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mod6i love this bot02:01
mircea_popescugreat huh03:55
mod6yeah, i like to just run it and walk away.03:56
mod6if i was of much higher level, I'd probably try exploring with it & chetty sticks.03:57
mod6right now it'd just be a waste.03:57
mircea_popescui've been making shavings03:59
mircea_popescui sorta picture it with a pencil sharpener03:59
danielpbarronmod6, chetty sticks are apparently for the low in rank04:05
danielpbarronreports are that noobs get ordinaries with sticks at nearly 100%04:05
danielpbarronnot that i think you should go out and mine everything that way04:06
danielpbarronyou should only gather ordinaries that someone asked you to gather, and they probably planned it out so that they have ingredients to build the things in a reasonable amount of time04:07
danielpbarronon a related note, i'm back into buying chetty sticks (with which to supply hired noobs)04:08
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diana_comandanielpbarron> on a related note, i'm back into buying chetty sticks (with which to supply hired noobs) <- well, if the ST is not found, there will soon be no more sticks due to no samovars -> no toothpaste11:33
mircea_popescuand to think you just passed on ft.13:21
diana_comanit doesn't make a huge difference, does it?13:50
diana_comanone samovar basically13:50
mircea_popescubout 250k worth of samovar decay or so13:53
diana_comanyou know, I'd rather buy the samovars any day14:33
mircea_popescuspeaking of which... i'm looking at 30k IBS which i'd like to trade to a noob crafter and buy back the bottles. any takers ?14:36
mircea_popescui'm also looking to provide a noob crafter with IO and slag and buy back the shaped slag.14:37
mircea_popescui wonder if i should say fuck it already and just make them myself, get my tinker up some.14:40
diana_comaneven if I'm not exactly a noob, at 125% I'll take and make the shaped slag14:51
diana_comanjust finished the batch of cs anyway14:52
diana_comanmircea_popescu, do you have any lbn?14:52
diana_comanftr place with 70 missed hits -> md15:02
diana_comanand to think that the elusive st is actually used so far only in mollusc cheese and the samovar at least as far as my bps show (http://www.dianacoman.com/Eulora/Slithy-Tove.html )- still, without samovars, it gets very ugly15:31
lobbesbot`Title: Slithy Tove(st) (at www.dianacoman.com)15:31
mircea_popescui don't.16:32
mircea_popescukinda out of bps.16:32
mircea_popescudiana_coman what q do you output ?16:32
diana_comantinkering? ~11216:33
mircea_popescuim game for a run of shaped slag at 125%. you want the whole 800 ? make 400 pointy 400 sharp ?16:34
diana_comanyes, I'll take it, on my way to town16:34
diana_comanwill you sell any of the tools?16:35
diana_coman(ready when you are)16:35
mircea_popescutaking it out, be a little bit lol16:35
diana_comanbtw, thinking of that ft: do you have the ppb to go with it too? as a package it makes some sense - otherwise it's just pretty much lost in there16:36
mircea_popescui do actually have ppb, but the ft is long sold.16:37
diana_comana, no problem then16:37
mircea_popescuone of teh miners got it.16:37
diana_comanI thought it was lying around, lol16:37
diana_comando we have miners?16:37
mircea_popescunah went the samew day16:37
mircea_popescutrade me16:38
mircea_popescu1.25*(4500 * 677 * 1.5 + 900 * 5439 * 1.49) = 14829311.2516:38
diana_comanyay, something to do16:39
mircea_popescuwhat do you figure, next year ?16:39
diana_comanha ha, I guess so16:40
mircea_popescubtw : once you deliver these ima be making them tools which you can buy and wear down if you want.16:40
diana_comanthe pickaxes I would16:40
diana_comanthe adzes....ugh16:40
mircea_popescuima do the adzes myself.16:40
mircea_popescushould be about 7-8mn worth of each i think16:40
diana_comanwith the adzes it would be only for testing really16:41
mircea_popescuheh incidentally... is this the new record trade ?16:41
diana_comanto finally get a full set of each tool and compare16:41
diana_comanI don't really know, lost track of records on that16:41
diana_comanwasn't there anything bigger?16:41
mircea_popescui thought maybe prev record was 13mn16:41
diana_comanquite curious whether I'll get loot worth the ~5 mill diff16:44
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mod6< danielpbarron> mod6, chetty sticks are apparently for the low in rank << ah interesting18:11
mod6< danielpbarron> you should only gather ordinaries that someone asked you to gather, and they probably planned it out so that they have ingredients to build the things in a reasonable amount of time << i agree, i typically don't have the right stuff for these.18:11
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