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danielpbarronit's down02:53
mircea_popescudanielpbarron back03:00
danielpbarrondown again03:24
danielpbarroner.. maybe not03:25
*** Joins: benkay (~user@unaffiliated/benkay)04:24
benkaydanielpbarron: what hacks did you engage in to get good framerates in eulora?04:26
mircea_popescusee eulora,cfg04:27
ben_vulpeshelp my linux computer and my mac have different scroll directions04:37
mircea_popescuhahaha what04:47
benkaycomputers are a nightmare04:48
benkaycan anyone spot me a copy of craftbot.xml? or tell me where i went wrong in procuring it?04:50
benkay(my sha256 of the tar matches the one you published mircea_popescu )04:50
mircea_popescuso then you have it ?04:50
mircea_popescumake sure you put it in the right dir, all other files go in one, thios goes in another04:51
benkaybenkay@callandor:~/eulora/eubot$ tar xfvz eubot.tar.gz04:52
benkay 04:52
benkaydo me a favor and unzip that tar you posted? i just want to confirm my own extreme retardation.04:52
mircea_popescuyep, 3rd line in manifest.04:53
mircea_popescuda fuck already.04:54
benkayso i'm not crazy?04:54
mircea_popescunah fixing ty04:55
benkay"so then you have it" lol04:55
mircea_popescubenkay check it.05:03
benkaycheck which?05:04
benkaymy privilege?05:04
mircea_popescuredownload bundle, new hash etc05:05
benkayaha will do shortly05:05
benkayi now see craftbot.xml05:07
mircea_popescumah pleasure.05:08
mircea_popescuare you actually in gamer ?05:09
benkaynot atm, could be trivially05:09
mircea_popescuaha. meet me sometime ima give you some starter itams05:10
benkaywhere are you?05:10
mircea_popescuby heina draggenfort05:11
benkayi have nfi where that is05:11
benkayanyways i'm over by greyhawk05:14
benkaybwahaha there's a bezzle command?!05:15
mircea_popescuthere's even bezzle magic goldbags05:20
mircea_popescuclimb up the hill, im there next to danielpbarron05:20
benkaymade it05:25
benkaypoor laptop is taking off05:26
benkaydoes anyone have a patch for cmdusers.cpp? i'm failing to insert diana_coman's work correctly by hand.05:42
*** Joins: lobbes (~lobbes@2a02:418:6050:ca7:ea75:b12d:37:8a5b)05:57
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*** Server sets mode: +cnt 05:57
benkaythis test loop is brutal05:59
benkay5 minute compile cycles just to see if i pasted things in the right place05:59
mircea_popescuyou'll love crafting heh06:00
benkaycan't i script that?06:01
benkaylooks like i got it this time06:04
mircea_popescuso did you find the "town" ?06:05
benkayi found daniel06:05
benkayi've been logged in this whole time while recompiling.06:05
benkaybut uh have now disconnected for a bit06:07
mircea_popescuaite, /me goes in06:07
* benkay is in06:13
mircea_popescua lessee ehre06:22
ben_vulpeswhat are people doing to track their exploration markers?06:26
mircea_popescugenerally tinies and smalls you dig on the spot.06:30
ben_vulpesuses the right key automagically?06:32
ben_vulpeshow do i know how many 'bit of nothing' a marker wants?06:34
ben_vulpesjust add moar?06:34
mircea_popescurecipe says neh ?06:35
mircea_popescuand key will thell you what coords it's for06:35
mircea_popescuyou get these with /pos06:35
ben_vulpesin that it sez 'extract with little bit o' nothing'06:36
mircea_popescuso 106:36
ben_vulpes"do not have the right amount of the right items..."06:37
ben_vulpesi have tried 2 nothings, 1 nothing and the enumeration, 1 nothing and no enumeration and just the enumeration06:38
ben_vulpesput nothing in marker? hit combine? am i doing it terribly wrong?06:38
mircea_popescudo you enjoy the frustration of a puzzle or should i just tell you ?06:39
ben_vulpesuh if its a real puzzle thats one thing but if i'm fundamentally misunderstanding game mechanics thats another06:40
ben_vulpes"whats the difference" popescu smirks06:40
ben_vulpesyeah i totally give up06:43
mircea_popescuyou put the scroll in your mind and a bit of nothing in the claim and click the finger button06:44
mircea_popescu(the one above the puzzle button)06:44
ben_vulpesah jesus06:45
ben_vulpesso enumerations go away after a single use?06:46
mircea_popescuif the stack contains one, yes.06:47
mircea_popescuwhatcha find ?06:47
ben_vulpesputrid leathers!06:47
mircea_popescuhey wd.06:49
ben_vulpesokay i made my first 54 coppers06:49
mircea_popescuplayer prolly would have paid moar for that.06:49
ben_vulpeswhat is the economy desirous of?06:49
ben_vulpeswamp wamp06:49
mircea_popescui'd buy about 1mn grass, cash. also flotsam,06:50
mircea_popescupeople still have't found crumbly rock or tubers, or two leaf clovers or dead molluscs or or ot06:50
mircea_popescuspicy moss and wooly mushrooms always sell well.06:50
ben_vulpesdaniel is crafting the keys, eh?06:50
mircea_popesculol nah, the keys just get random names atm06:51
ben_vulpesunrelatedly, may i suggest moving the client into a git or darcs or whatever repository?06:54
ben_vulpeswhat's the going rate for coarse frangible threads?06:58
mircea_popescudepending on quality too06:59
ben_vulpeshm so i've a small putrid leather calling for 1-7 of those, and only 45 coppers.07:00
ben_vulpessell the marker, keep grinding tinies?07:00
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)07:10
diana_comanben_vulpes:unrelatedly, may i suggest moving the client into a git or darcs or whatever repository?   <--- the client already IS on git, just check it out07:11
benkaywell i made patchs out of mp's tar file07:13
benkaytrilema'd benefit from a link to the client07:14
diana_comanlol, mp wanted like that specifically07:14
diana_comanbut in any case, maybe add the link to the wiki?07:14
ben_vulpeswhy not just apply that patch to your tree and submit another pr via github?07:15
diana_comanalso, you might want to keep it sync perhaps with jurov's repo (or mine, but I forked it from his originally)07:15
ben_vulpessorry, working from 2 computers at the moment07:15
diana_comantbh I am not very happy with the current structure of the client07:15
ben_vulpesdid you write it?07:15
diana_comanand I wanted to update it and then push the right one07:15
diana_comanyes, lol07:16
* diana_coman is foxy in game07:16
ben_vulpesso jurov is maintaining a chetty's repo of your client?07:16
ben_vulpesmyes, i know you wrote the bot, but the client?07:16
diana_comanoh, no, not the client07:17
diana_comanthe client is from planeshift07:18
diana_comananother game, open source07:18
diana_comanas far as I know, chetty modified it here and there to suit eulora07:18
diana_comanand that's all07:18
diana_comanoh, I see now: I meant with the current structure of the bot*07:19
diana_coman(absolutely not happy with lots about the client either, but I'm not going to change that any time soon, lol)07:19
chettysomeone has a stuck bot07:19
diana_comanyeah, I just reset it, sorry chetty07:19
ben_vulpesdiana_coman: done anything with movement yet?07:22
ben_vulpesother than /pilot?07:22
diana_comannot released, no07:27
diana_comanI have just cracked that problem 2 days ago07:27
diana_comanas I need it for a mining bot07:27
diana_comanbut the crafting bot is stationary07:27
diana_comanso if you want it to train and/or take things out of storage, you need to set camp next to heina draggenfort07:28
ben_vulpesi don't have the skills or resources to craft yet i don't think07:28
diana_comanuhm, it's called "tinkering"07:28
diana_comannot precisely crafting07:28
ben_vulpesi did find an elusive purple snail though, what are the going rates for those?07:29
diana_comanquite good, it's one of the rare items07:29
ben_vulpesyeah, i have a 1 in tinkering07:29
chettybad bot07:29
diana_comanusually things go for 10% on top of whatever the merchant pays or otherwise on top of its value at 100q (for items that are needed anyway )07:29
diana_comanbah, something weird is happening07:30
ben_vulpesi suppose that i'll call it a victory07:30
diana_comanso ben_vulpes you can clearly craft if you have tinkering07:30
ben_vulpeswhat's the tradeoff between crafting and exploring?07:31
diana_comanI called it crafting bot rather than tinkering bot for the simple reason that crafting includes also other stuff besides tinkering07:31
diana_comanwhat do you mean?07:31
ben_vulpesi suppose that i need to explore the game a bit more yet.07:32
diana_comanhave you read the wiki? it might help a bit07:33
diana_comanand otherwise I'd say maybe explore a bit and then get a crafting package from someone so that you have high q and therefore earn a lot of exp + lots of loot07:34
ben_vulpes"crafting package"?07:34
diana_comanas in: they sell you all the ingredients you need + recipes07:34
ben_vulpesare there tools for exploring?07:34
diana_comanif you want I can sell you some starting stuff to make ibs or slag I suppose07:35
diana_comanthe merchant has some lousy hoes I think for one07:35
diana_comanlook under tools07:35
ben_vulpesi'll have to wait for someone to make an offer on this snail before i can afford them i think07:35
ben_vulpesaha quality affects extraction07:36
diana_comanso then I'd say it's best to go and mine around the rare items that are in demand too07:38
diana_comanso wooly mushrooms, elusive snails, magical dungbeetles07:38
diana_comanhave a look at the maps too07:38
diana_comanoh, I had put already the tools on the wiki, lol07:39
ben_vulpesmyeah i'd llove to have that mining bot in hand :P07:43
diana_comanprolly wpl and wwb too07:43
diana_comandaniel made some macro I think07:44
diana_comanso that's an option too07:44
ben_vulpesoh yeah that07:44
diana_comanit certainly is kind of more accessible atm (less headache atm and possibly more robust)07:44
chettyso what bot is it that keeps going nuts?08:07
diana_comanone of a kind, lol, trouble seems to be when it trains and for some reason it still searches for ingredients too08:16
diana_comansorry about that, will leave it for now until I sort that part out08:16
chettywell at least its not crashing things :)08:19
chettyserver reset in 508:23
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*** Joins: chetty (~chet@unaffiliated/chetty)12:45
diana_comansince more people seem to be interested in the bot, I've pushed it to git too (it's the same version released before, but with an added help entry)13:17
diana_comanjurov, I've made a pull request for it too, if you want it13:18
* chetty hopes it doesn't include that bit that goes nuts and gets stuck13:26
diana_comantbh chetty it doesn't include *that* specific bit, but I figured out a way it might actually get nuts and stuck too...13:27
diana_comanI clearly have to update it as soon as possible and correct a few things13:28
chettyI might need to look for easy way to kick clients that misbehave :)13:32
diana_comanlol, that might be needed anyway, since in the long run one might end up with crazy people purposefully flooding the server that way or something13:40
diana_comanI didn't know at release time that one can't train when overweight (since I had never tried that previously, lol) and so I did not make the bot check against that13:41
diana_comanso I guess it can get stuck if overweight13:42
chettyhihi, I was toying with the idea of no crafting overweight too13:49
diana_comanit would actually help the bot, lol13:53
diana_comansince the bot is well-behaved and takes only what it needs precisely to avoid overweight13:53
diana_comanbut given that people prefer to get full on stuff in inventory and then leave it to craft for hours...13:54
danielpbarronben_vulpes> sell the marker, keep grinding tinies? << i used to think so but you should probably just build 'em yourself; smalls aren't worth the effort of saving, storing, selling, and re-finding14:38
danielpbarrondefo lock and sell/save the ordinary and remarkable claims though14:38
danielpbarroni will buy them14:38
diana_comanlol danielpbarron I think it depends on what he gets for them really; finding is actually quite easy with /pilot14:51
danielpbarronben_vulpes> i'll have to wait for someone to make an offer on this snail before i can afford them i think << i'll give you 500 copper for it14:53
danielpbarronoh i don't have /pilot yet14:55
danielpbarronstill not really worth the time it take to walk there14:55
danielpbarronbut it is certainly worth walking out there for an ordinary14:55
diana_comandanielpbarron are you buying snails at 500 copper per?14:56
danielpbarroni make 2 trips from an ordinary just to keep the loot separate from the product14:56
danielpbarroni was gonna buy that 1 snail at 50014:56
danielpbarronwhy you got a bunch?14:56
danielpbarroni don't particularly need them14:56
danielpbarronoh, i do have a list of stuff i'll buy14:57
diana_comanmaybe add the link to the wiki then?14:57
danielpbarronand i'll also buy book of lists or whatever but i haven't priced it yet14:57
diana_comanI might actually be able to sell you something14:57
danielpbarronoh i should add to that list: supplication of berries or supplication of berries draft14:58
danielpbarronnot sure what price though14:58
danielpbarronactually, i'd buy any non-draft supplication14:59
danielpbarronas that means you invested brews and gins14:59
danielpbarronthe drafts are not as valuable, just the berries one because i don't have any14:59
danielpbarronalthough apparently until sunday there won't be any berries drafts15:00
diana_comanhmmm, I might rather sell some of those items in exchange for the item giving a skill15:00
diana_comanI think I have everything on your list so far15:01
danielpbarronif you're talking about the sparkle, i'm not doing that one till i rank up in sacrifice some more15:01
danielpbarronthat's why i want the other ones15:02
diana_comanthing is: I have everything on your list, but I want a deal based on getting in return a skill item, since they are skill items after all15:02
danielpbarronnot all of them15:02
danielpbarronthe tokens i get from everything else are not /use-able15:02
diana_comantokens are not skill items15:03
diana_comaneverything on your list/shop is skill item15:03
danielpbarronoh yeah15:03
diana_comanso then: I am willing to sell those skill items you need15:03
diana_comanbut in return for other skill items15:03
danielpbarroni don't have any other skill items15:03
danielpbarronand if i did, they'd sell for a heck of a lot more than that15:04
diana_comannot 1 to 1, agreed15:04
danielpbarroni think i'm already obligated to give you 1 though15:04
diana_comanyeah, but there will be more than 1, lol15:04
danielpbarronwell i'm not making another deal like that one15:05
diana_comanfine with me15:05
diana_comanI don't need to sell them really, lol15:05
danielpbarroni don't need to buy them!15:05
diana_comanahaha, then what's that page for?15:06
danielpbarronleather sacrificing soon to be a thing15:06
danielpbarronthe page says prices15:06
danielpbarroni will buy those items for those prices15:06
danielpbarronno strings attached15:06
diana_comanI'm not interested to sell at those prices, no worris15:07
danielpbarronyeah i know it's "low" at the moment15:07
danielpbarronbut also way over base value15:07
diana_comanthey are skill items and there is currently no known source for them; I guess others might still have some or maybe you can still get some as loot, dunno15:08
danielpbarroni expect they will eventually become something someone can make15:10
danielpbarronwhat about the lists thing?15:11
danielpbarronput a price on that15:12
danielpbarronthat isn't me owing something of ridiculously higher value in the future15:12
diana_comanlol, how is that ridiculously higher value ? if it's YOUR skill item than it is VERY expensive, while if it is someone else's skill item that you need to buy than it is cheap?15:25
diana_comanand with that trade to Korgan, the price just went up for the old book of lists15:27
danielpbarronthe things that go into making these tokens is very expensive15:27
danielpbarronit's not just the skill items15:27
diana_comancosts != value15:28
danielpbarroni agreed to give you the result of sacrificing the sparkle things, but i'm not sure if that obligated me to aquire the sparkles in the first place15:29
danielpbarronat any rate, i already bought enough sparkles to make 2 sacrifices, for 6 million copper..15:30
diana_comannot sure I follow, but there is no problem that I see so far really15:31
diana_comanoh, if you mean that you are not sure whether you had an obligation of buying the sparkles: no, no obligation there for sure;15:38
diana_comanwe agreed that you'd give me the result of that sacrifice and that's all15:38
diana_comanas far as I remember15:38
diana_comanis that what you meant above, danielpbarron?15:41
diana_comanoh, then no worries, no, there was no obligation to buy/acquire anything, for sure15:42
diana_comanchetty, I keep getting a weird message "you cannot practice your trade while working"15:52
diana_comanI was just trying to build a claim15:52
diana_comanno bots15:52
diana_comanI re-targeted and still got the same message15:52
diana_comanany idea15:52
diana_comanhi mircea_popescu15:53
mircea_popescuwow that feeling when #eulora log is longer than #b-a log15:54
mircea_popescuwhat the fuck have i done ;/15:54
*** Joins: Birdman (20d45712@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
BirdmanIt took me but a second to realise what a fool i'd been, to train past level 16 in tinkering, as the piles of rewards had vanished.17:20
mircea_popescuoh ?!17:21
BirdmanI just noticed a significant decrease after17:21
Birdmannoteworthy for sure17:22
mircea_popescuwhat's your output quality ?17:23
mircea_popescuand your input of materials you use ?17:25
mircea_popescucan't possibly have vanished then ?!17:25
BirdmanWell not vanished, just alot less of rewards17:26
chetty<diana_coman> chetty, I keep getting a weird message "you cannot practice your trade while working"// its not weird its on purpose, caused by trying to start a craft before the last one is finished17:26
mircea_popescubot should prolly intercept that message huh.17:27
jurovdiana_coman: yes server thinks you're busy, just move around a bit how to convince it otherwise17:33
jurovi don't know anything more about it, other than it may be minerbot related17:34
jurov*just move around a bit to convince it otherwise17:34
chettywell its not the miner bot, unless thats what you are using, but it is checking a bit more to see if you are already working before it lets you start something17:36
danielpbarronBirdman, probably still worth ranking up, but you are correct in observing that perhaps tinkering is not the skill for you to specialize17:38
danielpbarroni wouldn't mind an apprentice though, and as the game grows there is going to be a demand for at least a certain number of tinkerers17:39
danielpbarronbut there is little hope for you to be #1 or even #2 in this trade17:39
BirdmanNo, i was just saying that given how cheap it is to level it up, at least at the moment, it would be more profitable to have kept it low, and have the loot/expense ratio maxed17:39
danielpbarronyeah but you have to go through those ranks eventually17:39
danielpbarronor keep wasting exp17:40
danielpbarronthe loot isn't free / comes at this cost17:40
danielpbarronbetter to keep finding more noobs17:40
Birdmanmircea_popescu: new skill items can be found through loot yes?17:40
danielpbarroni've never found one this way17:40
mircea_popescuBirdman yes.17:41
mircea_popescu6 of em, at any rate.17:41
mircea_popescuand there's a bunch of prizes for doing s otoo17:41
danielpbarronthe base value of the skill items suggests that they are craftable17:41
jurovfoxy's craftbot merged to https://github.com/Chettie/Eulora-client17:44
lobbesbotChettie/Eulora-client · GitHub (at github.com)17:44
ben_vulpesdanielpbarron: wasting exp? can you give me a bit of insight as to how the exp system works?17:53
BirdmanYou need to train after you reach the exp needed to reach the next level is aquired, otherwise you wont progress17:56
Birdmanif im not mistaken you use the npc to train, and it costs certain amount of money, scaling to your level17:57
Birdmanif you dont train but continue to work, the exp is wasted17:57
ben_vulpesand training increases quality and decreases likelihood of things happening, yes?17:57
ben_vulpeshence the 'i skilled up prematurely' thing?17:57
BirdmanWell im not 100% sure on this whole loot system17:58
BirdmanI was crafting certain items and getting loot consistently, and others i got none from crafting17:59
Birdmanbut i do think the higher level you are the less loot you get17:59
danielpbarronthe loot comes from "overcrafting"17:59
danielpbarronwhen you craft anything, there is that "combine" step17:59
danielpbarronwhich turns the ingredients into a bundle18:00
danielpbarronthat bundle has a quality based on the ingredients that went into it18:00
danielpbarronif you are using high quality ingredients, the bundle will similarly be high quality18:00
danielpbarronif you are low rank, your final product will be a lower quality than this bundle18:00
danielpbarronand the difference comes out in the form of extra loot18:00
danielpbarronso as you rank up, your final product quality goes up, the difference goes down, and the loot "goes down"18:01
danielpbarronbut you get higher quality products, so it's not a waste18:01
ben_vulpesokay so whence the demand for apprentice crafters?18:01
danielpbarronthere is a sweet spot where yes, ranking up is going to cost you18:01
danielpbarronbecause under a certain quality, the item is worth the same no matter what18:01
danielpbarronquality 20 vs quality 70 for example, little difference18:02
danielpbarronsells for same to a player (probably)18:02
BirdmanDoes the bot work for the windows client?18:02
jurovBirdman: onyl if you recompile18:02
jurovthere's nothing platform-dependent in the code18:03
danielpbarroni don't think he compiled it in the first place?18:04
mircea_popescuben_vulpes because the only way to get recipes is in loot, and if you're a high enough level crafter (which you get by crafting a lot) you probably ran out of your recipes and now make stuff higher quality than the inputs miners can find for you18:04
ben_vulpessubject of recompiling the client, diana_coman jurov is there anyway around the recompile step in testing bot tweaks to euclient?18:04
mircea_popescuwe have this problem with the chetty sticks, for instance. I make them at qequiv 190ish.18:04
mircea_popescunobodyu can make me higher level items to use18:05
mircea_popescuso every time i make a stick, i also use up a recipe. non-renewable, for me.18:05
jurovben_vulpes: i was thinking about python inteface, even generated swig interface for network messages18:05
ben_vulpesand the recipes come out as 'loot' from...18:05
mircea_popescubut if i give a noob a 190ish q bundle and they click, they make say q50equiv sticks. that results in a whopping 30k or so overcraft18:05
mircea_popescuand so 7-8 recipe loots are not unheard of18:05
jurovbut it was megabytes .cxx an .py, i balked out18:05
BirdmanI shoudl really be buying items from you, then.18:05
ben_vulpesunrelatedly, mircea_popescu what'll you give me for this snail?18:06
mircea_popescuBirdman yes general that's how all crafting is done. noob crafter and master crafter crosstrade.18:06
jurovand it wasn't even complete, since it uses structs nested in classes extensively and swig does not do that18:06
mircea_popescuben_vulpes like 100 ?18:06
mircea_popescuBirdman for instance : danielpbarron made ibs ; i made lft ; he makes oil ; i make shaped slag, he makes tool.18:07
mircea_popescuspeaking of which i should prolly go start the crafting engines18:07
BirdmanWith the addition of multiple characters, the recipe shortage wont be an issue correct?18:08
ben_vulpesdanielpbarron: still willing to buy my snail?18:08
danielpbarronthat's a one time price though18:09
ben_vulpesy'r a saint18:09
ben_vulpesare you over at the crafting table?18:09
ben_vulpesbe there in a jiffy, if i can remember where it is18:11
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ben_vulpesjurov: best thing i can think is to install a cpp linter and pray it does what it claims on the tin18:16
jurovBirdman et al.: there is no way around recompiling, the bot is wired deep inside the code18:17
jurovi plan to make a binary after mining is improved, too18:22
jurovben_vulpes: it will spew thousands of issues, and what now?18:24
ben_vulpesfocus on those related to my own contributions, natch18:25
ben_vulpeslalala the rest of  them18:26
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* ben_vulpes off to do some irl crafting. today: crown molding!18:45
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)18:54
Birdmanmircea_popescu: the slags are done19:13
mircea_popescuyay brt19:14
diana_comanchetty re those messages: as I said, I wasn't using any bots at all19:15
diana_comanand I got that like 10 times no matter what I was trying to do to build that claim (moved the bit of nothing around, retargeted, reopened the claim etc)19:15
diana_comanso if it is on purpose, it seems to be on occasion overdoing it too19:15
diana_comanben_vulpes you can recompile only what was changed really, it's quite fast19:16
ben_vulpesi think what was taking so long was a compile to success19:17
ben_vulpesit'll probably go much faster with only compiling changes19:18
diana_comanyes, it certainly does (I'd have gone mad to recompile all of it each time)19:18
jurovheh if having to always wait 10minutes, would be impossible to test at all19:19
ben_vulpes"what was i working on again?"19:19
lobbesbotxkcd: Compiling (at xkcd.com)19:20
*** Quits: benkay (~user@unaffiliated/benkay) (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)19:25
danielpbarronlag or crash..19:26
diana_comancrash it seems19:26
Birdmancrap just dropped a  bunch of stuff too19:26
diana_comanit will be there19:27
Birdmanfor now19:27
danielpbarronit will be there when server comes back, not necessarily when ~you~ do19:27
diana_comanneah, until it comes back for sure19:27
diana_comanso wait for the server to come back and go back and pick your stuff up, lol19:27
danielpbarronchetty, mircea_popescu, ^19:28
diana_comanthanks chetty19:30
Birdmanim a ghost!19:33
diana_comanhow's that, Birdman?19:34
Birdmanno blood no health, mana or spirit19:34
diana_comanahahah, lol, wait a bit19:34
chettyopen your info window19:34
diana_comanit lags a bit with that19:34
mircea_popescubtw foxy that pilot thing is incredibly useful19:35
mircea_popescuwhen tracking down claims19:35
diana_comanha, so I'm not the only one19:35
diana_comanand yeah, that's why I made it19:35
diana_comanglad it's useful19:35
mircea_popescubtw, is the goop done ? or not started on it yet ?19:35
diana_comannot really as not spent much time in game today and what I spent I was digging, lol19:36
diana_comanit still needs sm anyway19:36
diana_comanso atm I prefer to try and finish the batch of oil at least19:36
mircea_popescuya makes sense.19:36
diana_comanno point in jumping from one to the other since they both require the same thing19:36
mircea_popescuwell ok so you're covered for a while. now to scare up stuff to give Birdman to work on, i'm tapped out19:37
mircea_popescuyou got more danielpbarron ?19:37
diana_comanoh, I can give him more grass19:37
diana_comanI gave him 300 but he made it already19:37
diana_comanso I guess I can give him some more19:37
diana_comanBirdman, you in game?19:37
mircea_popescugive him a ton sure.19:37
Birdmanbranches almost done19:37
danielpbarroni have not completed the goop order yet19:38
mircea_popescugotta make ben_vulpes go mining! and davout too19:38
* danielpbarron currently finding grass19:41
danielpbarronnever bothered to do the math before, but most small claims are a loss19:41
danielpbarronparticularly noticable when doing grass19:41
danielpbarron21 grass goes in, less than 21 comes out19:42
danielpbarronnot accounting for exp of course19:42
danielpbarronso it's probably a wash19:42
diana_comantheory goes that it is like that until you hit the jackpot19:42
danielpbarronneed those ordinaries19:42
danielpbarronor no, that's not even it19:42
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i had a major problem with this trying to get sb.19:43
mircea_popescui used a total of 17 chetty sticks. they ALL gave me smalls.19:43
mircea_popescuin the end, put in > 500k worth of copper in sticks + 50 or so worth of thread, got out about 600 branches.19:43
mircea_popescu~70% loss19:43
Birdmani am trying to make the studs for you dan, and it instantly combines into a bundle, but feeds me an error message and i can't tinker19:44
mircea_popescuyou gotta mcguyver.19:44
Birdmanno kidding19:45
diana_comanBirdman check the recipe as it needs a bandar toolkit, not a craft-table19:45
Birdmanyes, sorry for the derp19:46
diana_comanand you might want to have a look at the index of recipes as you can quickly see what you can do with the craft-table (and what not)19:46
mircea_popesculink it again ?19:46
mircea_popescualso - i am short pickaxes. unless someone sells me used up pickaxes i can't make more toolkits and WE WILL ALL DIE!!119:47
mircea_popescusome adzes also help19:47
lobbesbotEuloran Cookbook Version 1.1 (at www.dianacoman.com)19:48
diana_comanlolz, I'm bound to have at least some adzes19:49
diana_comanbut I just started the bot on a craft run now19:49
diana_comanso maybe later19:50
Birdmanwhat is the most advanced mcguyvering blueprint available so far?19:51
mircea_popescumaybe samovar making ?19:51
mircea_popescuopr the imps19:52
Birdmanill buy those and as many of the ingredients possible, if anyone is interested19:52
mircea_popescuwhat level are you ?19:54
Birdmanim going to make the studs until that isnt leveling me up insanely fast then just try to powerhouse as far as possible19:54
mircea_popescuyeah how many studs to give you a level ?19:55
Birdmanone gives me two19:55
mircea_popesculisten, a samovar is about 50x the xp from one pin19:55
mircea_popescuand it'd stil lgiove you two levels.19:55
mircea_popescutotal waste for you yet19:55
Birdmani know19:55
Birdmani didnt expect it to be 50x though19:55
Birdmani just wanted it on reserve19:55
mircea_popescuiirc it's like 60k something base19:55
mircea_popescustuds like 1200 or so19:55
Birdmanso i can buy it now or later its all the same19:56
mircea_popescuyou'll have to talk to diana_coman for some slithy toves.19:56
*** Quits: Birdman (20d45712@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)20:30
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)20:52
jurovwas it my mining?20:53
chettynope MP crafting20:55
jurovagain.. that's helluva crafting21:01
chettysigh, MP. slow that damn bot down21:02
jurovhttps://github.com/jurov/Eulora-client/tree/automine alpha version of /mine (explores and builds one tiny claim), will defo be reworked before releasing21:34
lobbesbotjurov/Eulora-client at automine · GitHub (at github.com)21:34
jurovi must tend to other stuff so published at least this21:34
*** punkman1 is now known as punkman21:46

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