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mircea_popescudanielpbarron im almost done with the slag, like 9k of 50k flotsam left to burn. after which i make some shaped slag and some nails after which i make a bunch of imps00:04
mircea_popescushould be done by fri or so. unless you want the slag + nails package.00:05
mircea_popescubirdman : i have plenty of low q ppb for now. i pay 2k / used up basic tool.00:07
mircea_popescuand i'll be having some sticks by sunday imp retty sure.00:07
mircea_popescu<diana_coman> but when using tools, the cost of 1 bbb for instance would be 1600 << how did you compute this ?00:08
mircea_popescui mean it's half a datapoint, what about "used 70k worth of tool decay and 10k worth of thread/bits to dig up 5 md thus therefore per md value is like 1600"00:10
mircea_popescuif i go by my run so far, the value of q100 sb should be something like00:11
mircea_popescu18 * 30k = 540k + 18 * 7 * 450 = 57k so ~600k total to find ~800 sb, so 750 copper each at ~325 q, or 230 base o.O00:12
mircea_popescuirl the base is more like 60 i think00:12
mircea_popescu<diana_coman> well, the store is not for buying things from you, is it? << technically the store is so that minigame buys things from you. ie, that's the guaranteed minimum you get for stuff.00:13
mircea_popescuheh i meant pss not ppb above ;/ the polished stone.00:14
mircea_popesculol @diana's page she's basicaly turning into a mining claim merchant :D00:16
mircea_popescu<danielpbarron> the gathering prize is claimed right? << which prize ?00:17
mircea_popescu<danielpbarron> heh i'm over 300 tinkering now << i got 400, so you'll have to beat me to 600. but so far the only book claimed was for tinkering 200 yes.00:18
mircea_popescu <Birdman> 3 242 q wpl 1 292q tpb << wow 200+ qual ?! impressive wtf.00:19
mircea_popescu<diana_coman> not worth the money << i bought like i dunno, ~3k of em lol00:20
danielpbarronwhat do you mean beat you to 600? is there another prize?02:05
mircea_popescuwell another kind of book yes.02:13
mircea_popescuevery 200 levels.02:13
danielpbarronoh so you already got the 400 one?02:19
danielpbarronchetty, mircea_popescu ^02:21
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diana_comanmircea_popescui mean it's half a datapoint, what about "used 70k worth of tool decay and 10k worth of thread/bits to dig up 5 md thus therefore per md value is like 1600" << yeah, crude and incomplete for sure, I think I mentioned that, lol06:53
diana_comanif you want to consider the thread/bits too, then I'd have to consider the exp too and I have no idea how that goes in at all06:57
diana_comanso what I did was to leave the thread/bits and exp for now for starters, and otherwise just take tool worth/ number of md found06:57
diana_comanas in 26 hoes from the merchant, considered at 10k worth (they were 12k, but they are still worth 2k atm when worn-out)06:58
diana_comanso 260k worth of tools to dig up 33 beetles06:58
diana_comanthat's about 8k per beetle06:58
diana_comanin any case, not sure whether that would change much for beetles and wm with more data, but for almost all others it seems to be getting in fact better06:59
diana_comanwill crunch the numbers again tomorrow probably06:59
diana_comanmircea_popescuif i go by my run so far, the value of q100 sb should be something like << how long was that run?07:01
diana_comanmircea_popesculol @diana's page she's basicaly turning into a mining claim merchant :D << a miner whether I want it or not, I think I said it already, lol07:02
diana_comanmircea_popescu<diana_coman> not worth the money << i bought like i dunno, ~3k of em lol << yeah, me too07:03
diana_comanbut I start thinking it was a poor decision07:03
diana_comanwell, they might be worth for making imps or toolkits07:03
diana_comanatm they seem ok for exploring around too07:03
diana_comanbut NOT for md and wm as far as I can tell07:03
diana_comana list of ingredients needed for various ordinary claims, for anyone interested (I linked it from the wiki too): http://www.dianacoman.com/Eulora/MiningRecipes.txt12:57
chettynice diana_coman , thank you13:52
diana_comanhow's it going on the server side, chetty?13:53
diana_comanafter my mini-experiences with the client I really feel for you if the server is similar as code13:53
chettyyup its very similar13:54
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danielpbarronso 260k worth of tools to dig up 33 beetles << and rank up a bunch15:04
diana_comandanielpbarron: yes, but ranking up the same in the same time while exploring for wpl for instance is by far better15:15
diana_comanexploring exp has nothing to do with whether you find it or not, hence better to do it on something you find15:16
diana_comanthat's really the reason why I preferred to leave out the exp all together and kind of consider for now that the thread+bits of nothing pay for the exp15:16
diana_comanso left those out too15:16
diana_comanand another data point: 10 hoes from merchant, hence 10*10k=100k for 29WM -> 3500 per WM15:17
diana_comanmircea_popescu re data points ^15:17
diana_comanin any case, for anyone interested in the rare items: I'll auction them on Sunday starting at 25% on top of merchant's price, so that's the chance of getting them cheaper15:21
diana_comanwill prolly sell batches of 20 or similar15:21
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diana_comanand a tiny data appetiser for the hungry and the desperate: http://www.dianacoman.com/2015/08/14/a-data-diet-of-wooly-mushrooms-and-elusive-purple-snails/16:55
lobbesbotA Data Diet of Wooly Mushrooms and Elusive Purple Snails in Ossasepia (at www.dianacoman.com)16:55
mircea_popescudiana_coman btw, 10 sets of smaovars ready in about an hour for you.17:02
diana_comanyay, will be back in game in about 2 hrs, hope that's fine17:16
diana_comanwill give a party to my bot17:17
diana_comanmircea_popescu any high-quality thread for sale?17:55
mircea_popescufor grass of equal value!17:55
diana_comanlol, but you don't want me to extract it, or do you?17:57
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mircea_popescuwell someone's gotta. but i take smalls, too :D17:58
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danielpbarronmircea_popescu, you will trade your high quality thread for high quality grass?18:34
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danielpbarron400 thread for 1k grass?18:40
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danielpbarronmsg me in game if so18:45
diana_comanmircea_popescu that sounds good to me, I'll leave then the bot overnight to get grass as that should also give me a good set of data on grass stats18:46
diana_comangoing back to the grass roots as it were or something, lol18:46
mircea_popescudanielpbarron more like 300.18:59
danielpbarroni'd rather make thread myself than trade 3 grass for even 1 thread, considering that my grass gives a very decent overcraft, as well as practice points in both tinkering and sortage19:25
danielpbarronalthough i would like your higher quality thread, and would probably be inclined to buy yours in addition to making my own19:25
mircea_popescuyeah the thing is im atm short in the sense of, running out. gotta get it going + count somehow.19:27
mircea_popescuprolly a great way fore a noob to make money btw, if his grass is q 50 i pay like 175! that's like > 3x what merchant pays.19:27
danielpbarronyes i will also buy grass20:16
danielpbarroni should put up a gribble ad20:16
danielpbarron"Come make a eulora account and gather grass for me!"20:16
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diana_comandanielpbarron would you buy grass at 160q?20:21
diana_comanI should have a big stash by tomorrow the latest, as I'll go on a grass run20:21
BirdmanI would be interested in that, if no one is already selling course threads20:24
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mircea_popescusoo... slow-aucitoning 11 chetty sticks, functional21:01
mircea_popescu20.85k or so iirc.21:01
mircea_popesculemme know what everyone wants to pay! danielpbarron diana_coman Birdman and who else wanted.21:02
mircea_popescumod6 maybe21:02
mircea_popescuthat's their durability21:03
mircea_popescuiirc needs 20.2k to shoot.21:03
Birdmanafter it goes under 20k do they stop working?21:05
mircea_popescuthey get a one shot, worth 20k basically.21:06
mircea_popesculike you know how a normal tool decays x each time ?21:06
mircea_popescuthese decay 20k21:06
Birdmanoh wow21:06
Birdmanout of my league21:06
diana_comanmircea_popescu any starting price?21:06
diana_comanso I don't start searching the logs now, lol21:06
mircea_popescu230k i guess,21:06
mircea_popescusince it's what electron pays21:07
diana_comanoh, wow, defo worth more than what electron pays though21:07
diana_comanwill get all of them at 250k each21:07
mircea_popescui'd expect.21:07
mircea_popescuat. 250k. each ?21:07
diana_coman230k the lot of them? you got me confused, lol21:07
mircea_popescuyes for the lot.21:07
diana_comanlol, so then 250k21:08
diana_comanI did pay for the first one 1 mil or so, geez21:08
mircea_popescuwas it an auction ?21:08
diana_comanit was the very first stick though21:08
mircea_popescuyeah, it makes a good story for grandkids.21:08
diana_comanprolly should have kept it as a reminder NEVER to buy the first one made or something21:09
mircea_popescuheh. you never know.21:09
diana_comanmircea_popescu I have 6 pps - do you want them?21:21
mircea_popescuyou in game now ?21:21
chettysomeone has stuck bot?21:49
mircea_popescui got a macro making slag. that ?21:51
chettyno I dont think its you, could be someone with a really bad connection21:52
diana_comanmy bot is mining happily21:53
diana_comannot stuck here21:53
mod6< mircea_popescu> mod6 maybe << Thanks for the offer! Looks like diana_coman scooped 'em up.22:01
mircea_popescuno, it's an auction.22:01
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mircea_popescushe bid 250k, or 108% whatevs22:02
diana_comanfeel free to top it mod6 if you want them22:02
mod6That beats me out.  I've got 2 in-stock as-is.  Don't have much time to play atm anyway.22:02
jurovbtw i have 500 cft of q = 90 to use for mining22:03
jurovwould like to exchange for yet higher q22:03
jurov(or it won't matter?)22:03
mircea_popescui'd buy it.22:04
mircea_popescui don't think iu have enough left to exchange it, but yes it matters. at least for xp, prolly for finds.22:04
jurovdown, prolly overgrazed22:12
diana_comanha ha, overgrazed indeed22:12
danielpbarron Birdman> I would be interested in that, if no one is already selling course threads << don't make your own thread..22:12
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> lemme know what everyone wants to pay! danielpbarron diana_coman Birdman and who else wanted. << i'll pay 35k each22:13
diana_coman400k for the lot of 1122:14
mircea_popescu450 heard.22:15
diana_comanbtw danielpbarron, mircea_popescu declined interest in the ordinary grass claims so they are yours at 10k each if you want them, let me know22:16
diana_comanok, I'll get back to village and get them out22:16
danielpbarronalso all other basic harvestables?22:16
diana_comanthose go on auction22:16
diana_comanuhm, when the server gets back up, of course, lol22:17
danielpbarroni have a very very special package to auction on sunday :D22:17
diana_comananything from the altar?22:17
mircea_popescuda fuck were you doing jurov22:17
* danielpbarron says nothing else22:17
jurovbotmining, what else22:18
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mircea_popescuheh auctionign sticks was a good idea o.O22:18
mircea_popescuim sorry i used any b4.22:19
jurovi knew server likes inventory full of randomly decaying keys22:19
diana_comanlol, they are yours daniel22:19
mircea_popescubut i promise never to do it again!22:19
jurovgotta auction my grass too22:20
diana_comanI hope you get at least some slithy toves with them, danielpbarron22:20
diana_comanand crumbly rock22:20
danielpbarroncr would be nice22:21
mircea_popescugo for it jurov.22:21
diana_comanwhat, st is not nice? lol22:21
diana_comanpoor st22:21
danielpbarronnot a basic harvestable22:21
jurovwill mine more22:21
diana_comanis wwb basic?22:23
mircea_popescudanielpbarron coming in for your stix.22:23
lobbesbotNew post: http://trilema.com/category/smg/feed/ Sunday, August 16th event : Another auction! <http://trilema.com/2015/sunday-august-16th-event-another-auction/>22:35
diana_comanoh wow, a truly divine and totally expensive new altar, lol22:38
diana_comanor rather: set22:38
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Birdmanlooks like danielpbarron will have to pay a pretty penny to keep his monopoly on the sacrifice skill22:47
jurovum, storage is now ratelimited too?22:48
mircea_popescuthose berries etc should be pretty fun to use.22:53
Birdmanthe overcraft will be crazy23:06
Birdmani might want to get in on this auction myself23:06
Birdmanor crashed23:58
Birdmanoh maybe not, mine was just buggin23:58

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