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DicePowerDo the Advanced Settings when making a PGP key matter at all?  RSA VS DSA, +RSA, +Elgamal, Signing, Certification, Encryption, Authentication, Validity Expiration?02:17
mircea_popescuDicePower yes, you want a 4kb rsa/rsa key02:39
mircea_popescuand set it to not expire02:39
DicePowerSo 4kb RSA, and 4kb +RSA02:47
DicePowerThat leaves Signing and Authentication as active options, which are checked and unchecked respectively by default.02:48
mircea_popescuwhat package are you using ?02:50
DicePowerThe one you recommended02:50
DicePowergpg4win with kleopatra02:50
mircea_popescudoubt you'll ever need the auth thing (iirc it's a ssh implementation)02:51
DicePowerokay, so leave at defaults?02:51
mircea_popescushould work02:51
DicePowerSo when someone starts the game, are the creating a new account, or do the accounts already exist?02:52
DicePoweri.e., does the player get to do their own character creation?02:52
DicePowerJust a little unsure what this registration system entails :P02:53
mircea_popescuyou get to create your own character, which mostly consists of naming and picking a gender02:55
DicePowerAhh lol, not much customization  yet :)02:55
mircea_popescunah, the game economy is complex, the graphics simple.02:57
mircea_popescuplanning to do a larger gfx release etc, but prolly by summer or something02:57
DicePowerAre you a developer for the game?02:58
mircea_popescui own the publisher.02:58
mircea_popescuwell... controlling stock, anyway.02:58
DicePowerOh nice02:59
DicePowerDidn't know it had stock02:59
mircea_popescuhttp://trilema.com/category/smg/ << see there for "ipo succeeded"03:00
lobbesbot`Title: S.MG on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)03:00
mircea_popescualso monthly reports published since forever.03:00
mircea_popescus.mg is worth ~8.8k btc, which comes to 3.5 mn or so at current rates.03:01
DicePowerAnd this is its first game?03:02
DicePowerOkay so03:12
DicePowerAre the Passphrase and the Fingerprint the only things I need to save?03:13
DicePowerThe Fingerprint seeming to be a concatenation of the two RSA IDs.03:17
DicePowerPerhaps the Fingerprint is the public key, and the Passphrase is the private key?03:17
DicePower(more or less)03:18
mircea_popescuno, your fingerprint is just a short mark of the pubkey.03:24
mircea_popescuyou need to upload the pubkey to public sks servers, and yes keep your passphrase and your gpg directory safe.03:24
DicePowerAs a .gpg or .asc?03:26
mircea_popescuthere's two largish blocks of text, looking something like in http://trilema.com/contact-pgp/03:26
lobbesbot`Title: Contact : PGP on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)03:26
BirdmanAre pops based on rng or are they inevitable?03:26
mircea_popescuone says -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- and that is the public key, which you share with people03:26
mircea_popescuthe other says -----BEGIN PGP PRIVATE KEY BLOCK----- and if anyone else sees that your key is fucked.03:27
mircea_popescuBirdman what do you mean inevitable ?03:27
BirdmanAs in there's some sort of set amount of value you use then you get a pop or something03:28
mircea_popescuwell, results do sort of follow the inputs, so i guess the more you overcraft the more likely it would be03:28
BirdmanAre you in the dark with all of that sort of stuff?03:31
mircea_popescuhm ?03:31
BirdmanA pop constitutes as .01 but i've seen .25 before, so i was wondering if there's some tier thing to it, or if its just totally random03:32
mircea_popescuhard to say so far.03:32
mircea_popescui think something like .2 - .3 was the largest to date tho.03:32
mircea_popescuim curious who manages a btc.03:32
Birdmanthat would be pretty crazy03:32
mircea_popescuyeah but i mean... take something like the us03:34
mircea_popescuit's 290k base value. if you do a 50 points of overcraft say, that's a cool 150k your'e starting with. if you hit a 1k x multiplier, that's 1.5btc right there.03:34
mircea_popescutho i don't think more than 3 or 4 of them have been built in the entire history of the game so far.03:35
Birdmanright, will there still be loot in the form of extra products after the update?03:35
mircea_popescuwhich update ?03:35
BirdmanWhen the new bps crafting is put into place03:36
mircea_popescuthat happened 2 days ago03:36
BirdmanAlright then, i guess i mean to ask is it still a thing03:38
mircea_popescuis what a thing ?!03:38
Birdmanlooting extra crafts, like getting extra cft from an over craft on cft03:39
BirdmanAre the bouq crafts available yet to make the bps etc?03:39
mircea_popescuwell they're available, but nobody can do it yet till someone loots a bp to start the whole cascade.03:40
mircea_popescuwhich is why there's an auction sunday03:40
mircea_popescukinda curious how that'll go.03:41
Birdmanits probably out of my price range entirely given the competition and bv of the things, but i may have a trick up my sleeve to get some of it03:42
mircea_popescuyeah the last one closed what, like 100mn ? or maybe more03:42
mircea_popesculol what are you gonna do, put our for danielpbarron ?03:42
Birdmani guess we'll see what happens03:43
mircea_popescuonly a coupla days left.03:43
mircea_popescuman i fucking suck at mcguyver. no question about it, same skill as cooking, 6 q points less.03:45
Birdmanmore comp in mcguyver is my guess03:45
mircea_popescuhowdo you mean ?03:46
DicePowerUpload the public key here?  https://sks-keyservers.net/i/03:47
lobbesbot`Title: SKS Keyservers: Interact with the keyservers (at sks-keyservers.net)03:47
mircea_popescuin other news - i just realised i wanna throw a major party when the total seconds played > timestamp.03:47
mircea_popescuit's like 4% so far, curious when it happens03:47
mircea_popescuhopefully in 2016 :D03:47
mircea_popescuexactly DicePower03:47
Birdmanmore people with levels invested in mcguyver, which i suspect drops q03:47
mircea_popescuthen give it ~hour, and then join #bitcoin-assets and say !register <fingerprint>03:48
mircea_popescuBirdman a that's a theory huh03:48
Birdmanjust some stuff i've noticed, my enum q on gathering is much higher than tinkering q, being about the same level and nearly 70% more03:49
Birdmanthen bouq is half of tinkering producing 125% q, and i suspect thats because there are not many bouqers03:49
mircea_popescuyep, last auction, bv 4mn, went for 110mn03:51
mircea_popescuoct 25th03:51
mircea_popescuand before that, aug 30th, 11mn bv went for 100mn03:51
mircea_popescuBirdman im just as high bouq as mcguyver and cooking ftr03:52
Birdmanwhich is the highest, bouq i presume?03:52
Birdmanhighest q output i mean03:53
mircea_popescuall 410ish03:53
mircea_popescummm i don't even know, haven't done anything in ages. will say.03:53
Birdmanis it even safe to assume tinkering plays equal parts in all of them lol03:53
Birdmanwho the hell knows03:53
DicePowerI added the key block successfully.04:30
DicePowerto sks04:30
danielpbarronDicePower, http://wiki.bitcoin-assets.com/first_steps_in_bitcoin-assets#register-your-key04:35
lobbesbot`Title: first_steps_in_bitcoin-assets [bitcoin assets wiki] (at wiki.bitcoin-assets.com)04:35
DicePowerJust post my fingerprint in the channel in plain text04:36
danielpbarronlike the example yes04:38
DicePower!register 9AF0C08E3C97CF0CCDC2F6E3201E1D0C00EDF5AB04:38
danielpbarronnow do that in #bitcoin-assets04:39
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mircea_popescuDicePower http://dpaste.com/3PPAYPG.txt05:01
DicePowerOkay, I have that, and I have something assbot linked me.05:03
mircea_popescudecrypt them05:04
DicePowerThe OTP won't decrypt05:12
DicePowerIt just says decryption failed.05:13
mircea_popescuthat's not a very useful error message.05:13
DicePower"Decryption failed:  Decryption failed."05:13
mircea_popescuthat's nice o.O05:14
mircea_popescudoes that thing have a command line ?05:14
DicePowerI just saved the block in Notepad with a .gpg extension, right-clicked the file and did "Decrypt and verify."05:16
hanbotDicePower a common problem is missing some of the dashes on the begin and end message lines, might be worth a twice-over05:16
mircea_popescusave it with an .asc extension iirc05:16
DicePowerDid the same with the dpaste, and that one I eventually got decoded.05:16
DicePowerSame result05:17
DicePowerWould "Input file is a detached signature" or "Input file is an archive; unpack with..." apply to this block?05:18
mircea_popescuwell so if you got the dpaste decoded you can now play05:18
mircea_popescunah, it's neither.05:18
DicePowerOkay, what is the one time pad for?05:18
mircea_popescuyou say !v timepad at assbot in pm and it voices you05:18
DicePowerahh okay05:18
mircea_popescubut the first one is needed so it verifies you own that gpg signature05:19
DicePowerInterestingly there is no line for "Version:..." in the OTP05:21
DicePowerDunno if that's throwing things off.05:21
DicePowerSo the file you gave me has a password.  Is the email address the email I used to create the initial keys?05:24
mircea_popescuwhat file and what ?05:24
mircea_popescuyou don't need an email, just use the name.05:24
DicePowerOhhh okay, it says in the game client "your@email.here" for the account name heh.05:25
DicePowerGot confused.05:25
DicePowerOkay, off to bed, thank you for all the help05:27
mircea_popescuDianaComan do you know ddl recipe ? tm ?05:33
*** Joins: Birdman (~birdman@
DianaComan<mircea_popescu> DianaComan do you know ddl recipe ? tm ? <- yes, they were just not yet in the cookbook for lack of an update. Updated now with ddl, tm, cs10:17
DianaComanand mcsot aka the confused scribblings on tinkering which has base value ~44k it turns out10:19
DianaComanmore than a dreamcoat, ha10:20
mircea_popescuahh this is nice, go to bed, leave 43 ddl craft going, come back, 2 left to do13:11
DianaComanwowza, got any golden laddles or something?13:14
mircea_popescuhm ?13:14
mircea_popescuo i got various ladle handles yeah13:14
DianaComanwhatever is the highest thing from cooking I meant13:14
mircea_popescujust looked but nope. just girl bellybutton lint and the sticks.13:15
mircea_popescuanyway. gonna make some so and dig up that remarkable already. jesus just the preparations were half a week and i had most of the stuff to begin with!13:15
DianaComanaha, not surprised as it's a monster thing, but curious whether you get some mn grass out of it or more13:16
mircea_popescu1mn grass ? at my q that'd be like .12 bn worth of loot!13:17
DianaComanahhh, you have high q on grass, right13:17
mircea_popescui'd be happy with mid to high six figures honestly13:17
DianaComanand then another week to make it into cft? :D13:17
DianaComanI went to lunch and left it digging up flotsam so now I have to go and put it all together13:18
mircea_popescusomething like 1mn grass would take me about 3 months i fear.13:18
DianaComanso 500k -> 1.5months??13:19
mircea_popescui guess so.13:19
mircea_popescuiirc i do ~10k/day13:19
DianaComan627 flotsam 179q from 424 hits with a basic hoe13:31
mircea_popescukinda meh13:31
DianaComanyeah, precisely meh - seen better, seen worse13:32
mircea_popescuDianaComan btw, leather ?13:41
DianaComanI'll check when back in town13:42
mircea_popescuif you hafta check i know you can't have enough13:42
mircea_popescui want stacks of the shit.13:42
DianaComanI don't think it can ever be enough, lol13:43
DianaComanthing is: I also need tools,13:43
mircea_popescunever never be enough13:43
DianaComanhence I need to make sure I supply the resources for that chain too13:43
DianaComansince I don't see anyone doing that13:43
DianaComanand tbh the bottleneck is on wm, hmmmm?13:44
DianaComanso mr lumberjack trade some shrooms for some leather?13:44
mircea_popescubut i sold all mah shrooms!13:45
DianaComanheh, so get more?13:46
mircea_popescuand furthermore there's no fucking way you wore down all teh tools i sold ya ?!13:46
DianaComanoh, but I did13:46
mircea_popescuand further-furthermore, i think daniel is ahead of me in lj13:46
mircea_popescuseeing how i was stuck here by a hot stove since fucking november13:46
DianaComanwhat did you sell me, some meagre pile of pickaxes13:46
DianaComanis he?13:46
DianaComandanielpbarron, what q shrooms are you getting? selling any?13:46
DianaComanI can get low q shrooms no trouble, but then I have to supply noobs to make me low q bottles too etc13:47
DianaComanso have to keep that line on the side too13:47
DianaComanI think I even sold you back some pile of worn out pickaxes, haven't I?13:48
mircea_popescuDianaComan here's the plan : chettystick flotsam and sr ; get noobs to mine them. make IBS. get noobs to lft them. get low wm and bring it to me, i have everything else in stock will make io. can then shape the io and ill make tools.13:48
DianaComanand I should have another13:48
mircea_popescuand none of this works because no bps, but anyway13:48
DianaComansr takes ST!!!!13:48
DianaComanI gave them smalls13:48
mircea_popescubest laid out plans...13:48
DianaComanfor that reason precisely13:48
DianaComanheh, you think I haven't already gone through all that?13:49
mircea_popescui know you have lol.13:49
DianaComanyeah, lol13:49
DianaComananyway, it just slows down everything basically, but such is euloran life :p13:49
mircea_popescuwhat it ?13:49
DianaComanthis thing that I have to keep on the side the tools line too13:50
DianaComanotherwise I'd gladly do just mining + farming day+night respectively13:50
mircea_popescutools go like crazee. a problem exacerbated by the fact that i dropped 25% in q, so i make shittier durability for the same effort13:50
DianaComanand now add on top the bp trouble13:51
mircea_popescuthat i doubt we even fully comprehend yet.13:51
DianaComanI'm sure I don't13:51
mircea_popescui mean... i used most of my tm recipes on this run.13:51
DianaComansilly chef :p13:51
mircea_popescuno tm, no tools. no screens no nothing13:51
mircea_popescuwhat am i to do, look at them ?13:51
DianaComanno, make them into useful things such as screens and tools and the like13:52
DianaComannot bloody remarkable vanity-building :p13:52
mircea_popescuand the other bitch is that danielpbarron wants teas, and those take oodles of wm13:52
mircea_popescuDianaComan i have enough for both, really.13:52
DianaComanwell, that he will supply if he wants them13:52
mircea_popescuo shit. I HAVE SCREEN BPS13:52
mircea_popescuomfg! why didn't i do more noob crafting ;/13:52
mircea_popescuthose are worth 1mn each easy aren't they!13:52
DianaComanaha, know that feeling (why the fuck haven't I done a few shitty wheels with nooobs)13:53
mircea_popescuyou know ?13:53
mircea_popescudude how does this game manage to make me regret something every quarter.13:53
mircea_popescunever did that before in lyf!13:53
DianaComannew experiences abound :)))13:54
mircea_popescua few months ago it was all "oh why didn't i do more lj!"13:54
mircea_popescuback when i was getting q 200 consistently13:54
mircea_popescubut you can't fucking do everything ;/13:54
DianaComanyeah, I already know upfront that there will always be at least something I should have done more of13:54
mircea_popescuit's maddening13:54
mircea_popescuDianaComan anyway, a remarkable grass only takes 7 so ; compared to 5 in a us.13:56
mircea_popescuor no wait, it was 3 in a us iirc.13:56
DianaComanand 3 st13:57
mircea_popescumyeah. well... mollusc cheese also takes st.13:57
DianaComanyeah, ouch13:57
mircea_popescuso it's really 3 + 313:57
DianaComanuhm, wait13:57
DianaComanshouldn't be or my script is wrong, lol13:58
DianaComanno, it's only the cheese taking 313:58
DianaComan1 each13:58
mircea_popescuah no script is right13:58
DianaComan3 cheez13:58
DianaComan3 in total13:58
mircea_popescunice thing that bill.13:58
mircea_popescutotally make a graph.13:58
DianaComanI find it amazingly useful and can't think why I postponed making it for so long, lol13:58
mircea_popescutell you what : make a complete graph of all the crafts in eulora using the 3 letter callsigns, ima give you a PB q = item count.13:59
DianaComanit uses now really initials of each word in the name14:00
mircea_popescubut make it svg ideally.14:00
mircea_popescuthat's good.14:00
DianaComanbut switched pages to full name because there were clashes14:00
DianaComanand obv if there are some already, it can only get worse14:00
mircea_popescui wanna find those. which are they ? ima fix them in future.14:00
DianaComanwell, tuber milk and treebark mockasillies14:00
DianaComanfor one14:00
mircea_popescumno. TBM / TM14:01
DianaComanhow is that?14:01
DianaComanwhy tbm?14:01
mircea_popescuuh. i see the problem ;/14:01
mircea_popescuTree Bark ?14:01
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DianaComanbah, so then yes, make it tree bark :)))14:01
DianaComanbarking at the wrong tree or something14:01
DianaComanand mocka sillies prolly14:01
mircea_popescuTMS ? prolly better huh.14:02
DianaComansounds better :)))14:02
mircea_popescuyeah. Treebark Mocka-Sillies.14:02
*** Joins: sueastside (~sueastsid@ip-81-11-218-147.dsl.scarlet.be)14:03
mircea_popescuhey, how's life sueastside14:03
mircea_popescuDianaComan put it in my list of future updates, right under the entry for "Rigid Bigiri Beam"14:04
* mircea_popescu is planning a 2nd enlargement of the item base :)14:04
DianaComanlol, that sounds better as brigid bigiri beam if not frigid bigiri beam14:05
DianaComanor that :)))14:05
mircea_popescucopy hey, you ever got the game running ?14:11
jurovbtw when someone complains about my binaries and i'm not around, ask them to leave log/screenshot14:49
mircea_popescugood point.14:50
DianaComanjurov, looking back at it, I think the trouble is in fact that perhaps they don't have the env vars set14:51
DianaComanmaybe add the steps exactly?14:51
jurovboth versions have simple .bat or .sh file where the environment variables are set14:52
DianaComanI think the most usual complaint was that they got an error on crystalspace.so not found, which is probably just due to CRYSTAL var not set, isn't it? (not sure on windows stuff)14:52
DianaComanoh, but they prolly just rush into running the exe?14:52
DianaComandidn't know there was a .bat14:52
mircea_popescuwell, i never ran the win thing, but on the basis of this convo i actually have a pretty good idea what to ask of people.14:53
DianaComanmaybe write one line instructions: run the .bat, lol14:53
DianaComanyeah, it helps for sure14:53
mircea_popescuftr i would be much surprised if the problem at any point is jurov's binaries.14:53
DianaComanI don't think the problem is the binaries14:53
DianaComanbut I had no idea what to ask people even14:53
jurovin win package there's INSTALL.txt, just ask if they read it14:55
jurovit says things like:14:56
jurovRun eulora.bat ;)14:56
DianaComanoh, cool then14:56
DianaComanI'm selling 1 hammer (52q, unknown base value) - skill item giving Mining skill - price is 2mn; anyone interested?15:25
*** Quits: DianaComan (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)15:29
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)15:30
mircea_popescueh why the hell not. gimme.15:50
mircea_popescudiana_coman ^15:51
diana_comanheh, k, on my way to town15:51
* mircea_popescu giggles at consumption text15:53
diana_comanI kind of really like mining for some reason, lol15:53
diana_comanI liked the description even better :)15:53
diana_comanand re wpl indeed, no full stacks15:54
mircea_popescuyou ever played majesty ?15:54
diana_comanI did actually ages ago15:54
mircea_popescuit's after the dwarf :D15:54
mircea_popescuyou recall, the dwarf guy, when running away from dragon or troll or w/e, went15:55
mircea_popescu"if i had my good hammer, you'd be sorry!" in this really plaintive voice15:55
diana_comanahhh, I did make the link to dwarves (kind of direct link for me re mining anyway) but did not think of majesty15:56
mircea_popescuthere's lots of private jokes like that buried in eulora15:56
diana_comanright, my good hammer, true :))15:56
mircea_popescui guess that's obvious huh15:56
diana_comanyeah, it is15:56
mircea_popescujust you wait till someone finds the mollusc cheese fleas15:57
mircea_popescuand the rickety reeds knot15:57
mircea_popescuwhich obviously are the principal ingredients to making15:57
mircea_popescupacala essence.15:57
mircea_popescudaca-i joc, joc sa fie!15:57
diana_comandaca n-ai si cimpoaie din maduva de tantar15:57
diana_comantot degeaba15:57
mircea_popescuwe can't all be republicans from ploiesti!15:58
diana_comanprecum si mar pe iarba lupului :p15:58
diana_comanda' iele macar....15:58
mircea_popescunow where the fuck do i find someone capable of drawing, rigging and animating half a man riding half a lame rabbit, is the main question.15:59
mircea_popescubecause THAT totally has to be in there.15:59
mircea_popescupossibly the best fantastic creature in folklore history16:00
diana_comanI was trying to remember the illustrations from childhood books, but there is only one coming readily to mind and I'm not convinced it's really great16:01
diana_comannot sure who was the illustrator anyway, I'd have to check16:01
mircea_popescuyeah concept was never done justice.16:02
diana_comanbrrr, don't search for images on google as they are horribly ugly16:05
diana_comandrawn by the lame rabbit with his lamest paw or something16:06
diana_comanahhh, I remember this one https://ultimulunicorn.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/aleodor.jpg?w=50016:07
diana_comanalthough not really the concept I'd say16:08
diana_comankind of taking the easy way out16:08
diana_comanoh dang, got 9 small wm in a row and then a remarkable16:10
mircea_popescuyeah nonsense.16:10
mircea_popescuwow nice., what's wm remarkable take ?16:10
diana_comanthe fucking double distillates16:10
diana_comanI already have 1 other wm remarkable from ages ago16:10
diana_coman+ 25 canines, just for good measure16:11
diana_coman38 molluscs don't even count as heavy anymore :))))16:11
danielpbarronDianaComan> danielpbarron, what q shrooms are you getting? selling any? << still under q100 and I'm not really pricing them to move seeing as how I have use for them myself16:18
danielpbarronDianaComan> I'm selling 1 hammer (52q, unknown base value) - skill item giving Mining skill - price is 2mn; anyone  interested?  << got another for sale? I'll buy16:24
diana_comanhm, I might let go of another one some days later; or atm I'd let go of one in exchange for one of the scones I suppose (lj)16:49
sueastsidemircea_popescu: It's anal rape by elephant's trunk-tastic, how are you doing?16:57
mircea_popescupretty great, myself.18:02
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danielpbarronoo hello there!19:13
amirgameshey :)19:13
danielpbarronheh, Mircea is uncharacteristically absent due to a recent ping timeout19:14
amirgamesnp, I'm just checking out fast19:14
danielpbarronhey have you ever heard of PGP ?19:15
amirgamesso how to check eluora?19:15
danielpbarronin order to get an account to play, you need a PGP key registered in our Web of Trust19:16
danielpbarronwhat operating system do you use?19:17
danielpbarronhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2016-02-10.log.html#t04:40:34 << just recently we helped a guy get a key on windows19:18
lobbesbot`Title: #Eulora log for Wednesday, 2016-02-10 (at logs.minigame.bz)19:18
danielpbarronhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2016-02-12.log.html#t02:17:07 << and continued here19:19
lobbesbot`Title: #Eulora log for Friday, 2016-02-12 (at logs.minigame.bz)19:19
amirgamesob bookmarked for later19:19
amirgamesI should go now, will be back later19:22
amirgamesnice meeting you, cya19:22
danielpbarronokie, thanks for stopping by19:22
*** Parts: amirgames (c5278c7d@gateway/web/freenode/ip. ()19:23
*** Parts: Alina-malina (~AlinaM@unaffiliated/alina-malina) ("Leaving")21:05

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