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hanbotfghj> wow 41K  solid branches apparently I can't just walk away with this much << wow, congrats00:25
lobbesbotNews from dianacoman: Foxy’s Dismal Scribblings on Euloran Exploration Data or Truly Horrible Numbers <http://www.dianacoman.com/2015/12/20/foxys-dismal-scribblings-on-euloran-exploration-data-or-truly-horrible-numbers/>00:58
mircea_popescuDianaComan published the scripts you ran anywhere ?00:59
mircea_popescuim pretty sure my results are like... 90%00:59
DianaComanuhm, this time I dumped the stuff in R to be able to do more with it more easily; it's not much up to this stage, but I'll look into cleaning them up a bit and adding them in a few days I suppose01:00
DianaComanit is true that there I don't distinguish between different resources etc - as I mention there, it barely scratches the surface01:01
DianaComanit's quite a long thing as it is though, I'd say01:01
DianaComanin other news: <wyrdmantis> danielpbarron i'll be back at evening (Italy timezone) <- apparently Italy doesn't have an evening anymore at all01:03
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fghjgonna figure out other locations and how to throw the tables  today after sleep.01:06
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*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)01:06
mircea_popescuTotal exploring attempts bare handed: 133`86901:21
mircea_popescuSuccessful attempts: 5`78401:21
mircea_popescuheh that's stacking it01:21
diana_comanlook at tools only01:22
mircea_popescuno cs ?01:22
diana_comanwell no, because cs used mostly manually01:22
diana_comanbut anyway, cs is basically 100%01:23
diana_comanfor me at least so far01:23
diana_comanI never ever missed with a cs01:23
mircea_popescume either01:23
mircea_popescubut kinda wtf'd by the reports of missings.01:23
diana_comanthen again, the horrible comes from output there quite often, but that's another story01:23
mircea_popescudiana_coman in similar news, this guy just paid 20k for an ord extracted 2.5mn worth of sb from it01:24
diana_comanheh, I'm hardened by it01:24
diana_comanyeah, I know; I'm just optimistic, lol01:24
mircea_popescuincidentally, anyone got slag bps for sale ?03:12
mircea_popesculow q preferred.03:12
mircea_popescuand also, i'll be putting out two shaped slag packages, q150. 400 pointy and sharp each. lemme know if anyone wants to do either.03:12
*** Joins: Birdman (~birdman@
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diana_comanmircea_popescu, I have some slag bps for sale (10k)09:33
mircea_popescuhow much ?11:25
jurovi have 30k13:12
jurovslag bps13:12
jurov80 copper ea13:13
diana_comanthey are low q (~8 or so), what do those go for?13:15
diana_comanit's 67 base value iirc13:15
jurovthey go for 8013:16
jurovi tell you13:16
diana_comanoh, so then 8013:16
diana_comanI didn't know yours were also low q jurov13:17
jurovyes, around q 8013:17
jurovdid you or anyone compiled stats, which basic resources depend on sortage?14:04
diana_comanwhat do you mean?14:05
diana_comanas far as I can tell, sortage improves q of all basic resources the same14:06
jurovi get grass q 101 and sm q 5614:06
diana_comanno idea re potential improvements re hit rates14:06
diana_comansm is NOT basic14:06
diana_comansm is mining14:06
diana_comanspicy moss I assume14:06
jurovyes that14:07
diana_comanwith q56 aren't you well placed to make some money from building ords?14:08
diana_comanas in take some ords from Birdman, overcraft them and build for loads of resources that sell at qi prices?14:08
jurovdoes he have ords for these?14:09
diana_comanI understand he has them for everything14:09
diana_comanor he can get them easily as apparently he gets *only* ordinaries when using a cs14:09
jurovlooks like it works that way. my advanced hoes get only smalls, too.14:12
diana_comanoh, so then maybe you try directly with a cs14:13
diana_comanmaybe you get only ords too?14:13
jurovnever tried cs14:15
diana_comanI should have a few still in storage if you want them to try14:16
jurovi'm fine with smalls. getting resources for ords is pita14:16
jurovalready have some, unbuilt for month14:16
diana_comanwhat res are you missing to build them?14:18
jurovdon't remember, will let you know. it was not just one14:19
*** Joins: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl)14:32
diana_comanhi fghj need anything to craft/build?14:35
fghjI think I could try dragging table all over the world I have another 50k of branches underwater and 8k of some stones or something14:45
diana_comanaha, do you have a table or need one?14:46
diana_comanand I'll buy those branches and stones14:46
fghjI don't have any, wow I just segfaulted14:48
fghjfortunatelly it run fine14:48
fghjso I'm back this time14:48
diana_comanI can make you one when you get to town14:49
diana_comanit's ready14:52
fghjlol, got into segfault loop with 1s of gameplay, got out of loop by going out of water then a table drop later mountains ate my table and now if I...15:53
fghjwave third person camera I can somtimes see my table15:54
diana_comanfghj, the mountains drop means it got underneath, try to move the camera so you see it and then grab it...15:55
diana_comanif you need help, give me some coords as I might be able to help you out there15:55
fghjyes that's what I'm trying currently15:55
fghjha got it15:58
diana_comanwell done!15:58
diana_comanbtw, you could also try in principle with text cmds to see if you can get it faster: /target craft-table /pickup15:58
diana_comanusually try to drop it on your head/up high as it were15:59
diana_comanto avoid it getting burried15:59
fghjcool text command would be good, because picking blocks horizontal camera movement16:01
diana_comanthe above exist; check the help too for a more complete list16:01
danielpbarronfghj, i'd buy a key to a locked claim full of heavy stuff16:12
fghjI could sell key to about 8k of some stones or something16:16
fghjordinary crumbly rocks at -330 30116:17
danielpbarronyes i'd buy that16:19
diana_coman28k for carrying it around?16:22
fghjok, I'm draging that table near -350 -4016:24
diana_comanI've started a craft run to make pickaxes; there should be 100 of them available for sale, anyone interested?16:52
diana_comanbasic pickaxes, not imp16:52
*** Joins: Birdman (~birdman@
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Birdmanneed the noob testing of cs soon18:18
danielpbarrondiana_coman, i want18:25
Birdmanjurov you have 100% small rate too? whats your gathering level and want to use a cs for free?18:31
jurovBirdman, gathering 12018:33
jurovand yes, why not18:34
Birdmancool, you around?18:34
* Birdman really hopes he gets smalls w/ cs18:35
jurovyes, in town18:36
Birdmangotta wait for these cs to be done, ~10 min18:36
jurovBirdman: you misunderstood. it was with these imp hoes18:37
jurovbarehanded and with basic tools i get tiny and occassional small18:37
BirdmanBut you only get smalls with imp tools?18:38
jurovyes that one18:38
BirdmanStill impressive compared to everyone else if im not mistaken18:38
jurovi dunno, danielpbarron is constinuously zombiexploring around for at month at least18:40
jurovshoudl have much higher exp18:40
jurovand probably at the worst place, i must say. looks like he gets 2 claims/day.18:40
jurovBirdman: so you want to try the cs?18:43
Birdmanon my way to town18:44
Birdmaninn 2 min18:44
Birdmanwell thats a cs miss on lotus now too18:46
Birdmani put one on your head18:48
Birdmanoh i suppose i should mention i do want whatever you get from it18:50
mircea_popesculol look at that, he's mined my ords gonna sell the product to dbp ?!18:51
Birdmanfoul play!18:51
jurovin the middle of handling the stick, the graphics sharted to show18:54
Birdmanah damnit, i destroyed all my high q beetles by mixing18:57
jurovBirdman come get your ordinary18:57
Birdmanooh want to do two more jurov ?18:57
Birdmando it on beetles this time18:58
Birdmanmight want to drop that stick before you pick these up18:58
jurovi had it in hand, it did not mix19:00
jurovthe third one, too beetless?19:06
jurovfu what's happening to my fingersss?19:06
Birdmanoh lock them too please19:13
jurovok done, locked19:16
jurovBirdman: there?19:18
Birdmando i need to lock the shroom claim too?19:18
Birdmanso people, jurov get all smalls with imps, seemingly all ords, or a high hit rate, with cs, but no so much luck/skill with basics19:20
Birdmanwe are nearly the same level19:20
jurovwhat do you mean "no so much luck/skill with basics"19:21
Birdmanwell i hit 100% smalls with basics too19:21
Birdmanyou said you get tinies with them19:21
jurovi'd say it's normal, depends more on the wear of the tool than the skill level19:22
Birdmanyou'd say what is normal, just the entirety of these results?19:23
jurovthat the type of a claim (not the luck) depends on the tool19:25
Birdmanno, if you read the log for most people ords are pretty uncommon with cs19:28
Birdmanand to have 100% smalls with imps is also very impressive19:28
jurovaok. it's pretty much impossible to keep up with both this log and #b-a.19:34
jurovmaybe i have some inborn skill for exploring, too19:34
jurovdiana_coman, others: i need 4*(8md, 3 wm, ss, 4 dcs) to build flotsam ords19:36
jurovi have some of the stuff but it's not not quality19:36
jurovthere's also remarkable flotsam, but that list reads like something from future millenia19:37
mircea_popescuhow much for the slag bps jurov ?19:38
mircea_popescuand diana_coman ? are they really q 8 ?19:39
mircea_popescuhow about say 2mn ?19:39
jurovmircea_popescu: that'd be less than iv19:40
Birdmani have dcs, but they aren't high q19:40
* Birdman is also buying high q md19:40
mircea_popescuiv ?!19:40
mircea_popescu67 * .8 =  53 or so each at merchant.19:41
jurovint. value of slag bps is 6719:41
jurovmerchant asks me 6719:41
jurovfor a q100 bp19:41
mircea_popescubut yours is q 80 neh ?19:42
Birdmanhow could i possibly make it worth your time to build md ords for me mircea_popescu?19:43
jurovit's 65-101, 80 is est result19:43
mircea_popescuBirdman atm not really, got a pile of crafting to do.19:44
mircea_popescuif you sell the claims i might buy, but that's about it .19:44
BirdmanI see, and are you trying to part with any?19:45
mircea_popescumds you mean ?19:45
mircea_popescudun have any atm. jus' sittin' here makin' slag.19:45
Birdmanok ok, i guess the next best i can get is  diana_coman ?19:46
jurovmircea_popescu: the piles came out q 76,78,78,9319:46
mircea_popescu20k each ?19:47
jurov9.9k each19:47
mircea_popescuso 40k total ?19:48
jurovabout 37k. but i want to keep some19:48
mircea_popescuis it actually full stacks, 9999 or is it 9900 ?19:48
jurov9649, 9371, 8963, 905419:49
* mircea_popescu calcs19:50
jurovyep, 37k19:50
jurovfor all? mno19:51
mircea_popescu( 9649×.76+ 9371×.78+ 8963×.78+ 9054 × .93) * 67  = 2013616.6619:51
mircea_popesculemme see if diana_coman wakes up and what q her stuff is.19:53
mircea_popescui'd much rather use low q stuff seeing how i'm overcrafting.19:54
* mircea_popescu can't fucking believe he's rfun himself out of slag bps. 19:55
mircea_popescuhad 200k at some point ffs.19:55
diana_comanmircea_popescu, let me check again as I am coming to town19:56
mircea_popescuand here is the weirdest thing of all time : crafting q 150 with bundle q 150 actually yielded bp loots!19:57
mircea_popescuvaluable ones too, 1 flat slag, 8 ppb19:57
diana_comanq5 even, lol19:57
diana_coman9999 of them19:57
mircea_popescuhow much ?19:58
diana_comanmhm, perhaps it was in fact as in 150.13 etc?19:58
diana_comantbh I don't really know how to price the bps exactly, I mean base value is 67, but to adjust it to q 5 it doesn't make any sense to sell really - I'm better off keeping them for my own undercrafted slag20:04
diana_comanI'd say 67 is as low as it can go20:05
mircea_popescuhow about you know, 500k for the lot20:12
mircea_popescufor teh loves of christ, check it out, bp shortages now.20:12
diana_comanmhm, guess I can do it for this lot, so 500k for  9999 at q5; not sure how many tons of them I'll need to get though before thinking this was again a good idea, lol20:16
diana_comanmircea_popescu, trade then20:17
mircea_popescuah sorry was afk20:21
mircea_popescudiana_coman there ?20:21
diana_comanin unrelated news: I ran the numbers on one largish (100x50 coordinates) sr spot20:23
diana_coman1389 ch tries and success rate ....65%20:23
mircea_popescuso harder than sr huh20:24
diana_comanthe trouble with calculating it on x or y resources is that unless you manually define a run to be "on x" , it's not that obvious from the data20:24
Birdmandiana_coman i have 7 md claims to be made if you want to, bundles all ready20:24
mircea_popescuwhich is odd because it's cheaper.20:24
diana_comanwhat do you mean ?20:24
mircea_popescucr is cheaper than sr20:24
diana_comanBirdman, ok, but give me all, I'll leave them in claims - 10% and lock them so no more troubles like last time, ok?20:25
diana_comanwhere did I say cr?20:25
Birdmanya ya, but can i request you to consolodate into one claim?20:25
Birdmanand trade when ready20:25
diana_comanfor md I can, yes; the dcs were too heavy for that, lol20:25
Birdmanright those are a pain20:26
diana_comanuhm Birdman I think at least *some* claims are already missing?20:28
diana_comanI have a key for 112 34 23620:28
diana_comanI am right there and there is nothing20:29
mircea_popescudiana_coman nm i misread cr into it20:29
mircea_popescuch/sr became... cr20:29
diana_comanaha, no, so hoes on shiny rock20:29
Birdmansome behind you too20:29
diana_comanBirdman, q40??20:30
diana_comanomg, I should have asked this first, lol20:30
Birdmanyeah should be lower but i didnt see the lower q rr i had and stuff20:30
diana_comanI will NOT do any other run with q40 bundle, lol20:30
diana_comanor lower for that matter20:31
Birdmanim pretty sure your output wont be drastically effected because its low q20:31
diana_comanit's a huge waste of time basically20:31
diana_comanit will be20:31
Birdmanexp probably though20:31
Birdmanwell what q output is it? because over crafting is obviously a retarded move20:31
diana_comanthat's the main thing in any case: if no xp, then what am I doing here?20:31
Birdmanthe most efficient then being to make the q bundle same as your output?20:31
diana_comanbut this one I'll do since I did not ask initially20:31
Birdmanto get 10%20:31
diana_comanand at least we will have the data on it20:31
mircea_popescunot so illogical... if crafting works with low q why not try mining20:32
diana_comanI am all for trying20:32
diana_comanbut I try on my own claims then, not like this, lol20:32
Birdmanright, what *else* is a skill for if not to create better from worse20:32
diana_comanyes Birdman but as I said: on MY claims20:33
diana_comaneither bought or got otherwise20:33
Birdmanim paying you lol i dont get it20:33
diana_comanyes, the 10% was considering that I get some xp20:33
diana_comanwhich I don't20:33
diana_comananyway, let's get the data now better20:34
Birdmanwell if this turns out to be much better than the last disaster then we can talk about what might be a more fair price20:34
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I think the main question /diff it's not entirely clear at building what is loot and what is "output"20:35
jurovhuehuehue anyone guess what happened when i put imp hoe to my left hand?20:35
diana_comandid you get ordinary?20:36
diana_comanha ha, I'm the optimist here20:36
jurovyes tinies20:36
diana_comanat least then you are clearly right-handed jurov ?20:36
Birdmansamez lol so i think we can safely call it the off-hand20:36
jurovsubmissive hand20:37
diana_comanBirdman, what's the base value for the md bundle?20:37
Birdmani dont know20:38
diana_comanmk, will calc20:38
diana_comanso far it would seem it works remarkably close to crafting: I get q 110 and guess what, the value I got out of the 1st ord is ...1.10*base_value of bundle20:40
Birdmanwhether or not this is going to be outwardly profitable im unsure of, but the increase in yield from the noob mining the md will get me will definitely make up any difference and then some20:40
diana_comanthat doesn't make any difference for me20:40
diana_comanso 13 from 1st, 10 from 2nd20:42
*** Joins: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl)20:53
diana_comanBirdman, 92 beetles 117q in total = 16827 (adjusted for q), which is slightly below 1.17 *bundle base value = 1682721:08
Birdmanbundle base value?21:09
diana_comanyes, the bundles has a base value too, namely 14382 (at 100q)21:09
diana_comananyway, 92-9 = 83 beetles for you21:09
diana_comanoverall, I'd say that it does seem to be remarkably close to tinkering in that I got close enough to the equivalent of 117q basically21:11
diana_comanoh Birdman did you want the keys back? I did not lock the claims seeing how they are used and empty21:12
*** Quits: Birdman (~birdman@ (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)21:13
*** Quits: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) (Quit: Leaving)21:52
danielpbarronout of approximately 24 hours of barehanded gathering, I got 2 small polished small stone ennumerations, 44 tiny polished small stone ennumerations, 5 tiny spicy moss ennumerations, and 17 tiny worthless putrid leather ennumerations22:33
*** Joins: Birdman (~birdman@
Birdmanno noobs tonight huh23:12
Birdmandanielpbarron go for it, ill take the pointy slags23:18
Birdmanif bps are selling for 67 a piece i might want to consider doing a crafting run myself23:18
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, i'll take the pointy slag package23:19
Birdmanyou want some high q beetles for 250% danielpbarron23:30
danielpbarronBirdman, ^23:41
Birdmanwish i didnt stupidly mix the ones i had before23:41
danielpbarronwhat are they now/23:41
Birdmanq132 bundles23:41
Birdmani just turned the ones i had all into lotus bundles23:42
Birdmanoh the ones i mixed, like 4023:42
danielpbarronthe beetles are quality 40?23:42
Birdmanbut if you are willing to pay that price then its profitable for me to have diana_coman mine them23:42
Birdmanif she thinks 10% is a fair pay for bulding them23:42
Birdmanthe ones i mixed23:42
danielpbarronwow what a terrible mix23:42
danielpbarronso all 92 beetles at 117 quality for 292`781 ?23:44
Birdmani just said i made those into bundles23:44
Birdmanwait for diana to answer and if she's willing ill have another 20 claims of it built23:44
Birdmanif she wants more money it might even be worth more23:53
Birdmanespecially because she's taking profits in beetles not coppers so i dont get that resale aspect of it23:53
danielpbarronBirdman, can you get me 525 beetles and 70 lotus harlot claims for 3.8 mn ?23:53
Birdmanany q beetles?23:53
Birdmani cant do that is the answer23:54
danielpbarron117 or thereabouts for that price, or if you can convince mircea_popescu to make them (i think he gets 130 quality?) then i'll offer 4 mn for that23:54
danielpbarroncan't do it or not for the amount i offered?23:55
Birdmani dont think 70 claims will fit on that spot23:55
Birdmanand thats way to cheap to do that, especially if you want the expensive beetles23:55
danielpbarroncan be delivered in batches23:55
danielpbarronso how much you want for that package?23:56
Birdmanthe beetles alone you're looking at 1.6mn23:56
Birdmanand thats rough estimate, assuming i dont have to break bank to get diana to build them23:56
Birdmannot to mention sheer time and effort to run the cs and get them23:56
Birdmanonly have ~40 left23:56
danielpbarronoh whoops i did some math wrong lol23:56
danielpbarronhow long does it take to use a chetty stick?23:57
Birdmanlike 7-10 min for me23:57
Birdmanjust started one ~30 sec ago23:57
Birdmanso ill get a better estimate when its done23:58
Birdmanand this also has to be more profitable than me using the beetles for my own noob mining mind you23:58

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