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Birdmansorry mircea_popescu ill be around for that MS any time02:03
Birdmananyone have some tool kits?02:03
Birdmandiana_coman ill sell you some bps if you sell me some pss, tpt, or wwb smalls02:14
Birdmanand confirmed getting loot on undercrafts, q35 bundles for braids, looted 18 table bps and 1 slag bps. nothin crazy, but a first nonetheless?02:20
BirdmanSo no tool decay to be found, plus why the hell would i be undercrafting with the samovar lol02:21
Birdman~140 tinkering i went from increasing 1 point of q every two levels to abruptly needing about 4 levels to increase as well, was hoping the increase would hold through to at least q5002:23
mircea_popescuBirdman such as now ?02:36
mircea_popescuyou get two seeing how it's almost midnight. see you in 20 mins02:36
danielpbarrondiana_coman> danielpbarron, I'll buy 5 each of the supp drafts: berries, leather, mosses, snails, stones, thorns << k02:38
Birdmankk just ping me mp02:46
Birdmanty danielpbarron02:47
Birdmanyou still trying to stock up on pss and snail supp drafts?02:49
danielpbarroni wouldn't focus that02:49
BirdmanI'm not, just wondering if its something i should take care of eventually02:50
mircea_popescuBirdman now03:03
Birdmankk chuck em at me03:03
mircea_popescudanielpbarron will get your items out next.03:03
Birdmanwhat was it 400k?03:04
Birdmandiana_coman ftr im willing to do a deal of sorts like 10 cs for 9 ords of your choosing on large scale orders03:05
mircea_popescudanielpbarron ready.03:07
Birdmandanielpbarron ill just get you the key for that, accidently gave you extra enum03:08
mircea_popescu1 MS, d 132k, opening 175k ; 30 AW q 147, 1.75m opening. delivery eta 24h0003:09
mircea_popescuthanks! MY PILE OF COINSSSSS03:10
danielpbarroni'd like to swap those back for million coins if i can get ahold of jurov03:10
mircea_popescusure np.03:10
danielpbarronif possible03:10
mircea_popescudo it before i train tho.03:10
danielpbarronam i the only one who banks?03:10
mircea_popescui do it on occasion.03:11
danielpbarrondoes it costs the trading fee when training causes a coin to break?03:11
mircea_popescuhuh ?03:11
danielpbarronthere is an exchange rate to break up large coins into smaller or vice versa03:11
mircea_popescuah. i dun think so03:12
danielpbarronso then wouldn't save money to ~not~ waste a big pile like that on training?03:12
mircea_popescuyeah that's a point.03:13
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mircea_popescuftr i just timed it, slag take me 24s each.03:21
mircea_popescuso that'd be 3600 a day. dunno about 1440 in 8 hours diana_coman03:21
mircea_popescuhanbot 350 * 14420 * 1.25 = 6308750 ; 1313 * 384 * 1.24 = 625198.08 ; 5683551.92 net.03:32
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hanbotone hour 'til Good Hammer auction ends, diana_coman currently at the fore with the opening bid of 30M.04:01
danielpbarrondiana_coman, got some clovers? I'd take anothe 1k if you can04:06
danielpbarronoh and mircea_popescu I guess I should check in on my mollusc payment. No rush just don't forget :)04:09
mircea_popescudanielpbarron darn i did forget. what was it ?04:47
danielpbarron100 q133704:48
hanbotoh wow04:49
hanbotthose must stink something fierce ;D04:51
mircea_popescuoh oh social media payment yes. you get them tomorrow, im headed to bed.04:55
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diana_comanmircea_popescu> ftr i just timed it, slag take me 24s each. <- that's crazy, it takes *me* 18 seconds06:40
diana_comanbasic slag, right?06:40
danielpbarronmy slag macro says 15 seconds06:42
diana_comanso there, that might be (I leave it a bit of time on the safe side)06:42
diana_coman15s I can believe, but 24s just can't be06:43
danielpbarronmight be i'm supposed to be a tinkerer06:43
diana_comanand mp really not one or what?06:43
diana_comanquite very low on tlc danielpbarron ; I could get some 100 of them my current 140q, if you are willing to pay 6k each as really pain to get atm06:46
danielpbarronah, slithy tove strikes again06:53
diana_comanah, yes, the ord takes st07:57
diana_comanand sucks even more that out of the 7 known grocery things, 4 take either st or canines08:02
Birdmanso is this large cordage batch gonna be used to get some tool kits goin?08:09
diana_comanah, Birdman meant to say re cs deal: I can sell a batch of cs at 50k each; not interested in ord for them as I pay noobs to get those np08:21
diana_comancs q ~2050008:22
diana_comanre toolkits: it's tools that's missing, not cordages really08:22
diana_comanworn out tools08:22
diana_comanI'm buying worn-out adzes esp 2k per tool08:23
diana_comanBirdman, toolkit at 80537q for 113k08:33
Birdmanill take it09:13
diana_comanok, 1 min09:13
diana_comantrade when ready; toolkit at your feet09:15
Birdmanthank you, you're a life saver09:17
diana_comannp, take it09:17
Birdmangot it09:17
Birdmansurprisingly my shredding is held up on tool kit bps and not the ones your tool makes09:18
diana_comanwhat bps are those?09:18
diana_comanthe hoof gloves?09:18
Birdmanthat i need?09:18
Birdmanfashinable hat, hoof gloves mc reed kilts, toupes, skullcap09:19
Birdmanwhich i have a decent amount of them just not nearly enough09:19
Birdmanand of course toupes dont get looted making gloves so i have to do em seperate09:20
diana_comanaha, so yes, hoof gloves stuff (that's the item giving all the rest best iirc)09:20
Birdmanwhatcha mean giving the rest best?09:20
diana_comangiving the other bps in your list09:21
Birdmanheh more under craft loot ^_^09:21
diana_comanwell done09:21
Birdmanoh you mean the tinkering bps? I see your shop and it only has those09:23
Birdmani bought huge amounts off dan awhile back, ~150q on em09:23
diana_comanI meant: making hoof gloves loots all the other bps you need ; hence gloves best for getting the shredding bps09:24
diana_comanand yes, I sell mainly the tinkering stuff as that's what I have loads of09:24
BirdmanAh right, besides the toupes09:24
Birdman i should be having a noob run down these tools for bps considering its insanely cheap to overcraft the shit out of a shred09:25
Birdman<diana_coman>ah, Birdman meant to say re cs deal: I can sell a batch of cs at 50k each; not interested in ord for them as I pay noobs to get those np << pretty sure getting 9 ords for every 10 cs is probably cheaper than whatever you're paying them, and if not they're just hardcore derping10:44
diana_comanhow's that, lol10:44
Birdmanwell whats my deal, about 10% i charge?10:45
Birdman10% on what a cs costs you, mind you10:45
Birdmanso what, ~2k fee per ord?10:45
Birdmanfood for thought10:45
diana_comanthat's exactly what I pay noobs as a matter of fact and no strings attached (I don't have to give them 10 cs or anything) so what gives?10:45
Birdmanwhats exactly what you pay noobs, 10%?10:46
diana_coman2k per ord10:46
Birdmanand im pretty sure *someone* would have to give them cs to get the ords, :p10:46
Birdmanwell im ok with that too, i just want to rank my gathering some10:46
Birdmanand the cs are hard to come by atm10:46
diana_comana, so ok, say it like that: you are willing to get me some ords for 2k per with my cs; I'll keep you in mind, sure10:47
Birdmanso if you need a noob, im available for it is my point10:47
Birdmancool, yeah10:47
diana_comanbtw, curious what would you do if I took you up on the offer 9 ords for 10 cs asking for 9 lh ords10:47
Birdmanprobably exactly that10:48
diana_comanand if you miss what do you do exactly /10:48
Birdmanwhat would you be offering if you offered 10 cs for 9 lh ords?10:48
Birdmanive only missed on md and wm im pretty sure10:48
Birdmanlh isnt that difficult10:48
diana_comanok, so then md, lol10:48
Birdmanoh just in general10:49
Birdmanwell i have a one stick buffer10:49
Birdmanbut if that fails i guess there'd have to be something pre negotiated10:49
Birdmangood point though10:49
diana_comanaha, my point was that the offer was not really thought through10:49
BirdmanI suppose, i guess id be offering the outcome of 9 cs for 1010:50
Birdmancould always get better than ordinaries10:51
diana_comanit is a possibility indeed; though so far really less seen than the miss part10:51
diana_comanhanbot, do I get it right that I got the hammers as nobody else wanted them ?10:52
Birdmanwill be cool to have some decent q mining stuff soon10:53
diana_comanhopefully they are for mining skill, yes, lol10:54
Birdmanoh its not known?10:55
Birdmanhm, that makes it much more interesting10:55
mircea_popescudiana_coman> mircea_popescu> ftr i just timed it, slag take me 24s each. <- that's crazy, it takes *me* 18 seconds << turns out i can't math. 00:21:49 to 00:22:03 so actually... 14 seconds.11:22
diana_comanaha, makes more sense; tbh I used 20s in the post to cover the potential delay due to lower skill, so I think the numbers are fine as they are there11:34
diana_comanoh, and 175k for the samovar mircea_popescu11:35
diana_comanany estimate for getting the books on building and mcguyver 400 ?11:35
Birdmanthe books up to 400?11:38
diana_comanup to 200; for 400 level11:50
mircea_popescudiana_coman i had mcguyver, cooking and bouquinism 400 for a while nao!12:46
diana_comanoh, you kept saying you didn't have mcguyver, lol12:46
diana_comantoo bad then12:46
mircea_popescubut you are getting building.12:46
mircea_popescuwell, a while ago, meanwhile made a pile of cs.12:46
mircea_popescuand samovars and whatnot.12:46
mircea_popescu1 MS, d 132k, 175k heard diana_coman ; 30 AW q 147, 1.75m opening. delivery eta 10h0012:47
diana_comanbuilding I had already for ages, lol12:47
mircea_popescubut otherwise... ima have to put them in, and i've not really been touching the thing without chet around. hopefully midweek ?12:47
mircea_popescui stupidly left the grass stacks wrong overnight, only did like 800 cft ;/12:48
diana_comanjust wanted to ask about the cft, lol12:48
mircea_popescuanyway, since that wine's apparently not interesting anymore ima take it off auction.12:49
mircea_popescuwho knew people can have enough wine.12:49
diana_comanI have 3775 ibs at 120q if anyone wants to get it at 125% to make bottles hopefully12:49
diana_comanif not, I'll get a noob to do it12:49
diana_comanoh, it really didn't seem they did but then again, who knew there was no real interest in the huge q wine I sold some time ago12:49
diana_comanweird things abound12:49
Birdmanmircea_popescu what would you be chargin for bouq books to 200, if at all?12:50
Birdmanand im interested in those ibs diana_coman just gotta see whats up with the funds12:51
mircea_popescuwhat was it, 50k a book iirc ?12:52
Birdmanno, you wanted 100k a pop12:52
Birdmanat least for the 1-100 books12:53
mircea_popescuoh right.12:54
mircea_popescuima have to price the 200 ones, get back to you later.12:54
Birdmananyone want these 369 boulders at q4513:07
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hanbotdiana_coman yep, you won the hammers, congrats! i'm coming to town now, ping me w/e you're ready15:06
diana_comanyay, on my way to town then15:06
hanbotthanks, gl with em!15:09
diana_comanshould finally put those pickaxes to good use15:13
jurovsooo... i went to recompile debian eulora with foxybot, only to realize it's already there16:46
jurovshinohai: ^16:47
diana_comanfghj, you around?17:07
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jurovwindows version of foxybot available too: http://minigame.bz/jurov/17:53
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Releases by Jurov (at minigame.bz)17:53
jurovAlso, if anyone feels like updating eulora fb and twitter more often than i do, inquiry inside17:57
jurovmaybe someone for (relative) newbies: Birdman copypaste lobbes- shinohai sueastside see ^18:00
jurov*something for18:00
shinohaiTwitter I can handle. Facebook shall never touch a computer in my house.18:01
diana_comanshinohai, how's it going? do you need something to do in eulora? (building or crafting?)18:05
jurovgood shinohai.. so you want the access?18:05
lobbesbotTitle: eulora (@playeulora) | Twitter (at twitter.com)18:05
diana_comanoh, twitter is not part of daniel's social media package?18:06
jurovno i have created them, but somehow failed to keep up18:07
jurovand there is plenty of things to post, events, your and other folks articles18:08
shinohaiI mean, what would I need to do? I'm still anoob that doesn't know jack about Eulora xD18:08
diana_comanugh, I suppose I could take on the fb thing if needed, shouldn't take long to get it to post something regularly18:09
shinohaiAnd diana_coman if you are online later when I get a chance to connect, gladly. Tried with dpbarron the other day but kept lagging.18:09
diana_comanah, lagging sucks indeed18:09
jurovlol it's not "needed" but may help to get these noobs18:10
shinohaiI love jurov's package but may have to compile my own to remove the shrubs and stuff :/18:10
diana_coman"needed" = helpful and nobody else to do it18:10
shinohaiDo I get paid? :D18:10
mircea_popescudiana_coman 3500 cft for you18:10
diana_comanand 8k fresh grass for you, heh18:11
diana_comanon my way18:11
jurovshinohai it's unpaid function18:11
shinohaiwas j/k18:11
mircea_popescujurov wouldja like some molluscs too ? :)18:12
jurovso.. are you both taking it? and it's not exclusive, no problem to add more people18:13
diana_comanjurov, I can take it as I said18:13
diana_comanthe fb18:13
diana_comanlol, what's with the mollusc invasion18:13
jurovmircea_popescu: high or low?18:13
mircea_popesculol. well what am i gonna do, he did post on those for a while.18:14
mircea_popescujurov you can have a coupla dozen of the same sort danielpbarron gets.18:14
mircea_popescuwhich will happen presently.18:14
jurova sec18:14
diana_comanmircea_popescu, will you take the 8k grass to make more thread?18:14
jurovdiana_coman: your name? have you liked https://www.facebook.com/play.eulora/ ?18:14
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora (at www.facebook.com)18:14
mircea_popescudiana_coman yes but won't deliver till the weekend, wanna make and sell some cs.18:15
diana_comanheh, toolkits any?18:15
diana_comanjurov, yep18:15
mircea_popescummm yeah, i guess.18:15
mircea_popescujurov danielpbarron come and get!18:17
diana_comanmircea_popescu, trade18:17
mircea_popescu3574*1.55*1.25 * 180 - 8016 * .78 * 60 = 871283.718:18
jurovsigh. i was busy recently, can danielpbarron or you please spell out the whole transaction?18:19
mircea_popescujurov there's nothing to it, you jsut get somefree molluscs.18:19
diana_comangot change mircea_popescu ?18:19
mircea_popescuyeah i got daniel's stash :D18:19
mircea_popescudude was walking around with 2,5k gold coins18:20
diana_comanreally, better give him some canines, lo18:20
mircea_popescuwha happened jurov ?18:20
jurovtable bps appeared and the window closed by itself18:20
mircea_popescutry agsain18:20
jurovgot it thanks!18:21
jurovanyone selling high mb, wm, dcs?18:36
jurov* md, wm, dcs?18:36
jurovwant to mine flotsam ords and miss the md most18:39
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diana_comanjurov, I should have some, but they work out at 3.8k each, does that work for you?18:56
diana_comansome md I meant18:56
jurovhow many? i need at least 318:57
diana_comanjurov: 7 md 117q (more precisely 5 at 117 and 2 at 118); just got 6 dcs too at 12419:11
jurovyup, can take both19:30
jurovmd and dcs19:30
diana_comanok, on my way back to town19:39
diana_comanjurov, trade when ready19:41
diana_comando you want the md separate or mixed?19:43
diana_comanmixed then19:44
jurov31687 but i don't have change19:46
diana_comanuhm, it's 31.6k, so leave it at 30800 or what you had earlier as I don't have change for 40k19:46
jurovtyvm. 3700 next time.19:47
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jurovmircea_popescu: grundin needs to restock coppers20:55
danielpbarron07:49 < mircea_popescu> anyway, since that wine's apparently not interesting anymore ima take it off auction. << uh.. i was gonna bid but apparently it went on and off auction while i slept..20:58
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> dude was walking around with 2,5k gold coins << no. I have huge piles of all the coins in my ~bank~ .. and i now have million coins again so lemme get those back if possible21:09
jurovyou can store and retrieve coins at will with banker?21:11
diana_comandanielpbarron, I can take the supp drafts in a few minutes if you are around21:11
danielpbarroni am21:11
danielpbarroni use the banker dozens of times a day21:12
jurovi used banker once, got charged a fee, avoided him since21:12
diana_comanI think it charges only for exchange jurov21:12
diana_comannot for deposit/withdrawal21:12
diana_comandanielpbarron, trade when ready21:13
danielpbarronthis is an annoying amount of drafts to have to do all this for21:13
Birdmanyeah, training is the way to go if you want to break coins21:13
danielpbarronit's not worth very much :/21:13
Birdmandanielpbarron should have gouged, one noob craft will easily yield thousands, why do you think she only want 5 of em lol21:14
mircea_popescudanielpbarron can trade. get your coins back and the mollusc21:15
diana_comanthe trading hour, lol21:15
danielpbarronare these drafts not already out there?21:15
mircea_popescujurov how much ecu do you want ?21:15
danielpbarrondiana_coman, 1460021:16
danielpbarroni'm gonna put a minimum order on my shop page21:16
danielpbarronthis is ridic21:16
diana_comanlol, round it to 20k then21:17
diana_comanthank you; it's really just those supps that I don't need more of as usual yeah, I wouldn't bother for 5 of each either, lol21:18
jurovmircea_popescu: 500m as susal21:18
mircea_popescujurov : aite please send 5 btc to 1JuSXqRgzkHKAKyyXqqiSnPTUcMweGWHEN21:19
mircea_popescuand trade me in game.21:19
diana_comanmircea_popescu, do you want more low q cft bps? I just got fresh stocks, lol21:19
diana_comanor anyone else for that matte21:20
mircea_popescudiana_coman nice but im kinda ok for now. doing less grass more samovars cs etc you know ?21:20
mircea_popescui bought this 1.3k ae i wanna make into toothpaste.21:20
diana_comanheh, I remember someone saying how they really go through loaaads of bps hence no, no overflow in this sense as I was saying, lol21:20
diana_comanooo, was it high q?21:20
Birdmanhey where'd you get some ae21:21
mircea_popescuwell i haven';t been doing  any bouq lately21:21
Birdmani need to make tooth paste as well21:21
mircea_popescuI BOUGHT IT!21:21
diana_comanhanbot, I suppose21:21
jurovmircea_popescu: exactly 5? ok21:22
jurovit's got confirmed: a2c1a0721983bbf1053d5b20d65d91f5fd1792be906d7603c49aa0c5c3c9c3e421:39
danielpbarronoh, diana_coman selling any of those new things you got?21:39
danielpbarronand mircea_popescu if you're not gonna auction wine, can tuber tea be next?21:40
mircea_popescujurov trade me.21:40
mircea_popescudanielpbarron well i was auctioning it but nobody cared. which was so fucking weird seeing how it was getting bet through the roof the prev day.21:40
danielpbarroni was asleep21:40
danielpbarroni'm on a weird cycle these days21:40
mircea_popescuwell the plan here is, ima make ft, then cs, some samovars and toolkits, and finish diana's grass.21:41
mircea_popescuafter which...21:41
danielpbarronand i stayed up all night reading that massive b-a log21:41
danielpbarrongot book of old lists?21:41
mircea_popescujurov that right ?21:43
mircea_popescutoo damned many zeroes.21:43
jurov500m, it's ok21:43
mircea_popescudanielpbarron crazy logs these days huh21:44
diana_comandanielpbarron, I'll sell some hammers, yes, just give me a few days to figure out stuff21:44
diana_comanalso, I have 5 books of old lists, 100q, feel free to make an offer (base value is 51k iirc)21:45
danielpbarron5 mn21:46
diana_comanbtw, anyone knows /saw how to make more of those kind of things?21:46
danielpbarroni thought it was pretty obvious at this point21:47
diana_comanwell, I don't trust "obvious"21:47
diana_comananyway, fine, will get the books out for you21:48
diana_comandanielpbarron, trade21:49
mircea_popescudiana_coman i dunno, im just selling the stocks i made back in the bouq days21:50
diana_comanyeah, that's basically what I sold now; otherwise yes, I saw them coming out of the altar basically21:51
diana_comanwell, not precisely the books of lists, but the sparkles21:51
danielpbarronaww someone watches my stuff <321:52
diana_comanas a farmer, I gotta see the source of raising such delightfully runny-dead molluscs, lol21:53
diana_comanoh danielpbarron do you want 1 supp of old lists to go with those books? 160q21:58
danielpbarroni'd buy, how much?21:59
danielpbarron100k ?22:00
diana_comanit's 51180 base value so 120k22:00
danielpbarronk i can do22:00
diana_comanping me when around22:01
mircea_popescufirst eulora orgasm ?22:02
diana_comandismal? confused?22:02
danielpbarroni guess we probably have some very sexy artwork to look forward to22:02
danielpbarronweird it's worth less than its bundle22:04
* diana_coman will open foxy's library soon 22:04
diana_comanphew, stacked all those bps, took me ages22:05
diana_comanjurov, want a fresh stack of flotsam q7?22:17
diana_comantrade me then22:18
jurovwill get coins, retry22:21
jurovoh wrong coins.. have change?22:22
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hanbotmircea_popescu sell me some pcs?23:22
mircea_popescusome who ?23:22
hanbotpointy clumps of slag23:22
mircea_popescuah ok. putting in list.23:22
danielpbarroni'd also buy that23:22
Birdmanill take pcs as well23:22
mircea_popescuany of you selling low io ?23:23
Birdmani could do a run of ltf23:23
danielpbarronthat should finally be a thing soon if there's to be some high quality moss coming out23:23
mircea_popescuno i need to do the ltf run23:23
mircea_popesculemme see what's in my supplies23:24
Birdmanoh right, i would make the io from your ltf23:24
mircea_popescuall my moss is shitty, but i have some high q wm from before the death.23:24
hanboti have ~100q moss23:25
hanbotlike 9k23:25
mircea_popescuand i have q100ish ltfs.23:25
mircea_popescuanyone with low tinkering wanna take this and make a bunch of io then ?23:25
Birdmanwhatcha charging?23:28
Birdmanik have some high q moss stored up23:29
danielpbarroni'd buy those shrooms if for sale23:29
danielpbarronoh i'd also buy that moss, hanbot23:29
Birdmanand id need to get more wm too, only have 30 in high q23:33
Birdmanhow much oil is needed?23:33
danielpbarroni would buy it if Mircea doesn't, so infinite23:36
Birdmanwell, lay them flasks on me if thats the case23:39

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