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DicePowerFound 1 of the missing packages :)00:00
mircea_popescusooo lapidary skill 3, q 115 ; skill 10 q 116 ; skill 15 q 117 ; skill 19 q 118 ; skill 29 q 11900:01
Gaxarosweet i fixed the utorrent problem lol00:05
Gaxaroi'm not useless after all lol00:05
mircea_popescusooo lapidary skill 3, q 115 ; skill 10 q 116 ; skill 15 q 117 ; skill 19 q 118 ; skill 29 q 119 ; skill 32 q 12000:14
mircea_popescumaybe it is actually feasible to catch up with my other skills in lapidary.00:14
mircea_popescuoooo dazzling gemstone shards00:28
mircea_popescuanyone found ?00:28
mircea_popescugetting a new skill going is pretty exciting i must say :D00:33
mircea_popescusooo lapidary skill 3, q 115 ; skill 10 q 116 ; skill 15 q 117 ; skill 19 q 118 ; skill 29 q 119 ; skill 32 q 120 ; skill 39 q 12100:50
mircea_popescusooo lapidary skill 3, q 115 ; skill 10 q 116 ; skill 15 q 117 ; skill 19 q 118 ; skill 29 q 119 ; skill 32 q 120 ; skill 39 q 121 ; skill 46 q 12201:49
mircea_popescuheh so i dropped 40 dcs and they seem to have disappeared.02:25
mircea_popescufor shame.02:25
* danielpbarron is making questionable flagons02:37
mircea_popescui saw02:38
mircea_popescunice bundle q too!02:38
* danielpbarron has quite the collection of assorted high quality things02:38
mircea_popescuworks splendidly for a time like this.02:39
danielpbarroni was flipping through the blueprints i won today to see if i wanted to re-auction or what, and I'm like "gee I have most of the stuff to make these"02:39
mircea_popescucool huh.02:40
mircea_popescurank up in lj, 280 tpt looted02:40
mircea_popescuq 12402:40
mircea_popescuwhat q lj were you doing danielpbarron ?02:41
danielpbarronlittle over 10002:51
mircea_popescuo wow so i'm ahead ?02:51
mircea_popescui thought you must've passed me02:51
danielpbarronmy building is very low02:51
danielpbarroneven jurov is ahead02:51
danielpbarroni was late in adopting foxybot02:52
mircea_popescuso i dug up a tpt ord i think i bought from foxy long ago02:52
mircea_popescufound all the foxy secrets, sg ord, ae ord...02:52
danielpbarronthose are secret?02:52
mircea_popescunah, just messin'.02:52
danielpbarronlol.. dagsgen flag02:55
danielpbarroni knew i liked mcguyvering02:56
Gaxaroat what cords was the grass at?02:57
danielpbarron-235 -13902:57
mircea_popescuit's so great when going to a key with pilot02:58
mircea_popescuout of the many claims one stands out02:58
mircea_popescusorta as you're aproaching02:58
mircea_popescuis this the one ?02:58
mircea_popescuusuaslly. but not always!02:59
mircea_popescuin bp news : charcoal 25% done ; ampoules 25% done ; black of desspayr 0% done ; tool required 100% done ; two supporting branches 11% and 6% done. overall completion, 7.2%!03:11
mircea_popescuat the present rate, first click shall be in about 3 months or so03:11
mircea_popescuand btw diana_coman for your list : Pointedly Odorous Charcoal = 16 to 17 Three-Pointed Thorn + 37 to 40 Rickety Reeds ; Misshaped Ampoule = 2 to 2 Pointedly Odorous Charcoal + 13 to 17 Polished Small Stone ; Black of Desspayr = 1 to 1 Misshaped Ampoule + 31 to 33 Elusive Purple Snail + 17 to 18 Better Bitterbean03:16
*** Joins: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl)03:17
fghjlooks like jurov won  f+sr package for 1.292m 3h ago03:26
mircea_popescuaw missed that one03:26
mircea_popescumake moar fghj03:30
*** Quits: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) (Quit: Leaving)03:35
danielpbarronaand i'm out of toolkit :<03:42
mircea_popescui could sell ya a couple.03:49
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*** Joins: mitch_callahan (~mitch_cal@unaffiliated/menahem)03:57
mircea_popescushould be like 89.9k ea, say 250k together.03:58
mircea_popescuello mircea_popescu03:59
mircea_popescui mean03:59
mircea_popescuello mitch_callahan03:59
mitch_callahanHey g03:59
mircea_popescuyou ever tried eulora ?04:00
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> should be like 89.9k ea, say 250k together. << alright04:01
mircea_popescuwell i JUST started a craft after waiting bout 3 minutes on ya.04:01
mircea_popescuso you can have 'em once this is done and i can log off. bout 10 minutes or so.04:01
mircea_popescuhanbot 1492 * columbus * king of spain = 503288.904:08
* danielpbarron glares04:08
mircea_popescudoing a q 176 dubious tome click, curious what comes out of this.04:13
mircea_popescuready danielpbarron04:24
danielpbarronk one sec04:27
mitch_callahanmp - tried installing on ubuntu, failed. tried on mac, getting more fail.  i need to try again.04:29
mircea_popescuthat sux.04:30
*** DicePower is now known as RandomLetterssfj04:55
*** RandomLetterssfj is now known as DicePower04:57
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diana_comanmircea_popescu> q 124 <- bwahahahah I get 126 and I did NOT rank lj up07:26
diana_comanto be fair I think I get about 120 from building alone though07:27
diana_comanmircea_popescu> and btw diana_coman for your list : Pointedly Odorous Charcoal = 16 to 17 Three-Pointed Thorn + 37 to 40 Rickety Reeds ; Misshaped Ampoule = 2 to 2 Pointedly Odorous Charcoal + 13 to 17 Polished Small Stone ; Black of Desspayr = 1 to 1 Misshaped Ampoule + 31 to 33 Elusive Purple Snail + 17 to 18 Better Bitterbean <- plox show bp to foxy in game as I am NOT adding the bps manually sheesh07:28
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mircea_popescusucks to be me i guess ;/11:32
diana_comanwell, I still add the mining recipes manually - will do until I get SO fed up with it that I finally update the script to handle that and integrate it properly with the rest, lol11:34
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jurov"dropped 40 dcs and they seem to have disappeared" << have you tried /pickup ? it works when they are merely dropped below the ground12:17
jurovmircea_popescu: ^12:17
mircea_popescunah, they were perfectly visible, then not anymore.12:18
diana_comansometimes things vanish if they are just dropped even if guarded, for some reason - I had that happening to me and so did Wyrd12:18
mircea_popescunobody picked them up either, i think they got swept12:18
mircea_popescuwill be looked into, this.12:18
jurovgood to know12:18
mircea_popescuthey were very old tis true12:18
jurovfghj, you around?12:19
diana_comanafter I lost some considerable amount of good slag that way, I switched to never dropping things (use craft-table instead)12:20
fghjwill be in town in 1m12:20
jurovbtw, something for the confusing orders and actions...is being worked on ;)12:20
mircea_popescuhm ?12:21
jurovwe will say more when it's ready12:22
fghjjurov you still grundin?12:26
jurovin the town12:26
jurovfghj: i have rest of coins stuck in the bank, are you OK with 242k loan till this is resolved?12:28
jurovor have a change for 2m?12:28
mircea_popescubank run!12:28
fghjyeah 232k12:29
diana_comanmircea_popescu, were the books introduced at the event last week? I lost track of that13:10
mircea_popescunah books being worked on.13:11
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lobbesbotNews from eulora: Eulora auction, February the 28th <http://trilema.com/2016/eulora-auction-february-the-28th/>14:57
mircea_popescudanielpbarron you selling any high q mollusc ?18:15
*** Quits: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) (Quit: Leaving)18:17
danielpbarron200k each yeah18:25
mircea_popescuheh i was thinking more in the 150% range18:53
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mircea_popescuso i have a few Unsteady Scaffoldings q 158 available i could conceivably part with. ideal item for digging up select remarkable claims. lemme know.20:25
fghj5x9999 of grass q5 one of stacks common, for auction from 2,38m to + 14h20:31
*** Quits: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) (Quit: Leaving)20:32
danielpbarron2.38m here20:33
mircea_popescuIn other Eulora news, it was reported today that Electron Spirover, the famos fruitbox, has somehow managed to arrange for a massive shippment from Europe! More details as they become available!20:36
*** Joins: Gaxaro (~Blazsword@78-69-34-46-no154.tbcn.telia.com)21:23
GaxaroHi there!21:23
GaxaroI'm on the irc now instead of the web.21:23
GaxaroSo when will we have monsters and such?21:24
mircea_popescufighting is a ways off, yet21:24
diana_comanmircea_popescu, 1.2mn for 2 of those us?21:24
GaxaroAh i see.21:24
GaxaroBeen playing for 3 days now. Unsure what i should focus on and plus i haven't made well much progress haha.21:25
diana_comanfor now the only monster is one's own lack of knowledge/understanding of eulora's inner workings :))21:25
mircea_popescuaka 130% i'm  better off making cft apparently.21:26
diana_comanGaxaro, have you read a bit on the wiki ? the logs here? did you get some idea how it goes?21:26
GaxaroSome what i suppose haha21:26
mircea_popescuGaxaro long term game, take it slowly.21:26
diana_comanhm, what do you want for the us?21:27
diana_comanGaxaro, prolly a good thing to focus on is making coppers, no?21:27
diana_comanso get resources and sell them or get crafting jobs and do them21:28
GaxaroWell, to be honest i felt like trying out the crafting part.21:28
GaxaroPlus i been leveling up my skills here and there.21:28
GaxaroIn building and what not.21:28
diana_comanthis game is more of "a long-term and quite focused effort" rather than here and there, but then again, each player to their own (preferences/strategies/outcomes)21:29
diana_comanbut anyway: try out the crafting part, why not21:29
mircea_popescudiana_coman i'd take 1.2mn bv of low q ibs say.21:30
danielpbarronGaxaro, buy high quailty threads and turn them into low quality braided threads; i'll buy them21:30
diana_comanmircea_popescu, what is low q there?21:30
mircea_popescuanything under say 80 or so ?21:31
* diana_coman fires up calc21:31
GaxaroWould been nice if copy and paste worked in the chat ingame lol21:33
diana_comanthat's 6000 at 100q so 6k sr and 12k f as a bare minimum but since I have access more to 5q or there, that'd be... 67k ibs? o.o21:34
diana_comando you have f and sr for that? so like 67k sr and 134k f?21:35
diana_comanGaxaro, the client is open source and changes to it are highly encouraged, so add that to it if you need it21:36
diana_comanI'm sure it would be useful21:37
diana_comanmircea_popescu, how about ibs at 123q or there?21:38
diana_comanI could do that with my own f+sr21:40
mircea_popescudiana_coman i'd also take F and SR at q 5, same deal.21:40
diana_comanbut ibs at 123q, not at 5q21:40
mircea_popescubut the idea here is to get a noob looking to rank tinkering and feed him your own basics really21:40
diana_comanyeah, I know, kind of running after noobs to get that, but it doesn't seem to go very quickly or something21:40
diana_comanwell, where do you see that?21:41
mircea_popescuupping your own craft is barely worth it for me, get what, measily 20-30 points and the bp is 10 anywya21:41
diana_comanI wouldn't mind getting it to the noobs, but that makes it such a huge quantity that atm I can't quite see where I'd get the high q sr+f for it all esp since ordinaries of sr take SLITHY TOVE21:41
diana_comanthat's the trouble: us seems to be a luxury atm21:43
mircea_popescule suck.21:43
diana_comanvery much so21:43
mircea_popescuHere's an update on Electron's inbound shipment! A friendly dock worker reports that the loading took almost two weeks, and the total weight of the cargo comes to no less than 2`319`405.412! This is one large chunk of merchandise folks!21:47
GaxaroHmm something is wrong lol21:49
jurovyes i can imagine taking that out of storage took two weeks21:50
GaxaroI found a grass claim and i do have thread but for some reason i did not get any rescoures from it21:50
jurovGaxaro: electron stole it!21:50
Gaxaroinstead i got the ennumartion from it21:50
mircea_popescuwhat kind of claim is it ?21:51
mircea_popescujurov precisely!21:51
diana_comanGaxaro, how is that wrong, lol?21:51
diana_comando you mean you got the enum in the claim after building?21:51
diana_comanwhat claim is it?21:52
mircea_popescuis this a small grass claim or what ?21:52
Gaxarotiny clump of dry grass21:52
Gaxaroexploration marker21:52
diana_comanuhm, that builds with a bit of nothing21:52
diana_comannot with thread21:52
diana_comandid you actually build it successfully?21:53
mircea_popescugotta read those ennumartions.21:53
Gaxaroi don't know? lol21:53
diana_comanhe prolly had the bot21:53
mircea_popescuanyway, need lbn for tinies.21:53
diana_comanand yeah, reading the enums is a good thing for starters21:53
Gaxaroyeah i was doing the bot21:53
lobbesbotTitle: Gyazo - 1ba445e4d229fb5ca1fa5b0760bb285d.jpg (at gyazo.com)21:54
diana_comanthe problems of too much automation, lol21:54
GaxaroSo i assume i do nothing with it?21:54
diana_comanyou get yourself some little bits of nothing21:54
diana_comanand then you can build that too21:55
diana_comanthe bot will do it if you have some bits of nothing in inventory21:55
diana_comanbut well, if you didn't have, there was nothing poor bot could do21:55
Gaxarooh i think i have one of those in storage21:55
diana_comanso get them on you21:55
diana_comanbuild this claim manually so that you know and the rest will be on the bot21:55
Gaxaroor maybe i dropped it too i think lol21:56
danielpbarronyou can set the bot to not leave keys behind and then they will eventually turn into bits of nothing21:56
GaxaroHmm nope i dont have one21:58
mircea_popescuGaxaro gotta talk to one of the bouqinists like Birdman or maybe jurov21:59
mircea_popescutyhey usually have some lying around21:59
diana_comanI think there were a few at the merchant if you are desperate21:59
diana_comanbut prolly best what danielpbarron said21:59
danielpbarroni just bought them21:59
danielpbarronthere was a bunch of stuff for sale there too22:00
GaxaroAww man lol22:00
danielpbarronwtf Birdman why are you still selling at Electron?22:00
GaxaroI will buy one of little bit of nothing from you lol22:01
Gaxaroplus i only see blueprints in the store22:01
jurovGaxaro trade me and ill sell you 10 lbn for 20 coppers22:02
danielpbarroni'll buy them!22:02
danielpbarroni'll give you 30 coppers22:02
jurovgot disconnected22:03
danielpbarronhow many you got at that price jurov ?22:03
jurovdanielpbarron: these are the inferior ones22:03
danielpbarroni'll buy22:03
jurovserver isn't available22:03
jurovdanielpbarron: i need them for own consumption. unless you'd exchanged them for high q ones22:04
danielpbarronif you need them why are you selling them so cheap?22:05
GaxaroI only need to buy 1 anyway lol22:06
jurovdanielpbarron: i am selling only 10 pieces22:06
danielpbarronGaxaro, lock the claim and start saving your keys22:06
danielpbarronthe part of the bot command where you type '1' change it to a '0'22:07
danielpbarronafter a couple hours, log out and back in and the keys will have turned into bits22:07
danielpbarroni'm surprised to hear you even found a tiny claim22:07
GaxaroWhy is that supriseing?22:08
jurovlooks like i'm back, and can trade22:08
jurovGaxaro trade me and watch danielpbarron's envy22:08
Gaxaromy ingame name is blaz knight22:08
danielpbarronwell for so few of them it's not worth the effort22:09
jurovdamn disconnected agian... noone else has connection problems?22:09
diana_comanjurov there was a server admin message that server coming down22:09
danielpbarronthe first time was a scheduled stop22:09
diana_comandoesn't sound like a connection problem22:09
danielpbarronlooked like the supplication drafts i sold and bought from Electron were still in there before it went down22:10
danielpbarron1 of each and 100 of one of them22:10
diana_comanaha, the old problem22:10
danielpbarronphreee items!!22:10
diana_comanwhat, supp drafts?22:11
danielpbarronbut that issue is related to a way to get infinite items22:11
diana_comanI somehow doubt you'll get to do that again22:11
diana_comanyeah, I remember it22:11
jurovand you're now logged in?22:12
diana_comannope, it seems down now22:13
jurovpls ping me when it's stable22:18
mircea_popescuapparently unloading all that jazz takes a while huh.22:30
Gaxaroserver is up22:32
Gaxaroand now it went down again lol22:32
diana_comanI suppose better wait until it's announced to be up and fine really22:33
Gaxarooh well, tell me when its up lol22:37
mircea_popescuok, we're back online folks22:41
mircea_popescujurov Gaxaro danielpbarron diana_coman and whoever else wanted a ping22:41
diana_comandoes spirover have pings for sale?22:41
Gaxarocoming back online!22:48
mircea_popescudiana_coman ready to show you the bps ?22:49
jurovanyone needs coins while electron is still stocked?22:53
GaxaroHmm strange the tiny claim is gone and i was gonna build it lol22:54
Gaxaroi knew extacly where it was too22:54
mircea_popescuif you don't lock them they disappear22:54
Gaxaroi guess the server restart did something to it lol22:55
Gaxarooh nvm then lol22:55
mircea_popescuit has ~1 hour or so22:55
Gaxaronvm found it22:56
Gaxaroalright how do i build it extacly lol22:56
jurovGaxaro: we had to find out by trial and error22:58
Gaxaroi don't get it lol23:01
Gaxaroany hints?23:02
danielpbarronwow what a shipment23:02
danielpbarrondid anyone else buy a sizeable bundle :O23:03
diana_comanGaxaro, if only you actually read what was linked to you23:03
diana_comanthere is a tutorial I wrote for that even ffs23:03
diana_comanmircea_popescu, is that a new bp or the one you wrote in here? I got that manually in, in the end, just need to put it up23:04
diana_comandanielpbarron, yes, me, lol23:04
mircea_popescuah ok diana_coman same ones23:04
diana_comanthanks, much appreciated and in the future yes, I'd much rather just read them in23:04
danielpbarronwow which one. i guess i can see which one is missing23:04
danielpbarronobviously i got the grass one23:05
mircea_popescucheck it out, electron's got more custom than the s.mg auctions23:05
mircea_popescuspeaking of which, you folks did notice the 28th one right ?23:05
GaxaroI was trying to look for it but i coulden't find it on the eulora website xD23:05
diana_comanyeah, well, go back through the logs and see what I linked, you know?23:05
diana_comannot to mention that my website is simply my name23:06
danielpbarroni don't see any other sizeables missing 1, unless you bought out a whole stack of 523:06
diana_comanoh, I read remark, sorry, not yet to sizables, lol23:06
diana_comanso no danielpbarron strike that; bought remark, not sizables23:06
danielpbarronyeah i bought enough bundles of remarks to use what i already have23:07
danielpbarronand a bunch of extra ords23:07
mircea_popescuim trying to clear out my inventory23:07
mircea_popescuspeaking of which diana_coman do you buy wwb ords ? :D23:07
diana_comanwhat do you want for them?23:08
danielpbarroni got my spending spree on video23:08
Gaxarolink it lol23:08
* danielpbarron slaps Gaxaro around a bit with a large link23:08
mircea_popescudiana_coman 3 for 75k.23:08
mircea_popescuor alternatively : you sell me what you get from them at half price.23:09
diana_comanuhm, would pay 60k max for the lot23:09
GaxaroHmm i have 1 little bit of nothing inside the claim and the scroll inside my char window23:11
Gaxarothen i click combine23:11
diana_comannot combine23:12
mircea_popescuahhh this is exciting.23:12
GaxaroAh there we go23:12
mircea_popescubtw, anyone noticed the new icon for chetty sticks ?23:13
diana_comanlove it :)23:13
Gaxaroalright i got 19 clump of dry grass from it lol23:15
Gaxarothat wasn't much lol23:15
diana_comanwhat? that IS much from a tiny Gaxaro23:15
diana_comantiny < small plus 1 bit of nothing is way less (less value) than 7 threads!23:15
GaxaroWhat's the highest claim you can get if lucky?23:17
mircea_popescunot currently known23:18
diana_comannobody knows as nobody yet THAT lucky23:18
mircea_popescutho danielpbarron did get a sizeable23:18
mircea_popescudiana_coman you going for this half price deal then ?23:18
diana_comanthat no way, no23:18
diana_comanI'll sell you the wwb from mine though23:19
mircea_popescualso wpl!23:19
diana_comanand if you want I am fine to build the claims for you with your own bundle, no problem23:19
mircea_popescuo hey, we game on that then ?23:19
mircea_popescumeet in town for 3 claims  & 3 bundles ?23:19
diana_comanhow was it, one claim for me and I build one for you, it was that the deal we used to have,right?23:19
diana_comanwasn't it that?23:20
mircea_popescuyou're not supposed to remember that!23:20
diana_comanbwahahaaha try again23:20
mircea_popescumethinks claims are gonna be in short supply, so...23:21
mircea_popescubecause atm they're harder to get than the bundles23:21
diana_comanuhm, not sure about that23:21
diana_comanthough what I am quite sure will happen23:21
diana_comanis that q will go down23:21
diana_comanwhich means that my high q of now will be even more valuable later on23:21
diana_comanwhat with everyone building now a ton of ords23:22
mircea_popescuwhy would q go down ?23:22
diana_coman+ 1 sizeable23:22
mircea_popescudanielpbarron has the dilemma of all time before him. should he build it himself for xp ? should he noob build it for qty ? should he talk to me to get quality ?23:22
diana_comanI suspect he has no such lemmas about him on this23:23
mircea_popescua ?23:23
diana_comanhe seemed to have his mind set re building so far at least23:24
GaxaroSo is it possible to get claims next to each other in 1 row of a line?23:24
diana_comanthen again, only he knows23:24
GaxaroWhen you do this bot23:24
diana_comanof course Gaxaro , you can get them VERY close to one another23:24
Gaxarooh cool23:24
mircea_popescuso fart seems quality went up if anything23:24
mircea_popescuim back to 228 on basics23:24
diana_comandidn't you tinker another ton?23:25
mircea_popescui did tinker some but it didn't level me23:25
mircea_popescugotta understand, by now i need to churn like 3mn worth of inventory to ding23:25
mircea_popescupiddly us doesn't do it.23:25
diana_comanwell, it didn't do it even for me23:25
diana_comanso that's not a big surprise23:25
Gaxarois it normal it goes 1 step behind where you started with the bot explore when you set it on 10 steps?23:25
diana_comanGaxaro, steps are not equal23:26
diana_comanit depends on the terrain23:26
danielpbarronooohooohoho building a ord grass for the first time in a while23:26
diana_comanthe distance covered by one step is different uphill/downhill etc23:26
Gaxarooh i see23:26
diana_comanheh, gl danielpbarron23:26
danielpbarronalso, notice the craftermark on these?23:26
diana_comanmr spirover?23:27
diana_comanI'm going for sr+f23:27
danielpbarroni have over 30 grass ords23:28
diana_comanomg, that's like me on wwb kind of thing23:29
diana_comanwell done there23:29
diana_comanand to think you kept buying all the grass too , lol23:29
mircea_popescuking of the hayseeds!23:30
mircea_popescuanyway, i guess it's time to go do23:31
mircea_popescuA LITTLE WM!!!23:31
danielpbarronand and today we learn there is an unfound resource out there called a sex tape..23:31
mircea_popesculots of unfound resources.23:31
diana_comanheh mircea_popescu I got the bundles for my WM REMARKABLES!!23:33
mircea_popescutrade you for wwb ?23:35
diana_comanwhat, you have wwb remarkables?23:36
diana_coman121 out of flotsam ord with the 250q bundle, not exactly overwhelming, like 20k of value brut23:37
mircea_popescuno, i meanmt the ords :D23:38
diana_comanso that flotsam ord was a loss, since the bundle itself cost ~50k23:39
diana_comanspirover mark indeed, lol23:39
mircea_popescuo boy, sizables are like 40mn23:40
danielpbarronyeah i saved that purchase for last23:40
mircea_popescuremark sb, 4.7mn23:40
mircea_popescuwow diana_coman how the fuck did you manage to buy remarkable wm ? it's too damned heavy to buy.23:42
diana_comanI know, I was almost afraid I just can't because of foxy being too weak23:42
diana_comanbut it just about fitted23:42
diana_comanit's like 390+ or there23:43
mircea_popescui can't buy it ;/23:43
* danielpbarron was able to buy some of all the ords23:43
diana_comanahahahah, how much can you carry mircea_popescu ?23:43
danielpbarrona couple of them i could only get 2 at a time23:43
diana_comanyou should be able to get it then23:43
diana_comanjust strip, lol23:43
diana_comanand omg, is foxy a puny one23:44
diana_comanI can carry like...40323:44
mircea_popescuyea but i got all this shit.23:44
mircea_popescuwow grass remarkable 19 left only o.O23:44
mircea_popescuwoot could buy wm now23:45
mircea_popescubut still can't buy say cr23:45
diana_comanbtw did anyone notice that banking works now? jurov danielpbarron23:46
danielpbarronno i did not23:46
mircea_popescuahaha remark slithy tove!23:46
diana_comanyeah, well, spirover must be grinning even more than usual23:47
jurovyes, i noticed23:47
danielpbarrongetting a rank up on building per 1 ord so far23:47
diana_comanhappy you danielpbarron , mine barely moved :(23:48
* danielpbarron cackles23:48

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