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jurovhear me piping sexps to the chat00:14
Birdmanjurov are you around for a deposit?00:24
jurovdid you see anything from me in the chat?00:24
jurovyes i'm around00:25
mircea_popescujurov sure, COERCE blabla00:40
jurovgood, Birdman said he has not received anything00:43
*** Joins: Gaxaro (~Blazsword@78-69-34-46-no154.tbcn.telia.com)00:57
GaxaroHi there.00:58
jurovHi Gaxaro00:58
jurovhave you found the table?00:58
GaxaroYes i did.00:59
GaxaroSo how did the auction go?00:59
jurovwhich one?01:08
mircea_popesculike 130mn01:14
GaxaroThat special table01:20
GaxaroSoo who got it?01:20
jurovlol i completely missed the auction?01:22
GaxaroIt was today btw01:22
GaxaroI missed it on purpose because i knew i woulden't be able to bid against anyone haha01:23
GaxaroPlus i also i knew something like that would go for crazy bidding01:23
mircea_popescujurov your true talent in eulora :D01:25
GaxaroMy true talent is sleeping a lot i guess.01:29
BirdmanI feel the same way gaxaro01:30
GaxaroSo do you need anything built btw?01:31
mircea_popescua hammock ?01:39
GaxaroIt will be low ql tho 1 or 201:39
Gaxarogathering level is 38 atm01:39
Birdmani wanted you to build this tlc ord for me buut no one's interested in that right now01:41
Gaxarotell me when it is01:42
Birdmanmircea_popescu what would you sell some bits for?01:43
Birdmanmine are too shitty to be using to level up01:43
danielpbarronGaxaro, wanna get some rotten fruit for me?01:56
GaxaroJust need to get this what i have on me to town02:06
danielpbarronsame deal as with foxy, you keep 10% -- I'll give you a couple tools and some threads and you bring back all the fruit tools and threads less 10% of the fruit02:08
danielpbarronthere's a specific amount of fruit i need, so i'm thinking you should go until you go above it and bring the remaining tools/threads02:10
danielpbarroni need 19564 fruit02:14
danielpbarronhow many tools you need to do that? 1?02:15
Gaxaro2 tools02:17
danielpbarronand like 300 threads?02:18
Gaxaroim in town02:20
danielpbarronso get like 22k actually, since your 10% taken out brings it to what i need02:21
Gaxarosoon done02:50
danielpbarronnext i want 5427 flotsam and 9865 shiny rock02:52
danielpbarronso 6078 flotsam, and 11048 shiny rock02:53
GaxaroOkay i got the fruit now03:25
Gaxaroat town03:25
Gaxaro180240 copper you owe me.03:26
danielpbarrondo what now?03:27
danielpbarronhow do i owe you copper?03:27
GaxaroWell you said 10% right03:28
danielpbarroni'll be there in a few minutes03:28
danielpbarronyeah in fruit!03:28
danielpbarronwhat price are you using?03:28
Gaxarooh i was doing copper03:28
Gaxaro80 each rotten fruit03:28
danielpbarronyeah but how many per fruit/03:28
Gaxaroi was looking at the cooking book website03:28
danielpbarronyou can keep your 10% of the fruit and see if they sell for that much03:29
danielpbarronit's 80 for a quality 100 fruit03:29
danielpbarronyours are 1 or 203:29
Gaxarooh okay03:29
danielpbarronnot that yours should sell for 50x less or whatever, but i don't want to be on the hook for 8003:29
danielpbarronplus, the whole point of you getting 22k instead of 19564 was for your cut in fruit03:30
Gaxaro22530 is the total amount of rotten fruit i got03:30
danielpbarronso keep 225303:30
Birdmandanielpbarron got another 3k threads?03:33
Birdmanyou in town now?03:33
danielpbarronin a sec ya03:34
Birdmantrade when ready03:34
Gaxaroim also in the town03:38
danielpbarronGaxaro, keep the still useful tool for now, you wanna get me those shiny rock and flotsam i mentioned?03:40
danielpbarroneither way, gotta do it in separate trades so it doesn't mix with the used tool03:40
danielpbarronno give me the used one03:40
danielpbarroni hope they didn't just mix when you did that03:41
Gaxaroit did not03:41
danielpbarrongive me the used one!03:41
danielpbarronone sec03:41
danielpbarronlemme give you another tool03:42
danielpbarronput that one in your hand so it doesn't mix03:42
danielpbarronshould be enough03:43
danielpbarrondo you know where to find flotsam and shiny rock?03:44
GaxaroYes i do03:52
diana_comanheh, look at that, the very useful Gaxaro ; what were you saying yest danielpbarron ?06:55
diana_comandanielpbarron> not that yours should sell for 50x less or whatever, but i don't want to be on the hook for 80 <- you know, you keep saying this, but basically nobody wants to buy any at the moment06:57
GaxaroOh, how i wish the storage was better lol07:18
Birdmandiana_coman whats your gathering level?07:25
diana_comanabove 450 Birdman07:28
diana_comankind of way above, lol07:28
Birdmanwhats that07:29
GaxaroI have 10k shiny rock for sale ql 1. Offers?10:19
GaxaroAlso, daniel i didn't get the floatsam or shiny rock. I have your tools and thread tho!10:21
GaxaroPing me and i trade it back10:21
Birdman<Gaxaro>I have 10k shiny rock for sale ql 1. Offers?10:45
Birdman<Gaxaro>Also, daniel i didn't get the floatsam or shiny rock. I have your tools and thread tho! << lol10:45
diana_comanI suppose he means he did not get the rocks with daniel's tools/thread, hence not daniel's rock as it were10:46
BirdmanYeah i understand, just think its funny10:47
diana_comanheh, beginnings tend to be funny indeed10:48
Birdmandiana_coman can i buy some hoes off you?10:50
diana_comansure, let me check what I still have; the markup is same, but q might be different , 1 min10:50
Birdmancool thanks10:50
Birdmangonna see if the hit rates are that much better with em10:50
Birdmanthese basic tools are killing me where are all the cs at10:51
diana_comanoh, you've been using adzes at farming?10:51
diana_comanheh, make bps already!10:51
diana_comanfind the st10:51
Birdmanyeah lol beating the ground with an adze for beans10:51
diana_comanall that jazz and apparently 0-value knowledge by the looks of what people want (don't want) to pay for it10:51
Birdmanwhats the missing link in making bps right now?10:52
diana_comandon't really know, I did not get into that at all, ask those who got the packages from the auctions10:53
diana_comanugh, the hoes got mixed; so have them at 9029, that would be 24100, guess I'm fine with 23k each10:54
diana_coman50 of them Birdman ?10:54
diana_comanI'll make a run of hoes anyway I guess10:54
Birdmanif you're gonna make more i'd prefer them to be of higher quality10:55
Birdmanor is it you dont need to make more if i dont buy them kind of thing10:55
diana_comanpretty much, yeah, or more precisely, it's not a priority, hence it will be in a few days time rather than now10:56
Birdmanill take 50 then10:57
Birdmanyou in town now?>10:57
diana_comanyes, come and trade10:57
Gaxaro10k shiny rock quality 1 for sale yeah, give me some offers in pm because i am gonna get some sleep and since my computer is next to my bed, i always turn it off when i get some rest lol.12:26
*** Quits: Gaxaro (~Blazsword@78-69-34-46-no154.tbcn.telia.com) (Read error: Connection reset by peer)12:26
danielpbarronGaxaro> Also, daniel i didn't get the floatsam or shiny rock. I have your tools and thread tho! << wtf.13:09
danielpbarronBirdman> whats the missing link in making bps right now? << ask hanbot! didn't she get the tinkerer's consideration?13:11
diana_comanoh, right; hanbot need anything to get some bps out?13:11
diana_comandanielpbarron> Gaxaro> Also, daniel i didn't get the floatsam or shiny rock. I have your tools and thread tho! << wtf. <- lol; too much (or too sudden) independence?13:12
danielpbarronno. he said he'd do it.13:12
diana_comanoh, did he?13:12
danielpbarronso expect him to do it13:12
danielpbarronyeah it's in this log!13:12
* diana_coman goes to check13:12
diana_coman<danielpbarron> Gaxaro, keep the still useful tool for now, you wanna get me those shiny rock and flotsam i mentioned?13:13
diana_coman<Gaxaro> Oh13:13
danielpbarroni delayed going to sleep waiting for him, then i got sick of it; wake up to see he never even started13:13
diana_comanI suppose it does sound like an agreement though, indeed13:13
diana_comanhe did get you the fruit though, didn't he?13:14
danielpbarronreading it again i guess it sounded ambiguous but he didn't say "no!" either13:14
danielpbarroni always turn it off when i get some rest lol. << that's a lot of wasted bot time13:16
diana_comandanielpbarron, mind showing me the altar bps for the cookbook?13:18
danielpbarronyou didn't look when they were on the ground? tsk tsk13:19
diana_comanlol, true13:19
danielpbarronscreenshot on eulorian elder accounts already13:19
danielpbarronon related note, got wood double distilate thesis?13:19
diana_comannone; as far as I know there are only the ones from the auction so prolly hanbot has them?13:20
danielpbarroni predicted the mcguyver part right, missed the samovar one13:22
hanbotyep, have wood dd theses. will entertain interesting offers ftr.15:10
mircea_popescuBirdman im not selling bits. iirc sold some wos, make 'em.15:12
danielpbarronhanbot, 2 million for 3 of them15:14
hanbotnah. by interesting offers i principally mean barters.15:14
mircea_popescuhttp://trilema.com/2016/eulora-auction-march-13th/ << ftr.15:27
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora auction, March 13th on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)15:27
mircea_popescudiana_coman> basically nobody wants to buy any at the moment << it turns out the demand was really very friable, so to speak. sort-of the economic equivalent of a bunch of highschoolers looking for a streetfight : once a coupla of the more vocal ones got their head split open, the chorus quietly dispersed to the respective mother's kitchens.15:29
diana_comanquite looks like that, but in the face of this evidence, it's quite mind-boggling why do people still pound on noobs with "oh, you should NOT get the 50% someone offers you on the resources,auction them as they are worth way more!!"15:31
mircea_popescuBirdman> whats the missing link in making bps right now? << no idea, i sold a bunch of conceptions like last week, haven't heard anything from buyers.15:31
diana_comanmircea_popescu, any more conceptions coming up15:31
danielpbarronsee auction15:32
danielpbarronand re: demand for low quality stuff, idk ask jurov. I thought he wanted the stuff15:32
diana_comanbut it's you who keeps saying that no, no, they are worth more than 50% danielpbarron ; where are they worth more really/15:32
danielpbarronto jurov for one15:33
diana_comanby the looks of it they are worth less, close to nothing or something15:33
diana_comanI don't see it, lol15:33
diana_comanhe would offer if they were, right?15:33
danielpbarronthere have been no such auctions for a while now15:33
danielpbarronand the last one there was, fghj insists on starting with a high price and runs it for less than an hour15:34
danielpbarronand from this you conclude there is no demand15:34
diana_comanwell, Gaxaro offered a stack and asked for offers, so basically as low as you can make them15:34
diana_comanhaven't seen any15:34
diana_comanI asked if anyone was interested in ANY resource starting from base value q adjusted and it was only you the interested party , so no auction15:35
danielpbarronnot exactly thrilled about the idea of giving him business15:35
diana_comanreally, what demand?15:35
diana_comanwell, hold him to task for accepting the tools hence accepting the job, as it is right15:35
diana_comanbut that's a different story; there is no demand15:35
danielpbarron"get me some shiny rock, here's the tools" *takes tools*  "i got shiny rock for sale! btw come get your tools!"15:36
diana_comanso as I said, kick him to realise he can't say one thing and do another, fine15:36
diana_comanbut that doesn't solve the thing that there is no proper demand for basic resources low q15:36
danielpbarronwell what's the deal, is he no longer available for contracting work?15:37
diana_comanif he goes at it alone I suppose he is not, no?15:37
mircea_popescudiana_coman well, yeah, i was planning to do a few more clicks next week. been getting the shit together.15:38
mircea_popescunot exactly trivial ;/15:38
diana_comanI see; let me know if you need anything for that mircea_popescu15:38
mircea_popescuuh, next week ie, this week lol15:39

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