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Birdmanhey sorry mircea_popescu wont happen again02:19
mircea_popescugood. picking up these adzes ?03:00
Birdmanyes, and have some cs for you03:00
mircea_popescucool. im in town03:00
Birdmantrade now?03:01
mircea_popescu374 * 3 + 40 - 4000 = 283803:03
Birdmandiana_coman if you wanna trade some adze for hoes let me know03:04
*** Joins: Gaxaro (~Blazsword@78-69-34-46-no154.tbcn.telia.com)03:21
GaxaroI assume Diana is asleep lol03:34
mircea_popescushe doesn't sleep. she waits.03:35
GaxaroGonna need more thread from her soon lol03:44
GaxaroI know she's 1 hour behind me in my timezone too03:44
* danielpbarron has threads03:44
* Gaxaro doesn't have enough copper and uses it for leveling up gathering only03:45
Birdmanyeah gathering is good to level up until ~ 20003:45
Birdmanonly benefits you03:45
danielpbarroni can do loans03:45
mircea_popescuAUCTION : one stack CFT, q 157, min bid 4mn . eta 17:00 ART03:45
Birdmanassuming gathering effects claim output03:45
danielpbarronheh wanna borrow 4 mn Gaxaro ?03:46
mircea_popesculoansharking ftw lol03:46
GaxaroLol that's gonna take a quite awhile to pay back haha03:46
danielpbarronhow long you want? a month?03:46
Birdmanloansharking will be cool when you can shake people down03:47
danielpbarronwho says i can't?03:47
Birdmanwell you cant pvp is what im gettin at03:47
GaxaroI rather not be in debt lol03:47
Gaxarofull loot pvp, extrem drama, see what happens next!03:48
danielpbarroni think you could pay it back in a week if not a day, but whatever i'm not gonna press the matter03:48
GaxaroWell im still in Dianas bet at the moment and i get 10% of the grass i collect :P03:49
Gaxarolevel 18 gathering so far03:51
GaxaroPlus im recording in a list for her how much the payment is for leveling up each time in gathering03:51
danielpbarroni did that myself for a while, got too annoying03:52
mircea_popescuyeah kinda odd no suych thing was published yet03:52
mircea_popescui suppose diana is collecting rare infos03:52
GaxaroYup she is03:53
Gaxaro27159 grass made and lets see... 10% of that is 2715 and that earns me 81450 copper03:54
Birdmannice, i pretty much am burning money to level up :D03:55
danielpbarronhow do you figure that?03:55
Birdman30 per grass right? 50% bv03:55
danielpbarronpretty sure it sells for more than that03:56
Gaxaroshe said 30 copper per grass03:56
Gaxaroand 10% amount of grass i get of what i collect03:56
danielpbarronyou should take payment in grass not copper if that's how it is03:56
danielpbarronsave up a stack (9999) and auction it03:56
Gaxarotheir ql 1 btw03:59
danielpbarronno matter the quality, we high rank tinkerers can craft it into high quality threads04:01
Gaxarooh cool04:01
danielpbarronit being quality 1 just means we wouldn't get hardly any experience for doing it, but we hardly get any from quality 5 so the difference is negligeable04:01
BirdmanGaxaro the reason behind people wanting you to mine things is the quantity of the output not the quality. If you take payment in the product you can later auction it04:11
GaxaroI see!04:12
danielpbarronand 4 million worth of threads in your hands could possibly yield a whole coin for you04:14
danielpbarron((9999*1.57*180)/(88*0.02))*88*0.7 == 9890010904:16
danielpbarronassuming you hit flotsam, and it sold as if it were 70 quality04:17
danielpbarronjust an example04:17
danielpbarronthat's not factoring in tools of course04:17
danielpbarron(1428*173)/9352 ~= 27 hoes needed04:19
danielpbarronthat's 675k at current prices04:19
danielpbarronso let's see, 98900109-4000000-675000-200000 == 9402510904:20
danielpbarronwhat are your hit rates on grass?04:23
Gaxaroaround 3400 grass per hit04:23
danielpbarronthat figure is probably off, but even if you needed 10 times as many tools that only knocks you down 6 million or so04:23
danielpbarroni mean how often do you miss with the tool04:24
GaxaroSometimes i just get it on my first try04:24
Gaxaroand sometimes it take 5-6 tries i think04:25
Gaxarolol first try again04:26
danielpbarronok, so yeah, if you took a loan of 10 million or so, you could turn it into maybe 80 million overnight04:26
GaxaroPlus i am a no lifer with a lot of free time04:26
Gaxarofor being 24 *cough* *cough*04:27
danielpbarronso a typical american04:27
GaxaroWell i am swedish :P04:27
Birdmanwe all live in america04:28
danielpbarronDiana doesn't, Jurov doesn't04:28
BirdmanFigure of speech04:28
Gaxaro05:30 in the morning which means it is 04:30 for her atm i think04:30
Gaxarooh i had 1 thread left lol04:35
GaxaroWell now i need to wait on Diana to get back04:36
GaxaroLets see how much grass i made in total04:38
Gaxaro57651 grass04:42
danielpbarroni'll give you 715 threads for 5765 grass04:42
Gaxaro1729530 copper is that worth, cool.04:43
danielpbarrontechnically it's worth 35k04:44
danielpbarronwould probably sell for 2.4 million04:44
Gaxaroanyway need to see how much i get of 10% of that04:44
danielpbarron715 is based on my threads going for 250 each, and your grass going for 31 each04:45
Gaxaroah okay04:45
Birdmanthink he gets more grass from that than it cost him?04:46
GaxaroHmm, well i only have 1 tool left with ql 636004:46
danielpbarronhow many tools did it take you to make 57k grass?04:47
Gaxaro2 tools04:47
Gaxaroor well 104:47
Birdmananswers my question04:47
Gaxaro1 and that other tool down from 9k to 6k ql04:47
Birdmanthats pretty crazy04:47
GaxaroI'll think Diana is fine with it but i think i need to check with her first.04:49
danielpbarronso how about 1 tool + 635 threads for 5.7k grass04:49
GaxaroWell she said 10% of what i gathred04:50
Gaxarojust need to get the work bench of mine back04:52
Gaxarothen store everything04:52
BirdmanGaxaro she gives you tools and threads then you just do the work?05:02
danielpbarronyou know if you were to trade your 10% for tools+threads they would have to be kept separate from whatever your deal with her?05:05
GaxaroYeah i know.05:05
Birdmanill offer you 15%05:06
GaxaroWell, i am staying loyal to her and she's helping me and such and i wont break that.05:07
BirdmanWell i dont want your loyalty, just your work05:11
GaxaroWell i am working with her right now and i need to see what she says05:11
Birdmankk im around, the island is pretty small05:13
Gaxaro1 tool + 635 threads it was then05:14
Gaxaro5765 it is then05:15
Gaxaromeet me at the village05:15
Gaxaro5 stacks of 9999 grass not bad lol05:31
GaxaroI think my debt is paid of now, proberly lol. But of course im still gonna help her and listen on what she has to say and such.05:34
GaxaroI wont do mistakes again05:34
diana_comanhmmm, ftr the part with grass going for "much more than that" is kind of unclear atm; but let's clarify it, no problem: 9999 grass q1 going for 420k; who wants it? danielpbarron jurov Birdman mircea_popescu07:33
Birdmandiana_coman interested in trading tools?08:03
diana_comanBirdman, not really much need of adzes as such, but feel free to make an offer and I'll consider it08:13
Birdmanjust looking for 1:1 use/quality08:13
diana_comanwell, I have no use for adzes really, so no incentive to trade for them08:15
Birdmanno problem08:15
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I got low q ss with Gaxaro, so let me know how many you want for 2k each, as per your shop09:54
diana_comangood grief, 12 ords at 250q and not even 1 single farming level ranked up10:51
GaxaroUm i need help..11:24
GaxaroThe work bench is clipping throw the hill and i can see the red text but i cannot interact with it..11:25
diana_comanftr I helped him there, no problems12:21
mircea_popescudanielpbarron> it being quality 1 just means we wouldn't get hardly any experience for doing it, but we hardly get any from quality 5 so the difference is negligeable << in two days of threading grass my bar moved maybe one pixel for tink13:12
mircea_popescuAUCTION : one stack CFT, q 157, min bid 4mn . eta 17:00 ART13:15
mircea_popescuBirdman> Gaxaro she gives you tools and threads then you just do the work? << lol epic, check out the serfdom in eulora!13:15
mircea_popescudiana_coman atm still got > 100k grass im working, and apparently the demand for cft is ~ bupkiss, so i won't be buying more.13:18
mircea_popescudiana_coman i'll take say 500 ss. how many you got ?13:18
mircea_popescucourse had this grass come to market BEFORE i dug up my grass remarkable, i'd have bought 20-30 stacks.13:22
mircea_popescubut no, the way it must work is that here i sit asking for grass for three months straight, 0 offer, then i finally dig up the remark, three days later 'oh we wanna sell grass'. meanwhile for six months "oh we need threads", now i finally got threads for sale, "well... nevermind".13:23
mircea_popescui suppose the grenadine lesson re eulora is that you;'d have to be a fucking idiot to allow "the market" to direct your activity.13:23
diana_comanmircea_popescu> diana_coman i'll take say 500 ss. how many you got ? <- heh, a few ks, so 500 no problem at all13:25
mircea_popescuaite, make it 1k then13:25
diana_comancool, will take it out in a min13:25
diana_comanalso: do you want any low q flotsam? at 70% as per your shop13:25
mircea_popescunah i got a stack, and the sr to process it, will be making it ibs later on, after which ima see if i buy more grass or more f/sr or wtf.13:26
diana_comanmircea_popescu> i suppose the grenadine lesson re eulora is that you;'d have to be a fucking idiot to allow "the market" to direct your activity. <- I quite got this feeling too after a few (hopefully less disastrous experiences)13:26
mircea_popesculotta speech but very little follow through.13:26
diana_comanheh, curious if anybody else wants it, seeing how everybody screams around about the price but then nobody seems to come forward to buy it13:27
diana_comananyway: do you want any other resources specifically, low q?13:27
diana_comanand re cft, fwiw I offer 135% mircea_popescu and I'll buy a few stacks no problem13:28
mircea_popescucanines, st, that's about it atm.13:28
diana_comanlol, only the unfound ones - tbh I'm working on that too, but it seems to still need quite a while13:28
mircea_popescumy crafting hopper's full for ~ a month, making cft, ibs, io/tools once you deliver lft, i still gotta make a shitton of gt and wos, also i have more clicks on the cons bp,13:29
mircea_popescuabout 100mn worth of goods lined up for clicking i'd say.13:29
diana_comanoh yeah, let me check the ltf too, should have about 500 at least13:29
mircea_popescujust gimme when the run'\s done, for now i got plenty of other stuff to click13:29
diana_comanso my 1.35 on your cft would  be 3.8mn for that stack, that's my offer on it basically13:29
mircea_popescuaite, ima consider it.13:30
mircea_popescuanyway, have cft bps even been found so far ?13:32
diana_comanI have no idea, I'm not into that at all13:32
diana_comanI hope I don't have to GET into it so that I don't run out of bps13:33
diana_comanbut fwiw, I can alternatively commission you to make me some cft13:33
diana_comanso that you use by bps for now13:33
mircea_popescucuz by my calculations, something like 100 adzes come to 1.44mn total durability which would be like 8-9k clicks, which would be like 7-8k smalls which would be like 50k cft, give or take.13:33
diana_comanwell, that's Birdman's problem/calculation to do13:34
mircea_popescuif it's true that every 20th tool i make creates demand for a full stack of cft, the cft should fly off.13:34
diana_comanand no idea what he has or whether he did it or whatever13:34
mircea_popescubut no, its the reverse.13:34
mircea_popescuanyway, i'ma retire this auction for lack of interest and we see how things go.13:34
diana_comanmircea_popescu, any wm you want?13:59
diana_comanlow q13:59
diana_comangot a few ks of those too13:59
mircea_popesculemme look13:59
mircea_popescu1.5k for 1mn ?14:00
mircea_popescuq1 check that out!14:01
diana_comanyeah, my apprentice builds at q114:01
diana_comanapparently even in the claim from what he says14:01
*** Quits: Gaxaro (~Blazsword@78-69-34-46-no154.tbcn.telia.com) ()14:59
*** Quits: Birdman (~birdman@ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)16:05
*** Joins: Birdman (~birdman@
Birdmandiana_coman good grief, 12 ords at 250q and not even 1 single farming level ranked up << farming is suuuch a pain19:44
diana_comanlol, so not only for me19:44
Birdmani cant even realistically rank it up without ords and im half your level19:44
diana_comanwell, you know I already went through all that basically, so nothing new there19:45
diana_comanand I DID rank it up without ords19:45
diana_comanas it was before the ord bundles bonanza19:45
BirdmanMust have been a blast19:46
Birdmangot over 4k from a small wpl claim23:12

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