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diana_comanmircea_popescu, 2k bottles ready for you14:20
mircea_popescuo hey. im in tyown diana_coman14:21
diana_comanyay, 1 min to get them then14:22
mircea_popescusweet, by the time im done making all this cft ima do the dg then the io...14:22
mircea_popescui'm so booked here it's crazy, 10days +14:22
diana_comanheh, loads of things to do in fact, isn't it?14:22
mircea_popescui've not gotten to mine all year.14:22
mircea_popescu2000 * 1.15 * 1.25 * 4070 that right ?14:23
mircea_popescu11.701 mn, were we settled otherwise ?14:23
mircea_popescuuh why did you close it ?14:23
diana_comanI didn't!14:23
mircea_popescudoh i must have clicked the wrong x ;/14:23
diana_comanthat's why I was uhm-ing earlier -thought you closed it14:23
diana_comanwe were settled as far as I know14:24
mircea_popescucheck it out, exact change! :D14:24
diana_comanhave any cft for sale already?14:24
mircea_popescuyup how much do you want ?14:24
diana_comanif I get back to mapping, I'll get as much as there is really14:24
mircea_popescui got 8k @15214:25
diana_comanbring it on, lol14:25
mircea_popescutrade me.14:25
diana_comanI even got back into shredding14:25
mircea_popescu8317 * 1.52 * 1.25 * 180 = 284441414:25
mircea_popescuincredible how much rope one can buy for a few bottles huh :D14:26
diana_comanhave change or do I go to bank?14:26
diana_comanwell, better rope, worse bottles, etc14:26
mircea_popescuyou'll be wanting more you say ?14:26
diana_comananyway, I mixed those bottles, as they were all sorts, from 115 to 11814:27
mircea_popescuno biggy.14:27
diana_comanyes, I'll take more cft14:27
mircea_popescuyou got any ae ?14:27
mircea_popescutho i guess i shouldn't be asking for things until i'm actyually done with all these piles of stuff to make.14:27
diana_comanugh, those are a pain to get; tbh if you need them, I'm game to get them for you, but they'll be expensive like shit14:28
mircea_popescuthey're what's stopping ft production atm.14:28
diana_comanI know, but then it's either I sell them at a profit or otherwise at least use the bloody things myself and get some xp out of them14:28
diana_comanwe need a mineer14:28
mircea_popescuwell hopefully someone finds the skill already.14:29
diana_comanis anyone even trying?14:29
diana_comanor by sheer accident - like any good discovery14:29
mircea_popescui dunno, it's almost as if the altar has a curse on it - makes trhe owner tight lipped14:29
mircea_popescuat first it was just danielpbarron but now it seems it got grenadine too :D14:29
diana_comanahahahah, quite fittingly really14:29
mircea_popescuodd how it works huh14:30
diana_comanI haven't seen her much around lately though14:30
diana_comanI should go through my old supps and the like as by now they are prolly high q :))))14:30
mircea_popescui think i ran into her one of these days but wasn't saying much.14:30
mircea_popesculol yup14:30
mircea_popescui gave korgan some bps yest for the rarer stuff in  shredding, curious how that goes.14:31
diana_comanfor the record, I bouq now at 103q14:31
mircea_popescuwhat q do you tinker ?14:31
diana_comanI saw that - for some reason he didn't get what I was saying, but at least he figured it out from you so no problem14:31
diana_coman118 still it seems stuck again14:31
diana_coman1 sec for full data set14:32
mircea_popescuif the proportion holds, with my 153 tinker i should then bouq high 130s ?14:32
diana_comantink 521-524 rank it stayed stuck at 118q14:32
mircea_popescuwell... 3 points, no surprise.14:32
mircea_popescui got like 12 points between 152 and 153 iirc.14:33
diana_comanyes, I don't know why I thought it was a longer stretch, but now I went through the notes (got all of it damned it for once)14:33
diana_comanbouq was 102 from 139 to 14114:33
diana_comanand now 10314:34
diana_comaninteresting as cooking is STILL better no matter how you look at it14:34
diana_comaneasier or whatever14:34
mircea_popescugo make us a sammich14:34
diana_comanneed that elusive tove14:35
diana_comanand if there's nobody else going to even search for it...14:35
mircea_popescustil lnot found huh14:35
diana_comanwell, it's only me looking for stuff it seems, isn't it?14:35
mircea_popescubut you still got some stash don't you ? or who did, maybe mod6 ?14:35
diana_comanand apparently I still have some way to go for those higher q ones14:35
diana_comanmy stash is nearly gone,remember the last deal when I sold you most of it?14:35
mircea_popescudiana_coman i dunno, saw some noobs mining, wyrd and who else14:35
diana_comanmod6 still has some, yes14:36
mircea_popescui recall someone having like 100 or something.14:36
diana_comanthey are mining usually for someone14:36
diana_comanyes, he has that14:36
mircea_popescuit only goes 1 to the samovar if memory serves.14:36
diana_comanI think some of the new players also got some st but haven't seen them around?14:36
mircea_popescucourse my samovars aren't what they used to be ;/14:36
mircea_popescudiana_coman someone won o wait it was lobbes that picked the tove prize was it ?14:37
diana_comanyes, I think so14:37
mircea_popescuor did he get the bubbles ?14:37
diana_comanno, he asked for the st14:37
diana_comanI just didn't recall who was it, but yes, lobbes14:37
mircea_popescuturns out maybe not so bad. he ever sell it ?14:37
diana_comannot that I know of14:38
mircea_popescuhey lobbes ! you there ? selling some slithy tove ?14:38
diana_comanso back to data look at this: I was getting 109q on cooking at tinkering 517 and gungho 120, while I get 103 on bouq at tinkering 520 and bouq 14214:39
mircea_popescuso clearly cooking better than bouq for you14:39
mircea_popescuwhat about mcguyver ?14:39
diana_comanand 110 on mcguyver at 262 mcguyver and ~512 (don't have precise data there exactly) tink rank14:40
mircea_popescuso it looks like, cooking > mcguyver > bouq for you.14:40
mircea_popescu basically you're a wench.14:40
diana_comanthat's what I see too14:41
diana_comanahahaha, I have a feeling you are one too though :D14:41
mircea_popescuoooooo, listen!14:41
mircea_popescureason tinklering is so high q as compared to others is that prolly sortage counts too!14:42
diana_comangot any data for me to listen to?14:42
diana_comanreally, wtf14:42
mircea_popescuwell, so far i'm q 153 with tinker 784 / sortage 32114:42
mircea_popescubut i haven't done any cooking or anything in a while. not since the change at any rate. so i dunno.14:42
diana_comanI haven't noticed any difference in it since I got sortage - though admiteddly there have been SO MANY unexpected sudden changes that it might have gotten lost in there14:42
mircea_popescubut it stands to reason, if it levels it14:43
diana_comanuhm, why would it necessarily have to go both ways?14:43
diana_comanit could, I don't say it couldn't14:43
diana_comanmy sortage is a puny 13514:43
mircea_popescuwell... what else explains that gap.14:43
mircea_popesculol this is like doing turn of the century physics over here.14:44
diana_comanquite :)))14:44
mircea_popescu"how do you explain the gap mr bohr!"14:44
diana_comanwell, there is also a gap between tinkering 512 and mcguyver 26214:44
diana_comanso dunno really14:45
mircea_popescuanyway, ima finish threading this grass, after which ima do a one cooking thing to measure, and a 1 bouq thing to measure and then make some imp hoes.14:45
mircea_popescuim very torn on the hoes, tho.14:46
mircea_popescuon one hand, any imp hoe i make must be overcrafted. on the other hand, to overcraft means to burn usable hoes. which ... dude tools are in short supply.14:46
diana_comanfrom my point of view tools can wait now that I got the set of axes - they'll last me for a while in the end it seems, despite my initial fears14:46
mircea_popescuoh ? quantify ?14:47
diana_comanwhy all overcraft?14:47
mircea_popescubecause toolkit14:47
diana_comanuhm, you mean you don't want to do any undercraft on mcguyver?14:47
mircea_popescupretty much. nor can i : the imp takes bms, which is high q anyway as i made it myself.14:48
mircea_popescubeen trying to buy low q bms for 2-3 months now.14:48
diana_comanmhm, at ~80 tools/24 hours seems to be current going rate and given that I still have some building/crafting to do, sounds like there is some buffer14:48
mircea_popescuyeah, that buffer is less than a week.14:48
diana_comanaha,so you mean without bms, you need to overcraft14:48
mircea_popescusince the bms is already 150, and since the toolkt already decays,14:49
mircea_popescuit's not feasible to undercraft this.14:49
diana_comanwell, with bms at 150 certainly not, of course14:49
mircea_popescubut the thing is... 1 imp hoe decay like 20k say, takes 3 basic hoes decay 10k+ each.14:50
mircea_popescuso it's a 50% loss of mining power as it were.14:50
diana_comanthis is the other reason why I am not in a hurry about imps14:50
diana_comanI'd rather have more basic tools atm14:50
mircea_popescuthen again... so it's a 50% loss. if i make 200 imp hoes, that means... 24 hour's worth of mining. big whoop.14:50
mircea_popescumeanwhile i got some decent overcrafting hits in guyver.14:51
mircea_popescui think ima do it.14:51
diana_comanI still need quantity to map the whole bloody thing and then if I get stuck I'll reach for cs as much as I can anyway14:51
diana_coman(been doing some bot-mining with cs too and it went perfect)14:51
mircea_popescuyou do realise the 2k bottles you made will turn into at least 1k more basics.14:51
mircea_popescuand i have materials for almost 3k more bottles, too. just gotta find a noob.14:51
diana_comanthat's what I hoped, hence why buffer < week seemed ok atm14:51
diana_comanlisten, I'll get them and then get wyrd to do it14:52
mircea_popescuoh ?14:52
diana_comanhe does the job, just not hanging around in the chan too much14:52
mircea_popescuwon't you need dg and cft to go with the ibs ?14:52
diana_comanhe is working on 10 cr ords for me so I should then have some low q cr for you too to make the dg, right?14:53
mircea_popescuok so the plan here is, i finish this grass, during which you feed me cr, i make dg, then i pass you the bundles.14:53
mircea_popescuand then i make the io.14:53
mircea_popescuthis really looks like im booked crafting for the rest of the month.14:53
mircea_popescui wanted to mine ;/14:54
diana_comankeeping you off the exploration :D14:54
mircea_popescui used up so many bps it's scandalous.14:54
diana_comantz tz14:54
mircea_popescubtw you selling any lft bps or anything ?14:55
diana_comanuhm, maybe some dg bps if you need those14:55
mircea_popescuheh! but didn't you produce a huge pile of lft bps ?14:56
mircea_popescuwhat was the differential, 50 pts ?14:56
diana_comanwell, the overcraft is not huge it seems; not even that, no? from about 150 to 11514:56
diana_comanmore like 3514:56
mircea_popescuso did you at least cover stock ?14:57
diana_comanthat yes + some random other bps14:57
diana_comanbut not in huge quantities anyway14:57
mircea_popescuwell, gotta get wyrd to do it then, replenish a little.14:57
mircea_popescui tell you tho, it's really nice to have the crafter huming along in the background :D14:57
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> btw you selling any lft bps or anything ? << http://danielpbarron.com/eulora/shop.txt14:58
diana_comanfor some reason that bot is VERY satisfying as it works there in one's name :)))14:58
mircea_popescuand i tell you something else, this game'd have not been possible to fucking play without your bot. so how'd you like some s.mg stock warrants ?14:58
diana_comanyaaaay; would love them, plain and simple :)14:58
* danielpbarron still plays sans foxybot14:59
mircea_popescuhehe ima put it in the next report.14:59
danielpbarroni tried it the other day but it's unusable for my purposes14:59
diana_comanhow's that danielpbarron ?14:59
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i'm seduced what can i tell yea. but you're right, i did macro the hell out of it originally too.14:59
danielpbarroni need a mining bot that mines tinies and locks everything else14:59
danielpbarronfor some reason your bot wouldn't even mine the tinies, let alone lock the smalls15:00
mircea_popescuit'd prolly not be hard to fix that much you know15:00
mircea_popescuif it has lbn it does mine the tinies ?15:00
diana_comandanielpbarron, it locks anything higher than smalls15:00
danielpbarronwell i don't often get things higher than small15:00
danielpbarroni had bits of nothing when i tried this15:00
diana_comanand I never heard of it not mining the tinies if you have bits of nothing, how did that happen?15:00
mircea_popescudiana_coman where in the code is the switch to make it lock smalls too ?15:00
danielpbarronit's funny she switched it to not lock smalls because of my complaint15:00
diana_comanI guess I'll add another param for that too, to expose it, but yes, otherwise simple thing in the craftactivity15:01
mircea_popescuyeah but it's a trivial thing15:01
mircea_popescudiana_coman honestly no need to parametrize, let him edit and recompile.15:01
mircea_popescumake the guy a coder whether he wants to or not!15:01
danielpbarronalready too many parameters on that thing15:01
mircea_popescufind the line would you ?15:02
* diana_coman remembers how she dreamt this bot initially with a knobs-window to set it up to one's own desires15:02
mircea_popescueasier for you to find it than for him15:02
diana_comanahahah, sure, 1 min15:02
diana_comanugh, more like 15 to fire up the dev env15:02
danielpbarronand then for the crafting side, my macro does it fine15:02
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i don't like about the macro, or at least what i used to use, that it needs the screen to be up to be able to click.15:03
mircea_popescui wouldn't have been fucking around with okcupid if i didn't have a dirty machine sitting around doing nothing right here.15:04
mircea_popescuthe fact that you can minimize it and it still goes is a huge + in my eyes.15:04
mircea_popescuwow look at that q 900 grass heh.15:07
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i'll take your ppb and ltf bps, how many you got ?15:07
diana_comandanielpbarron, line 601 in botactivity.cpp is now "if (claimType.CompareNoCase("Unknown"))" ; change it to "if (claimType.CompareNoCase("Unknown") || claimType.CompareNoCase("Small"))15:08
diana_comanrecompile and it will lock smalls and not build them15:08
* mircea_popescu imagines a day when bot auto-mines ords too.15:10
mircea_popescuHENCE THE NAME15:10
diana_comanheh, the list of what I'd like the bot to do is long and it easily gets longer, but sometimes it's a kind of play OR code and so far play wins almost always (except mainly when I am so fed up with some aspect that I go and code, lol)15:11
mircea_popescuyou need a 2nd computor.15:11
diana_comanuhm, it's not that the problem15:11
mircea_popescuask alf about the laptop that's good to work on :D15:11
diana_comanthe problem is that I can't test things afterwards without interrupting the play15:11
diana_comanthat's the main issue15:11
diana_coman(ftr I have one comp for work anyway, separate from the game etc)15:12
diana_coman+ I'm lazy, no doubts there, lol15:13
mircea_popescudanielpbarron ? bps ?15:30
danielpbarrondiana_coman, it should just lock any claim that it can't build; that way i can control it with my inventory15:41
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, i had stepped away to mske breakfast. will be back in eulora in a bit15:42
diana_comanugh, even tinies if it runs out of bits of nothing? (that's precisely what happened to me at first and why I excluded smalls and tinies from any locks)15:46
diana_comananyway, easier still, just add: worldHandler::PicklockEID(markerID);15:46
danielpbarronyes even tinies and the bot can get stuck when it fills with keys15:47
diana_comanline 65415:47
diana_comanso that's another reason why I do not lock tinies15:47
diana_comanbecause you'll get stuck with a full inventory15:47
danielpbarronheh just remembered collecting ennumerations15:48
mircea_popescudanielpbarron good now ?16:08
mircea_popescutrade me!16:10
mircea_popescu366 * 29997 + 401 * 9999 ?16:13
mircea_popescu14988501 call it 15 even16:13
mircea_popescusweet. thanks.16:14
danielpbarronyou're welcome and thank you16:14
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diana_comanhi wyrdmantis on my way to town16:41
diana_comanoops danielpbarron turns out I was looking in the dev-version rather than release version of the bot; so in 1.3 release, it's line 562 in botactivity.cpp, basically where's a comment saying //not enough items to build claim, so just move on (don't lock tinies and smalls!!!)16:44
diana_comanadd there a line:   worldHandler::PicklockEID(markerID);16:44
mircea_popescuthat thing where skill is on the cusp of levelling, all green but not dinged yet...17:06
mircea_popescucmon baby!17:06
diana_comanmircea_popescu, do you have any high q shards17:06
mircea_popescusrs ?17:06
mircea_popescuyeah i think i do17:06
mircea_popescuwell, 150ish17:06
diana_comanthat's good enough for me, as I would make them lower than that anyway17:07
mircea_popescuaite lemme just level this and ill look17:07
mircea_popescuhow many do you need ?17:07
diana_comanaha, ping me17:07
diana_comanheh, have some 9k?17:07
mircea_popescupossible actually.17:07
mircea_popescumaking your own ft ?17:07
diana_comansince apparently I am better at cooking anyway, makes more sense17:08
mircea_popescuguess so huh17:09
diana_comanahahaha, turns out there is another wm spot still on the beach there , but closer to water, lolz17:16
mircea_popescuim still on the cusp ;/17:19
mircea_popescuha-ha! level!17:20
mircea_popescudiana_coman 9999 srs q 150.17:22
diana_comanyay, on my way17:22
mircea_popescutrade me17:23
mircea_popescu454×9999×1.25×1.5 = 8511648.7517:24
mircea_popescusooo... today, i bought 15mn worth of bps from daniel, bought 12mn worth of bottles from you, sold you like 8.5mn worth of this and what was it, 800k worth of thread...17:26
mircea_popescuclosing in on 40mn worth of trade in one day over here.17:26
diana_comanit's not over and there is cr coming and ibs17:27
mircea_popescuo damn right you are!17:27
mircea_popescuima blog it lol17:28
diana_comanthe cft I think was also 2.8mn rather than 800k, no?17:29
diana_comancutting the mn now, lol17:29
mircea_popescuright huh.17:29
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Birdmanhow much would you charge for some goops diana_coman19:32
danielpbarronBirdman, http://danielpbarron.com/eulora/shop.txt19:34
diana_coman125% Birdman , usual really19:34
Birdmani know im just trying to compare prices for quality19:35
diana_comanI get it at 11819:36
BirdmanRight, i cant be paying nearly twice as much for an extra ~20 points19:37
BirdmanDo you have some available diana?19:37
mircea_popescueh relax, ima make a huge batch in a little bit19:37
mircea_popescujust waiting on her to deliver cr.19:38
Birdmancool cool, has anyone noted that the bp bv is 1/10 the product bv?19:39
mircea_popescujust about yea19:40
diana_comanBirdman, if you are after high q it's prolly best to just wait for mp indeed as he'll get it 150+19:42
BirdmanAt a certain point it is a luxury, so im after the best deal really seeing as ill over craft at any of the qualities you guys produce19:43
mircea_popescua that is a point.19:44
diana_coman297 for cft at 109 q danielpbarron ? that's what, 150%? uhm19:44
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I have about 10k cr right now, waiting on the rest to come really; want this right now?19:45
diana_comanBirdman, how much do you want? 470*1.18*1.25 comes at 693 per19:46
Birdmandanielpbarron I'll buy some of your srs for 140%19:47
mircea_popescudiana_coman nah, take your time, still doing 30k grasse.s19:47
mircea_popesculol Birdman should have said something sooner, i sold 10k at 12519:47
mircea_popescuyou don't benefit from this "trying to sit on everything" stance. it's anti-market.19:48
diana_comanaha, I'll make them some 400 myself to get wyrd set up for this night (that should keep him for 8h+)19:48
BirdmanI just didnt know what i needed until yesterday heh19:48
diana_comanBirdman, I suppose I can let go of some srs at 130% if you want it19:49
diana_comanseeing how it goes otherwise at 140, lol19:49
BirdmanI do19:49
diana_comanso: how much goop? how much srs?19:49
BirdmanHow much are you charging on your goops mircea_popescu? If it is the same 125% i can wait for that19:50
mircea_popesculol arbitrage resolving market inefficiencies.19:50
Birdmanaround 600 of them should do19:50
diana_comanBirdman, made up your mind then exactly what you want ?19:52
Birdmanacross the board? I'm working on the ords i want you to build and as far as tinkering goes i want 200 srs, 600 goops, and 350 braided threads19:54
diana_comanok, so ping me when you are in town for the srs then19:55
Birdmanim ready now19:55
diana_coman1 min to take it out19:56
Birdmanmhm take your time19:56
Birdmanwyrdmantis wanna make some money?19:56
BirdmanI have a ton of lotus ords that need noobing, big over craft19:56
diana_comanBirdman, 200*454*1.5*1.319:58
mircea_popescui think i have a pile of bct20:01
mircea_popescumeh nm, they're low q.20:01
Birdmanwyrdmantis i have 28 ord claims but 36 keys, so there are 8 duds in the bunch just take em all, there is a tiny claim with the bundles in it thats been locked for awhile so im gonna come with you to take them out without mixing and hopefully it wont disappear with my stuff while i do that20:08
Birdmanhad ords disappear seconds after being built, so i think it is dependant on time and whether or not it has been built20:08
Birdmanso keep that in mind when you're building, these are pretty old claims20:11
diana_comanactually I lost one full ordinary claim that was new and still vanished within seconds of being built20:20
Birdmanor normal, no one knows!20:30
Birdmanriddle me this, how could i have 28 ord enums, 36 keys, 8 of which havent turned to lbn yet over weeks of being in inventory\20:41
diana_comansometimes keys don't turn to lbn20:42
Birdmanah cool20:42
diana_comannot sure exactly when/why; one theory had it to be because of not being in range/sector with the claim when it expires or something of sorts, but never really bothered to look into it tbh20:42
Birdmani was just wondering if i was missing enums for claims20:43
diana_comannever saw that20:44
mircea_popescudiana_coman they always do.20:46
mircea_popescuunless the item was locked.20:46
diana_comanI really had keys which did NOT turn into bits although claim was left unlocked20:47
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I know; add to that the fact that I went and checked and the claim had gone but the key was still in my inventory (and still there after several re-logins)20:49
danielpbarroni also have had keys that would not transform21:16
danielpbarronsee also, the keys littering the ground on npc hill21:16
Birdmandanielpbarron make me some braided threads21:18
danielpbarroni have braided threads already, how many do you want?21:27
danielpbarronon a related note, do you have cheap coarse frangible threads?21:27
Birdmanand ill check when in town21:31
diana_comanmircea_popescu, you around to get the cr and give the ibs?21:31
danielpbarronBirdman, if you don't know then you don't probably, and I don't mean to make it sound like there's any rush to produce low quality threads21:32
mircea_popescudiana_coman i am21:34
diana_comanhow many ibs do you have?21:34
mircea_popesculike 33k lemme get it all out.21:35
diana_comancool, I'll sort out the cr and stuff meanwhile21:35
Birdmani was just makin some earlier but it isnt more than 200 of them21:39
mircea_popescuok rdy.21:39
Birdmanwaiting on that wyrdo to get here then ill head to town if you're around to sell the braids danielpbarron21:39
diana_comanmircea_popescu, trade21:40
mircea_popescuim very ow!21:40
diana_comanI asked you to trade and you did not answer, lol21:41
mircea_popescuo sorry21:41
diana_comanthat ok?21:41
mircea_popescu(9999 * 1.51 + 9999 * 1.52 + 8122 * 1.48 + 5661 * 1.52) * 1.25 * 255=  16231467.187521:41
mircea_popescu(9636 + 9223 + 9914 + 9223 ) * 66 = 250773621:42
mircea_popescu13.723 mn net.21:42
diana_comanugh, need bank, 1 min21:43
diana_comanfuck, overweight21:44
mircea_popescui can change21:44
Birdmanso how does one pop when it comes to gathering?22:37
Birdmanif you cant does it store up to be looted in something else?22:38
mircea_popescuwell... finding a sizable ?22:49
Birdman but at a certain point that is expected right?22:51
Birdmanat whatever level you'd possibly need to be22:51
BirdmanOr with dying in effect will the chance of finding anything past sizeable atronomical22:51
mircea_popescui dun follow22:52
BirdmanYou actually answered my question, thanks. Is there nothing bigger than a sizeable?22:54
mircea_popescuiirc only one was found to date.22:56
Birdmandiana_coman are you interested in wwb ords for 40k each?23:52
Birdmandanielpbarron on my way to town23:52
Birdmanand if not i am in town with ords for you otherwise23:55

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