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mod6cool!  good work all :]02:21
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mircea_popescuSoo... server is back. diana_coman danielpbarron jurov mod6 an' all teh other hardcores an' casuals!08:53
mircea_popescuand the auction http://trilema.com/2015/sunday-august-16th-event-another-auction/ is moved for Sun, 30th08:53
lobbesbotTitle: Sunday, August 16th event : Another auction! on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)08:53
chettywell this has not been tested with folks running bots all over the place so we shall see today08:55
diana_comanso far a mini-test of the explore bot is still perfectly fine08:57
diana_comanbut that one has always been fine really08:57
mircea_popescuahh this is sure nice, that feeling when you know your avatar's working.08:57
mircea_popescualmost like you know, there's two of you and even if you slack off... someone's doing something.08:57
diana_comanha ha, quite08:57
diana_comanit just felt...slow :D08:57
mircea_popescui think this is the future.08:57
diana_comangotta cut some times down really, as it's soooo lazy08:58
mircea_popescuanyway. im making 10 dozen imp hoes.08:58
diana_comancool, will want some08:58
diana_comanbut any cft?08:58
diana_comanfrom all that grass?08:58
mircea_popescuow shit i should prolly prioritize it huh08:58
diana_comanI am out of it for sure08:58
mircea_popescutell you what when i go in to make level ima switch over to cft.08:59
diana_comanI think I sold you about 2k at least and will dig more, but yeah08:59
* mircea_popescu kinda forgot what was what08:59
diana_comanI know that feeling - I was kind of looking around "what was I doing?" when I got back in ,lol08:59
chettyso thats 2 different bots running? things look pretty good from here ;)09:03
diana_comansounds great then, chetty :)09:04
diana_comanI have the old explore bot on, yes09:04
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diana_comanwill have to test again the craft bot too I suppose, but maybe later09:04
chettyI think you may have some issues with the craft bot of yours, but shouldnt be too bad09:05
diana_comanit needed anyway a bit of refactoring for sure as it was messed up by trying to fit with all the weird stuff09:05
diana_comanso hopefully now it can be cleaned and fine09:06
diana_comanthere seems to be something with changing tools now of all things09:06
chettyyou change tools while it was exploring?09:08
diana_comanit pauses and changes tool09:08
diana_comanif it is worn out09:08
diana_comanbut now it doesn't seem to manage to do that now09:08
diana_comanso will have to see why09:08
diana_comanit used to work fine, lol09:09
diana_comanwell, it needs to do it, doesn't it?09:09
diana_comanas otherwise there is no point really, it will go through a tool quite quickly09:09
chettyahh well I didnt think of bots doing that, so not sure, message may come at a slightly different place09:09
diana_comanahaha, lol09:10
diana_comanthe message has changed09:10
diana_comanI think it's just that the text of the message changed slightly for some reason, lol09:10
diana_coman"that tool is not useful" (new) vs "the tool is too worn to be useful" (old)09:11
chettyah, yeah I rewrote so much, may have a few slightly different messages at that09:11
diana_comanwell, I did think I should probably get those in an external file or something but didn't get to that part really, so ...09:12
diana_comanit's minor anyway, the rest works fine: exploring, building, locking, moving key to claim after getting the stuff out of it, movement09:14
diana_comanall well :)09:14
chettyexcellent, I really hoped I would goof up the bots too much. Mircea has been testing some with the just clicker bot09:15
diana_comanno worries chetty, that must have been a ton of work anyway :)09:17
* chetty has been very busy09:18
diana_comanI can happily report that the craft bot actually works *better* now, thank you, chetty!10:07
diana_coman(it is a version slightly improved over the one released, but it's as it was before the server went down10:08
diana_comanand more precisely: it doesn't get stuck anymore for weird reasons when getting things out of storage10:10
chettyah very cool10:30
chettydiana_coman, I see a few fails from your bot, not sure but it may be taking a little too soon, will have to study log a bit tho to be sure10:40
diana_comanno, that was me messing up with it :D10:40
chettyoh, haha10:40
diana_comanyeah, it did fail when I started closing the windows it had opened and thus severing its link to storage while poor thing was in the process of getting things out10:41
diana_comanI was stress-testing it a bit tbh, but that's clearly something for the bot itself, nothing to do with the server10:41
chettywell at least it just fails, not crashes :)10:42
diana_comanmeanwhile it made about 100 slag (+ training in between) no worries10:42
diana_comanI was trying to gauge a bit whether it makes sense to get back to the original design of relying mainly on messages rather than just scheduling action10:44
chettyI think you can, actually10:44
diana_comanyes, now it would seem so10:44
diana_comanmaybe keep the scheduling only as a failsafe10:44
diana_comanand that's actually excellent news, as it's basically as quick as it can get10:50
chettysaw another bunch of fails12:05
diana_comanare they fails at getting things from the table?12:05
diana_coman(it had gotten stuck due to trying to train while overweight - this is something I should fix as it did not consider the problem )12:06
chettyhmm maybe bad target so yeah that would fail to get with no target12:06
diana_comanit's prolly that, as otherwise it crafted hundreds of slag without any trouble at all12:07
chettyand yeah you are overweight for sure12:07
diana_comanyeah, I want it to use some very specific ingredients quality-wise12:07
diana_comanhence I'd rather not let it grab the first thing from storage12:07
chettywell the fail is the craft itelf, it has finished a combine step and then cant do the scheduled transform12:08
chettyso looks like making a lot of slag bundles12:09
diana_comanthat sounds weird to me12:12
diana_comanfrom where I see it, I just get the slag no problem12:13
diana_comandid not have even one single bundle12:13
diana_comannot sure what is going on12:13
chettyahh well thats good to know, the issue is my log, not your bot :)12:14
* chetty makes note to fix that log statement :)12:15
diana_comanoh, did not even think of that one, the log remaining behind the server as it were12:15
chettywell I got a huge amount of log here, figured overload for a couple days after coming back online would be a good thing12:16
diana_comansounds entirely logical to me12:17
diana_comananyway the next thing to see is whether there are still the issues that seemed to appear when more people were doing the same thing12:18
diana_comanas in: no outcome for explore or combine12:18
chettyyeah all we could pre-test was Mircea using a click bot and me doing stuff by hand, couldnt make any of those errors but ...12:19
diana_comanI guess as a test env you could perhaps have several accounts running the craft bot (or other bots)12:20
chettywell I got a finite number of machines ...12:20
diana_comanhmmm, virtual machines maybe?12:21
chettymight as well use my laptop .... 5 or fps?12:21
diana_comanwith those bots I am getting more and more inclined to think of a stripped-down kind of text-based version of the client, but I am keeping away from that particular ton of work atm :)))12:24
chettyyeah, I was working on some stuff similar to that for superclient but I got a bit diverted12:27
chettydanielpbarron, what exactly are you doing? I see a lot of small clump of grass markers but I cant tell right off if those mines are building ok or not13:57
danielpbarronxmacro script that tries to mine all claims like they are tiny13:58
danielpbarronthen when the tool wears out i stop it and go back to the smalls13:58
chettyah ok that would explain what I see13:59
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diana_comanuhm, the first weird thing, chetty, not sure how/why: I got a message that I did not have the right amount of ingredients although it was the right amount etc15:16
diana_comanI clicked again on combine and then it said that it stopped working15:17
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diana_comananother click on combine and it just picked up from where it had left15:17
diana_comanand then it worked fine15:17
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chettyodd diana_coman I'll see if I can find anything in the logs, let me know if it happens again pls16:18
diana_comanoddly enough now the toolkit crafting seems to get interrupted every time and I'm not sure why16:18
diana_comanit reports that I "moved"16:19
diana_comanbut that's not true16:19
diana_comanwell, at least the 10 times I kept trying with the bot16:19
diana_comanit's ok manually16:19
diana_comanso it's a bot thing16:19
diana_comanbut not sure what and why only on the toolkit16:19
chettywell I know MP tested it with the click bot too, sooo16:19
diana_comanit doesn't have this problem with the craft table16:20
diana_comanwell, probably the scheduler approach is still best as more robust16:20
chettywell craftable doesnt decay really so process may have very slight diffs16:20
diana_comanmaybe just adjust the timings for maximum speed16:20
diana_comanouch, down indeed17:56
diana_comanchetty or mircea_popescu? ^17:56
chettyoi, first crash18:12
chettydanielpbarron, can you say what you did just before crash?18:15
danielpbarronhad a macro going that made threads18:15
chettyhmm very odd, is your connection good?18:17
danielpbarronit disconnected earlier today for the first time in a long while18:18
danielpbarronmy internet had a hicup that dropped me from eulora and irc18:19
chettyit sorta looks like you had a connection burp there and it couldnt find you, not that it needed to, was just for the logs guess I should cut a bit of this over logging.18:20
diana_comana bit earlier I was dropping out repeatedly although I have no idea why as the connection was good and everything else remained connected18:23
diana_comanit really looked as if I was being kicked out for some reason, as it also always seemed to happen precisely when I was finishing some crafting (imp tools)18:23
diana_comannot sure if that is related in any way, but just in case...18:23
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lobbes@RSS announce add dianacoman18:33
lobbesbotlobbes: The operation succeeded.18:33
chettyoh wow danielpbarron smame spot18:43
chettygive me a couple minutes gona remove this log entry18:44
chettyok, hopes this holds now18:46
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mircea_popescu"Or in my case, re-write a cooking book. So ladies and gentlorans, I give you Foxy’s Euloran Cookbook V1.1,"20:04
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mircea_popescumeh god damned crafter did TWO fucking tools whiule i was away20:40
mircea_popescubloody shit.20:40
chettywell I got no power20:55
chettybut server has (had) been running well while I could see it, one flub seemed to be more an issue with my log than anything else20:56
chettydid that crash knock you off or was it something elsr? I got no clue really about time frame means 'while I was away'20:57
mircea_popescui think i hjad it badly set up21:28
lobbesbotNews from dianacoman: A Lotus by Any Other Name’s…a Harlot? <http://www.dianacoman.com/2015/08/26/a-lotus-by-any-other-names-a-harlot/>21:35
diana_comanoh, wow, thanks lobbes21:36
lobbesnp :D21:39
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lobbesif anyone else has a eulora-related blog they want added to the bot, let me know21:41
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diana_comanmircea_popescu I'm still working on a samovar23:14
diana_comannot sure how long it will still take, but probably around 10 minutes I'd say23:14
diana_comanit's done23:25
diana_comanready to trade when you are, mircea_popescu23:25

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