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*** Joins: hanbot (~hanbot@unaffiliated/hanbot)01:13
danielpbarronjurov> and someone'd have to sell me the token << i have tokens for sale : 1 million a pop02:08
*** Joins: Perefim_ (4b465be0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
Perefim_A friend of mine from entropia said the dev's here are looking for a professional 3D modeler?02:24
danielpbarronPerefim_, do you know how to gpg?02:24
Perefim_I needthe full name of that, not familiar with the acronym gpg02:25
lobbesbotTitle: gpg [bitcoin assets wiki] (at wiki.bitcoin-assets.com)02:26
Perefim_No sorry I am not a programmer I do 3D models02:26
Perefim_I handle the visual side of games.02:26
danielpbarroni don't know if a 3d modeler is needed ( mircea_popescu can answer that one ) but i'm sure he'd prefer if you were first registered in the WoT before proceeding02:26
Perefim_What is the WoT?02:27
danielpbarronthe "Web of Trust"02:27
lobbesbotTitle: wot_and_reputation [bitcoin assets wiki] (at wiki.bitcoin-assets.com)02:28
Perefim_kk I will check it out, can you have mircea email me @ cody.rauh@gmail.com02:28
danielpbarronyou can idle here or in #bitcoin-assets, or check back later or something02:29
Perefim_Well when is he generally available?02:29
danielpbarrondaily usually02:29
danielpbarroni think it's not uncommon for him to be active around this time02:30
Perefim_kk I will just idle till available again then.02:30
Perefim_Mircea you back yet?03:38
mircea_popescuPerefim_ here i am04:06
mircea_popescudanielpbarron btw you wanna buy some q250+ grass ?04:07
Perefim_Hello mircea, Creator of Ped told me you are looking for a 3D modeler04:07
mircea_popescuyeah, lotta work to do if your prices are reasonable.04:07
Perefim_Absolutely here is my gallery http://boxofpolygons.com/stuff/04:08
mircea_popescuyou familiar with the game at all ?04:09
Perefim_only what little I read.04:09
mircea_popescuah. easiest way would be to get it running, then much easier for me to explain / for you to understandf what's wanted.04:09
mircea_popescuthere's a bunch of install guides on the wiki for pretty much all platforms04:10
Perefim_All I know is that you need some 3D models.04:10
mircea_popescuOriginal item ads for SL << what's sl ?04:10
Perefim_second life04:10
Perefim_done some work in there and for indie titles04:10
Perefim_you needing props, weapons, what specifically?04:13
mircea_popescurigfht off i'd like to start with PC04:13
mircea_popescuprolly make me a girl first to try the whole thing out04:13
mircea_popescueulora is built on crystal space, and depends on blender files. you ever worked with either ?04:14
Perefim_Honestly I try to not do character work if I can, it would be expensive for you if I did cause time involved.04:14
Perefim_yes I can work in blender and make files dependable to that software04:14
mircea_popescuhm. truth is, pcs and npcs prolly most needed, in that order.04:14
Perefim_Well can you tell me what quality you are looking for04:16
Perefim_some ref images04:16
mircea_popescukinda why i suggested loading the game, it'd give you a pretty good idea of what's there already.04:16
Perefim_seen screenshots04:17
mircea_popescubut in general, elegant fantasy, i don't really like the wow cartoonish look04:17
Perefim_kk well whatever i provide will definitely be a bump up from your current.04:18
mircea_popescui would expect so :)04:18
mircea_popescuthese were actually made by a coder.04:18
Perefim_what is the price range you want per character?04:18
mircea_popescuis this gonna be a fully rigged / animated thing, with the sections specified for clothing etc ?04:20
Perefim_I just do modeling, so you would have to hire an animator for that.04:20
Perefim_That is why I do primarily weapons, UI element art, Buildings, etc.04:21
mircea_popescui see.04:21
Perefim_I can do characters, but I don't rig/animate04:21
mircea_popescunah, listen, if i'm going to pay for creation de novo, i want someone who is actulaly dedicated to the game and does the whole thing through. if i have to hire an animator for that etc it's cheaper to just buy a library, and i mean cheaper by a massive factor.04:22
Perefim_you realize that characters in AAA industry are made by specialist in each section right?04:22
Perefim_it takes generally a team of people to make a character like "last of us".04:22
mircea_popescumiserable roi. i have no intention to compete with the "aaa" on their terms in their field.04:23
Perefim_can you give me some images of what you are looking to have done.. level of quality?04:23
mircea_popescuhonestly, not really, because i don't start from that and move down, i go the other way around. make something that'd make you proud, basically.04:24
Perefim_So you have no art style picked out?04:24
mircea_popescunot much more than "don't make it look cartoonish-dumb". lot of leeway for artist.04:24
Perefim_I can make it look good but don't like taking random shots in the dark as to what you may or may not like.04:25
Perefim_what is your character budget for something fully complete and animated?04:26
Perefim_cause I know animators and the such but they charge their fees04:26
mircea_popescuyeah, listen, this is not really a good fit at all. i get what you do, good for you, but it's not really what i need.04:27
Perefim_So basically you don't know shit about how the game industry works and now you have passed judgement without even giving me one detail.04:28
Perefim_cool, bye04:28
*** Quits: Perefim_ (4b465be0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Quit: Page closed)04:28
mircea_popescuwhy the heck is it that marginal/hanger ons of "industry" spend their time/effort trying to make indies wasteful and stupid like "the aaa" ?04:29
mircea_popescuwake up people. fuck ea/vivendi/whoever, that's why games suck.04:29
mircea_popescu"oh i'm an artist that aspires to one day be an office drone for a large faceless corporation"04:30
mircea_popescuda fuck is this dumb shit.04:30
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> danielpbarron btw you wanna buy some q250+ grass ? << still got a sizeable pile of electron grass to chew on04:44
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)07:56
diana_comanmircea_popescu I'd buy the grass, what's the price for it?08:07
jurovmircea_popescu: 39 ft is ready11:26
diana_comanjurov any significant (large/new bps) loot on that run?11:38
jurovnot anything large11:42
jurovand i did not put down the items exactly11:43
juroviirc np,os,oe,odd11:44
jurovmore, ask for anything specific11:44
diana_comanwell, most needed/specific would be some double distillate bp12:38
jurovi see only on wood distillate13:00
diana_comannot that bad anyway, but it's really the double distillates that we are after13:07
jurovanyone wants 1k cft q 89? best to exchange for high q cft13:54
diana_comanjurov do you have any grass ?14:10
diana_comanI'd gladly make cft for you if you have grass14:10
jurovlol just processed all leftovers14:10
diana_comanwhy oh why, lol14:10
jurovok, can mine some14:11
diana_comanI'm out of grass pretty much14:11
diana_comanplease do14:11
mircea_popescudiana_coman same 125 as usual.14:29
diana_comancool, I'll take it14:29
mircea_popescuand ill take teh cft.14:29
diana_comanwhich cft?14:29
mircea_popescu<jurov> anyone wants 1k cft q 89? <14:29
diana_comanoh that, ok14:30
mircea_popescudiana_coman how much do you want ?14:30
mircea_popescuo lol you panicked that ima want YOUR cft ?14:30
diana_comannot panicked at all, just wanted to know14:30
diana_comanfwiw I prefer to exchange my cft for yours14:30
diana_comanso why would I panic, lol14:31
mircea_popescuyes but imo it's a waste for me to atm craft anything lower than 290 or so for overcraft.14:31
diana_comanuhm, that kind of limits your overcraft to basic resources, doesn't it?14:31
diana_comanI'll take 20k grass14:33
mircea_popescutrade me diana_coman14:34
mircea_popescu1.686 this batch14:35
diana_comancan we make the total sum and I pay it then?14:35
mircea_popescudiana_coman again14:36
mircea_popescugood enough ?14:37
mircea_popescuor you want another batch14:37
*** Quits: chetty (~marti@unaffiliated/chetty) (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)14:37
diana_comanguess it will do14:37
diana_comanso 3.48714:38
mircea_popescufrom experience should keep you crafting a coupla nights i tihnk\14:39
diana_comanthat's good as otherwise the explore keeps getting stuck for some reason on mangled messages14:39
diana_comanit's driving me nuts14:39
mircea_popescuwow ?14:39
mircea_popescuthis NEVER happened to me, ever.14:39
diana_comanI think it's a connection thing14:39
diana_comanbut why does it happen at night only14:40
mircea_popescujurov you around ?14:40
diana_comanbasically at some point (usually half an hour to 1 hr after I go to sleep), the enum doesn't make it in inventory on time14:40
diana_comanit's kind of lagging14:40
diana_comanguess I'll have to hack it again and have it try everything a few times to give it some resilience to this kind of shit14:41
mircea_popescuinteresting, it's somehow a problem i never had14:42
diana_comanbtw, anyone wants 1k IBS 156q ?14:42
mircea_popescuif you take 12514:42
diana_comanthis really seems to be a connection problem somehow14:42
mircea_popescuaaaand back to the grass mines.14:43
diana_comanyou mean 1.25*1.56*255*1k? sure14:43
mircea_popescua ok14:43
mircea_popescuim taking it.14:44
diana_comankk, give me 2 minutes to take it out14:44
diana_comanany lbn for sale?14:46
mircea_popescunah, haven't been working my table as i figured maybe more suplication work is needed.14:47
mircea_popescuima just eat the auction bundle myself.14:47
diana_comanha, greedy14:47
mircea_popescuwell... nobody wanted it!14:47
diana_comanI wanted it but it was never offered !14:48
mircea_popescuwell, i guess that's not exact. was gonna auction it after event, but as we didn't hold event i didn't auction it, and since now i gotta decide what to do with the released lbn... best use it!14:48
diana_comanlol, ftr I can't quite see a time when I will NOT want lbn14:50
diana_comanguess I'll just get back to shredding though, no option14:50
mircea_popescuthat's how i get it also.14:50
diana_comanyes, but you get higher q14:51
diana_comanthat's why I prefer yours, that's all14:51
mircea_popescuthe mollusc news has definitely seized up the lbn market tho.14:51
mircea_popescubecause w/o mollusc no screens.14:51
diana_comanoh, what got out of that in the end?14:51
mircea_popescuiirc she did like 3-4 clicks, for something like n-1 items resulting.14:51
mircea_popescumaking each mollusc cost somewhere beteeen 20 and 200k. making in turn each screens cost somewhere between 1.3 and 4 mn14:52
mircea_popescumaking in turn each lbn cost something like... 50 to 150 c14:52
diana_comanI see14:52
mircea_popescuwho knew life is this sad w/o molluscs14:53
diana_comanyet another place for noobs to make some money simply by collecting keys from claims or what14:53
mircea_popescuthat was definitely the idea.14:53
mircea_popescuesp nice your bot implementation. but yes, noobs can make some satoshi for as long as they're willing to click claims14:53
mircea_popescuobviously, they prefer to sit around "faucets" atm, but word eventually has to get out.14:54
mircea_popescuhttp://log.bitcoin-assets.com/?date=09-11-2015#1320575 << word.14:54
lobbesbotTitle: #bitcoin-assets log (at log.bitcoin-assets.com)14:54
diana_comanit seems that the wot/gpg part is more than they are willing to do so far14:54
mircea_popescuyeah, why be in crypto if you're gonna be in crypto.14:55
mircea_popescui imagine you remember the times romanians regarded romanian-ness as this culture of the halfass effort.14:55
mircea_popescubut honestly, the 1980s got NOTHING over america&friends.14:55
*** Joins: chetty (~marti@unaffiliated/chetty)14:58
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* hanbot spawns in foxy's craft-table, can't move or unstick, is apparently now a lvl 1 piece of furniture18:07
diana_comanouch hanbot, need me to move a bit?18:07
diana_comanjump maybe?18:07
mircea_popescuor crawl ?18:08
hanbotno jumping allowed!18:08
hanboti'ma relog18:08
diana_comanha ha, ok, lemme pause this and move a bit18:08
diana_comanthere, table out of the way18:08
mircea_popescuand grass is at 24418:09
diana_comanjust like the one I have!18:09
mircea_popescuiirc i sold you 249 and 24518:09
diana_comanuhm, I have 244 here ...18:09
diana_comanfrom yours18:09
diana_comandid not mix it as far as I know18:10
mircea_popescui must ghave fucked up the mixing then18:10
diana_comanyw hanbot18:10
mircea_popescubtw hanbot tried any other sups than leather ?18:10
diana_comanat least one other should actually give tlc18:11
diana_comanand another one pacademia nuts18:11
mircea_popescuahh the wiki is such a pleasure to read now.18:12
diana_comananyway, I'm sure that the q of groceries and others is basically going down as we speak (and as your grass q is going up again)18:12
mircea_popescunah grass is 24318:13
jurovif anyone is interested, i added msDelay to xmacroplay, and ability to record delays to xmacrorec218:13
hanbotmircea_popescu yeah. i have some pacademia nut, and some shed snakeskin :)18:13
mircea_popescujurov not bad18:13
mircea_popescuo wow ss ? that wasn't found was it ?18:13
jurovtried to make a macro to drag heavy stuff, it isn't adequate tho18:13
hanbotnot afaik18:13
mircea_popescujurov wouldn't it be better to patch foxy's bot ?18:13
diana_comanooo, shed snakeskins? what do you want for those?18:13
diana_comanwhat q?18:13
mircea_popescuhanbot have you tried all of them ?18:13
jurovyes, but that would take me much longer18:14
diana_comanand yes, ss is not yet found18:14
hanbotmircea_popescu have not tried all!18:14
mircea_popescujurov i guess if you make drag work you can prolly sell it to danielpbarron18:14
mircea_popescuhanbot you probably should just so we know what each gives.18:14
hanboti will do some moar today, hopefully whatever hex was on me the day i was getting 1 item/per has passed18:14
* diana_coman is doubtful that the number of items*q is really just a luck thing18:15
hanbotdiana_coman not sure off the top of my head, will look at storage when back from mining (something like 160)18:15
diana_comanstill better than whatever ss I have, I'd buy those if you sell them18:16
hanbotdiana_coman i'll most likely be auctioning them (and the nuts, and w/e else) sunday18:16
diana_comancool; nuts are found though, so I'm not really interested in them, I might even have some for sale actually18:17
diana_coman<mircea_popescu> nah grass is 243 <- you just said 244 a minute earlier.... <mircea_popescu> and grass is at 24418:24
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)19:07
danielpbarronjurov> anyone wants 1k cft q 89? best to exchange for high q cft << me!19:30
danielpbarronah too late?19:30
jurovdanielpbarron: are you online?19:30
danielpbarronyou guys move too fast19:30
jurovno, not late :)19:30
jurovdo you have high cft or only coppers?19:32
danielpbarroni have cft19:35
danielpbarroncoming to town19:35
danielpbarronwell what is "high"19:37
danielpbarronhigher than yours19:37
jurov> 15019:37
jurovgood, how much do you price the difference?19:39
jurov150 /cft is ok?19:40
danielpbarronso you just want copper for the thread?19:45
jurovyou wanted to exchange it 1:119:45
jurovfine then19:45
jurovif you aren't ready, i'm going afk for a ~hour19:46
danielpbarroni'm ready, and i'll do it for 150 copper per, or 400 of my thread for your 10k19:47
danielpbarroner, 1k19:47
jurovi'll give you coppers19:47
danielpbarronyou are selling to me right?19:47
jurovtrade me, you'll see19:48
danielpbarronwhy are you giving me the thread and the copper?19:48
danielpbarroni might have misunderstood what you were offeing19:49
jurovto exchange for 1k of your thread19:49
danielpbarronyeah i guess that works19:50
danielpbarronyou had it right first time19:50
danielpbarron15 of the 2nd largest coin19:50
jurovlol i suck at the coins19:50
danielpbarroni'll go get my thread after19:50
jurovok, brb19:51
* mircea_popescu is still selling grass19:51
danielpbarronjurov, i mean after the trade..19:51
jurovgotta run, you'll be there in a hour?19:52
danielpbarroni'll be around tonight19:52
danielpbarronidk about an hour19:52
jurov*shrug* whenever. ppl start trading exactly when i am going somewhere19:53
mircea_popescui'll be around for a while, on and off.19:54
danielpbarronarg, i suck at this math. will honor agreement but damn i think i'm losing money on this20:00
mircea_popescuis it ?20:16
jurovdanielpbarron: am back21:27
mircea_popescuhanbot : (9030 * 2.68 + 9030* 2.7) * 60 * 1.25 + 207 * 2.01* 540 * 1.25 - 1018 * 1.43 * 255 = 3553238.5522:07
hanbotless the ibs?22:07
mircea_popescuhmm jurov was i getting some ft ? slag ? something ?22:10
mircea_popescuincidentally hanbot you need more supps made ? else ima grind down the table and que sera sera.22:13
mircea_popescuha, first tiny, 17 grass!22:14
jurovmircea_popescu: i am mining flotsam, but went out of cft22:15
hanbotmircea_popescu yes. any, all.22:15
mircea_popescuhanbot ok then i'll hold it. we'll be out of little bits altogether at this rate tho, unless somehow molluscs are found.22:16
mircea_popescuim literally grinding down the last 80022:16
hanbotouches. how many dm to a screen again?22:16
hanbotalright, so prioritize leather supplications.22:17
mircea_popescubut seriously, first of all try at least one of each type so we know what they do.22:17
mircea_popescujurov so you be selling me a pile of flotsams then ?22:21
mircea_popescuam i coming to town ?22:21
jurovi have only 1k fl so far22:23
jurovand 7 adzes to go22:23
mircea_popescuaha ok.22:24
mircea_popescui sold diana a pile of grass, and danielpbarron said he had enough. you'll have to buy cft from either of them22:24
mircea_popescuthe economics shifted and i can't make anymore22:25
danielpbarroni'm not using my grass22:27
danielpbarroni'll make threads with low quality grass22:27
danielpbarronif i ever find some22:27
mircea_popescuso buy some from me, cft it and sell it ?22:30
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)22:39
diana_comananyone needs cft before I go to sleep?22:39
jurovhow much?22:40
jurovand price?22:40
diana_coman25% on base value adjusted for q22:41
diana_coman500 cft?22:41
diana_comanso 500*180*1.60*1.2522:42
jurovlogging in...22:42
diana_comankk, trade me when you are in22:43
jurovcomes out 180k22:43
diana_comanand I'll still buy any low q grass you have22:44
diana_comandid you get any?22:44
jurovgave all to dpb22:44
diana_comanugh, why22:44
jurovcan make more anytime22:44
diana_comanplease do22:44
jurovbtw, i mine at 110-120 currently22:45
jurovso not very low q anymore22:46
diana_comanthat's fine, still lower than mine22:46
diana_comanI get it at least 180 which is anyway above my crafting level...22:46
diana_comanso technically I'd still overcraft with mine22:46
jurovbut currently i'm off to flotsam, you can buy grass from mircea, no?22:46
diana_comanwell, I can, at long as he has + that is overcraft22:46
diana_comanwhich is nice, but I'll soon probably hit the storage limit trouble on those bps that grass gives22:47
diana_coman+ while overcrafting I practically trade money for xp; I wouldn't mind *at all* to do the opposite trade for once, lol22:48
jurovaren't bps used to shredding or such?22:48
diana_comannot in such quantities22:48
jurovto each their own, i guess. i recently first time overcrafted using my own stuff, felt very good.22:49
diana_comanprecisely, that's the other thing22:49
diana_comanI can just as well overcraft with my grass soon enough (while I make thread now my sortage basically raises)22:49
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)23:01

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