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mircea_popescuanyone got some q200+ tpt ?00:37
mircea_popescuand btw diana_coman i still want leather and berries.00:37
Birdmanauctioning supplications: 1 q37 thorns; 1 q38 stones; 10 q39 leather 10 q40 mosses; 2 q37 berries; 1 q38 mysterious rocks; 2 q40 lists; 1 q39 chicken; 1 q39 tiny sparks. Starting bid 600k00:38
Birdmanhanbot danielpbarron ^00:38
mircea_popescuwhat's bv on those ?00:39
Birdmanall commons are a bit over 3.6k, chickens ~14k lists and sparks about 55k and the rocks 27k00:40
danielpbarroni have q162 thorns00:40
mircea_popescui really need 220-250 sadly00:40
mircea_popescuhave some q 170 of my own, but...00:41
danielpbarronBirdman, 600k here00:41
danielpbarronhow much you willing to pay on 200+ ?00:41
hanbot700k on that set Birdman00:41
danielpbarroni could theoretically make it happen00:41
mircea_popescui dunno, 400c ea ?00:42
danielpbarron735k Birdman00:45
Birdman735k heard danielpbarron00:45
danielpbarronhad to pause to actually crunch numbers00:45
hanbot750k here00:45
Birdmanso seems it takes about 1200 bare handed gathers for me to rank up00:45
danielpbarronahem.. (that's under 5% increase.. what's the min bid here?)00:45
Birdman5% i guess00:46
Birdmani should be getting about 6 gather ranks a day00:46
Birdmanand slowly decreasing from that00:46
mircea_popescu6 is pretty good.00:46
Birdmanyeah, probably can boost up to mid 200's this way00:46
hanbotso 790k.00:47
Birdman1mn heard hanbot!00:49
danielpbarron1.05 mn00:49
mircea_popescugod damned. so i have ~7k drafts and 0 made supplications00:50
mircea_popescui was going to "one of these days" for months and here we are ;/00:50
mircea_popescucould have made a fucking billion with you people.00:50
danielpbarronyeah i was nagging you to do it for a while00:50
mircea_popescui know ;/00:51
mircea_popescuvellum being a bitch and all tho...00:51
danielpbarroncould have supplied00:51
mircea_popescumy ever growing pile of euloran regrets.00:51
hanbotmircea_popescu your supplications prolly'd've been super high quality too ;/00:53
hanbotmhhh, 2M.00:56
Birdman2.1mn heard danielpbarron !00:57
Birdmanlook away for one min and come back to this00:57
danielpbarronnot trying to be rude with delay; had to run some more numbers01:04
danielpbarrondifferent plateaus of considerations01:05
mircea_popescuhmmmm. i wonder if there'd be any interest for...01:06
mircea_popescusome duct tape ? hm ?01:07
hanbotnp danielpbarron. and i'm out, wd.01:07
danielpbarronphew, over 20x !01:07
hanbotmircea_popescu quantity, quality?01:07
danielpbarroni haven't been able to sacrifice the last batch of tape i got01:07
danielpbarrondue to teas01:07
danielpbarronstill trying to get those damn nuts01:07
mircea_popescuoh that's right. hmm. lessee here...01:08
hanboti can procure nuts ftr.01:08
danielpbarronlow quality prefered01:08
mircea_popescui could sell some murky something...01:08
danielpbarronsomewhat more interesting01:08
hanbotdanielpbarron i have q5201:09
mircea_popescuor some sparkle...01:09
mircea_popescuwhat'd you folks prefer ?01:09
* hanbot consults notes01:10
Birdmancongrats danielpbarron 2.37 mn01:10
Birdmanheaded to town now with your prize01:10
Birdmanseems the bouqing was actually one of the better things i've done01:11
Birdmanback in the day sold dan those same supps for pennies01:11
danielpbarronsparks i guess01:11
mircea_popescumaybe later!01:12
mircea_popescudanielpbarron how many nuts you got so far ?01:12
danielpbarronabout... none01:12
hanbotmircea_popescu i'm interested in the murky somethings, how many do you have?01:12
mircea_popescui forgot, how many were needed ?01:12
danielpbarron500 i think01:12
mircea_popescuhanbot i'll do an auction but later.01:13
mircea_popescuok that's fucking insane. 500 ?01:13
mircea_popescuone nut per tea huh.01:13
mircea_popescuwere these even found ?01:13
danielpbarronyes that's the the issue01:13
hanbotwhat does found mean?01:13
danielpbarronapparently it's a crap hit rate with sticks01:13
* Birdman tried 2 sticks and got 2 misses01:14
Birdmanalthough ive had the same happen to me on md01:14
danielpbarronhanbot, how many at q52 and how much you want?01:14
Birdmanand that turned out to show 9/12 ~75% hit rate01:14
mircea_popescuseeing how it's lj... i'd be amenable to giving it a few tries.01:14
danielpbarronwell you make high q01:14
danielpbarronoh you mean just getting the claims01:14
mircea_popescuif there's someone to pay well for claims...01:15
danielpbarroni would buy tinies smalls ords whatever01:15
Birdmantrade when ready dan01:15
mircea_popescuya but for how much ?01:15
danielpbarronalthough maybe not tinies since that's probably not cheap enough to be worth it01:15
mircea_popescui'd be sticking so no possibility of tiny.01:15
hanbotdanielpbarron 92 available, 3000ea.01:16
mircea_popescudanielpbarron how about 12k/small 25k/ord ?01:16
Birdmanwhat is the bottle neck on cs?01:16
mircea_popescuwgassat hanbot ?01:16
mircea_popescupretty much everything Birdman01:17
hanbotmircea_popescu for my pn01:17
mircea_popescui'd pay 3mn for 92 pn01:17
Birdmanty danielpbarron01:17
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, sure01:17
mircea_popescui'd pay 300k !01:17
Birdmanmircea_popescu it just so happens i could have everything needed for some cs01:18
Birdmanjust not the tinkering level01:18
mircea_popescuBirdman sure, you can have same deal as with diana_coman01:18
hanbotalright, so auction of 92x q52pn, mircea_popescu has high bid @ 300k.01:18
mircea_popescudanielpbarron any limit on how many you buy ?01:18
Birdmanwhich is that01:18
mircea_popescuBirdman pay me 125% of value added.01:18
Birdmanwhat do you mean value added? 125% of the bv of everything i give you to make em or somethin?01:19
mircea_popescubv of what i give you - bv of what you gave me = value i added.01:19
mircea_popescuq adjusted, of course.01:19
Birdmanseems like a steal01:20
mircea_popescuaite, line it up.01:20
Birdmananyone have a bunch of sb low or high q?01:20
mircea_popescui got 2k at 279 o.O01:20
mircea_popescudun really wanna sell because irreplaceable.01:21
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, what ratio do you get?01:21
mircea_popescuBirdman but i do hjave 114 ppb at q35\01:21
Birdmanheh i might have made those huh01:21
Birdmanwhatcha askin for em?01:22
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i have absolutely never tried it.01:22
danielpbarroni mean in general01:22
danielpbarronoh i think you mentioned earlier01:22
mircea_popescuwhat was it, 14% ord 1% remark.01:22
mircea_popescubut this - on cr.01:22
mircea_popescuBirdman we'll just consider them value i add.01:23
Birdmanlet me get some toothpastes ready then and get em to ya01:23
mircea_popescugot tpt and what else was it ?01:23
danielpbarronsomething like 250 smalls and 5 ords01:24
Birdmantpt ppb pss pastes i think thats it01:24
Birdmani have all except the ppb01:25
mircea_popescugot pss ? i got low tpt so we also count that as value i add np01:25
mircea_popescudanielpbarron so then we're on for 12k/small 25k/ord, no limit on pn ?01:25
danielpbarronno limit?01:25
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)01:25
mircea_popescuwell i asked you ? is there a limit ?01:26
danielpbarroni said about 250 smalls 5 ods01:26
mircea_popescuah. so basically i'll stop when i get 5 ords k.01:26
mircea_popescuwill be doing this tomorrow, you be around to take smalls ?01:26
Birdmanwere the tool kits the big deal on cs? they seem otherwise dirt cheap01:26
hanbotdanielpbarron last call on the pn if you want it more than 300k01:26
Birdmanguess the pastes are a bit pricey01:27
danielpbarroneh hold on mircea_popescu01:27
mircea_popescuk ?01:27
danielpbarroni need to test something here first01:28
danielpbarronhanbot, 315k01:29
Birdmanoo, have 27 ppb too01:29
danielpbarroni need to get nidhogg or someone to build me a small first to see if my math is right here01:29
hanbot315k heard01:29
hanbotany further bids? mircea_popescu?01:35
mircea_popescuim out01:35
hanbotkk, sold01:36
hanbotdanielpbarron trade me when ready01:36
danielpbarronaha ok01:40
danielpbarroni don't think i need nidhogg to test it; i see where i went wrong before01:44
danielpbarronand if you get 15% ords then i defo want the deal01:44
danielpbarronand probably only need 2 or 3 ords01:47
danielpbarronlet's say 301:48
danielpbarronbut if you get 10% or less ords, that would not be great01:48
danielpbarronunless i don't have to buy the smalls, in which case i would buy as many ords as you feel like making01:48
Birdmanmircea_popescu ready for some stuff?02:03
Birdmanalso i think i looted some gumbo numina thats the 100 bv02:04
Birdmanvarious ladle handles02:04
Birdman1k bv**02:05
danielpbarronack i messed up the numbers yet again02:06
danielpbarroni should want the smalls too even02:06
danielpbarrontoo much math in one day02:06
Birdmangiving 101849 in bv for 23 cs02:07
Birdmanif there was anything i should have had the foresight to get bps of it shoulda been cs02:10
mircea_popescudanielpbarron well i dunno.02:42
mircea_popescuBirdman ready ?02:53
mircea_popescusec i math02:55
Birdmanmhm do ya thing02:55
mircea_popescuk so 102k.02:56
mircea_popescuwill be tomorro.02:57
mircea_popescubtw Birdman i'm in the market for a few stacks of library dusts low q if you have 'em / still shredding.03:29
Birdmanwhatcha payin?03:29
mircea_popescummm, what q are you ?03:40
Birdmanthink its all around q5203:48
mircea_popescusay 6c ea.03:49
mircea_popescugot the 100 base one too ?03:49
mircea_popescuthe 1k base i mean03:50
Birdmanjust 10 and 10003:53
mircea_popescuthere's no 100, just 10 and 1qk03:54
Birdmanthen yeah i probably have that one03:54
mircea_popescuaite tomorrow when i give you your cs you show me whatcha got in that line03:54
Birdmanyes sir03:55
DicePowerHeya :)  Is it still possible to get MSVS 2010 Express Edition?  I couldn't find it on the Microsoft site, and it looks like MSVS Express Edition has been replaced by MSVS Community http://stackoverflow.com/a/306183905:05
lobbesbot`Title: How to get download link to VS2010 Express - for use in a Download Manager - Stack Overflow (at stackoverflow.com)05:05
DicePowerAnyone have a link to a safe download of the one needed for the manual Eulora install?05:05
danielpbarronby my calculations, there was approximately 30mn to 42mn worth of trade today not including private deals05:08
Birdmannot bad!05:16
Birdmanwhat's the record right now?05:17
danielpbarronthat's a good point, i should find this out05:50
danielpbarroni'm tryin' to see if this is a qntra05:50
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mircea_popescujurov lmao check out that nonsense. did you save a copy anywhere ?12:40
mircea_popescudanielpbarron this might help : http://trilema.com/2015/and-there-was-another-auction-and-there-was-another-record-and-so-on/#selection-1697.0-1697.34112:40
lobbesbot`Title: And there was another auction, and there was another record, and so on. on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)12:40
mircea_popescurecord prolly in the 100mn range.12:41
mircea_popescuDicePower i suppose you've stumbled on the real reason nobody uses windows for any serious purpose.12:41
mircea_popescudanielpbarron of course, how do  you value barter ? for instance, http://logs.minigame.bz/2016-02-17.log.html#t22:15:58 certainly meets the definition of economic activity, how do you cash-value it ?12:43
lobbesbot`Title: #Eulora log for Wednesday, 2016-02-17 (at logs.minigame.bz)12:43
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mircea_popescui suppose one way to go about it is to say it's lowerbound at 12.5mn12:47
mircea_popescunot that saying such solves much.12:48
jurovorly. looking12:59
jurovlooks like it fell victim to bad hdd or cleanup13:20
jurovyou'll have to use that iso13:20
mircea_popescujurov if you ever recompile on the new environment w/e it is, try and save the snapshots. these idiots...13:21
jurovi see14:05
danielpbarroni valued that one at 1.5mn to 12mn15:49
mircea_popescudanielpbarron it wouldn't be logical for you to trade rare item you paid 12mn for in exchange fore something worth less neh ?15:55
danielpbarronso 12.5 because i'd only trade it for something worth a little more?15:58
mircea_popescumaybe 150mn ?16:07
mircea_popescuwho the fuck can evaluate the actual value of those bps in future.16:07
mircea_popescuhanbot 102 * 70 = 7.14mn - 1345 * 1.25*262 = 6.7mn net16:54
mircea_popescuBirdman your cs is ready17:32
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Birdmancool how much for em17:33
Birdmanalso, eta on sortage book?17:33
mircea_popescu23 * 29183 - 102000 = 569209 * 1.25 = 711511c17:34
mircea_popescuyou know how to use these ?17:34
mircea_popescueta > 1 week atm.17:34
Birdmanill put em to good use17:35
mircea_popescui mean : they're over min q. once you use one, put it back in thestack, it will lower the q17:35
mircea_popescubut make sure you don't lower it under 202k17:35
* danielpbarron wouldn't do it that way17:35
danielpbarroni'd mix them before even going out to use them17:36
mircea_popescuor that if you have burned ones.17:36
danielpbarroncarefully as to not lose points to rounding17:36
mircea_popescuthe idea being that there's about 34 cs hits in this batch of 23 cs.17:36
mircea_popescuenjoy your toolz.17:36
Birdmanthank you17:37
Birdmanya ya i know, ive a few sticks with quite the quality left too17:37
Birdmandanielpbarron resend that list of ords you want17:39
BirdmanFunny how the best gatherer hires noob gathering huh17:46
Birdmandanielpbarron have you noticed hit rates change after getting the various building skills? i.e. you'd hit more often on mining if you have the skill18:21
* danielpbarron shrugs18:22
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Birdmanso mircea_popescu it seems i have about 225k library dusts and 550 mites. Im in the dark of their use and value so im in no rush to sell, not for 6ecu each. If you want to make an offer i cant refuse so to speak, all considered.19:09
Birdmanalso wanted to ask, why no degradation on craft tables?19:25
Birdmani get that to make them you need one, but coulda started the game with the island craft table unseemly high q to kick the game off19:25
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I have the stuff to make the tools (100 adzes+250 pickaxes), let me know when you around to get them19:26
danielpbarronBirdman, you think craft tables will eventually start to wear out?19:26
Birdmanmaybe in the future, or ill start burning the bps for heat19:26
diana_comanI think that was the plan as stated somewhere in the very beginning19:26
diana_comanso most probably they will, yes19:27
Birdmanor toilet paper :D19:27
danielpbarroni must have the most-used craft table19:27
mircea_popescudiana_coman now works.19:46
diana_comankk, getting them out, 3 min19:46
mircea_popescuno fcs right ?19:46
diana_comanno flat, no19:47
mircea_popescucool bring it.19:47
mircea_popescudoing a further 65 fcs now after which i'll put them in19:47
mircea_popescushould be ready by tomorrow19:47
diana_comanyay, perfect19:47
mircea_popescu350 * 470 * 1.18 + 350 * 58 * 1.78 + 350 * 1.22* 8824 +19:51
mircea_popescuwhat q are the bps ?19:51
diana_comanarghh, will have to check, should be some 78 the pickaxes ones at least19:51
mircea_popescuk il luse 8019:51
mircea_popescu350 * 470 * 1.18 + 350 * 58 * 1.78 + 350 * 1.22* 8824 + 350 * .8 * 900 = 425009219:51
mircea_popescuplus 100k from b4.19:52
diana_comanaha, kk19:52
diana_comanstone adze plans were 79q and the pickaxe ones are actually 7219:53
mircea_popescuthey were 100 * 738 + 259 * 673 - 350 * .8 * 900 = -389319:54
mircea_popescucheck out that wonder.19:54
mircea_popescumy estimation of bps was within a few k's of actual value.19:55
diana_comanactually, mhm, isn't it this? 100*935*0.79+250*0.72*935- 250*0.8*90019:56
diana_comanbecause the bv of the bps is 935 really and you forgot 0.79 in there at the last calc19:57
diana_comanmaf, 350 there19:57
diana_comanso ~10k error19:58
mircea_popescuwhat 0.79 ?!19:58
diana_coman100*935*0.79+250*0.72*935- 350*0.8*90019:58
diana_comanthe quality of the bps ?19:58
diana_comanor what are we talking about?19:58
* diana_coman is confused19:59
mircea_popescuBirdman i can see myself paying  1.8mn on your 225k library dusts and 550 mites at ~q52. that's about it.19:59
mircea_popescutook the bp value as calculated by storage19:59
mircea_popescusubstracted  bp value as estyimated by me19:59
diana_comanoh, that's why you had 738 in there and 67320:00
diana_comanhm, that must be rounding I suppose20:00
diana_comanyeah, 935*0.79 is 738.6520:01
mircea_popescuso i rounded one thing one way the other the other, came close to truth!20:01
diana_comanthat would be the expectation, no? lol20:01
diana_comananyway, although all this crafting of shaped slag did block me for 2 days basically20:02
diana_comanit also increased my tink level by more than 20 ranks by now20:03
mircea_popescuso i wish to bring before the eulora senate the following list of grievances and problems :20:03
diana_comannot exactly a bad deal overall20:03
* diana_coman is listening20:03
mircea_popescu1. no canines ; 2. no slithy tove ; 3. insufficient WPL and WWB ; 4. insufficient WM and B ; 5. deeply insufficient IBS and LTF ; 6. very insufficient low q F and SR.20:04
mircea_popescuwhat have you done today to help your country ?20:04
mircea_popescuEULORA NEEDS YOU!20:04
diana_comanmircea_popescu, NOT ENOUGH TOOLS!20:04
mircea_popescuthat problem is not on the list.20:04
diana_comanthat list is your personal one and nothing more , lol20:05
mircea_popescuteh proletariat does not make lists.20:05
mircea_popescumy sister just told me she's pregnant, therefore i am now uncle mp20:05
mircea_popescuUNCLE MP WANTS YOUR ITEMS20:05
diana_comanbwahahaha congrats20:05
diana_comanas to the list-making: but we have feelingses! lots of them (esp low q ones)!20:06
diana_comantens of thousands of those, will soon have no more space in storage for them20:07
mircea_popescumaybe this is the time when i drop the hint : what the sunday auction items do is that they process feelings.20:07
mircea_popescuand there's a surprise or two in there.20:07
diana_comanI suppose surprises are usually what one gets when one processes feelings, so quite fitting20:08
diana_comanjurov, jurov jurov ^^^ item hint!!20:08
jurovdear mircea_popescu in re: F and SR: you explicitly told me to get lost since you need zillions not thousands20:09
jurovso go fuck yourself20:09
mircea_popescuplox to link ?20:10
Birdmandiana_coman about noob claim value theory, shouldnt some of us noobs have hit at ~least~ one remarkable by now? if our ords are worth so much less then you'd think we'd have gotten a shitty remark or somethin using all these cs20:12
diana_comanBirdman, that doesn't make any sense20:12
diana_comanquite on the contrary20:13
diana_comanit is precisely fitting with my theory that you did NOT get a remarkable20:13
jurovhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2016-02-17.log.html#t21:46:27 << mircea_popescu20:13
lobbesbot`Title: #Eulora log for Wednesday, 2016-02-17 (at logs.minigame.bz)20:13
Birdmanso the high hit rate for the over craft using the cs is countered by the claims low output value?20:13
Birdmani guess that makes total sense20:14
Birdmanjust pondering20:14
diana_comanyou get guaranteed higher value (since they still are higher than my smalls) BUT less varied output, hence no remarkable chances really20:14
diana_comanwell, technically SOME yes, but much much lower than mine20:14
Birdmanand since you've ever used cs you've never had the 100% ord ?20:15
diana_comannope, never20:15
Birdmanwonder when i get to that point20:15
Birdmanpushin 20020:15
diana_comanbut then again, I think I always had quite high gathering rank by the time cs were even introduced20:15
mircea_popescujurov do you know what "knock yourself out" means in english ?20:15
jurovwhich english20:16
diana_comanby high I mean relative to the other players20:16
mircea_popescu http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=knock+yourself+out < there.20:16
lobbesbot`Title: Urban Dictionary: knock yourself out (at www.urbandictionary.com)20:16
jurovsigh. and speaking of flotsam remarkable, since i don't see more bids, it's sold for 1.58m to danielpbarron20:17
Birdmanwow what a steal20:17
jurovmay he knock himself out with it20:18
Birdmandidnt even know that was going on20:18
jurovwhen i complained, wwas told to read logs20:18
Birdmanjurov why not have a noob mine it?20:18
danielpbarronit's unminable20:18
danielpbarronjust investing for later20:18
jurovhttp://www.explo.yt/eulora/remarkableflotsam.png << fyi20:18
Birdmanah well done then20:18
diana_comanoh, should add that to the list I don't think I have one, do I20:19
* diana_coman goes to check20:19
jurovdanielpbarron: trade20:21
jurovthanks, too. i know it has potentially big potential but holding such things grinds on my nerves20:23
diana_comanand updated http://www.dianacoman.com/Eulora/MiningRecipes.txt ; thanks jurov20:28
Birdmanwhats the bv on that enumeration anyhow20:29
mircea_popesculooks like 1-2mn or so20:30
Birdmanmircea_popescu want any ltf/io bps? also have ppb bps20:33
mircea_popescube explicit!20:34
Birdmangot 1.1k ppb at ~q40 3k ltf at ~ q40 at about 300 io at ~q4020:40
Birdmani have lots of various MS bps too, if you have any you're interested in off the top of your head20:41
Birdmandidnt show much interest in them in the past though20:41
mircea_popescumillion and a half for it.20:41
Birdmanbut ill list if ya want20:41
Birdmanmeh ill hold on to em20:42
Birdmanfuture reference i probably wont be selling any bps under bv 130q20:48
danielpbarronBirdman> whats the bv on that enumeration anyhow << 182`07620:48
Birdmangood deal20:48
Birdmanwish i'd known it was being auctioned20:48
danielpbarronauctineers need to be more verbose, and auctionees need to read the log20:49
mircea_popescudanielpbarron wow no wai, under 1mn ?21:21
mircea_popescuwait a second. how do you know what double distillates even cost ?21:21
mircea_popescuoh oh, the ~ENUM~. i c. so the bundle should really be like 1.8mn or so then21:22
*** Quits: Birdman (~birdman@ (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)21:50
mircea_popescudiana_coman 14.7k or thereabouts.23:10
diana_comannot bad, I make them about 11.5k23:11
mircea_popescube a little over 1.1 mn or so in the end. should be ready tomorrow morn.23:12
diana_comancool, thanks23:12
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