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mircea_popescuie 0.038746439. maybe gathering skill DOES have something to do with it12:34
danielpbarronwhat's that? shroom claims found per tool use?12:35
mircea_popescuand not a single ordinary or anything12:39
mircea_popescubout 700k spent12:40
mircea_popescuanyway, i'm working on a complete and properly priced buy/sell list.13:00
mircea_popescuonly took what, a year of playing to get to where i can do this ? win.13:00
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)13:21
diana_comanmircea_popescu ping me when you want to collect your rastrums13:21
diana_comanalso: I'll take 200 high q wm if they are available13:21
diana_comandanielpbarron how much do you want for 1 bp of the 400 gathering book?13:22
diana_comanftr I ground my first turning wheel to dust with as much value+overcraft as possible -> lapidary is at 6513:24
mircea_popescudiana_coman just about 200 ready yes. lemme figure out a price here.13:25
diana_comanthere is a chance I have enough PB to reach perhaps 200, but I'm not very optimistic about it if the levels get much harder13:25
mircea_popescuhttp://trilema.com/eulora-shop/ << updated.13:25
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Shop on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)13:25
diana_comanah, isn't it 125?13:25
diana_comanlemme see13:25
danielpbarronisn't it solid branch (not small branch)?13:26
danielpbarronlol 80 for grass13:26
danielpbarronpaging birdman13:27
mircea_popescuayup, his inane auction methods cost him a coupla mil.13:27
mircea_popescuand the funny thing is, he thought he knew better even when i said so.13:27
diana_comanany reason for the 1% diff between wpl and wwb? (wpl at 126% and wwb at 127%)13:28
diana_comanI'm just curious on this, lol13:28
mircea_popescuwell that's mm proprietary market knowledges!13:29
danielpbarronand 130 for spicy moss, d'oh!13:29
mircea_popescuanyway, diana_coman ima want 136% on the wm.13:29
diana_comanwhat q are they?13:29
mircea_popescu199 the most part13:29
danielpbarroni'll take it13:29
mircea_popescu~150. there's ~50 so alright13:29
diana_comanI'll pass then13:29
mircea_popescudiana_coman you can have next batch13:29
diana_comanso danielpbarron can have it13:29
mircea_popescuima come to town to settle the wm with danielpbarron and take the rastrums13:29
diana_comankk, I'm crafting there anywy13:30
danielpbarroni have 500+ worn down tools too13:30
mircea_popescutrade danielpbarron ?13:31
danielpbarronand i have large batches of blueprints13:31
mircea_popescuwhich ?13:31
danielpbarronmight not have that many cft recipes anymore, but still a lot13:32
mircea_popescudanielpbarron ill take the ibs, srs and slag13:33
mircea_popescuand the dg13:33
mircea_popescuand the bct lol.13:33
mircea_popescuahgagha check him out, quality 113:33
mircea_popescunicely done.13:34
mircea_popescuso that's 1.062mn for the tools, 312k for the shrooms13:34
mircea_popesculet's do the bps too settle at end13:34
danielpbarroni have 749573.184 so far13:35
mircea_popescuanyone want a cr ord ?13:35
danielpbarroni do13:35
mircea_popescuwhatcha payin for it ?13:36
mircea_popescuoh don't tell me, these assholes still haven't told you where cr is ?13:36
jurovdiana_coman did13:37
diana_comanmircea_popescu wait, what?13:38
mircea_popescua ok.13:38
mircea_popescuspeaking of which, what q do you tinker jurov ?13:38
jurovanything between 60-100, was not logged in for some time13:39
mircea_popescuwould you be interested in grinding down a q200 package for 10k slag for me ?13:39
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, trade me13:40
mircea_popescuyou're getting 8.95mn for the slag guaranteed plus whatever the bps are worth13:40
danielpbarronoh hm, you only want 30k of these right?13:41
mircea_popescuat the price you quoted i'll take your whole stock13:41
danielpbarronk, that was13:41
mircea_popescunevertheless, the problem is that they aren't q 16013:42
mircea_popescui got 9810 q163 ; 9740 q 161 ; 9409 q 144 ; 9810 q 142 and 7102 q 15813:42
jurovmircea_popescu: yes13:43
mircea_popescu(9810 * 163 + 9740 * 161 + 9409 * 144 + 9810 * 142 + 7102 * 158) / (9810+9740+ 9409+ 9810+ 7102) = 15313:43
mircea_popescujurov alright let me finish supplying the library over here and i'll get the shit out.13:44
mircea_popescudanielpbarron consequently instead of 2256000 for the dg bps you get 2256000 / 30000 / 160 * 45871 * 153 = 329858313:45
danielpbarroni can take back the 140s13:45
danielpbarronor that13:45
mircea_popescuhow about that. kay.13:45
danielpbarronmy price was basically base adjusted for quality with no markup13:45
mircea_popescuif i had a preteen and they weren't playing eulora i'd beat them for half hour before bed every night13:46
mircea_popescufractions city over here.13:46
danielpbarronok trade me again13:47
danielpbarronmore coming13:47
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, trade me13:51
mircea_popescudamn oiverweight13:52
mircea_popescuforgot this issue. ok lemme count what i got one sec13:52
danielpbarroni'm gonna have to continue this later, i gotta drive someone to the airport. and also i have most of my cft recipes in a remarkable claim13:52
mircea_popescucft i dun want tho, got my own for now13:53
mircea_popescu2 * 8728 * 160 + 8728 * 161 + 9999 * 159 + 9999 * 156 + 9350 * 15813:54
mircea_popescu4364 * 165 + 2* 8728 * 164 + 8728 * 163 + 6917 * 161 + 9999 * 161 + 9909 * 16213:55
mircea_popescuand with that my store's full so yeah, we'll have to continue later.13:56
mircea_popescuthis set comes to 160 wouldn't you know it. cool.13:57
danielpbarrontrade again13:57
mircea_popescui can't, full.13:57
mircea_popescu112905 * 41 + 3298583 + 749573.18413:57
danielpbarroni have 8596906.874 so far13:58
mircea_popescu8.677 mn i owe you. want to take it right now ?13:58
mircea_popescuk a sec13:58
mircea_popescuand settled.13:59
mircea_popescuwe continue next time, i need a little to digesrt this anyway lol.13:59
mircea_popescujurov you're up next,t aking the stuff out.13:59
jurov*sigh* trade needs to be botted, too14:16
mircea_popescuif you look in the log, i suggested it to diana :D14:18
diana_comanwell, I don't seem to need it yet that much really, lol and apparently everyone else was happy otherwise to even mine /craft by hand lol14:18
juroveveryone except me14:26
jurovmircea_popescu: are you around? or later?14:27
diana_comanquite true, jurov14:27
mircea_popescube maybe 5 minutes jurov14:27
mircea_popescuodd seems i managed to get bugged somehow ?14:29
mircea_popescuanyone had this issue before where client dies with a segmentation fault as you try to log in ? every time ?14:29
diana_comanoh, and ...rastrums? lol14:29
diana_comanknow that, lol14:29
mircea_popescuany idea wtf it is ?14:29
diana_comango to the logs folder14:29
mircea_popescuoh. damn.14:29
diana_comanand rename the log files to something else14:29
mircea_popescui was throwing a fit.14:29
diana_comanthey got to big for the client to handle14:29
diana_comanor move them away somewhere14:30
* diana_coman knows that feeling14:30
mircea_popescuoddly i have a bunch of previously renamed log files in the dir14:30
mircea_popescui used to do it for my own convenience14:30
mircea_popescubut i guess i forgot ? or let it go for too long14:30
mircea_popescujurov ready now.14:30
diana_comanit's on my list to figure out and sort too if I can, but didn't yet get to do it14:31
mircea_popescuftr diana it is YOUR logs.14:31
mircea_popescubecause i have 40mn logs from the game and it worked ok (current one's 30mb)14:32
mircea_popescubut your craft log is 10mb and it sinks it14:32
diana_comanit's the logger from the client14:32
mircea_popescutrade me jurov14:32
diana_comanwhich the bot uses, true14:32
diana_comanthe mistake of using the client's logger14:32
diana_comanI used the client's original logger class, yes14:32
diana_comanwhich does this as I realised only when it hit the limit14:33
mircea_popescu(88 * 2 * 50000 + 79 * 2.45 * 30000) * 1.25 = 1825812514:33
mircea_popescudiana_coman aha.14:33
diana_comanI fully take responsibility and shame for actually using the client's code, true14:33
diana_comanwill never do that again, lol14:33
mircea_popescuyou need a few bps to get you started or have them jurov ?14:33
jurovi have14:33
mircea_popescudiana_coman rdy for rastrums nao. what was i paying ?14:34
diana_coman100k iirc?14:34
mircea_popescuyou know it's not good for the kidneys14:34
mircea_popescuto sit inside a table like that.14:34
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Sunday, 2015-12-06 (at logs.minigame.bz)14:34
diana_comanhave fun14:35
diana_comanI need to make more spinning wheels14:35
jurovstill getting q 96? ppl were lazy in meantime?14:39
mircea_popescuand now that all this crazy trade's behind us... time to go back to mining14:39
* mircea_popescu modestly puts on cincinnatus' cape and goes back to his small farm14:39
diana_comanomg, what farm? log-farm?14:40
mircea_popescui guess they must've been eh jurov14:40
mircea_popescudiana_coman sunt intreprinzator de pleurotus pletos!14:40
jurovbundle is q 215 but almost no overcraft, where it all goes?14:41
jurov(i picked q 101 recipes)14:41
mircea_popescui would guess part of it is that i've not been crafting, trying to get lj up, and another part is that it's harder to move the q with all the extra btc sloshing around in the pools from the recent additionbs14:42
jurovum, there were some additions?14:43
diana_comanyeah, I basically moved the q up 2 points after 1 week or so stuck and then it got stuck again14:43
lobbesbotTitle: MiniGame (S.MG), November 2015 Statement on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)14:43
mircea_popescudiana_coman no, the other way around lol.14:43
diana_coman? you mean harder to move q down?14:44
diana_comanit should have moved down while I was ranking up? lolz14:44
diana_comanthat makes sense of previous xp indeed14:44
mircea_popescuyeah i mean there's this effect like you've seen, someone hits a big find and everyone's q drops14:46
mircea_popescuor jumps, i guess, like when grenadine found that tpt14:46
mircea_popescushould be less jerky now.14:47
mircea_popescuwhich is logical, more people doing more stuff14:47
diana_comanmircea_popescu how much for 5 scaffoldings?14:47
diana_comanand do you need anything for them?14:47
mircea_popescuwhat do you think this is, el dorado ?14:47
* diana_coman would very much like it to be less jerky14:48
mircea_popescui need molluscs.14:48
mircea_popesculike... 75.14:48
diana_comanmhm, I certainly can get them14:48
mircea_popescuo ? well cool then14:48
diana_comanas long as you don't want them very high q basically14:48
mircea_popescuso you get me molluscs, i make the cheez, you make the ointment i make the us ?14:48
mircea_popescuor i make the whole thing ?14:49
diana_comanhm, let me check the ointment thing what it is14:49
mircea_popescudl, tm and mc14:49
diana_comanhmm, would it make more sense to grab a noob so that they make the cheese with my mollusc as they'd get at least overcraft on it?14:50
mircea_popescuif you can find one, sure.14:51
mircea_popescui've been waiting for noobs to make me all sorts of things.14:51
diana_comantrue; I have until Sunday anyway as no book bps by then it seems14:51
diana_comanselling rastrums is clearly a terrible idea right now14:51
diana_comanso either I make them books and sell those possibly more reasonably14:52
diana_comanor I bury them alltogether14:52
mircea_popescuso basically since now i get high wm, i could make high lft and there'd be a market for noobs to make low io for me so i make tools.14:54
diana_comanthere are more markets than noobs already14:55
mircea_popescuin other news, i got ~15mn worth of tools left after which i'll be entirely out.14:56
diana_coman15mn is what, couple of weeks?14:57
mircea_popescuif that.14:57
mircea_popescubut i'll blow it all on wm.14:57
mircea_popescu3/152 this is getting like... way worse15:07
mircea_popescuactually i suppose what we most need noobs for is to make some pincered skullcaps15:08
mircea_popescucourse we don't have dcs worth a shit.15:09
diana_comanhanbot are you interested in building some small (from sticks) lh claims for me under the same terms you had with MP? (I might need your help to make sure I got those terms right). I currently have 7 claims and I'll get more.17:20
diana_comanmircea_popescu do you have any high q dungbeetles?17:46
danielpbarronlow io for me so i make tools. << low io == high shaped slag == ..??18:23
danielpbarroni have low shaped slag, ready to be made into pickaxes18:23
danielpbarron50 of them for now18:23
mircea_popescu38/1334 meh!18:38
mircea_popescudiana_coman not atm, but im prolly gonna get omse18:38
mircea_popescudanielpbarron how much for it ?18:39
mircea_popescudude wtf, i was doing 0.035-0.0037 for an entire night, just as soon as i priced/sold some shrooms im down to 0.028418:40
*** Joins: nubbins` (~leel@unaffiliated/nubbins)18:50
mircea_popescuhey nubbins` go dig me up some shiny rock!18:59
mircea_popescumod6 has some mining maps.18:59
nubbins`i saw!19:02
nubbins`no gaming today, binding books19:02
nubbins`xmas break should allow more free time19:02
mircea_popescualso works.19:04
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*** Joins: Birdman2 (~birdman@
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danielpbarronhrm, mod6 can you do some crafting for me? or nubbins` ?19:45
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)19:47
nubbins`plz see above 8)19:48
danielpbarronas for the shaped slag, hows about 585k for 50 ? mircea_popescu19:48
danielpbarronnubbins`, it could (and should) be left to run on its own while you're away19:49
mircea_popescuhow about 11559*50 = 577950 !19:49
danielpbarronmy character is making threads right now and i'm not at my eulora comp19:50
nubbins`danielpbarron the aforementioned free time also includes recompiling w/ bot19:50
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, works for me19:52
mircea_popescuaite. wanna do it now ?20:01
mircea_popescua nm, not at your machine. later.20:01
*** Joins: Birdman2 (~birdman@
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diana_comanhmm, 10:15 small:tiny on shiny rock22:13
diana_comanso 2:3, quite good22:14
diana_comanBirdman when you are around I have 10 small sr claims for your trial run22:15
jurovstacking in inventory was deprecated? or it won't work if overweight?23:55

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