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mircea_popescuand in a new record, server clocked 510537 play-seconds during the past day.00:22
hanbot<danielpbarron> hanbot probably has it < fwiw, i ain't no farmer00:33
Birdmandanielpbarron you win the tool bps00:37
Birdmanuse em wisely01:36
Birdmanshiny rock with a not so much higher base value is incredibly harder to bare handed for my dude, going on 80 tries with only one tiny hit. Which was also the on the first try01:37
Birdmandid mp dig it all up at this spot?01:40
danielpbarronyou're not the only one to notice low hit rate on shiny rock01:42
danielpbarronwhen can i pick those up?01:42
Birdmanit should be less than grass, but this is pretty ridiculous01:42
Birdmanyou in town now?01:42
danielpbarronyeah, although if you're not done with the ords i'll wait for both01:43
Birdmanhavent even started01:43
mircea_popescuis there a market for high q sr ?01:43
danielpbarronok then now works01:43
Birdmanmircea_popescu depends on the % over bv01:43
mircea_popescui'd sell at 125.01:43
Birdmanhm, then i guess i'd buy it, any flotsam with it?01:44
mircea_popescuyou selling back the slag you make ?01:44
Birdmanwas gonna make ibs -> ltf01:44
Birdmanbut if you want the slag then i'll do that01:44
danielpbarroni'd buy the ltf01:44
mircea_popescuah, i'd buy ibs too.01:44
mircea_popesculow ltf you mean danielpbarron ?01:44
mircea_popescuso then make him ibs01:45
danielpbarronactually i got all the stuff to make ltf01:45
mircea_popescualways need more stuff!01:45
Birdmanwel it was either that or i was gonna make the ibs and the ltf but taking into consideration the bp shortage it might not be as economical as it was in the past to tinker things up the chain without over craft01:46
Birdmanaaand as far as it goes id rather be making things for mp, given his calculation is the only way imma profit really01:48
Birdmanunless it turns out these numina will be able to be sold for more than bv01:48
Birdmanif anyone has high q flotsam im buying01:50
Birdmanmircea_popescu ill take 5k sr01:50
danielpbarroni might be willing to outbid him, ask first01:50
danielpbarronhuh, i have a lot of high q shiny rock and not a lot of high q flotsam01:51
danielpbarronso that settles that then01:51
Birdmanabout to have the same problem here01:51
mircea_popescufltosam is a  bitch01:55
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Birdman<mircea_popescu>Birdman that's the thing - this run was badly underwater, maybe by 1mn or so. but once i found the remarkable - it's in profit, maybe by a whole million. << my reasoning behind all claims being created equally03:29
Birdmanyou may be better off using cs because you have a decent chance to hit a remark or sizeable, im just a guaranteed ord because the tool carries so much value03:29
mircea_popescui never hit a sizeable to date03:43
mircea_popescubut half a dozen remarks, yes. and they're pretty juicy from the one i've seen03:43
Birdmanwhy's flotsam a pain anyways?03:58
Birdmanseems the ord ingreds are relatively easy to get03:58
Birdmanmd dcs ss and wm03:58
Birdmani see04:04
DicePowerThe one thing I don't actually see in the instructions for compiling Eulora on Windows04:19
DicePoweris the code itself.04:19
DicePowerIs CrystalSpace the name of the code project?04:20
mircea_popescumno. what are you looking at, link ?04:21
lobbesbot`Title: Windows - Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org)04:22
DicePowerI'm probably just missing it04:23
mircea_popescui have nfi how building works in visual studio this thing. the actual source is in http://minigame.bz/eulora/binaries/04:24
DicePowerahh okay thanks04:24
mircea_popescui imagine " Load the wkstypical.sln project from Eulora" does the same thing but no idea04:24
DicePowerIs it the same code for all platforms?04:25
mircea_popescuwell yes.04:25
mircea_popescujurov took that and turned into windows binaries. i imagine he must have a github somewhere with the whole pile of it.04:26
DicePowerOkay, maybe better to ask him for it then.04:27
mircea_popescudid you actually follow those steps there ?04:27
DicePowerI just wanted to see the code04:27
mircea_popescuhow about doing that first ? ah. so there it is then.04:28
DicePowerTo see if I can understand what is whta04:28
DicePowerWill do that I suppose, although I expect I will download it all and not be able to find my way around the code effectively enough :P04:28
mircea_popescuit is pretty hairy.04:29
mircea_popescubut, there's broadly speaking a future for people who know the code, making mods and whatnot.04:29
DicePowerI was going to try to modify it to log in, delete characters, etc. automatically.04:30
DicePowerInstead of making a bot separately.04:30
mircea_popescuthat's what a bot is.04:37
DicePowerWell, a bot is normally a program that interacts with the game client, right?04:37
mircea_popescuread foxy. it's the same thing, patch upon the client files.04:38
DicePowerOh Foxy is a modified game client?04:38
DicePowerI guess that means you can play the whole game in debug mode in VS lol04:42
DicePowerThat oughta be fun.04:42
DicePowerI'm new to this FOSS MMO thing heh04:42
Birdmansomethin in foxybot is giving it the overweight message after i got some boulders05:07
Birdmanoop but its still working, while getting that message05:08
mircea_popescudavout http://dpaste.com/0D9T5ZR05:10
lobbesbot`Title: dpaste: 0D9T5ZR (at dpaste.com)05:10
mircea_popescusooo, if anyone's curious : 95 CS, 14 ords + 81 smalls -> 5837 cr q 227.06:20
mircea_popescu20200 * 95 + 14 * 19822 + 81 * 7 * 180 * 1.5 = 2349598 ;  5837 × 2.27  × 73 = 967249.2706:21
mircea_popescuthat'd be ~1.4mn loss, but i do have a remarkable to show for it, which is probably worth just about there.06:22
danielpbarronso that remarkable's gotta profit you 952k to break even06:22
mircea_popescuyeah. prev one made me like 3mn iirc06:23
Birdmannot bad06:23
Birdmananyone have a sortage skill book to sell?06:33
diana_coman<mircea_popescu> I HAVE NO LOWEST SKILL <- how is that? what, you have highest building and gathering now?08:07
diana_coman<Birdman> somethin in foxybot is giving it the overweight message after i got some boulders <- no, it's not something in foxybot "giving it "that pox of a message; all that foxybot does is to *let you know* that the client received that message although it makes no sense08:10
Birdmanthats what i meant then08:11
diana_comanmircea_popescu> fltosam is a  bitch <- it is; now I *can* quite get it with the bot improvement thing, but getting loads of high q is still not exactly easy; so far I kind of processed myself everything I got08:14
diana_comanif people are after it, I suppose I'll put some on the block too at the next digging run08:14
Birdmanim interested08:34
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jurovDicePower: read http://minigame.bz/jurov/ closely13:19
lobbesbot`Title: Eulora Releases by Jurov (at minigame.bz)13:19
jurovthe git repo is hosted there too, since github is supposedly $maxevil13:19
jurovthe girls develop happily without public git at all, leaving cleanup of various *~ and .bak files to me13:26
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mircea_popescuyou know what Birdman i'll take those bps.14:09
* mircea_popescu spends all this time getting out btk ingredients out of storage, then realises he wanted to make samovars.14:48
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danielpbarronoh it occurred to me this morning that we're probably enjoying the limited freebie of actually seeing the quality of everything16:44
danielpbarroni can imagine a future in which there is a skill line dedicated to assaying and certifying the quality of things for players16:45
mircea_popescube a while.16:45
mircea_popescuand it won't be a skill per se, it'll be a retinue npc.16:45
fghjI have 2 stacks of rf and 4 stacks of grass q5 for sale17:27
diana_comanwhat do you want for the grass fghj ?17:28
diana_comanok, I'll take it17:29
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diana_comanand btw I'll buy any quantities of grass really17:30
diana_comanso feel free to get more17:30
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jurovfghj, want some building?17:42
fghjords? yes17:43
fghjwhat kind? if it's something exotic I would17:45
hanbotyeah jurov, if you have any smalls of strippers i'll do those too.17:47
jurovjust flotsam and cr.. and if i raised the share to 20%17:47
hanbotstrippers...exotic dancers...17:48
* hanbot goes back to joke school17:48
jurovonly if i could overcraft them17:48
fghjflotsam is common, how much of them crumbly rocks do you have?17:50
jurovbut looky how the noobs got picky.. i'm prolly to mine them myself at > 50% loss or hoard...17:50
jurovfghj 36 so far17:50
fghjthat's a lot, maybe 5 of them I could do for te h lolz17:51
juroveh, 100 clicks won't kill you17:51
hanbotjurov i'd say hoard, esp since ennumerations won't come gratis in future17:51
jurovhanbot but mining wouldn't be free in the future either17:52
fghjI have somwhere between 2 and 5k of flotsam q5 somewhere in my storage17:52
jurovso best to mine them now as i'm going17:52
jurovfghj, so, get 20% of the cr, make slags17:53
jurov*exploring won't be free, i mean17:53
jurovor does anyone get small barehanded?17:53
fghjare your crumbly rocks densely packed? Also I've heard that there is blueprints crisis?17:54
jurovcrisis is mostly about tinkering blueprints that can be used in several ways17:55
jurovmining afaik can be used only for mining17:55
jurovso, why wait17:55
jurovand they are in one area, yes17:55
jurovfghj there?18:00
fghjIf they are too densely packed there might be trouble with selecting and makes piloting more time consuming18:01
jurovno they are in line, no pilot needed18:01
fghjso some of them might be outright in the same spot?18:02
jurovsome are close, but i was able to lock them by hand18:03
jurovyou think i'm setting you up or what?18:03
danielpbarronjurov> or does anyone get small barehanded? << yes i do18:03
fghj^ I sometimes too18:03
jurovme too but like one in 10018:04
jurovbefore it was more common18:04
fghj@setting up or what Just that for example with grass it's much faster for me to gather and explore with bot and get about 85% than to build someone else18:05
danielpbarronfghj, i'll take the fruit18:06
fghjI didn't try crumbly rocks yet18:06
fghj@dpr or I'll be in town in 2m18:06
jurovthey are harder to mine than grass18:06
juroveh, take it or leave it. perhaps someone else will come18:07
jurovperhaps DicePower will move beyond his stats compulsion actually into the game18:07
fghj@jurov I'll make a try for cr sometime this week and maybe contact you later18:08
jurovmay i know what so important and profitable are you doing right now?18:10
fghjwith hoes18:11
fghjI buy few k of cft bout 10 hoes and sell for millions18:11
jurovsigh. i'm every day closer to ditching grundin18:12
jurovseeing this18:12
mircea_popescudamn i missed the auction ?18:21
mircea_popescufghj stiull got the rf ?18:21
fghjnope, I think 1k left in storage somewhere but not sure18:24
danielpbarronnow i got a days worth of disgusting goop to craft18:26
mircea_popescuaw. well, i guess nexct time maybe proper auction it ?18:26
mircea_popescujurov> or does anyone get small barehanded?  << i get maybe a few % yes18:27
jurovwhy did you make the medium players so useless?18:28
mircea_popescuthis too shall pass!18:28
mircea_popescuit's the necessary correlate of a homeostatic system that some parts will be high and some low at all times.18:28
danielpbarronjurov, can't you invest in ranking up tinkering? I mean i would buy whatver you make along the way18:31
danielpbarronbe it slag, threads, shavings, whatever18:31
jurovhaven't you complained about the same thing yestaerday?18:32
jurovand i'd gladly do slag, if someone like fghj helped me mine it18:32
jurovcomplained that you can't really rank up in tinkering18:32
danielpbarronyeah the hard part will by buying the ingredients.. i think you might have to buy high quality and overcraft18:32
danielpbarronsince you probably can't profit off buying low quality to under18:33
jurovovercrafting turned out sour, too18:33
mircea_popescuhad he bought the rf you bought he'd have profitedf too neh ?18:33
danielpbarronidk what his tinkering output is18:33
danielpbarronah, then yes18:33
danielpbarrontsk tsk18:33
danielpbarron97 isn't bad at all18:33
mircea_popescunotrly, no.18:33
danielpbarronthis should make for some interesting auctions18:34
mircea_popescuyou bidding sunday ?18:34
mircea_popescukinda curious what it ends up going for.18:34
danielpbarronbut i meant the little auctions in here18:34
jurovand my building is 120. but noone will pay enough for me to cover at least the cft.18:34
* mircea_popescu is just finishing a 150 io run, with q19 bundles.18:35
mircea_popescuwas sweet.18:35
danielpbarronif people like fghj start auctioning their basics rather than just selling to whoever says first18:35
danielpbarronwtf 120 ??18:35
danielpbarronyou're higher than me there18:35
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i have nfi why he does that, so bizarre.18:35
danielpbarronwhy are you complaining jurov18:35
danielpbarrondo you have sortage?18:35
jurovyes. cuz im losing on everything18:35
danielpbarronbuy a good hammer and a sortage book and go build!18:36
jurovwtf is that?18:36
mircea_popescuhe said he had it no ?18:36
jurovi have only sortage skill18:36
jurovno idea what to do with it18:36
danielpbarronwith quality 120 without the mining skill just imagine what quality moss and stuff you could be making18:36
mircea_popescuthis is a point.18:36
mircea_popescui'd buy high q pss, for instance.18:37
jurovi *did* the moss18:37
danielpbarronwell you need the mining skill18:37
jurovand got only a small part of cft+tools18:37
danielpbarronthat's probably the easiest of the three to get18:37
mircea_popescua few easy q points there as you level the early easy levels.18:37
jurovonly the luck saved me a bit18:37
danielpbarroneach tiny is pure profit18:37
mircea_popescujurov it's a lot of variance. you saw my most recent 95 cs run ?18:37
danielpbarroni paid like 60 or 70 per bit recently, they turn into things worth over 10018:38
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i'd expect lbn to be sustainable under 100 for a while actually.18:38
mircea_popescuso yeah18:38
jurovthere is a mining skill?18:38
danielpbarroni have some of them18:38
jurovdo you sell?18:39
danielpbarronit's listed in my shop18:39
mircea_popescujurov at least you didn't "win" on trying to buy the smg bundle and sell the parts lol18:39
hanbotjurov i also sell hammers18:39
hanbot(for mining)18:39
hanbot(or clunking)18:40
jurovhammers are mining tools?18:40
mircea_popescualso 5mn ?18:40
danielpbarronironically mining is now the most abundant gathering skill after having spent time as the only one not found at all18:40
hanbot3mn atm18:40
mircea_popescujurov it gives you the skill.18:40
mircea_popescudanielpbarron funny how that works huh!18:40
danielpbarronjurov, remember the smelly murky something?18:41
danielpbarronit's like that; you /use it and you have a new skill18:41
jurovok, i'll buy one. and what does it do? improves luck or output q?18:41
danielpbarronor just drop it on your character in the inventory window18:41
danielpbarronit's like sortage but for things listed under mining18:41
jurovok hanbot, are you in town?18:42
mircea_popescuanyone happen to have any wood or rock double distillate bps ? look closely in your inventory, they're worth a fortune to me.18:42
danielpbarrondoes it have to be double?18:43
mircea_popescui was planning to hunt for it making singles, but... never got around to really doing it, and well... now those days are gone18:44
hanboti have no idea what crafts even yield those, never seen em18:44
danielpbarroni saw them, and the triples too way back when in electron's shop18:44
mircea_popescuyeah well...18:44
jurovmircea_popescu: i have 1 wd18:44
mircea_popescujurov plain distillates i have myself.18:45
mircea_popescuin other arcana news, anyone got doubtful tome doodles ?18:46
hanbotgl jurov!18:46
jurovthanks hanbot.18:47
* danielpbarron has doubtful tome doodles18:48
jurovnow, say i mine q120 sm. would anyone ever buy it for 2*base value so that I won't starve?18:48
jurovI doubt very much.18:48
mircea_popescudanielpbarron how many what q how much per ?18:48
mircea_popescujurov if you actually make back 50% on a bad run you'll be rich.18:49
mircea_popescui'm quite happy with 40%ish18:49
jurovso how do you recoup?18:49
mircea_popescuthat's why i asked about the cs run, it's a fine example.18:49
danielpbarronvery few18:49
lobbesbot`Title: #Eulora log for Wednesday, 2016-02-17 (at logs.minigame.bz)18:50
mircea_popescu967249/2349598  =41% or so18:50
danielpbarronq122 and i'm not looking to sell them for what i have written down as the base value, or even several multiples of that18:50
mircea_popescudanielpbarron how about 50k each ?18:51
danielpbarroni don't need copper so badly18:52
jurovmircea_popescu: you did not have to buy cs and other materials at 1.2518:52
mircea_popescujurov no, i only paid 1100% on them18:52
danielpbarronwhere can i get 1.25 on sticks?18:52
mircea_popescueverything i used there came out of q 5-7 base items i paid like .8 each.18:53
mircea_popescuso in some cases, 1600%18:53
jurovwait waht, i am talikng about the cs run18:53
mircea_popescuwell no, you talked about sourcing the materials used in the run18:54
jurovit shows you using q 180 cft18:54
mircea_popescui didn't buy, i made.18:54
jurovhow do i make such cft?18:54
mircea_popescuuh... bv. that's the bv of cft18:54
mircea_popescuand ftr i used to make q 220 cft back in the day. just... gone.18:54
jurovokay, q 150 it is, point stands18:54
mircea_popescuwhat point ?18:55
danielpbarroni'm guessing there will be a magic skill in the future that lets you bump up quality on stuff18:55
jurovi can't do the same thing18:55
mircea_popescuthe cft was like 150k, barely 5% of the entire run.18:55
mircea_popescujurov what "same thing" ?18:55
jurovmake myself cft and go mining with it18:56
jurovthe result would be appalling18:56
mircea_popescuwhat i said was that if you come back with 50% you're prolly ok, seeing how ~excluding the extremely rare lucky hit~ my runs are actually worse than that.18:56
jurovand I have no chance to get a remakrable on top of all it18:56
mircea_popescuyou don't ?18:57
jurovor to build it18:57
mircea_popescuso sell it.18:57
jurovnoone wants my flotsam remarkable18:57
mircea_popescudanielpbarron wanted what, 1bn for his sizable ? :D18:57
mircea_popescuhow much for it jurov ?18:57
jurov"impossible ingredients!!!11"18:57
hanbotjurov mind that the marker type isn't the end-all be-all. i got insane amts of grass and tpt from smalls.18:57
danielpbarroni'll give ya 1mn for it jurov18:57
jurovyou want to auction it?18:58
mircea_popescu1.2 :D18:59
mircea_popescujurov we're apparently auctioning it already lol.18:59
* mircea_popescu waits to see if jurov is actually going with it or not before continuing.18:59
jurov24h auction it is then18:59
hanbotwhat's needed to build it?19:00
* danielpbarron has no idea19:00
* mircea_popescu goes to look if diana has it19:00
hanboti dun see it19:01
mircea_popescui'm not gonna beat 1.5819:02
hanboto ty19:02
mircea_popescunot so terrible. except for the wdd19:02
hanbotdo you have 18 grc?!19:03
mircea_popescuby the looks of it danielpbarron will end up a sort of mining magnate, holding tons of claims.19:03
diana_comanmircea_popescu> in other arcana news, anyone got doubtful tome doodles ? <- I do19:03
mircea_popescu50k ea suit you ?19:04
mircea_popescubtw jurov show diana the enum in game so the bot can see it.19:05
diana_comanI'll have to check wtf is that when next at game comp - should be in ~1hr19:06
diana_comanbut I know for sure I have it19:06
jurovwhy do i have to resort to such fits to dig new information, such as the mining skill?19:06
mircea_popescuno rush im just here making oil to make shaped slafg to make samovars to make etc etc.19:06
mircea_popescujurov you could also read the chan lol. how else ?19:06
danielpbarronit was in the log19:06
danielpbarronand the auction19:07
diana_comanjurov, I said it in the logs and it was even part of the discussion several times really19:07
mircea_popescuyeah didn't grenadine auction some sunday ?19:07
jurovi have nfi what are hammers for19:07
mircea_popescuwell yeah but we can't go around asking you to make sure you fi or nfi what any discrete item is. the traditional solution is that when you nfi you ask.19:08
hanbotwell to be fair, i kept the secret for a while. it's been out of the bag since i sold a set of 15iirc to diana (two weeks?)19:08
jurovso, you can please explain me all the items the were auctioned?19:08
jurovi had nfi about *any* of them19:09
danielpbarronapparently the thing i won was blueprints to make a sort of ink for writing blueprints19:09
mircea_popescuwell obvioujsly, they were new. that's kinda the point of s.mg auctions19:09
danielpbarronbut i didn't know this when i bid on it19:09
mircea_popescui imagine eulora comings and goings must be a little surreal by now huh.19:10
jurovdanielpbarron: you mean the desspayr recipes?19:11
danielpbarronthe the ampules are what they go into19:11
danielpbarronor should i say, the ampules go into them19:12
jurovok. pertrified bubbles are some crafting material?19:12
danielpbarronactually they are a mining gatherable19:12
mircea_popescuactually ampoules take charcoal, then together with the black and tokens they do... something.19:12
danielpbarronblack also needs ampoules19:12
mircea_popescuin that case... hm.19:13
danielpbarronor else i'd have made them already19:13
jurovthe bouquinist considerations are skill item?19:13
danielpbarronprobably not19:14
mircea_popescuit's not actually known what it is yet.19:14
mircea_popescubut it seems a recipe.19:14
danielpbarronthe skill item for bouq is the book of old lists19:14
*** Joins: wyrdmantis (5d24a387@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
diana_comanjurov> ok. pertrified bubbles are some crafting material? <- petrified bubbles are a mining resource for which the main known use at the moment is as ingredient for making turning wheels (the lapidary table)19:39
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I can sell 20 doubtful tome doodles for 50k each; you might want to know upfront that they take 1 canine each; q on them is 819:42
mircea_popescuima take 'em20:12
mircea_popescugot canines ?20:12
mircea_popescuincidentally, danielpbarron or whoever interested : i'd be willing to dig up your basic remarkables if you have the requisites.20:14
mircea_popescufor a fee tbn.20:14
mircea_popescuoutput q > 22020:14
diana_comanhm, I'd certainly NOT want to lose that xp though20:15
diana_comanre canines don't really think so :(20:15
mircea_popescudiana_coman well yeah, it's a q vs xp thing20:16
diana_comando you want the ingredients for 100 adzes now or do you prefer the whole set (should be +300 pickaxes) tomorrow ?20:18
mircea_popescutomorrow - doing some ss of my own atm and dun wanna mix it20:18
mircea_popescuin other news, total loot pools (in mn ECu) : Feb 13th 26`907 ; Feb 14th 2016 26`909 ; Feb 15th 26`910 ; Feb 16th 26`912 ; Feb 17th 26`90920:23
mircea_popescuty diana_coman20:24
diana_comanenjoy the doodles20:24
mircea_popescuconsidering it was 26`919`193`313 at end of jan, teh players are doing pretty well!20:26
fghjok, so I decided to bow to the demands of public I'm dragging 37970 of grass q5 into town aaaaand auction form 1.85m20:53
diana_comanfghj, 1.85mn20:53
mircea_popesculol i'm out.20:59
mircea_popescujurov once you're done cfting that make sure you auction it, i'd be interested.20:59
mircea_popescufghj see, a neat ~200k or so over what i'd have paid. which i imagine was more than anyone else paid on the black market ?21:00
jurovfghj, you want to go on with the auction?21:00
mircea_popescujurov maybe until danielpbarron speaks ?21:01
fghjIt will end when I get into town probably21:01
jurovif daniel doesn't want so much, i'm also willing to split by half, don't have so much bps anyway21:01
mircea_popescuyou only need 13k bps or so.21:02
jurovaok :)21:02
mircea_popescujurov so did you have any canines btw ?21:07
jurov what's the category?21:07
mircea_popescuso we're pretty fucked for canines are we.21:08
fghjjurov a winner is you21:08
mircea_popescusomeone find them already wouldja21:08
mircea_popescu158 tinker q. for the sweet!21:09
jurovfghj, thanks how much time did it take>21:10
fghjdunno, I also walked the dog and read half of todays logs and newsites and stuff21:11
jurovoh, approx21:11
fghjlet's Just say that /bot explore 15 and then moving loot to table because I was overweight doesnt take long21:12
diana_comanheh, well done fghj , glad to hear you're putting foxybot to good use21:12
mircea_popescufghj making a killing in eulora ? :D21:13
fghjnokill nokill21:13
fghjand I carry between 2600 and 2900 of grass so 15 times 1min?21:14
fghjHeard that joke about dude on safari? his friend asks what he hunted while there and he answers 4 lions 6 zebras and 15 nokills21:15
fghjwhat's nokill? duno has 2 legs black and screams nokill21:16
mircea_popescuget a load of this danielpbarron : bundle q155, product q158, yet i loot.21:19
diana_comanwhat q is bp mircea_popescu ?21:20
diana_comanso that might actually tip the scale?21:20
mircea_popescuit must21:21
diana_comanftr mircea_popescu indeed I can also trade while working basically, at least on oil21:27
diana_comanso dunno, indeed the us thing is special, lol21:28
mircea_popescufghj btw, i want a lot of low q F, also sr. so get busy, millions of these are needed.21:32
mircea_popescuand tell all yer friends.21:33
mircea_popescudiana_coman now that noob(s) have figured out they can actually make money playing eulora, should be interesting how long before they manage to exhaust the tool supply altogether.21:33
mircea_popescusince they're doing ok with tools, but pretty useless barehanded fwis, the chain of two (low q miner - > high q crafter) is bound to become a chain of 3, with noob miners begging vet miners to get them claims.21:34
diana_comanwasn't it quite exhausted already? lolz; it depends more on whether we get any bps soon really21:34
mircea_popescuat the rate we're going i don't see bps happening this month honestly.21:34
diana_comannot sure about that because of bot thing21:34
diana_comanessentially it's very easy to make money by running the bot pretty much21:35
mircea_popescua) i've not even produced the ampoules ; b) there's no deal with daniel to make ink.21:35
diana_comanbut if done manually - things aren't really the same21:35
mircea_popescudiana_coman but how much does one get running bot barehanded as a noob ?21:35
diana_comanbut what are you working on now? thing to build the remarkable ?21:35
diana_comanthat is neither here nor there21:36
mircea_popescudiana_coman atm done making io, making ss to make samovars to make aw to trade wtih hanbot for tokens.21:36
diana_comanby the looks of it noobs will not want to get claims because having to build them manually21:36
mircea_popescusmalls - no. ords and above... likely, i'd say.21:36
diana_comanwell yes, but how often does a vet explorer get ords..barehanded21:37
diana_comannot exactly a lot21:37
mircea_popescudidn't danielpbarron get that sizable bh ?21:37
diana_comandon't quite think so, no21:37
mircea_popescumaybe im misremembering.21:37
diana_comandanielpbarron, did you get that sizable barehanded?21:37
diana_comanand in any case, what exactly does ONE claim, do21:37
diana_comanit's not as if he got even 1 ordinary per day for all the barehanded exploring he did21:38
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> jurov maybe until danielpbarron speaks ? << nope. take it21:38
diana_comanyes, he got *some* ordinaries, sure, I got some too21:38
mircea_popescudiana_coman the only large claim mined to date took me ~10 hours to dig and output enough bv for maybe 250k grass low q.21:38
mircea_popescuim sorry. 2.5mn grass, low q.21:38
diana_comanyeah, well, next thing tell me exactly how many noobs you see around getting stuff like the remarkable takes, lol21:39
mircea_popescui can see myself selling bundles of that kind, really. just us.21:39
diana_comanwhich takes st for one thing and cheez and all that jazz21:39
diana_comannot really there yet21:39
diana_comanit's all I'm saying21:39
mircea_popescuanyway - should be interesting times.21:39
mircea_popescubut at this point, severe tool penury seems a given.21:40
diana_comanyeah, well, I'm doing what I can to get more tools, but there are obvious limitations in the long term - at least number of bps at the end of the day if nothing else21:40
danielpbarronwith noob miners begging vet miners to get them claims. << aha! i already used all my saved up smalls because "nah it's more efficient on my own bla bla" well sure as long as there's still tools to buy !! :D21:41
diana_comanbtw with all this oil I'm crafting at 122 now - not that bad seeing how it's like 10 levels up for 1q point on tinkering, lol21:42
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> a) i've not even produced the ampoules ; b) there's no deal with daniel to make ink. << how about 17mn for 200 (you provide amps) ?21:42
mircea_popescu122 is not terribru21:42
diana_comanand I'll make all the shaped slag too so I'm looking forward to it, lol21:42
danielpbarrondiana_coman> well yes, but how often does a vet explorer get ords..barehanded << it happens; not often but it's not impossible21:42
mircea_popescudanielpbarron so i'm looking at getting middling q ink, which is on one hand a total killer because wtf, i need the oc ; and on the other fuck, amps cost money too.21:43
danielpbarrondiana_coman> danielpbarron, did you get that sizable barehanded? << no. pretty sure it was with imp hoe21:43
diana_comanI know danielpbarron , but it was a matter of having enough to feed the noobs, that's all21:43
diana_comanaha, mircea_popescu ^21:43
mircea_popescui have a limited click count and i don't even want to click on lower-than-highest-possible bundles.21:43
danielpbarrondiana_coman> btw with all this oil I'm crafting at 122 now - not that bad seeing how it's like 10 levels up for 1q << that's cuz i'm tinkering along side you! we are cancelling each other's gains out.. maybe one of us should buy out the other?21:44
mircea_popescumoreover, amps are lapidary. and i think maybe i suck at lapidary ?21:44
mircea_popescudiana_coman do you recall what q you got and what q i got when we did that one click trial thing ?21:45
diana_comanah, let me see as I might have it21:45
diana_comandanielpbarron, buy what out exactly?21:45
danielpbarroni need the oc << why is that?? no more bp loot.. i don't see why overcraft is neccessary21:45
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i have like a hunch the considerations loot bps.21:46
jurovthanks to wyrdmantis' will to cooperate, you can expect few k of fine slag from me soon (or ibs if you ask)21:46
mircea_popescujurov i want few million of each, so knock yourself out.21:46
danielpbarrondiana_coman, one of us should pay the other to stop overcrafting tinkering altogether21:46
diana_comandanielpbarron, I don't see how is that possible21:46
danielpbarronto stop ranking up basically21:46
mircea_popescupay me too ?21:46
danielpbarronyou don't effect us21:46
danielpbarronyou set the upper limit21:46
diana_comanI doubt that danielpbarron21:46
mircea_popescuinteresting theory.21:46
jurovmircea_popescu: you go invent mass production21:47
danielpbarronbut diana_coman and i are competing for the #2 spot21:47
danielpbarronand it's costing us21:47
diana_comandanielpbarron, I don't think so, no21:47
danielpbarronheh alright, enjoy taking 20 or however ranks to get a q point21:47
diana_comanI am and have been for quite a while on the 2nd spot and tbh I never did any overcraft for this spot or like that21:47
diana_comanI do the tinkering because I need the fucking stuff and there aren't enough tinkerers around21:48
danielpbarronseems like every time i spy your table it's a >100 q bundle21:48
mircea_popescudanielpbarron how about this deal : you GIVE ME the desspayer bps, and i will pledge to give you the first sacrifice bps i get clicking, up to 1mn bv or 200 items, whichever comes sooner.21:48
diana_comanyes, I do it mainly for sortage in fact + the noobs are not enough either21:48
danielpbarronexcept that kinda deal didn't help diana_coman any when we did a similar thing21:48
mircea_popescuthis way you actually get something useful and it all works out nicely.21:48
danielpbarroncan you make part of the pledge that you will also not sell any to anyone else?21:49
danielpbarronlike with your scones21:49
mircea_popescuwhat, ever ?21:49
danielpbarronfor X time21:49
diana_comandanielpbarron, I didn't mean I don't do overcraft; I meant the reason I do it is not what you seem to assume namely 2nd rank tinkering lol21:49
mircea_popescuthat's the idea - you get the first batch.,21:49
mircea_popescuwell the x time thing is problematic, who knows how long it will take to actually get stuff.21:49
mircea_popescui mean i could, but how do you know it'll help you.21:50
danielpbarrondiana_coman, i'm not saying you have any particular intent21:50
danielpbarronbut this is the situation as i see it21:50
mircea_popescudanielpbarron if you'd prefer a different line or something - i'm all open.21:50
danielpbarroni could be persuaded to do other things and leave tinkering alone (except for undercraft which really doesn't compete with you)21:50
mircea_popescuor maybe make a mix or w/e.21:51
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I can't seem to find the q on that lapidary stuff ; what I can tell is that I got 110q last time I did any lapidary21:51
danielpbarronnono i defo want sacrifice stuff, or rather faith line in general21:51
mircea_popescudiana_coman but do you recall the test we did deliberately ?21:51
danielpbarronaltar bpts especially21:51
diana_comanyou mean I gave you the wheel to do 1 click, right?21:51
diana_comanon a neckerbocker21:51
danielpbarronand supplications21:51
diana_comanyes, I remember21:51
*** Quits: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) (Quit: Leaving)21:51
danielpbarronare supplications part of this proposal?21:51
mircea_popescudanielpbarron ok, so then it can be altar.21:51
mircea_popescuwell yes that was the idea, the first bps of altar type i get, go to you.21:52
diana_comanI don't recall the exact values though and for some reason I can't seem to find them now in the notes21:52
mircea_popescudiana_coman nuts lol, seeing how the reason we even did it in the first place is ftr.21:52
mircea_popescuican't find it either.21:52
diana_comanoh, actually I should have that neckerbocker?21:52
mircea_popescusee if it has my mark.21:52
diana_comanyeah, I know and I am quite sure I DID write it down ffs21:53
mircea_popescuyou need a toucan21:53
mircea_popescufor secretarial duties.21:53
diana_comana whole flock of them21:53
diana_comandanielpbarron, I honestly don't quite see the point of this kind of deals "I pay you to not do x" - for just one tiny thing what sense does it make when there can always be the next guy doing then the same?21:54
mircea_popescuus born chick overlooking : "cume se zice toucan in romaneste ?" ; i explain it's not said in any way, to romanians the thing doesn't exist. so she proposes "pasa-re de dop".21:54
mircea_popescuall the wonder and splendor of having small children in the house - with none of the drawbacks. take in a slavegirl today!21:55
diana_coman115q mircea_popescu21:55
diana_comanfound the neckerbocker, lol21:55
mircea_popescuwait so i make more than you ?!21:55
mircea_popescuomgwtfbbq why are you such a noob diana_coman !21:56
diana_comanI have some I made at 161q!21:56
mircea_popescuso mind clickingone telling me what you mnake now ?21:56
diana_comanso choke on your neckerbocker mircea_popescu21:56
diana_comanwell, when I get done with this round of stuff as I am overweight and I'm not going to move all the stuff around for 1 bloody neckerbocker21:57
mircea_popescubut if you do get a good q, how would you feel about making ampoules for me, with my charcoal and bps ?21:57
diana_comanwhat's a good q?21:58
mircea_popescu150+ ?21:58
diana_comanand you mean on my table or what's the point?21:58
diana_comanoh, I don't think I still make that meanwhile21:58
diana_comanquite seriously doubt it, lol21:58
mircea_popescuwell maybe YOU should chocke on the neckerbocker!21:58
mircea_popescuneckerchoker party!21:59
diana_comanwell, I have a whole load of them as there was pretty much nothing else to make - and they are useless too21:59
diana_comanso yeah, I can throw quite some neckerbocker-party, lol21:59
mircea_popescuof course... if ~I~ make them myself i stand to make a goodly pile of lapidary numina22:00
mircea_popescuwhich i take are the rarest22:00
mircea_popescumotherfucker this game22:00
diana_comanyou sure stand to make; quite possibly they are the rarest, no idea22:00
mircea_popescuit's incomputable.22:00
mircea_popescuwhat is best course ?22:00
diana_comanno such thing! anathema! heresy! incomputability!22:01
mircea_popescui can't even fucking decide by what margin would me clicking be better than you clicking.22:01
mircea_popescustrioke that, what margin. i can't even come up with a metric to sort these two!22:01
diana_comanwell, let's say that life has limited clicks in it and tinkering skill is so overwhelming everything else that I kind of lost interest in the skills that it affects - I do tinkering really because I need the things and apparently it's still the situation of "if you want something, gotta do it yourself"22:03
diana_comanso you know, make it easy on yourself and go and click the wheel22:03
mircea_popescui guess that's a point yea22:04
danielpbarroni think i want first dibs on altar blueprints22:10
danielpbarroneven though technically i'm more limited by supplications atm22:11
danielpbarronand the recipes for ink are worth more like 1.17 mn22:11
danielpbarrontimes 1.25 is close to 1.5 mn22:12
danielpbarronaltar blueprints are probably worth like 100k each, at your quality maybe 200k, so that's like 7 to 10 blueprints22:13
mircea_popescudanielpbarron you mean altar bps as in, the mcguyver line altar bp ?22:13
danielpbarroni have no idea22:13
danielpbarronthe thing that when the click is done, i have an altar to do sacrificing on22:13
mircea_popescubut you mean the actual bp used to make an altar, like the bp to make worn screens22:13
mircea_popescuso you want 1.5mn q-adjusted bv of those, first draw ?22:14
mircea_popescurather than 1mn/200 supps ?22:14
mircea_popescualright, deal's fine with me.22:15
mircea_popescuhand em over at your leisure.22:15
mircea_popescuin other news, this historical agreement has massively improved the outlook of bp production!22:15
danielpbarroni'm also in the market to ~buy~ any supplications you happen to make22:16
* mircea_popescu thanks all involved for their leadership &c.22:16
mircea_popescudanielpbarron really i intend to do it one click at a time and auction teh results.22:16
* diana_coman is still holding on closely to her full set of bps of all sorts22:16
danielpbarronalso good time to settle other debt22:17
mircea_popescuah good point.22:17
mircea_popescugood deal!22:17
danielpbarronty :D22:17
danielpbarroni hope i don't come to regret this one :/22:18
danielpbarronbut it was my intention in buying those recipes that they were something to do with altar, so i guess this is best outcome i can muster22:18
mircea_popescuwell... i do imagine altar bps will be a lot fewer and farther between than mere sups. but then again - it does give you a nice handle on things.22:18
danielpbarroni don't think it's any secret i want to be #1 sacrificer22:18
danielpbarronreally want that skill book named after me22:19
diana_comandanielpbarron, you see, I rather think you'll be more likely to do a lot more altar staff (and hence less tinkering) when you get those bps and what you need rather than because I pay you not to do that22:19
danielpbarronhey i would ~love~ if i had so much to sacrifice22:19
danielpbarronnot likely for a while though22:19
danielpbarronor not even "some much to sacrifice" as i do have plenty, but the other prerequisites22:20
diana_comanwhat are the prerequisites if it's not secret? or why can't you get them?22:21
danielpbarronaltar and supplications22:21
diana_comanoh, are supps made also from the new lines?22:21
danielpbarronthere only exist 3 altars in the game22:21
diana_coman(I have no idea)22:21
danielpbarroni used to be able to make them22:21
danielpbarronbut now the supplication drafts are collecters items that do nothing22:21
danielpbarronof which i have many22:21
diana_comanah, I thought it was only the basic ones that got turned to empty things22:22
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i have a shitton too.22:22
danielpbarron.. i haven't tested..22:22
mircea_popesculike 10k altogether i'd guess.22:22
danielpbarroni assumed they were all nerfed22:22
mircea_popescuprolly pick em up and dump them in electron's lap one of these days22:23
danielpbarronif you do i'd probably buy them for a little over what he offers22:23
mircea_popescuima look through storage one of these days an let you knwo22:29
mircea_popescunow the #1 question remains whether 100 clicks on apprentice bookman will yield ... 100 apprentice bookmans.22:31
Birdmanmircea_popescu which bps were you interested in?22:36
Birdmani also have a bunch of supplications22:36
Birdmanprobably should've tried harder to sell em22:36
danielpbarronyou have completed supplications (not drafts) ??22:36
danielpbarronsell them to me22:36
Birdmanthey still work?22:36
Birdmanoh sweet22:37
danielpbarronit's only the drafts that don't work22:37
Birdmanyou payin bv?22:37
Birdmanalmost in town now22:37
mircea_popescu<Birdman> yeah ><< holy shit lol22:39
hanbotwait what22:39
Birdmanwhat is is that crazy?22:39
hanbotis this an exclusive deal Birdman?22:39
Birdmanwell now, i suppose ill make an auction let me see what i have first22:39
mircea_popescuare you crazy lol, supp drafts went away, supps made are worth their weight in gold22:40
Birdmani figured they'd be made just with different ingreds or something22:41
mircea_popescudanielpbarron did you actually test this btw ? almanac draft goes in my head.22:42
danielpbarroni didn't test any of them22:42
danielpbarronyou mean the lesser drafts don't even go in head anymore?22:42
mircea_popescuhm no they do.22:43
mircea_popescuwell... i guess more research is needed!22:43
BirdmanAuctioning 56 supp of leather q39 and 49 supp of mosses q40 starting bid 460k22:44
Birdmankeeping my rare ones22:44
danielpbarronah, the page is totally blank22:45
Birdman500k heard!22:45
mircea_popescuim curious wtf this goes to lol.22:45
danielpbarronwell i want the rare ones really22:45
Birdmanmaybe at around 500%, ive only like one of each and they costs me insane amounts to make considering the brews n vellums22:46
mircea_popescuBirdman what's the bv on this like ?22:46
mircea_popescu1-2k each-ish ?22:46
Birdmanbv a q100 is about 3600 on each22:46
Birdman750k heard mircea_popescu22:47
mircea_popescumk i'm out.22:47
hanbotBirdman please do ping me if/when you decide to sell the rares.22:47
Birdman850k heard hanbot22:47
Birdmanyou got it22:47
Birdmando i hear any other bids for these fine supplications?22:48
danielpbarronwait a sec22:48
mircea_popescuthat escalated quickly.22:49
* danielpbarron bows out22:50
Birdmansold to hanbot for 1.5mn ecu22:51
Birdmanin town with your prize22:51
danielpbarronheh Birdman's probably so happy right now22:51
Birdmanand here i thought they were worthless22:51
mircea_popescupretty good auction.22:51
danielpbarrondon't be a stranger with those rare ones22:51
hanbotBirdman ready when you are.22:51
Birdmani saved 10 of each of the common ones too22:52
diana_comancongrats hanbot22:52
mircea_popescuwhat do these make again ? i forget22:53
Birdmanmircea_popescu i do have a bunch of aw and wineskin bps if you're interested22:53
hanbotdm & ss22:53
mircea_popescuo hey nb.22:53
mircea_popescuBirdman yeah. how much what count what q.22:54
danielpbarronuh oh, clicking combine on the snails draft ingredients didn't give an error. i didn't crash the server did i?22:54
diana_comanahaha, so did you make a snails supp then danielpbarron ?22:55
danielpbarronno, it didn't do anything22:55
danielpbarrondraft is empty / blank page22:55
mircea_popescudoesn;'t seem to have done anything22:55
danielpbarronbut it does fit in my mind22:55
danielpbarronjust doesn't give an error like "can't combine these" or whatever it usually says22:56
danielpbarroni should see if it degraded the screns22:56
diana_comanaha, yes, no problem noted - foxy is happily crafting22:56
diana_comanwell, I suppose they fit in head as still bps technically, but they don't do anything as...empty22:56
mircea_popescumakes sense.22:56
mircea_popescuincidentally, anyone have ss high q ?22:57
danielpbarronalright, no lost quality,no nothing22:57
Birdmanaw 1187 q8 ; 6521 wineskin q 622:57
Birdmanand as far as pricing goes22:57
danielpbarronyou mean blueprints?22:58
diana_comanI have 30 ss 136q, anyone wants them?22:59
mircea_popescuhow much did you say ?22:59
mircea_popescuyes diana_coman22:59
Birdmanfor the aw 5.5mn and the wineskin 11mn22:59
Birdmanabout 1.25% over 100qbv22:59
mircea_popescuhow about 10mn together Birdman23:00
Birdman12.5mn and you have a deal23:00
mircea_popescualright, sold.23:01
diana_comanmind you that the pricing on the ss would have to be 3.5k at this moment due to what it cost me to get them23:01
diana_comaneach I mean, lol23:01
mircea_popescu1mn for the lot i can see diana_coman23:01
danielpbarronon the ss23:02
diana_comandanielpbarron, ?23:02
mircea_popescugood deals Birdman23:03
mircea_popescudanielpbarron diana_coman deal's been tendered and tender accepted already! it'll hjave4 to be next batch.23:03
Birdmanthanks, i was meaning to ask ya about the wineskins for awhile now, glad i waited23:03
danielpbarronokie doke23:03
diana_comanyes mircea_popescu I'm getting them out now for you; but I still want to hear danielpbarron for next batch, lol23:03
diana_comandanielpbarron, do go ahead23:04
jurovdiana_coman: do you happen to have high tlc, sg, md or dcs?23:04
jurovneed just a few23:04
diana_comanalso: anyone interested in 58 wineskins 124q?23:04
diana_comanthe items, NOT bps23:04
danielpbarroni guess it's not just noobs that suffer from rush-into-selling-thigns-to-the-first-who-makes-offer syndrome23:04
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i think she mines them23:04
danielpbarronisn't that also how noobs get the things they sell prematurely?23:05
diana_comandanielpbarron, I mine them AND I asked if anyone was interested first but didn't hear anything else23:05
danielpbarroni can only crunch numbers so fast23:05
mircea_popescudanielpbarron yeah but she could mine a lot more if the price is met being the idea, so she doesn't care, will sell to all anyway23:05
danielpbarroni tab back to chat and it's already sold23:05
diana_comanbut say that you are interested!23:05
diana_comanand exactly what mircea_popescu said^23:05
Birdmancan i get a sortage book from anyone?23:05
danielpbarronit all happened so fast23:05
mircea_popescuor at least that was my mental model.23:05
Birdmandanielpbarron how much for a good hammer?23:06
mircea_popescuBirdman yeah, like me.23:06
Birdmanhow much for it mircea_popescu23:06
jurovBirdman: hanbot sell for 323:06
diana_comanjurov, I have some sg for sure, like 11 at 141q23:06
mircea_popescuiirc it was 100k/book ? i forget. anyone recall wtf i was charging per book ?23:06
danielpbarroni'd match that but i just got the 4 and maybe it goes into a sacrfice that i haven't seen the supplication for yet23:06
jurovdiana_coman: i'll take. if you have also 2 or 4 tlc, that would be spiffy23:06
diana_comanlol, I think the 1st level ones were 100k indeed mircea_popescu23:06
Birdmanit was that for the basic 1-100 books, though with the bp mess i wasnt sure of availability23:06
mircea_popescuyeah. 100k Birdman23:07
diana_comanoh, 2 I MUST have23:07
Birdmanawesome, trade whenever?23:07
mircea_popescuok lemme see here 1 sec.23:07
mircea_popescudamn  i don't have any pre-made. will have to make. you wanted just 1 ?23:07
diana_comandanielpbarron, ftr I STILL have another set of 16ss so ...23:07
Birdmanyeah just one23:08
jurovhuhm what a crowd23:08
diana_comanomg, which one of you is mircea_popescu ?23:08
mircea_popescuok ill add it to the makelist Birdman23:08
mircea_popescui guess with player count going up we'll need to add diff to avatars huh23:08
diana_comanyeah, at least colours23:09
diana_comana chip on the shoulder23:09
* mircea_popescu putting it in the middle of the list.23:09
* danielpbarron is the one with a golden goose on his head23:09
danielpbarron(not really, i keep that in storage except once a day briefly)23:09
mircea_popescudiana_coman so what about wineskins ?23:10
diana_coman5 min mircea_popescu to sort out the things for jurov as he was next in the list23:10
mircea_popescucheck out the bustling marketplace lmao23:10
mircea_popescuFEEDING FRENZY23:10
diana_comanjurov, dcs sadly I have only 1 left 132q (though loads low q if of any help);23:11
diana_comanas for tlc I have 4 at 136q23:12
diana_comanbut will have to figure out what they are worth now23:12
mircea_popescufor all tyhis bitchingabout noob miners... there's apparently huge pent up demand for all sorts of specialist high q minerals.23:12
jurovi'll thake these 423:12
diana_comanoh, there surely is mircea_popescu - the trouble there is getting them in large quantities really23:12
Birdmani havbe some 116q dcs for 150% jurov23:12
jurovmircea_popescu: my first ordinary in 2 weeks23:12
diana_comanand 4md at 122q23:13
mircea_popescuhey wd. stick ?23:13
jurovno, hoes23:13
jurovbasic and imp tools23:13
mircea_popescuanyone aspiring to become tinkerer wanna make me a huge pile of bms low q ?23:13
jurovBirdman yes hold that23:13
mircea_popescumcguyver sorry not tinkerer.23:13
Birdmanyes mircea_popescu23:13
jurovdiana_coman: md please, too23:13
mircea_popescuBirdman 10k would work.23:13
Birdmanoh, never mind23:13
Birdmanim no mcguyverer23:14
mircea_popescuah kk.23:14
diana_comanomg 10k bms would eat up a huge stack of toolkits too23:14
mircea_popescu250 to be precise. i'd be willing to sell that many for this purpose.23:14
Birdmanyeah lol and with bp shortage it seems quite the expensive project23:14
diana_comanjurov, mds work out at 4.5k each though and tlc at 4k each, fine with that?23:14
mircea_popescui'd be selling bps too, actually.23:15
mircea_popescucourse the deal makes no sense unless one has high q bundle.23:15
jurovdiana_coman: and the sg?23:16
diana_comanisn't it there? the swarming grub?23:16
diana_comanah, that's just 1.2523:16
jurovi mean, price23:16
diana_comanso 41k total23:16
danielpbarronjurov, don't forget to look at my shop page23:18
diana_comanso danielpbarron or hanbot any interest in the 58 wineskins at 124q?23:18
danielpbarroni'd rather Mircea make the wine23:18
danielpbarroni'd buy the resulting wine23:18
Birdmani have bms bps and shaped slag bps to sell if there's any interest23:18
danielpbarroni've not nearly had my fill of that yet23:18
diana_comankk, not let me see what I need to charge on those23:18
diana_comandanielpbarron, did I miss what you said you were willing to pay on ss ?23:19
Birdmandanielpbarron the eulorian drunkard23:19
diana_comanor you don't want any of them anymore?23:19
danielpbarroni don't ~drink~ the wine!23:19
danielpbarronheavens forbid!23:19
danielpbarronit's not even really wine23:19
danielpbarronit's ~almost~ wine23:19
mircea_popescuBirdman specifically re shaped ?23:20
Birdmangood point23:20
danielpbarronthe drunkard is whoever puts on the clogs23:20
mircea_popescualso, any interest in 1k cr q 227 ? 165710 bv.23:22
Birdmanmircea_popescu i have 806 flat q42, 255 pointy q41, 214 sharp q39, will sell then all for 1.6mn23:24
diana_comanomg so if bps at q5 went for that amount, wtf am I to charge on the items23:24
*** Quits: wyrdmantis (5d24a387@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)23:24
mircea_popescuBirdman aite, sold.23:25
* mircea_popescu waves at danielpbarron and dances a merry jig.23:25
diana_comanin other interests: 16 ss 136q ; anyone interested? will wait for 30 min to give people time to hopefully reply23:25
mircea_popescudiana_coman willing to pay pro rata same as prev deal.23:26
diana_comanand: 58 csw 124q willing to let go for 1.65mn the lot23:27
Birdmanpleasure as always23:27
Birdmanany interest in the cft bps still? gotta off 50k of em23:28
mircea_popescu58 * 1.24 * 13.5 = 970.92 how about 1.3mn diana_coman !23:29
mircea_popescuBirdman talk to jurov lol23:29
mircea_popescuanyway, im willing to go 1.5mn on the cft bps.23:29
diana_comanI'm afraid not mircea_popescu as atm I don't really quite see that as a good deal given the various bottlenecks on the way to csw; I'm fine to keep them23:30
Birdmanuhh then sold mircea_popescu23:30
mircea_popescukk. they're not as useful to me as my own because of oc issues diana_coman23:30
diana_comanno problem23:30
mircea_popescuBirdman aite, you know where i am :D23:31
diana_comannever ever really regretted keeping something23:31
danielpbarronwhat quality are those cft blueprints?23:31
diana_comanit was always letting go of stuff23:31
mircea_popescucheck out Birdman&Noble's major clearance sale.23:31
mircea_popescuhe made what, 20mn today ?23:31
Birdmandamn near23:31
danielpbarronBirdman, what quality were those?23:31
Birdmanthe cft bps? all between 35-4023:32
diana_comandanielpbarron, mind saying either yay or nay on the ss after previous claim at missing the thing for it was too fast?23:32
danielpbarronis there similar interest in high quality cft blueprints?23:32
danielpbarrondiana_coman, i'll pass23:32
diana_comanso then what was the whole thing about?23:32
* diana_coman just doesn't get it23:33
diana_comananyway mircea_popescu more ss for you then23:33
* mircea_popescu just realises he miscalced the cft bps lmao.23:33
danielpbarron30 ecu for 0.4 -> 116 ecu for 1.55ish ?23:33
mircea_popescu534k diana_coman was it ?23:33
Birdmanwanna trade me for this one mircea_popescu ?23:34
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i meant to pay 9 per not 30 per. soo... he made a cool mil.23:34
mircea_popescuBirdman one sec.23:34
Birdmanswhy i hopped on it23:34
danielpbarronwell i got the primo cft blueprints23:34
diana_comanmircea_popescu, yes23:34
diana_coman2 min to finish craft23:35
danielpbarroncirca q1k Electron grass days23:35
Birdmanmircea_popescu need to take o0ut another 1k from storage so just take these and itll be 1 sec23:36
diana_comanugh, I really have no change mircea_popescu23:37
mircea_popescuall i got is 45 coinz.23:37
mircea_popescugive you 44 and 100k next time ?23:37
diana_comansounds good23:37
mircea_popescuty diana_coman Birdman23:38
diana_comanthanks mircea_popescu23:38
mircea_popescuoff to eat, bbs.23:38
Birdman<mircea_popescu>check out Birdman&Noble's major clearance sale. << welp no time like the present. literally. what use for this stuff do i have that will get me the same mark up?23:39
mircea_popescui can see it.23:59

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