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Birdmanif anyone is selling tools i'd buy some00:05
* Birdman wonders with high enough gathering you eventually get tinies from cs00:10
BirdmanSo it seems the correlation between getting farming and lowering the exp needs to rank up gathering and building is apparent. So i wish i had gotten any of those skill items long ago, would probably have much higher gathering and building00:32
Birdmannot certain if it effects hit rates or output of things00:32
Birdmanits probable it effects the output and hit rates on that category of resource, but for the rest who could tell00:33
Birdmanand does the effect stack? if i get mining and lumberjack would i be ranking gathering/building even easier?00:33
BirdmanAlso, could be that gathering/building those specific resources is giving extra exp as i havent tried it on anything else00:34
Birdmanand in the meantime hopefully my gathering gets good enough to barehanded enough to rank up farming in my sleep a level or two01:07
mircea_popescuwow this log.01:07
mircea_popescuhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2016-02-25.log.html#t22:18:47 << le darn.01:53
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Thursday, 2016-02-25 (at logs.minigame.bz)01:53
mircea_popesculol diana_coman foxy dropped offline ?02:54
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GaxaroAnyone still awake lol03:11
mircea_popescusup ?03:13
GaxaroWoke up like 20 min ago lol, it's around 4 in the morning lol03:14
* danielpbarron 03:14
GaxaroBtw, would we by any chance have a voice channel like teamspeak etc..?03:15
danielpbarronyou could make one if you think it's needed..03:15
danielpbarronnot saying i'd join it though03:15
GaxaroI can make a Discord one which is like the easiest and plus it's free.03:16
danielpbarroni could see how a voice thing would be nice when there is combat and guild raids and whatnot03:16
danielpbarronthat used to be my favorite part of playing minecraft, and i don't know how you could organize those kinds of things with text while simultaneously doing precise combat03:17
danielpbarronbut at the moment there's no reason to have such a thing in Eulora03:17
danielpbarronmy character is doing stuff in another window while i chat here; i don't need to even see it03:18
GaxaroI was thinking more of talking purpose i guess03:20
* danielpbarron barfs03:20
mircea_popescuwhy not call up a girl ?03:40
GaxaroForever alone.03:46
mircea_popescutsk tsk03:47
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BirdmanGaxaro there are numbers you can call for that, but they charge by the minute06:21
GaxaroLol, no thanks.06:59
Birdmanwell farming became incredibly hard to level up07:18
Birdmanwould probably be easier if i was still only getting ords07:23
Birdmanbut hopefully i hit a remarkable and it all evens out07:23
diana_coman<mircea_popescu> lol diana_coman foxy dropped offline ? <- uhm, no, where?07:27
diana_comanBirdman> well farming became incredibly hard to level up <- bwahahahaha07:29
Birdmanits crazy, really07:29
diana_comanBirdman, nope, it's just what I kept saying really07:30
Birdmanand even with mp paying like 2x bv @q100 im just losing money getting the tlc07:30
diana_comanbut nm, you still have 1-2 days to get to 200 in farming07:30
diana_comanno problem, right?07:30
Birdmanayee no problem07:30
diana_comanand re tools see my shop07:31
Birdmanand also i said to 100 ;)07:31
diana_comanah, true, 10007:31
Birdmanwouldnt be hard except these damn smalls07:31
Birdmanthey suck through and through07:31
* diana_coman gets tinies too07:31
Birdmanwith cs??07:31
diana_comanoh, no07:31
diana_comannot with cs07:31
diana_comanthough I did miss once on dm07:32
Birdmanmm i missed still on the tlc even after the small-getting change07:32
diana_comanbtw, during the night I left it on with a pile of hoes and I got 3 ords07:32
diana_comanhm, never missed on tlc so far07:32
Birdman2nd hardest in groceries as far as we know right?07:33
Birdmanthe tlc i mean07:34
diana_comannot sure what you mean there07:35
Birdmani guess i mean difficulty is relative to bv07:36
Birdmanso for those hoes you have what % over bv is that your shop charges?07:36
diana_comanto some extent it would seem so07:36
diana_comanBirdman, the price is there, if you need something else just calc it07:36
Birdmanwell 25k a piece is definitely too much for me, but i'd buy as much as i can for 16k each07:38
Birdmanwhich i think is 160% bv07:41
Birdmanthats what im willing to pay07:41
diana_comanlol, that price is fixed, feel free to make your own tools or something07:45
Birdmanwas just an offer no problem07:46
Birdmanthough im sure when i run out of my own stuff it might look like a better offer lol07:46
diana_comanhopefully there will be some bps soon or otherwise I might end up either not selling them anymore or asking for more07:49
Birdmanyeah, but they will come in due time i'm sure07:49
Birdmanwhat is the bottleneck on that anyways? still an unknown craft?07:49
Birdmanhow does one get the bp for making bps anyways07:50
diana_comanon the bps? well, bps in general seems to be known but very long/difficult to actually get to the click07:50
diana_comanso loads of prerequisites or something07:50
diana_comanmircea_popescu knows exactly as he's the one with the required skills07:50
Birdmanmircea_popescu are you buying all tlc at that price, qi?07:54
Birdmandiana_coman how many remarks have you hit08:12
diana_comanthere is the list in the logs somewhere08:12
Birdmanis it frequent enough to predict for you?08:13
Birdmanand by that i mean, you'd hit one every x amount of cs or something08:13
Birdmanwould you say you've gotten less than 5 of them ?08:16
diana_comanBirdman, you said you had loads of toothpaste bps and you wanted 100 coppers per resulting lbn. What do you want for the toothpaste bps themselves?09:09
Birdmanill ponder and get back to you09:10
Birdmandiana_coman how does 1100 each sound to you?09:12
Birdmanthey are q7 mind you09:12
diana_comanwhat q are they?09:12
diana_comanuhm, so 200% bv for q7? how about 700 each?09:12
BirdmanIll do 700 each if you also sell me tools at 16k each09:13
diana_comantoothpaste doesn't go into hoes, lol09:13
diana_comantell you what then09:13
Birdmani agree09:13
diana_comanyou can have tools at bv for toothpaste bps at corresponding bv09:13
diana_comanso if you get 10k bv in tools, you give me 10k bv in toothpaste bps09:14
Birdmanwhat is their bv?09:14
diana_comancheck the cookbook09:14
BirdmanAh, i always just go to eulorum09:14
diana_comanthe hoes I think are exactly bv09:14
Birdmanwell the bp is 935 so we assume 9.35k?09:14
diana_comanuhm, how is the bp 935?09:15
diana_comanoh, for tools09:15
diana_comanyes, 9352 base value for tools, yes09:15
Birdmanhow many tools do you have for sale?09:15
diana_comanthe calculation goes the other way arond (from value of ingredients to bp)09:15
diana_comanwell, how many toothpaste bps are you selling?09:16
Birdmannone at the bv adjusted deal09:16
diana_comanthen what are you asking for/09:16
Birdmanwell 1100 a piece09:16
diana_comanthen you'll get tools at 7q I suppose09:17
Birdmanthough if you are up for it i'd do 400 each and i can buy the hoes for 13k a pop09:17
diana_comanI would pay you that for toothpaste bps if they were at 100q09:17
Birdmanyeah, but the bv is sort of irrelevant here. You have something i want, and thats how the price breaks09:18
Birdmanotherwise i'd be willing to let em go a 200% bv q10009:18
diana_comanit's q which is NOT irrelavant here09:18
diana_comanyou want 100q for 7q09:18
diana_comanlet me calc on last offer09:18
Birdmani get it, they go into a craft, but are you really looking for numina?09:18
Birdmanalright alright09:18
diana_comanthey go into craft involving decay09:19
diana_comanhm, I can do the 400/toothpaste bp in exchange for corresponding number of hoes at 13k each09:19
diana_comanso: how many toothpaste bps you got then?09:20
Birdmancheck those pss ords over by the trainer09:20
diana_comanugh, mind saying a number?09:20
Birdmani know they're locked, but if you examine the bps it will show the quantity09:20
Birdmani can come check when im done with this cs09:20
diana_comankk, please do09:21
Birdmangot 4 ords in a row, was sort of hoping id stop getting smalls for some reason09:21
Birdmanbut then i got a small09:21
diana_comandoesn't sound that bad to me09:21
Birdmannah i assume my ord:small is a bit better than the competitions09:22
Birdmanits pretty consistent at 1:409:22
diana_comanso got to town Birdman ? and ftr no, it doesn't show quantity anyway, since right click will just show the content of the bp rather than quality/info09:30
Birdmanit shows the recipe and not the quantity?09:31
diana_comanyes, that's how the bps work usually09:31
Birdmanhuh alright then, well on my way in ~ 30 sec09:31
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Birdmandiana_coman i could sell 500 of them09:35
diana_comanso 500*400/13000 = 15 tools and some spare change, right?09:36
Birdmanah so thats what you meant by the corresponding amount of tools09:36
Birdmanyou crafty badger09:36
Birdmanlet me see if i wanna sell more09:37
diana_comanwell yes, makes sense, no?09:37
diana_comananyway, I'm fine with that09:37
Birdmanim not certain i am, let me do some calculations09:37
diana_comanloool, you offered the deal and now it's not fine anymore? lol09:38
Birdmanwasnt entirely sure what that corresponding part meant till now, meant to ask but forgot09:38
Birdmanalso wasnt aware of my low supply of it09:38
Birdmanany other shredding bps you need?09:38
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diana_comanhm , lemme see09:39
Birdmanoh ive some samovar bps saved up ill probably never use09:39
diana_comanwhat do you want for the samovar bps?09:40
diana_comananyway, we can talk on that separately as not really related and better get this tools and toothpaste settled this century09:41
diana_comanI suppose possibly some congressional pulp bps might be fine too, though not that keen on them09:42
Birdmanpigment screwdrivers flatbread teas and tinctures09:42
diana_coman? what's with those? I'm not much of a cook myself09:43
Birdmanim considering shredding bps seperate from what i have of the samovar09:43
diana_comanoh, I thought you meant samovar bps09:43
diana_comanas in bps to make samovars, lol09:43
Birdmanaha nope09:43
diana_comanI would buy bps to make samovars, but not interested in cooking bps, no09:44
Birdmanwould ya.. buy a samovar or two?09:44
diana_comancan we first finish on the toothpaste and then we see about anything else? I start getting the feeling that I am wasting time here09:44
Birdmanalright, well if i can only buy the corresponding copper amount then no dice, i dont have enough paste bps for that deal. If you're interested i can give you a bunch of pulp bps to cover say 25 tools total with the 15 from the paste bps09:46
Birdmanand i'd be willing to do the pulps for 80 a piece q709:46
Birdmanwhich is .75 bv09:46
Birdman1625 pulp bps, 500 paste bps for 25 of those tools09:47
diana_comanfine, I can do the toothpaste + cp up to 25 tools09:47
diana_comanlet me finish this stick and I'll hop into town09:47
Birdmanglad i got some value out of these finally09:48
* diana_coman is glad all this talk finalised into something really09:48
Birdmanyes well it comes with commerce i suppose09:49
Birdmanyou dont enjoy a good haggle?09:49
diana_comanmy time has value too09:50
diana_comanso if the haggle goes on and on, that adds to the cost really09:50
diana_comanbasically I'd rather pay 100 coppers more than waste half an hour to "gain" that 100 coppers09:50
diana_comanas simple as that09:50
diana_comanok, ready09:51
diana_comanthere we go, thanks09:52
Birdmanno prob shred well09:54
Birdmani must be in a very weird place in the gathering ranks, because my ord:small ration the has gotten significantly better since it switched09:56
Birdmanmore ords than smalls really09:56
danielpbarronyour character can work as you haggle11:58
mircea_popescudanielpbarron 89 to go, we're on schedule here, 6-7 hours eta.12:28
diana_comandanielpbarron> your character can work as you haggle <- yeah, but *I* normally work too while my character works, lol12:29
diana_comanI was talking about my time, not my character's time12:30
mircea_popescuhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2016-02-26.log.html#t07:41:00 << o brother, waht are tools at yet ?!12:45
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Friday, 2016-02-26 (at logs.minigame.bz)12:45
mircea_popescu267% on ch huh.12:46
mircea_popescuso ch + ss + 5s + io + lft + ibs bps add up to about 130% or say 13k.12:47
diana_comanmircea_popescu, that's partially because those are still cs from merchant - hence I paid 13k on them12:47
mircea_popescutheir bv being 932 + 882 + 5*67 + 544 + 407 + 12 * 255 = 6160 we could judge bps are going for, give or take, 200% bv12:48
diana_comananyway, I'm all keen on seeing other tools being offered at lower prices12:48
mircea_popescudiana_coman where they came from doesn't matter ; who put the money in the pot doesn't matter.12:48
diana_comanfor calc bp values, indeed12:48
diana_comanit doesn't matter12:48
mircea_popescuin general.12:48
danielpbarroni'm not going to undercut her tool prices12:49
diana_comanwell, in general it doesn't matter, in particular it can matter, lol12:49
diana_comanbut that's not the point here12:49
mircea_popescuif i got my slave playing poker, raiding cruise ships, wishing on a star or asking the facebook, all the same.12:49
danielpbarronor at least not until some more tinkerers enter the fray and start auctioning packages of flasks or whatever12:49
mircea_popescuhalf of it was that i wanted to see if i want to undercut that or not. prolly not.12:49
diana_comanaha; and ha12:50
mircea_popescuby a crude "cs was historically ~15-20% over basic tools" we could say usable cs should sell for say 60 to 65k each12:50
mircea_popescuby bp count... hm12:50
danielpbarroni mean it took me long enough to make my tools; i wanna use them myself, and not spend all day changing what i'm crafting back and forth making all the stuff12:50
mircea_popescucs + 3 ppb + 1ft + 9 srs12:51
mircea_popescu2000 + 2 * 446 + 562 + 9 * 45 = 385912:51
diana_comanwell, I'm already planning making cs too so that I don't end up running out of those12:51
mircea_popescuby this calc it'd be more like 35-40k12:52
diana_comanbut yeah, I don't see myself selling them12:52
mircea_popescudiana_coman would you sell for 62k say ?12:52
diana_comanmhm, maybe a small quantity - trouble is that I really need cs now that lbn will become extinct due to bp problems12:53
diana_comanit all comes back to no bps really12:53
mircea_popescugotta make some bps huh!12:53
mircea_popescuaite, ima deliver danielpbarron tea and focus into getting the one click done, see wtf.12:53
diana_comando you need anything else for that click/bps?12:54
mircea_popescui do. i need the 1k high quality bouq numina stuff.12:54
diana_comanmhm, let me see what I have, but prolly my q on bouq is 102 or some such12:55
mircea_popescuyeah, no good. for best results i should make it myself.12:55
diana_comanI somehow recall I sold you some of that anyway, didn't I?12:55
danielpbarronoh lemme figure that out now12:55
diana_comanaha, so then I guess there's nothing I can help with there12:55
mircea_popescuhey danielpbarron on what terms would you part with the bp that ups numina for bouq and materials ?12:55
mircea_popescuq dun matter.12:56
danielpbarronwell there's only 1 quality and it's 20012:56
mircea_popescuof the materials ?12:56
mircea_popescuyou don't make ink or w/e it uses at 200 i dun think12:56
danielpbarronwater of amnesia12:57
mircea_popescuaha that.12:57
danielpbarronwell the terms would have to ~include~ me getting samovars and toolkits12:57
mircea_popescudiana_coman the one thing is that i could do a long run of bouq stuff hoping to loot some. but i'm not willing to do maculatgure because bps. yet there's stuff like ecv, but you sold him all teh leather!12:57
mircea_popescutruth be told im not even sure leather under 150 helps here tho.12:57
diana_comankk, will sell you the next batch of leather12:58
mircea_popescudanielpbarron that'd be no problem. half dozen of each ?12:58
mircea_popescudiana_coman let us do some math here.12:58
danielpbarronand how much are you gonna pay for my amnesia waters?12:58
diana_comanas to q... 10 levels up in farming + a couple in building to get 1 (ONE) q point higher12:58
diana_comanso ...12:58
mircea_popescuecv is bv 14587. it takes 1 bng and 23 wpl.12:58
diana_comanhmmm, I might still have some high q bng...maybe, will check12:58
mircea_popescunow... if my bng is q 150, which i can't fucking change, for the life of me, 20mn worth of cooking later,12:58
diana_coman(as in 200)12:58
mircea_popescuthat makes it o q200 would help loads.12:59
diana_comangotta check12:59
danielpbarronlast time i tried i was cooking at 90 quality12:59
mircea_popescuanyway, (14587 * 1.43 - 1.5 * 11395) / 23 / 152 = 1.07749141913:00
mircea_popescuso basically i need q 108 wpl to even break even on craft.13:00
mircea_popescudanielpbarron i dunno, what'd you want on them ?13:00
diana_comanwell, my wpl is q 14213:00
mircea_popescuactually in fairness, it's also the bp which i dun recall what q i have lessee13:01
mircea_popescuo that high by now ?13:01
diana_comanit's been for a while, yes13:01
mircea_popescuonly goes to show how little i've seen of it of late!13:01
diana_comananyway, you get next batch of wpl, will build the ords soon then too and see what it all amounts to13:01
mircea_popescuok then im not gonna bother checking, with wpl 142 i should get about 3-4k from bp/decay + 3-4k from leather aka 7k+13:01
mircea_popescua few hundred clicks of these should yield some midrange i would hope13:02
mircea_popesculemme see what else could be done here.13:02
mircea_popescui could of course try a bunch of ds.13:02
mircea_popescu1-10 pss. that's more room to play. i got no bbb of course... but i could make some if i had fucking ltf.13:03
mircea_popesculemme see what q my cp is13:03
mircea_popescuo sweet i got some q 200 cp. so that's a definite possibility also.13:04
mircea_popescudanielpbarron you'll want this vellum btw ?13:04
diana_comanhm hm, 26 bng 195q13:10
mircea_popescuo that's pretty good.13:10
diana_comanit cost me a pretty penny too AND it's not replaceable at all, lol13:10
mircea_popescualso ftr : if any noobs want me to make you tools : 1. locate shaped slag BPS. whoever did the huge shaped slag bps for me back when i was offering them must have tons of bps, look through the logs, find them, steal or beg the bps etc.13:11
mircea_popescu2. craft these. the quality doesn't matter. whatever. if you need slag bps i might be able to sell you ; or else if you want actually make you the slag.13:12
diana_comanor simpler than that, buy my tools, lol13:12
mircea_popescu3. bring the stuff to me. if you manage to ALSO source tool bps you'll have it much easier. if not... you still might be able to beat diana's prices.13:12
mircea_popescusure. simpler.13:12
diana_coman(not that they don't do exactly that atm)13:12
diana_comanbut yeah, I'm looking forward to cheaper tools too13:13
mircea_popescusooo diana_coman, 125% on the bng ? :D13:13
mircea_popescuok, how about13:13
mircea_popescu125% on 125% on the bng ?13:13
* danielpbarron has shaped slag blueprints :D13:14
danielpbarronthere's your log line noobs13:14
danielpbarronstart begging13:14
diana_comanso 903k for the 26 bng you mean mircea_popescu ?13:15
mircea_popescui think jurov also had some13:15
mircea_popescudiana_coman aww, i was gonna do this entire 125% of 125% chain thing like in that "1st day of christmas" song13:15
* diana_coman has no idea of the song13:16
mircea_popesculessee here. 903 / 26 / 1139513:16
diana_comanbut feel free to add to the chain13:16
mircea_popescuso like 300% ?13:16
mircea_popescuif i make 26 clicks and loot 0 numina of the sort i need i'm fucked.13:16
diana_coman300% seems fine13:17
diana_comanI have no idea on the loot13:17
diana_comanI guess you can try first with your bng and the wpl only13:17
diana_comanno idea really13:17
mircea_popescubut, to quote from ancient articles,13:18
mircea_popescu"Money is not that meaningful currently, and I'll quote an absolutely fine example to illustrate this. One of the many "needed but no supply known" ingredients was TLC (Two Leaf Clover, aka Diana's Doifoi). This thing was recently found, by Daniel Barron, through the application of his monopolistic skillset and tools. How much should he charge ? He asked me for 20k, and I passed - but I must underline that I do not begrudge th13:18
mircea_popescue man his asking in the slightest. He has spent large piles of copper to obtain this, and has a good position which he should exploit in order to ensure his very own survival. And he should survive, because he's valuable - he's the guy that got us the clover at all after all!"13:18
danielpbarronwhy does the quality of assorted library mites need to be high btw?13:18
mircea_popescudanielpbarron because it's just like with the sacrifice : if i don't oc i don't loot.13:18
danielpbarronwhat do the mites get used in, bouq?13:19
mircea_popescunah, the apprentice thing13:19
danielpbarronright but what line13:19
danielpbarronyour lapidary needs to be above that13:19
mircea_popescuah, the apprentice thing is bouq yes13:19
danielpbarronso even yours won't overcraft13:19
mircea_popescuthey will because range.13:19
danielpbarronmine aren't that far off from yours13:19
mircea_popescuwhat q do you make them ?13:20
danielpbarron90 and rising13:20
mircea_popescuwasn't i makign them 120 or somesuch ?13:20
danielpbarronis that were you left off?13:20
mircea_popescui did something lapidary recently i recall discussing it13:21
mircea_popescubrb logs13:21
mircea_popescuFeb 21 22:52:54 <mircea_popescu>sooo lapidary skill 3, q 115 ; skill 10 q 116 ; skill 15 q 117 ; skill 19 q 118 ; skill 29 q 119 ; skill 32 q 120 ; skill 39 q 121 ; skill 46 q 12213:21
mircea_popescuim doing q 122.13:21
mircea_popescubut you're right - i'd be a lot better off looting them from bouq than making them with lapidary13:22
mircea_popescujust... looting is always risky. how do i know i get any.13:22
mircea_popesculapidary produces as a guaranteed result yes ?13:22
mircea_popescudiana_coman it's pretty interesting to try and figure this out, for me. so obv if i pay 900k on yoru bng, i get 26 clicks with much higher oc. but oc is to a degree (to what degree ?) fungible, so i could get the same results with more (how many ?) clicks on normal bng and your wpl. but normal bng STILL has to be made, lft, acg, the works. so it has a cost too.13:25
mircea_popescuso which is, as a rational player, my better move here ?13:25
mircea_popescuif anyone has any ideas how to figure this plox share.13:25
diana_comanwell, dunno if oc goes into any rational consideration really seeing how it to a significant extent luck related really; I'd say more of a personal preference/choice which can perhaps be rationalised but not sure that fully makes it "rational" by any means13:26
diana_comanbut I suppose any attempt at that would still be interesting to hear nevertheless13:27
mircea_popesculuck goes through reason like water through a sifter.13:27
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> lapidary produces as a guaranteed result yes ? << yes it's like shredding for bits13:27
mircea_popescuif it is luck based, then you just figure the odds and you got l'hopital or w/e, bernouli13:27
danielpbarronok how about this : 50 toil of bouquinism quality 200 for  2 turning wheels at least 500k q13:28
mircea_popescudiana_coman it's a fucking numeric computer, what mysticism is this. it is REQUIRED that there exists a numeric better.13:28
mircea_popescudanielpbarron you got moar bps ?13:29
mircea_popescuand what 500k q, i don't even make them that high do i ?13:29
danielpbarronthe last one you traded me was over 500k i thought13:29
danielpbarronyeah it's still over 500k after i've used it a bunch13:30
mircea_popescuoh i got my used one in storage it's like 450 but i beat the hell out of it13:30
diana_comanwell, it is required it exists, but not that it is calculable with the info available at present or something; sure, "luck" there is defined numerically so yeah, you could calc it13:30
diana_comanbut do you know the odds ? I don't13:30
mircea_popescume either ;/13:30
mircea_popescuwut do.13:31
diana_comanembrace mysticism !! :))13:31
mircea_popescuso my options here are, so far :13:31
mircea_popescu1. use your bng and wpl for 26 clicks which may or may not yield ; 1.1 use my bng which i don't have made out of acg i don't have made out of lft i don't have and wlp, for idem, but more clicks.13:32
mircea_popescu2. use my own cp and make some ds. for as long as that'll last.13:32
mircea_popescu3. buy danielpbarron's bps hey, you forgot the water thing ?13:32
diana_comanwtf, I just unlocked 1 ord, put the bundle in it and it promptly vanished?????13:34
diana_comanit's not even an old ord13:34
diana_comanwell, will add that tsk to the price of wpl then13:34
mircea_popescuthat sweeper thing is totally griefing people.13:34
mircea_popescuwill have to be fucking fixed already. sorry!13:34
danielpbarronlol i went through so many old ords the last few days and not a one disappeared on me13:34
danielpbarronguess i used up all the luck13:34
diana_comanyeah, I know, I did too, this was a NEW ONE13:35
mircea_popescuLET US CALCULATE IT13:35
danielpbarroneven left one unlocked as i ran to town because i forgot bundles13:35
danielpbarroni don't have enough water made yet13:35
danielpbarroni'd need samovars and toolkits first i guess13:36
mircea_popescudanielpbarron how about i make you toolkits and samovars for ALL your water, and you give me only the water i need for bouq ?13:36
danielpbarronif you want 50 waters with the 50 toils13:36
mircea_popescuheh look at that, im short shaped slag, too.13:39
mircea_popescuok danielpbarron here's an offer you can't fucking resit, i'm telling you. step 1 : you give me 160 FCS and 40 SCS. step 2 : i give you 20 samovars and 20 toolkits. i make them pretty good, q 143.3 or so. step 3 : you give me 50 toils and the waters they need.13:41
mircea_popescu(at this juncture i must point out that danielpbarron 's continued winning of auctions puts him in a prime fucking position to negotiate every damned week, doesn't it!)13:43
*** Joins: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl)13:43
danielpbarronwhat quality on the shaped slags?13:46
danielpbarrongranted, i wouldn't try for the lowest, but maybe birdman or somone with quality around 50 wants to do that part for me13:49
danielpbarronhrm, i already have the oil actually13:50
danielpbarroni guess i'd wanna use that myself for the exp13:51
danielpbarronalright, mircea_popescu deal13:52
danielpbarronoil kinda feels like the soj of this game right now13:53
danielpbarroni see a stack over 200 in my storage and i feel rich13:53
mircea_popescudanielpbarron can be any quality i dun care.14:02
mircea_popescuheh, it is pretty valuable yeh14:03
mircea_popescuanyway, ima finish the tea, put the toolkits in the oven, then you can deliver the ss when you're done and ima start on samovars.14:03
danielpbarronBirdman or whoever, speak soon with an enticing deal on shaped slags or forever hold your peace14:04
danielpbarroni'm preparing my stocks now, making my slag and oil the same quality14:04
mircea_popescuthese packages used to be pure gold back in the day, who knew.14:04
mircea_popescunoob with q 20ish would have gotten 10k bps from a run likethis or some such14:04
danielpbarroni'm thinking i'd actually want to ~be paid~ for the opportunity to rank up an aspiring tinkerer, on top of me getting the resulting numina14:05
mircea_popescuhow things change.14:06
danielpbarronwhen it was blueprints that was another story14:06
mircea_popescueulora be a harsh mistress.14:08
*** Joins: hanbot (~hanbot@unaffiliated/hanbot)14:10
diana_comantoday's the day of wtfs, sheesh: picked up wpl and it went into some hidden slots (why? I had plenty empty slots!) and now dunno, got to drop it all 1 by 1 or something because if I give it a number it says it did not find the item14:11
diana_comanI should prolly patch the client to automatically drop ALL of one item14:12
diana_comanor better yet /moveto14:12
danielpbarron/bot drop 1 leather 0 1 5500 850014:12
diana_comansomething like that, lol14:12
diana_comanbut more like /bot drop all leather14:13
diana_comanbut more like /bot drop all wpl14:13
danielpbarron/bot wtf 1 eleventy 7 540014:13
danielpbarronno it's easy you just didn't read the help text14:13
danielpbarrondon't mind me i'm just cracking myself up14:14
danielpbarronok i got 1k slag and 200 oil both quality 119 and 200 shaped slag blueprints quality 9 ready to go14:15
diana_comanI do notice that, lol; just you know, go ahead and suggest the wonderfully simpler bot interface14:15
danielpbarroni'll hold off a sec and see what the offers are14:15
mircea_popescudiana_coman prolly stacked with other wpl in same place ?14:16
danielpbarronas in, how much someone is willing to pay me in exchange for 200 shaped slags and all the resulting numina loot14:16
mircea_popescubut the solution is to go to bank14:16
mircea_popescuthat list is enumerated properly.14:16
diana_comanwell, I had no wpl on me14:16
mircea_popescuo.O ?!14:16
diana_comanI can't go !14:17
mircea_popescumaybe that's where your claim went also ?14:17
diana_comanbefore I could even build it?14:17
danielpbarrons/in exhange for/to make me/14:17
diana_comanit fucking vanished the moment I put the bundle in, did not even get to build it14:17
mircea_popescumaybe you picked it up14:18
diana_comanthe claim entirely/14:18
mircea_popescui dunno!14:18
mircea_popescuinb4 foxy is moving around with a chunk of texas affixed14:18
diana_comanuhm, beyond the funny part, foxy is entirely stuck14:19
diana_comanafter a series of drop any14:19
* danielpbarron wonders if there will be some sort of magic spell to altar the names of things, so that one claim becomes another14:19
diana_comannow it doesn't find wpl anymore but then it's still overweight14:20
danielpbarronalter even14:20
diana_comano.o changing the name changes the thing now?14:20
danielpbarronlike you get a text prompt filled with the current name of the thing, you change it as you wish, and the server checks if what you changed it to is a valid thing, and charges you per letter changed or something14:21
mircea_popescudanielpbarron ahaha telegraph magic ?14:23
danielpbarroni remember there were some magic the gathering cards that let you alter creature types and colors14:24
danielpbarronor change one land to another14:25
mircea_popescudiana_coman log off and ima operate on your entrails.14:25
diana_comanmircea_popescu, : 1110wpl 142q and 2428wpl 141q14:48
mircea_popescusweet. what on them ?14:49
diana_comanhm, last lot went for 297 per wpl iirc14:51
diana_comananyway, as it is for bps, I'll let this go at 130%14:52
mircea_popescuyou got yourself a deal.14:52
diana_comankk, eta 3 min14:53
*** Quits: fghj (~fghj@gti6.internetdsl.tpnet.pl) (Quit: Leaving)14:54
diana_comantwo trades I guess, as it will mix otherwise14:55
mircea_popescu1110 * 1.42 + 2428 * now please.14:55
mircea_popescu(1110 * 1.42 + 2428 * 1.43) * 152 * 1.3 = 997532.22414:56
diana_comanit says I have to wait, lol14:56
mircea_popescusorry bout that14:56
diana_comangood luck with them14:57
diana_comanoh, they were at 1.41 and 1.42, not 1.42 and 1.4314:58
diana_comanso it's 988, not 99814:58
diana_comanowe you 10k, lol14:58
mircea_popescuah ok. ty.14:59
mircea_popescuhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2016-02-26.log.html#t09:14:11 <<< ahahaha best log line!15:35
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Friday, 2016-02-26 (at logs.minigame.bz)15:35
mircea_popescuBirdman im taking your ft bps at 1100 if you still got 'em.15:36
diana_comanneah, I got them :D15:37
diana_comanmircea_popescu, 8015 wwb 142 q, want it?15:37
diana_comanafter convoluted discussions there we got to a deal toothpaste bps+ cp bps for 25 tools15:38
mircea_popescunah, no need for wwb atm cuz not making wineskins, making ecv15:40
mircea_popescustack it up.\15:40
diana_comankk, will keep at it15:41
mircea_popescuholy shit this guy really doesn't know how to deal huh!15:41
mircea_popescuyou got MORE bps ?!15:41
diana_comanfor some reason he was fixated on the tools being "too expensive"15:41
diana_comandunno really why he didn't just get the tools and let me pay for the bps and that would have been that15:41
diana_comanbut hey, what can I do15:42
mircea_popescubecause cash expending aversion.15:42
diana_comanI guess so, makes some sense15:42
mircea_popescufrom what i've seen it's been the #1 driver of insane behaviour in game so far.15:42
diana_comanor maybe just lack of cash basically15:42
mircea_popescumostly because people are somehow used with game items being worthless, and game cash being more or less set by developer to match sweat15:42
diana_comanone can't spend what one doesn't have, so then ..deals15:43
mircea_popescui guess.15:43
mircea_popescuso in the end you got about 1-2mn worth of bps for 25k bv in tools ?15:43
diana_comanhow do you calc 1-2mn worth of bps?15:43
mircea_popescu5000% ftw.15:43
mircea_popescuwell, he had 1k ft at 1100, right ? and 1600 cp is what, another mil i guess. didn't really run the numbers on it15:44
diana_comanno, 500 ft15:44
diana_comanand they were some 5q15:44
mircea_popescuthey still work.15:44
diana_comansure do15:44
diana_comanI'm fine with the deal really, kind of set my mind a bit more at ease re future cs15:45
mircea_popescuim sure YOU are fione with it :D15:45
diana_comanheh, I *worked* for it!15:45
mircea_popesculol. fair enough.15:45
diana_comanand he got what he wanted - tools15:45
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danielpbarrondiana_coman, would you like to trade 79 q9352 cruddy hoes for 99 q7466 stone adzes?17:08
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*** Azelphur is now known as Azelphu17:23
*** Azelphu is now known as Azelphur17:23
diana_comandanielpbarron, deal17:40
diana_comanyou in town now?17:41
diana_comanif not, I'll be back in ~2hrs17:41
danielpbarronstill around?17:48
danielpbarronah no wonder you are so eager, i didn't factor in the 2k buyback (stupid me), how about 83 for 100? (still your benefit just not as much)17:53
diana_comanmhm, how is that to my benefit exactly? if I calc it as 83*9352+83*2000−100*7466−100*2000 I end up losing ~4k; and tbh I am not in need of adzes; I guess I'll just stick to selling the hoes as advertised and avoid messing about with all sorts of deals19:37
diana_comanand ftr I wasn't particularly eager: I just knew I had only 5 min at the calc at the time, lol19:40
*** Joins: mircea_popescu (~Mircea@pdpc/supporter/silver/mircea-popescu)20:20
mircea_popescudanielpbarron tea's done20:20
Birdmanmircea_popescu are you buying low q tlc at the same price?20:22
mircea_popescuwhich price is that ?20:22
Birdman2k each20:22
mircea_popescuyep, any quality.20:22
mircea_popescubury me baby.20:23
Birdmanyou got it mang20:23
Birdmani noticed right after i made that deal with diana it was stupid of me, it was pretty late20:23
danielpbarrondiana_coman, no.. ~I~ end up losing 4k20:32
danielpbarronyou add the adzes and subtract the hoes20:32
mircea_popescudanielpbarron there ?20:36
mircea_popescuat your leisure20:37
mircea_popescu446 teas and that settles that.20:39
mircea_popescutoolkits are underway, i would guess maybe hm... 2 hours ? 3 ?20:39
Birdmanis this a good time to offer q6 tea bps for price at q200 bv20:41
danielpbarronseeing as how i can only actually use 99 tea and i have that, i'm not in a rush20:43
danielpbarronBirdman, how much would you pay me for a package to make 200 shaped slag and all the numina loot?20:43
danielpbarronquality 119 ingredients and q 9 blueprints20:43
Birdmanbut ill process it for free and give you resulting loots n crafts20:44
danielpbarronyeah no20:44
Birdmanim not gonna pay to rank up20:45
Birdmannot my tinkering at least20:45
danielpbarronbtw, I just learned this one the other day :  $ tail -qf .Eulora/log/*21:20
mircea_popescuaha ?21:25
danielpbarronno matter which log file is updated, it'll show it21:26
danielpbarronthe -q leaves out the name of the file21:26
mircea_popescuwell yea21:27
mircea_popescu&item black21:36
euporiumBlack of Desspayr(1) cat: Ingredients I base value: 29170, 2 other items match21:36
danielpbarron&item daniel21:37
euporiumDaniel's Confused Scribblings on Gathering(1) cat: Books I base value: 4419221:37
danielpbarron&item daniel's magic21:38
euporiumI know nothing of daniel's magic21:38
danielpbarron&item magic21:38
euporiumMagic Bag(1) cat: Magic Stuffs base value: 1, 1 other items match21:38
danielpbarronscam. My bad is named "Daniel's Magic Bag"21:38
danielpbarronbag even21:38
euporiumError: You haven't asked me a command; perhaps you want to see someone else's more.  To do so, call this command with that person's nick.21:39
danielpbarron&item magic 221:40
euporiumI know nothing of magic 221:40
euporium(help [<plugin>] [<command>]) -- This command gives a useful description of what <command> does. <plugin> is only necessary if the command is in more than one plugin. You may also want to use the 'list' command to list all available plugins and commands.21:40
danielpbarron&help item21:40
euporium(item <item>) -- Searches for information about <item>21:40
* danielpbarron stabs euporium 21:40
mircea_popescu&item stab21:40
euporiumI know nothing of stab21:40
euporiumAdmin, AutoMode, Channel, Config, EuloraUsers, Misc, NickAuth, Owner, User, and Utilities21:41
danielpbarron&list EuloraUsers21:41
danielpbarron&item foxy21:42
euporiumFoxy's Dismal Scribblings on Gathering(1) cat: Books I base value: 17007, 2 other items match http://dianacoman.com/Eulora/Foxy's-Dismal-Scribblings-on-Gathering.html21:42
danielpbarron&item mircea21:42
euporiumMircea's Abhorent Scribblings on Tinkering(1) cat: Books I base value: 86901, 5 other items match21:42
euporiumError: "eulorausers" is not a valid command.21:45
mircea_popescu&list eulorausers21:46
diana_comandanielpbarron> diana_coman, no.. ~I~ end up losing 4k <- oh, right you are there - goes to show why it's best to stick to cash unless really no choice; anyway, so don't lose anything and just buy the hoes if you need them21:51
danielpbarroni don't want to buy tools at that price21:52
danielpbarroni already have tools21:53
danielpbarronjust wanted to swap some of them21:53
mircea_popescuanyone bidding sunday btw ?21:55
danielpbarroni plan on being there21:56
diana_comanI'm kind of focusing on farming though and mining as second so really not much interest in adzes I'm afraid21:57
diana_comanI don't seem to get those two moving fast enough as it is21:58
diana_comanI plan on being there on Sunday too21:59
mircea_popescucurious what comes of it.22:04
Birdmannot sure why or how, but cs are on and off not registering or something. I start the explore, it uses the tool q, runs the bar out, but doesnt do anything past that. just says ">you start to explore." and thats the end of it22:09
Birdmanand its happened enough in the past day or two for me to mention it22:10
diana_comano.o I've been burning today through more than 100 cs and never saw that, hmm22:10
diana_comancan you explore afterwards in same place Birdman ?22:10
Birdmanshould note, no exp either22:10
Birdmandiana_coman yes22:10
Birdmani dont know what is interupting it or what22:11
mircea_popescuand is the tool decayed ?22:15
mircea_popescuthis is innerving.22:18
mircea_popescuima re-open this issue, we shall see wtf. i thought it was solved.22:18
mircea_popescudiana_coman http://trilema.com/2016/so-youre-a-rational-fellow-right/ << the longest acceptance speech of a trade in euloran history.22:33
lobbesbotTitle: So you're a rational fellow, right ? on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)22:33
mircea_popescui'm taking the bng's.22:33
diana_comanwell, gotta read that then to figure out you are taking them, no? (lemme finish this ord and I'll pop back in town)22:34
danielpbarron%item purse22:34
danielpbarron&item purse22:35
euporiumI know nothing of purse22:35
mircea_popescumethinks it's pretty interesting, but then again that's me.22:35
mircea_popescusooo... who's selling me ict at 20k a pop ?22:40
diana_comanwhat's ict?22:41
mircea_popescufor my own amusement, how much did you pay on these ? 400k or something ?22:42
diana_comanuhm, that's all coin I have, owe you 10k?22:42
diana_comangood luck with them22:44
diana_comanas to what I paid, I don't quite remember; certainly some higher markup on them and it was possibly part of some complicated deal with supplying tlc and the like; I got a load of them when I was planning to make ecv + books22:44
mircea_popescuaha. i dunrecall either, msuta been one of those.22:45
BirdmanSo the apprentice bouq craft gives you a bunch of shredding bundles huh?22:46
mircea_popescusexy huh.22:47
diana_comanalso, as I go through the post on trilema: do you/will you need high q beans too?22:47
Birdmanwhere do bps fit into this though22:47
mircea_popescuwhat for ?22:49
diana_comanWhich Ampoules in turn get mixed with 6`600 Elusive Purple Snails (which just about wiped my previously immense stocks of snails) and 3`600 Better Bitterbeans to make the ink in question.22:49
lobbesbotNews from eulora: So you're a rational fellow, right ? <http://trilema.com/2016/so-youre-a-rational-fellow-right/>22:50
mircea_popescui have a large pile of bbb, q 100+ ish. but i could certainly buy more.22:50
mircea_popescuso... sure, if you have them. not a priority otherwise.22:51
diana_comanI have quite a bunch of bbb ordinaries, so then I guess I should better build them22:51
diana_comanoh, with wwb now: I basically got higher q before making a full stack, so kind of sucks on mixing it, lol22:51
mircea_popescucan't hurt bnuilding them to clear out inv space / get your skills up sure sure22:52
mircea_popescui'll buy22:52
diana_comanyeah, that's the thing, mainly getting skill up + clear  out inv22:52
diana_comanplus the claims get old, hell knows22:52
diana_comannot that old ever proved bad in eulora EXCEPT for claims really22:53
diana_comanmircea_popescu, do I get it right that your problem is to get as high overcraft as possible on the new thing you are doing?22:56
diana_comanI mean: wouldn't it then make more sense to get a noob to do the click ?22:56
mircea_popescuif the noob bid in the auction it'd make perfect sense for him to do the click.22:57
mircea_popescubut until such a day... ima b e doing the click.22:57
diana_comanquite an interesting read anyway23:04
diana_comananyway wanted to say: the bng is 11395×26×1.95 base value as it is and even at 1.3 only (being cooking I really doubt I paid *less* than that), it still is total 750k23:05
mircea_popescuyeh, nb.23:06
mircea_popescui just fall victim to the cash-hoarding bug somethimes too!23:06
mircea_popescuanwyay - i have pretty much everything together here, once the deal with danielpbarron clears and i've done the ecv, we're good to do ONE click and see what this is.23:15
mircea_popescui would expect this to happen either tomorrow or sun23:15
mircea_popescushould i sell the maculature or click it myself ? we want low or high lbn ?23:17
mircea_popesculow iirc ?23:17
danielpbarroni'm tempted to say high only because that would mean the looted numina would also be high23:18
danielpbarronand also because i'm set on bits for a while23:19
mircea_popescuthere's be very little oc for me tho. just the table basically.23:19
danielpbarronhaving a noob click it won't result in extra bits23:20
mircea_popescujust bouq numina.23:20
danielpbarronah what do i care i'm supposed to give you all those toils23:20
mircea_popescuhopefully i make more anyway23:21
danielpbarronjust means you get less to no lapidary numina23:21
mircea_popescuyeah there is that.23:22
danielpbarronwhich i'd buy, but it's not a huge concern23:22
mircea_popescuthis change in bp production basically added a huge panel of gauges and levers for the players to play with23:22

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