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*** Joins: hanbot (~hanbot@unaffiliated/hanbot)03:10
danielpbarronso uh.. I somehow was able to loot a stack of boulders big enough pin me to the ground, into an inventory slot that I cannot click..03:14
danielpbarronusually when items get stuck in this slot I can see them from storage03:15
danielpbarronbut now I cannot reach storage03:15
*** lobbesbot` is now known as lobbesbot03:21
danielpbarronchetty, chetty__, mircea_popescu ^03:21
mircea_popescuVariaVarietatis i do yeah, but short on materials.03:39
mircea_popescudanielpbarron well sure, those change.03:40
mircea_popescuand ima look into this wonder.03:40
VariaVarietatismircea_popescu: can I craft it for you? got pretty low crafting still only done the stuff for you and a few things for foxy.03:45
danielpbarronVariaVarietatis, what's your building rank?03:47
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> danielpbarron well sure, those change. << this is re: splash screen message? I thought I had seen them all, and it was a strange coincidence to finally see a new one at the same time that it froze at that point for the first time i can ever recall03:48
mircea_popescudo you remember what the message said ?03:49
mircea_popescuand i think it's only a coincidence.03:49
mircea_popescuanyway danielpbarron logout ill puyt the b oulders back in your bank03:50
danielpbarronsomething about cynics03:50
* danielpbarron is logged out03:51
danielpbarroni think on at least one occasion, the splash message reminding to do laundry actually did remind me to do laundry03:53
mircea_popescuok go back in an' report.03:55
danielpbarronno longer overloaded03:58
danielpbarronthank you03:58
mircea_popescusure. not really clear why you couldn't touch it tho, should have been bottom of your inventory.03:58
danielpbarronall i saw was keys03:59
mircea_popesculol that's gonna be a byline.04:04
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)09:20
mircea_popescusay, you got any higher shrooms / tlc ? im thinking of digging up some ords.09:26
diana_comanI have some for sure09:26
diana_comanwell, around 16509:26
diana_comana few minutes to finish this test craft run09:26
diana_comanhow many wm do you want? I have >200wm, but tlc I have only 8 at 165q09:31
diana_comanI'm in the village09:31
mircea_popescui think something like 20 / 8 will do me nicely.09:34
mircea_popescuiirc it was 6 and 2 for a shiny rock and i got 409:34
diana_comancool then09:34
diana_comanchetty__ fyi: there is still some weird overweight mode-message I get when exploring (it doesn't have a corresponding system message and I wasn't overweight nor actually finding a claim so it really seems to be more of a glitch than anything else)09:54
*** Quits: danielpbarron (~dpb@c-71-232-150-212.hsd1.ct.comcast.net) (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)10:31
chettyserver reset in 510:51
*** Joins: danielpbarron (~dpb@c-71-232-150-212.hsd1.ct.comcast.net)10:59
chettydone, but we might have an iffy few minutes ...let me know if you see anything odd pls11:05
diana_comanok, will do11:06
diana_comanmircea_popescu are you still there? bots are ready11:06
mircea_popescui am.11:07
lobbesbotNews from dianacoman: Foxy’s Little Bots <http://www.dianacoman.com/2015/09/30/foxys-little-bots/>11:07
diana_comanI was waiting for that, lol11:07
mircea_popescupretty interesting, will need an hour to go through this diana_coman11:08
mircea_popescunice stuff11:08
diana_comanyeah, it took me an hour to write it, lol11:08
* diana_coman prefers writing code it seems 11:08
chettywell code is generally more predictable outcomes, unless of course its c++ and multithread11:09
diana_comanAs a known issue, the exploring bot will tend to slowly creep backwards if your overall number of attempts is larger than size (hence, length of line). This is because Eulorans move faster backwards than forwards… I’m not entirely sure if that truly says anything about Eulora as a world :D11:10
diana_comanany idea chetty why ^11:10
diana_comanI use the forward/backward moves that the client retrieves from the server11:10
diana_comanso I really don't get it why it's the case that the character moves faster backwards, lol11:10
diana_comanalso, I was wondering: is there some similar side movement defined?11:11
diana_coman(it would help to move in a grid rather than just linear)11:11
mircea_popescuyes there is sideways movement11:11
mircea_popescuQ and E do it in default layout11:11
diana_comanI know there is sideways movement, yeah, but I haven't found the actual move structure defined as such11:11
diana_comanmaybe I missed it11:11
diana_comanI didn't truly comb it all for it11:12
diana_comananyway, it's not a huge thing11:12
danielpbarronthe link to the tar.gz doesn't work11:12
diana_comanwtf I checked it a minute ago11:12
diana_comanwill be back, 1 min11:12
chetty__<diana_coman> ?// not a clue11:14
diana_comantry it now danielpbarron and thanks11:15
diana_comanfucking wordpress messed it up11:15
diana_comannevermind then chetty__ it's not crucial11:16
mircea_popesculet me guess, it removed dots in the filename11:17
diana_comanneah, it insisted that it's a relative path11:17
danielpbarrondiana_coman, the checksum fails11:18
* diana_coman is increasingly tempted in making the blog static11:18
diana_comanoh common, lol11:18
diana_comandanielpbarron do you mean that it's not that checksum you get or are you trying to check it automatically?11:18
danielpbarronit's not the one i get11:18
chetty__gonna take it down again, be down for a few minutes so the data base can be screwed with :P11:19
diana_comanweird...let me check again then11:19
diana_comanuhm not sure what happened there - I've uploaded the file again and updated the link, hopefully something works ok today, lol11:25
diana_comantry again danielpbarron it should be about 130 MB the whole thing really as its the whole client11:26
mircea_popescuwhat, including artfiles ?11:26
diana_comanyes :p11:27
mircea_popescuwouldn't it make sense to just ship the src dir and the root ?11:27
chetty__yeah if you are gonna pass client copies around be faster if you leave the art files out11:28
mircea_popescudrop it to like 5mb ?11:28
danielpbarronah i guess i wasn't getting the whole file before11:28
diana_comanit probably would11:28
diana_comanI mean: it surely would, lol11:28
mircea_popescumind doing that lol ?11:28
diana_comanwill do11:29
mircea_popescuprolly ppl have trouble with that large a dld with interruptions etc11:29
diana_comanactually one needs the data file too at least, though it shouldn't be that big11:30
chettyback up, let me know if you see anything odd pls11:30
mircea_popescuchetty we have to ban diana_coman11:31
mircea_popescushe's a terrorist.11:31
diana_comanlol wut?11:31
mircea_popescuplot to blow up the moon discovered.11:31
diana_comanahahahha, yessss11:32
mircea_popescuanyway : the recipes for chetty sticks ; toothpaste and rock shards were changed.11:32
mircea_popescusticks now take 1 tootphaste instead of 10 ; the toothpaste takes shards instead of plain rocks, and some BN and a little AE11:33
mircea_popescuit's roughly 10x as expensive to make as before.11:33
mircea_popescuand the shards take a little more sr and a boulder now.11:33
diana_comanahahah, fed up with using up the samovars for a few chetty sticks?11:33
mircea_popescuthis positively affects people with holdings of FT, and recipes thereof. i opted not to take any measures about it because stocks so low.11:34
mircea_popescudiana_coman deeper problem : 3k samovar decay, 500c bundle value. nuts.11:34
diana_comanI've provided a minimal archive too mircea_popescu - hope I did not miss anything in there11:40
diana_comanI'll go for a bit and will be back in about half an hour11:41
mircea_popescudiana_coman you've included some spurious root files (such as an error log, and the locally generated .config which includes your own locale paths etc)12:11
mircea_popescuotherwise the sha sum matches (for the smaller file, didn't check other one). i've diffed your code and the changes are minimal and consistent with the intended usage. i've generally inspected the extra files added, they all seem fine and good to go.12:13
mircea_popescuwill be testing this thing once it compiles.12:13
diana_comanugh, I'll take those out, not sure why it ended up with the locally generated ones instead of the original ones, but anyways, thanks12:18
diana_comangot it up and working danielpbarron?12:19
mircea_popescuin other news, there should be a humongo supply of chetty sticks available later today as i dig through the required crafts.12:20
mircea_popescuis AE found ?12:20
mircea_popescuor should i say whew12:20
diana_comanI'll check properly and then update but tbh I think it's enough to put the src and data folders, the root should be no different iirc12:24
mircea_popescuso for the record : foxy's bot is pretty spiffy, does craftng any mining (in a line).13:12
mircea_popescushe got her choice of one of three skills for encouragement, and she chose FARMING. so now she's the first player with farming.13:12
mircea_popescudiana_coman you gonna drink it or auction it ?13:13
*** Quits: chetty__ (~marti@ (Remote host closed the connection)13:14
diana_comandrink it13:16
diana_comanwill go then farming and enjoying the sun, back-breaking labour and all that or something13:17
mircea_popescui hear it's a great life.13:17
*** Joins: chetty__ (~marti@
diana_comanas a quite direct consequence, I should have the whole lot of 100 adzes worn-out by tomorrow, lol13:28
diana_coman(I'm half way through it anyway)13:28
diana_comanand there should be higher q wpl, wwb, wlc, sg, lh and bbb coming soon13:28
mircea_popescuno tlc ? i notice you omitted tlc.14:12
mircea_popescuI NEED TLC14:12
chetty__tlc? tender loving care?14:13
diana_comanooo, tlc too14:15
mircea_popescutwo leaf clover14:16
diana_comanchetty I might be wrong, but it seems possible to build the same claim repeatedly now?15:54
diana_coman(I had a whole bunch of claims in the same bloody spot so kind of weird, but...)15:54
mircea_popescuno ?!15:55
diana_comanfull story: bot mined and got out of threads15:55
diana_comanso when I came to it15:55
diana_comanit had a pile of small enums15:55
diana_comanI went and got threads15:56
diana_comanstarted building the small claim sticks15:56
diana_comanand then realised it kept building even if I took the same one two times15:56
diana_comanone still needs the enum, of course15:56
diana_comanI can perhaps try it on purpose if I dig a few more claims, let me see15:56
mircea_popescuyeah please do that.15:56
diana_comanit doesn't work for tiny claims ...15:58
diana_comanwill wait to get 2 small15:59
mircea_popescuit could be that the linear mining got two claims so incredibly close you clicked on two diff ones ?16:00
diana_comanno, at the last ones I purposefully NOT closed the window16:00
diana_comanthat of the claim16:00
diana_comanas I thought of the same thing16:00
diana_comanso just get your berries out, put new thread and build, repeat16:00
diana_comanand it worked...16:01
mircea_popescuso it doesn't work for tinies but it works for smalls ?!16:09
diana_comanso far it would seem so, I'm trying here to get 2 smalls lol16:09
diana_comangot 1 so far16:09
diana_comanto properly just test it again16:10
diana_comanto see whether it's general or a glitch caused by the high-density mining lol16:10
diana_comanor should I say farming16:10
mircea_popescui actually have multiple small enums so ima go try myself i guess.16:13
diana_comango ahead, meanwhile I am *totally* out of threads ffs16:15
diana_comanI got 2 smalls but no threads in storage lol16:15
diana_comanso making threads...16:15
diana_comancan't believe how much threads it ate already16:16
diana_comanyep, it works16:17
diana_comanI built two times the same small berries claim16:18
diana_comanweird why it would be broken for small but fine for tiny16:18
diana_comanmaybe the use vs combine thing?16:18
mircea_popescuwell i guess chetty has a full plate to look into16:19
diana_comangot any thread? lol16:20
mircea_popescuo shit, this is going to come down again huh.16:23
mircea_popescuwell, for a while electron had grass. now he doesn't.16:23
diana_comanthe thread and grass thing?16:23
mircea_popescuand so... no thread.16:23
diana_comanI still have grass so I'm making thread, but I need a noob to build the claims if I go hunting for grass16:23
diana_comanor whatever, I leave it bare-handed and build only tiny ones dunno16:24
diana_comanhoping for some ordinaries too16:24
mircea_popescuyou know i did two runs and came out even on both.16:24
mircea_popescuone was for RF the other for SR16:24
diana_comanthing is: my enums are high q16:24
mircea_popescufor the rf one i spent the equivalent of 102.666 fruits and got 10316:25
diana_comanbecause of my gathering high rank16:25
mircea_popescufor the sr one spent like 115k got 113k16:25
diana_comanso it's already kind of overcraft for a noob to build my claims16:25
diana_coman+ good threads + lower quality which I don't care for anyway16:25
diana_comanit should really be good16:25
diana_comanbut dunno, anyone interested? jurov, mod6 VariaVarietatis, gernika, hanbot?16:26
mircea_popescuor lobbes phf ?16:28
* danielpbarron has threads http://danielpbarron.com/eulora/shop.txt16:47
diana_comanI'll buy those danielpbarron16:54
diana_comanI tried to use a chetty stick and it wore it down but it didn't actually explore17:05
diana_comanit complained you can't explore in the same place twice in a row although it had no reason for it17:06
diana_comanand it fucked a whole chetty stick17:06
diana_comanahahaha, now I get both "you can't explore in the same place twice in a row " AND "ouch it hurts"17:06
diana_comanand it's totally stuck again though I have no idea how/why17:08
chettywell I moved the position check later in the process to try and fix it, didnt work. I'll be putting it back in a bit17:13
diana_comanfwiw re the small claims issue: I checked by trying to "use" instead of combine 1 thread in a small claim -> it complained that the claim had been built already17:14
diana_comanbut then it built it anyway17:14
diana_comanso it seems to be a check missing at combine17:14
diana_comanso apparently that check move cost me a chetty stick, ugh17:15
diana_comanyay, I can explore again17:16
diana_comannot sure how/why17:16
diana_comanI logged out and in about 4 times, lol17:16
diana_comanand built stuff in between, but the building hadn't solved it17:16
chettyI am really totally puzzled about this getting stuck, every way I read this code it simply should not happen unless maybe you crash in the middle of an explore or something really radical17:33
chettyhmm maybe move while exploring .. not sure about that, needs more test on that idea17:34
mircea_popescui've never been able to reproduce it myself.17:34
diana_comanI can't say I have a clear way to reproduce it tbh17:35
diana_comanthis time I totally did not expect it17:35
diana_comanhence the stick17:35
diana_comanit wasn't even after an overflow really17:36
diana_comanI'm good at running into gremlins I suppose17:37
mircea_popescuin other news, if you right click a recipe while bot is running, it will decide it's now building that and fail your run with "not enough ingredients"17:37
diana_comanahahaha, so leave poor bot alone17:38
mircea_popescuguess i will, had no idea17:38
mircea_popescu(was sitting there for the past few hours, this 2 hour craft ended up taking like 12 so far lol)17:39
diana_comanouch, lol17:39
diana_comanwell, it did complain promptly I'm sure17:39
diana_comanI can lock it really17:39
diana_comanit's not a big thing - I just assumed that you let it be to do its job though17:39
mircea_popescuyeah not a big thing , i just didn't know17:40
diana_comanfor one thing I can't stop you from moving the recipes around for instance and yeah, it will fail surely17:40
diana_comanis that why it built some studs? lol17:41
mircea_popescuhm ?17:41
diana_comanI saw some studs I think in your toolkit at some point?17:42
mircea_popescupart of the shoes.17:42
mircea_popescu2 lotus 4 flotsam 12 tacks17:42
diana_comanso bot released around 1 pm here, it's almost 7 pm here, it can't be 12 hours!!!17:42
mircea_popescuo also, is it container decay aware ?17:42
diana_comanit is in that it stops17:43
diana_comanit doesn't change container17:43
mircea_popescuah, i had started the craft on the clicker last night, had all sorts of issues with that too17:43
mircea_popescuah, but it stops once it's worn out ?17:43
mircea_popescuhow does it know ?17:43
diana_comanonce it gets the message that it is worn out it stops17:43
mircea_popescuoh, so it wastes 1.17:43
diana_comanjust plain string compare on the message17:43
diana_comanwhat does it waste?17:43
mircea_popescuafaik if you try to build on worn container you lose the bundle.17:43
diana_comanthis is new to me17:44
diana_comanmaybe a new feature? lol17:44
* mircea_popescu grins17:44
diana_comanwell, can't guess features like that, lolz17:44
diana_comanthat's really one main issue: the client doesn't hold the data on items in any reasonable and accessible way17:45
chettyI think that would actually count as an undiscovered feature :P17:45
mircea_popescuso are you ready for the next update idea ?17:45
* diana_coman collects ideas 17:45
chettyoh my, when did the grues show up?17:46
mircea_popescuadd a merchant mode to it. whereby : 1. it reads from a local file what prices you want for what items ; 2. responds to "Hi X" messaged with a list of what it has (count, qty, price per item, % off base) ; 3. accepts any trade request ; 4. feeds items into window as per request ' 5. accepts trade if enough money or complains about wroing money.17:46
diana_comanahahaha, I'll defo need a 0.005 of the trade or something for that :)))17:47
mircea_popesculmao. because why!17:48
chettyata girl diana_coman17:50
diana_comanwhy does the bank charge me for exchanging coins?17:54
chettyhow else to pay for the bezzle?18:01
chettyserver reset in 5 if no one screams18:07
chettyI cant really test it because I cant make the explore get stuck, but next time it happens try /unstick18:10
diana_comanok, will do18:11
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)18:12
mircea_popescuahh life with foxy's bot is certainly a lot more pleasant18:50
mircea_popescuno need to figure out the clickers anymore18:50
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)19:11
diana_comanmircea_popescu how did the clogs run go?19:19
diana_comanbtw, are you cooking anything now in that samovar or is there something wrong?19:19
mircea_popescufinished, got 30 of em. now doing toothpaste.19:19
mircea_popescui should be. aren't i ?19:19
diana_comanuhm, it seems empty, not sure ?19:19
mircea_popescuah maybe it's done one sec19:19
diana_coman30 clogs, not bad19:20
jurovelectron definitely ran out of inventory?22:11
danielpbarroninventory was purged in light of an item duping glitch i discovered22:36

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