mostly smalls now instead of tiny04:35
danielpbarronand occasionally a normal one that uses totally different ingredients and pays off big time04:35
danielpbarronyay got one!04:38
danielpbarronordinary grass04:38
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danielpbarronok nevermind, that was a net loss04:45
danielpbarronthe 1 slithy tove i had to buy to make it cost way more than the grass ultimately sold for04:46
danielpbarrondoes that mean i shouldn't sell this stuff back? just stockpile?04:47
danielpbarronor does it mean some items are selling for too much?04:47
HeyStevethe last was my impression based on some basic items04:48
HeyStevecan one create vending machines which sell one's items?04:48
danielpbarroni'm just gonna stockpile for the time being04:49
danielpbarronseeing as how storage seems to be infinite and free04:49
danielpbarronand selling back is a net loss04:49
danielpbarronon a related note, i'm the reason there aren't keys littering the countryside04:50
danielpbarronstill have most of my initial 0.0104:52
danielpbarronso all of these numbers are mostly trivial from a financial perspective04:53
danielpbarronbiggest cost is time04:53
HeySteveinitial 0.01?04:55
danielpbarroni want to get at least another 0.01 so i can buy that tripple distilate blueprint04:55
danielpbarron0.01 bitcoin04:55
danielpbarronor 1000000 satoshi/copper04:55
HeySteveoh right, the elders were awarded that much currency?04:55
danielpbarroni bought from jurov04:55
HeySteveah ok04:55
danielpbarronyou can too04:55
HeySteveI'm considering it :)04:55
HeyStevebut I must find a way for it to make economic sense 1st04:56
HeySteveI still have to see if I can find the way to profit in this game04:56
danielpbarronit's too soon for that04:56
danielpbarroni bet all of us can profit by accident just by being involved so early04:57
danielpbarroni'm trying to break things to be honest04:57
danielpbarronsmall solid branch is "profitable"05:02
HeySteveah ha thanks, will look into that05:03
danielpbarroncost me 7*11 satoshi for the bits of nothing05:03
danielpbarronand yeilded 3 branches05:03
danielpbarronwhich sell for 46 a piece05:03
HeySteveI have a couple branches05:03
danielpbarron61 satoshi profit05:03
danielpbarronnot really look intoable; just the luck of the draw with /explore05:04
danielpbarronalthough i get small most of the time now05:04
HeySteveI see05:04
HeySteveI traded with one of the boxy's before but now can't seem to find the option for it05:04
danielpbarronlemme see if the other items from small are also profitable05:05
danielpbarronthe ordinary was not profitable05:05
HeySteveoh nvm there it is05:05
danielpbarronoo, just found an ordinary rotten fruit05:06
HeySteveah my standard solid branches sell for a lot less, perhaps due to the quality05:06
HeySteveok found an ordinary claim05:10
danielpbarron24`468 copper for 12 two leaf clovers, 472 for 8 boulders, 432 copper for 3 widow's wisp berries, 144 copper for 2 crumbly rocks, 54 copper for a clump of dry grass, 65 copper for a rickety reeds, 59 copper for a solid branch05:16
HeySteveok I want to compile a list of these prices and work out what's profitable, if anything05:17
danielpbarronyielded 169 rotten fruit05:17
danielpbarronsells for 64 each05:18
danielpbarrontotal 10`81605:18
danielpbarronnet loss05:18
danielpbarronloss of 14`88105:19
danielpbarroneven a loss if you made your own ingredients05:20
danielpbarronbecause i have yet to find a way to make my own two leaf clovers05:20
danielpbarronand that alone is enough to make that enumeration not profitable05:20
danielpbarronwill save ordinary rotten fruit enumerations for later i guess05:21
danielpbarronor is it worth taking a loss just to level up05:22
danielpbarroni'm not sure where i can see my progress there05:22
HeySteveyeah I haven't figured out how the basics work yet, so can't really work out what's profitable yet05:24
danielpbarronsmall rotten fruit enumeration yeilded 1205:25
danielpbarron768 total if sold05:25
danielpbarroncost 7*11 in nothings05:26
danielpbarron691 profit05:26
danielpbarronso that's way more profitable than the branch05:27
danielpbarronrotten fruit for the win05:27
danielpbarronspecifically the small05:27
danielpbarronnot ordinary05:27
danielpbarronfound ordinary rickety reeds05:28
HeySteveah ha nice find05:29
danielpbarron19 elusive purple snails, 15 better bitterbeans, 18 nondescript tubers, 2 two leaf clovers, crumbly rock05:29
danielpbarron443*19 is 8`34105:31
danielpbarron205*15 is 3`07505:32
danielpbarron101*18 is 1`81805:32
danielpbarron2*3080 is 6`16005:33
danielpbarron72*1 ..05:34
danielpbarronincidentally, i just bought up the last of the two leaf clovers05:34
danielpbarronso this isn't even doable anymore05:34
danielpbarronyielded 159 rickety reeds05:36
danielpbarron54*159 is 8`58605:37
danielpbarroncost 19`466,  10`880 loss05:38
danielpbarronsmall nondescript tubers05:40
danielpbarroncost 7*1105:40
danielpbarronyeild 2*8405:40
danielpbarron91 profit05:40
danielpbarronordianary floatsam, 37`442 cost, 114 yield, 29`348 loss06:02
danielpbarronheh that's like a 6 or 7 cent loss06:03
danielpbarrondo not do the ordinary floatsam!06:03
danielpbarronhm, just got another small solid branch that yeilded 100 this time06:11
danielpbarronthat's 4523 profit06:12
danielpbarronsmall boulder, 3 yield, 64 profit06:15
danielpbarronsmall nondescript tubers, 2 yield, 63 profit06:17
danielpbarronsmall rotten fruit, 2 yield, 51 profit06:19
danielpbarronsmall solid branch, 3 yield, 61 profit06:21
danielpbarronsmall clump of grass, 2 yield, 19 profit06:23
danielpbarronsmall boulder, 3 yield, 64 profit06:24
danielpbarronsmall birds nest, 2 yield, 37 profit06:26
punkmanI got a bunch of ennumerations I can't use06:27
danielpbarronsave em06:27
punkmanno patience to find the right key among 200 or how many I have in storage06:28
danielpbarroni think they might get renamed06:29
danielpbarronthere should eventually be a market for keys06:29
danielpbarronso people like you who can't use them can sell them to people who can06:29
danielpbarronand so far all my keys also have to come with the instructions06:30
danielpbarronnot sure why these are separate yet06:31
danielpbarronafter first use the instructions get used up and the thing can't be used anymore06:32
danielpbarroni wonder if i had branches in my inventory in a spot i couldn't see06:35
danielpbarronhaven't been able to repeat getting 100 from a small06:35
ben_vulpesoh god i have one terminal that will run eulora and another that wont07:03
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chettymorning folks08:54
diana_comanmorning chetty08:55
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diana_comanfor anyone who might still have trouble finding the items, there are some directions at the end of this post: http://www.dianacoman.com/2015/06/13/the-barely-legible-and-slightly-bloody-diary-of-foxy-foxster-on-eulora-day-1/09:26
chettyaww that link doesnt work for me :/10:01
diana_comantry ossasepia.com ?10:02
diana_comanI have a slight problem making some goop10:03
diana_comanit ended up as a goop bundle10:03
diana_comanbut it won't make it now10:03
diana_comanall of a sudden10:03
diana_comannot sure why10:03
diana_comanI have a recipe in my head10:03
diana_comannot sure what is wrong all of a sudden10:03
diana_comanha, it seemed to have had some glitch10:04
diana_comanI moved it around on the craft table10:05
diana_comanand then it finished it10:05
diana_comanbut this was weird10:05
diana_comanthat link works from here, maybe it's again some weird sec issue - can you try from a different computer?10:06
diana_comanchetty, the leaky tree bark flask design is empty :(10:59
diana_comanand that flask is quite crucial, as it's needed for the oil that the merchant does not have (and which is needed for pretty much everything tool-related11:03
chettyok will get that fixed11:09
chettynope that link doesntwork either, I get this sometimes, maybe my isp is blacklisted somewhere11:10
diana_comanit seems so11:10
chettyif you move stuff around while crafting it wil fail for sure11:11
diana_comanI will get some people to look at it; I remember there was this issue earlier and it was some strange blacklisting thing11:11
diana_comanno, I have to move it around for it to work11:11
diana_comanso: I was working on it and I might have interrupted it somehow11:11
diana_comanthough not entirely sure how11:11
diana_comanI surely did not move anything11:11
chettythats odd, what were you making? I will give it a shot on my test system11:12
diana_comansome disgusting goop11:12
diana_comanit might be that it took double click on combine11:12
diana_comanbecause of my poor mouse11:12
diana_comanso double click -> interrupted11:12
diana_comanand then it did not want to resume11:12
chettyok, I will give it a try in a bit see, yeah a double click might do it11:12
diana_comanexcept for when I moved that bundle around on the table11:12
diana_comanit's the first time this happens11:12
diana_comanI did get the interrupt before with double click11:13
diana_comanbut it would normally just resume with another click11:13
diana_comannot this time11:13
chettyyeah I can see that, if its interrupetd it may get confused about what it is supposed to do, moving would reset everything11:13
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jurovdanielpbarron: judging from your maffs, you got consistent yields from the small claims?14:19
jurovi am getting only 2 items out most of the time, and once in about 5 it's windfall 10-2014:20
chettyserver going to restart in 514:25
jurovO.o got 25 pieces out of tiny clump of dry grass?15:15
jurovsome black swan-ey distribution here :)15:15
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chettyserver restart coming in 519:39
jurovchetty when i'm crafting shiny rck shards, it filles screen with messges "You've got * recipe"19:48
jurovand then makes the shard19:48
chettycheck you inventory19:50
jurovoh there are loads of some blueprints19:50
jurovnow doing bandar tookit, it generates recipes again19:53
jurovand it died19:55
chettyI killed it, something very wrong19:56
jurovjust in time for the event :)20:01
cazallaprob not much point my logging in as i have no tools to enchant21:25
jurovi was just making some21:33
jurovbandar toolkit, to be precise21:38
jurovto my knowledge no one among mortals was able to craft any other tool anyway21:39
jurovwow the bug must have been serious21:55
*** Quits: mike_c (~mike_c@unaffiliated/mike-c/x-9105598) ()22:00
chettywell the event is tomorrow and I had a serious fumble finge22:33
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