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mircea_popescudanielpbarron how much nt do you have ?00:43
mircea_popescualso how many bms ?00:45
danielpbarron2k tubers and 100 studs01:59
mircea_popescui need lots of tubers and that's kinda too expensive, but the bms i'll take.02:04
mircea_popescuso hanbot what do you want for dt/dd recipes ?02:45
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hanbotmircea_popescu i don't rly want ecu, i want stuff04:02
mircea_popescuhanbot how about 1/4 made items, high q ?04:03
hanbothow 'bout a third?04:10
mircea_popescuso if the bp is 10% bv, therefore about 7% of my finished product i guess, or maybe even 5% and you get 1/3 so it comes to what, like 5-600% on the bp.04:12
mircea_popescuon the other hand... hey, how many were they ?04:14
hanbotthe dt? 5004:14
mircea_popescuand the dd ?04:14
mircea_popescuso say 16.6 dt if i make them 150k say that's 2,5mn bv there and 20 dd, what bv do they have, do you know ?04:15
hanboti don't04:15
mircea_popescuprolly like 2-300k i'd imagine. so that's about 2.5 + 10mn say roughly, bv.04:17
mircea_popescueh fair enough, okay, 50 dt + 30 wdd + 30 rdd bps for 16 dt + 10 wdd + 10 rdd ?04:18
hanbotofc...this'd kinda blow my exclusivity on the distillates, wouldn't it.04:19
mircea_popescui guess it would...04:19
mircea_popescuwell... i have some wood distillate laying around, you intend to actually develop this line ?04:19
hanbothrm. how bout if i pay you to craft em for me?04:28
mircea_popescuwell... think is i kinda want the dt bps so i can make dts for my considerations04:31
hanbotso 1/3 on dt and i'll pay you to make the dd?04:32
mircea_popescuwhat's the dd take ?04:32
hanbotnothing exotic, you actually want a list?04:35
mircea_popescuwell yeah how am i going to price w/o04:36
hanbotwdd: 7wd 3tpt 3eps 3wm; rdd: 7rd 3sm 3ae 3pss04:42
mircea_popescuwell can't make the rdd, don't have any rd. lemme see the wwd.04:42
mircea_popescuheh got like...21, enough for 3.04:43
mircea_popescuso this is  (2 * 30 * 7 - 21)* 7 = 2793 gin to make this.04:44
mircea_popescugood lord.04:44
mircea_popescuthat's like 20mn or so in gin right there.04:44
mircea_popescuactually... 2793 * 7254 * 1.5 = 30 mn, just qa bv.04:45
hanbotquite the potion04:45
mircea_popescube a while before i get this together lol.04:45
mircea_popescuftr, 3k gin = 72k tubers.04:46
mircea_popescuthat's right. 7 stacks.04:46
mircea_popescui've been working towards making gin, moslty to make gt tho.04:47
mircea_popescuthis'd be on top of that, pretty crazy.04:47
hanbotany other bottleneck to making gin?04:47
mircea_popescupretty much got a handle on everything else. but i'd also be surprised if we manage to get to these this month.04:48
hanbotkk well, wanna do dt deal now, wd when it's less a distant dream? or?04:49
mircea_popescuthat works.04:50
mircea_popescumind that ima still have to make gt to make the books, so it'll be ~week04:51
hanbotdo you need grc btw?04:51
mircea_popescushit, you got that really high q stuff huh ?04:52
mircea_popescuit DOEs get used in books, but i tell you honestly atm i don't even know if it's a good thing or what.04:52
mircea_popescuima have to work the crafting machine some to figure out what it's worth04:52
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Birdmanmp can probably make cs with nearly 3 uses in them now huh06:29
diana_comanBirdman, that would mean crafting at 300q - certainly possible, not sure if really the case right now though08:13
Birdmanwell you know, his old cs came out nearly 2 uses so 50% on top of that is close i'd imagine to 3 uses08:19
Birdmanassuming we know how to maximize q output08:19
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mircea_popescuBirdman haven't really tried so far. still working on this grass lol.13:09
mircea_popescuwhich was q25 for the longest time, now for some reason is q34. nfi.13:09
mircea_popescualso the 2 use cs did happen, but before the skills fix. been doing about q150 after.13:10
diana_comanfor anyone interested: 100 hoes, 12303q, 32k each13:12
mircea_popescuBirdmanassuming we know how to maximize q output >> lolk.13:18
mircea_popescuomfg , cft goes for 135, hoes for 260% ? WHAT IS THIS!13:19
diana_comanway more cft bps I suppose13:19
diana_comanI for one have loads of those, but not even 1 full stack of hoe bps13:19
diana_comanand since no bps in sight...13:19
diana_comanI really don't want to end up without tools13:20
mircea_popescuyeah but also needed like 100s to 113:20
diana_comanfeel free to undercut me and offer cheaper tools, I won't mind at all13:20
mircea_popescuim trying to recall what my adze went for13:22
diana_comanI just realised that something else is even funnier13:22
diana_comaniirc I offered you 3.8mn on the stack of cft at the previous auction13:22
diana_comanand you refused because you had minimum bid 4mn13:23
mircea_popescu29.5k each13:23
diana_comanand now I paid basically 3.7mn13:23
mircea_popescuthese prices are weird.13:23
diana_comanwhat durability were your tools?13:23
diana_comanI think they were higher, no?13:23
mircea_popescud 1437913:23
mircea_popescuo shit, good point huh.13:23
mircea_popescuso you gotta be fucking kidding me, i sell in auction at 204%, you sell privately at 260 ?13:24
diana_comanand yes13:24
mircea_popescufuck this inept shit, i'm not selling anything.13:24
mircea_popescuda fuck do i need money for anyway.13:24
diana_comanhm, wanted to say the volume has been lower, but then it hasn't actually, come to think about it13:24
diana_comanyou sold 100 of them, right?13:25
diana_comanI had 2.6 on previous hoes too and I clearly sold more than 100, although in smaller increments - kind of street shop rather than wholesale or something13:25
diana_comanmaybe it's the wholesale effect, dunno13:25
mircea_popescuyaya, because totally, that's a thing.13:25
diana_comanhi hi, I'm trying13:25
mircea_popescuima give discounts for 3x volume now, because this is costco.13:25
mircea_popescutime to edit the old shop i guess.14:45
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Shop on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)15:18
mircea_popescudiana_coman how long has this DicePower fellow been sitting around judging the water now ? month ? more ?15:53
diana_comanquite; I suppose he found a different meta-game sort of?15:58
jurovwith 110q input materials I get 98q ibs and one feeling17:07
jurovso overall it's clear that the update was pointedly aimed against too profitable refinement of low q materials by crafting17:08
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DicePowerhey hey19:46
DicePowerjurov:  Are you present by any chance?19:51
jurovlol by any chance19:51
DicePower:D lol19:51
DicePowerI am trying to follow your Windows compilation guide for Eulora.  I'm on step 4 at the moment, but I think I need some of the steps broken down a bit into more direct instructions, as my understand after Googling some of the instructions is a bit ambiguous.  I was wondering if you'd be able to help me step through it, whenever you get some time available.  If you'd like me to, I can also expand the wiki page afterward with19:54
DicePowerthe information you give me to help with future inquiries of the same nature.19:54
jurovyes i can help some19:54
DicePowerSweet, much appreciated :D  I started a while back and took a detour to try it on Linux.19:55
DicePowerBut I think I need some of the principles from the Windows guide to get it going on an IDE in Linux as well.19:55
jurovi doubt it, I know of no ide that supports jam or msvc projects19:56
jurovI use kdevelop, but not to build19:56
DicePowerYeah, I tried feeding a jamfile into Eclipse.19:56
DicePowerNot so useful19:56
DicePowerBut yeah, I'll be around most of the day today, just give me a shout when it's a good time, or if you're busy today, can do it another time as well.19:58
Birdmani think enumeration quality may vary too20:00
DicePowerThe functionality vary from IDE to IDE?20:00
jurovDicePower: what do you mean? Of course it varies.20:03
DicePowerThe functionality of an enum I mean.20:03
jurovO.o Birdman meant ingame recipes by "enumerations", and their function is fully detemined by server20:05
jurovnot by how the client is compiled at all20:05
DicePowerahhh okay, thought he meant a C++ enum varied from IDE to IDE :P20:06
jurovi was like "did he mean c++ enums? no way"20:07
jurovDicePower i guess i'm ready20:32
jurovsince i'm browsing articles on irregularities (see the other chan)20:33
DicePowerSo I got MSVS 2010 Express and Service Pack 120:34
DicePower...and I installed CS from the link.20:34
DicePowerNow I'm on step 4, "Checkout CrystalSpace (revision 39798). Manually apply revision 39918 to fix crashes (patch available here)."20:35
DicePowerIs this step inside of MSVS, or?20:36
jurovyou need some tool that can apply patches21:02
jurovif you have tortoisesvn, iirc it should have that function21:02
DicePowerOkay, does that do the Checkout as well?21:03
jurovyes tortoisesvn does checkout too21:04
jurovyou should go to crystalspace, foind the svn repository URL and set it up in tortoisesvn21:05
jurovbut i think there is mirror: http://minigame.bz/eulora/binaries/cs_July24.tar.gz21:06
jurovsources already checked out21:07
DicePowerSo uninstall CrystalSpace, and reinstall it from the mirror to skip the checkout step?21:07
jurovwhat do you mean by uninstall?21:08
jurovthe cs_winlibs should be installed in any case21:08
jurovand the crystalspace sources itself is just one directory, they don't come with installer21:09
DicePowerI got my Crystal Space from the link in the compilation guide http://www.eulorum.org/Windows21:09
lobbesbotTitle: Windows - Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org)21:09
DicePowerAre you saying that if I remove the folder in C:/ and redownload it from the mirror you just linked, it will skip the checkout step?21:10
DicePowerOr did I misunderstand?21:10
jurovyes, checkout is just another way to download21:11
DicePowerOkay I will do that, and also download TortoiseSVN for the revision application.21:12
jurovas i said, to apply the revision patch is to edit few lines, you can save yourself installing tortoise21:13
DicePowerOh okay, I can do that21:13
jurovopen the patch in text editor and you'll see - filename to be edited is on the top, lines that should be removed are marked with -, that should be added with +21:15
DicePowerNeed to grab 7 Zip to explore the .tar.gz.  One sec21:18
DicePowerOkay found the file21:31
DicePowerI think my file has already been adjusted to the correct if statement.21:35
DicePowerThat's the file when I opened it.21:36
jurovyes it is21:38
DicePower"Load the wkstypical.sln project from CrystalSpace, select the Win32 build configuration and build the whole solution." <-- Is this hiding in the previous download somewhere, or an additional project to download?21:52
jurovin msvc, there is list of projects in the solution21:55
jurover.. first you have to open that .sln file in MSVS21:55
DicePowerYeah, is the solution part of the cs_July24.tar.gz download?21:56
jurovthey are in mk/msvc10 folder21:59
DicePowerahh, there we go21:59
DicePowerThey?  Like open the 1 file, correct?22:00
DicePowerI have many warnings when I open it:22:03
jurovyou're on 32bit machine?22:03
juroviirc wiki says something about it..22:04
DicePower"check that cs-winlibs are indeed recognised and that the Service Pack 1 was successfully installed (without it, the cs-winlibs will not be found)."22:04
DicePowerSP1 was definitely installed I think22:04
jurovoh yes, we're going for 32bit build. so you can ignore this22:04
DicePowerOkay cool22:04
DicePowerOkay, I see the list of projects22:06
DicePowerAttempting build22:08
DicePowerI think this solution has more files than the largest solution I've written has lines of code.22:17
jurovum i think actually building CS is not needed, eulora uses only header source files22:22
jurovbut won't hurt22:23
DicePowerSo most of the projects failed22:23
lobbesbotTitle: dpaste: 3G4T5WD (at dpaste.com)22:23
DicePowerI'm pretty sure I have SP1 installed, because when I go to Help -> About MSVC++ it says22:24
DicePowerVersion 10.0.40219.1 SP1Rel22:24
DicePowerIt didn't say SP1 there before I got the SP1.22:25
jurovCS build depends on other libraries that must be set up in visual studio linker22:25
jurovthe errors are because of this22:25
DicePowerIs that supposed to be automated when compiling?22:26
jurovno, dependencies must be set up in MSVS22:26
jurovunder linux the configure script does this22:26
jurovbut you don't need to build CS, because you have cs_winlibs installed - that's already compiled22:27
jurovtry compile eulora directly22:27
DicePowerIs it a good idea to do the dependencies now, or is it complicated?22:28
jurovyes it is complicated22:28
DicePowerSo basically step 5 can be skipped altogether.22:29
DicePowerNow to set the environment variables22:29
DicePowerOr are the environment variables part of the detour to compile CS?22:30
jurovno, eulora depends on them22:30
DicePowerOkay, are they supposed to be account level environment variables or system level?22:31
jurovsystem level only if you want to run eulora with other users22:32
DicePowerShould CRYSTAL be set to /cs_July24 or /cs_July24/cs-forupload22:34
jurovi'm now looking into my setup and yes, i did compile cs and shipped the compiled dlls.22:39
jurovbut for now, if eulora complains about missing dlls, just copy them from my release, cs subdirectory, we can revisit it later22:39
DicePowerStill looking for the location of cs-winlibs.  Does it actually exist in the mirror version?22:45
jurovhttp://minigame.bz/jurov/ here is mirror of winlinbs22:46
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Releases by Jurov (at minigame.bz)22:46
DicePowerOkay, if I downloaded CS from http://minigame.bz/eulora/binaries/cs_July24.tar.gz22:48
DicePower it makes sense that I would have to download the cs-winlibs separately then?22:48
jurovYes, the winlibs are different package from source22:48
DicePowerHmm, so when I install the CS winlibs, and it asks "Where is your CrystalSpace directory located" should I leave it at the default C:\Program Files x86\CS or change it to C:\cs_July24\cs-forupload22:54
jurovthe forupload22:59
jurovwhy didn't you install them in step3?22:59
DicePowerI did, but then I deleted the folder thinking the mirror you gave me was in place of it.23:01
jurovi can be rather confusing, i know23:05
DicePowerHehe, it's all good, I'm just very inexperienced at running other people's code.23:06
Birdmandiana_coman foxybot keeps trying to switch worn tools with another worn tool23:09
Birdman~ every 10 tools23:09
diana_comanlol birdman, put the good tools in the first spot23:09
diana_comanit just get whatever is first23:09
Birdmanahhh thanks23:09
diana_comanit doesn't *know* which ones are good/bad23:09
Birdmangotcha gotcha23:10
DicePowerOkay I see on the other Windows Eulorum page that MSYS and Cygwin aren't needed, but VC++ support is.23:11
DicePowerWhat about "Copy DLLs to CS directory"?23:12
jurovyou refer to what?23:13
DicePowerIn the CS winlib setup, it asks if I want to Copy DLLs to CS directory.23:14
jurovoh yes, that's useful23:14
DicePowerI'll try building CS again now that I have everything in place.23:31
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DicePowerI think we're in business on the CS build now that I reinstalled everything.23:44
mircea_popescucurious how that goes.23:44
DicePowerHey mircea_popescu23:44
DicePowerOutput:  http://dpaste.com/2GPSCTN23:44
lobbesbotTitle: dpaste: 2GPSCTN (at dpaste.com)23:44
DicePowerConsole window when I start without debugging23:45
lobbesbotTitle: dpaste: 3X8188W (at dpaste.com)23:45
DicePowerjurov:  Looks like a success, eh?23:45
jurovthere's a demo you can test23:51
DicePowerMaybe the DLL copying resolved the dependency issue or something.23:52
jurovyes it did23:52
jurovit's called walktest, the demo23:52
DicePowerOn Eulorum, or just a general thing you can google?23:53
mircea_popescuhuh ?23:54
DicePowerfound it23:54
jurovin cs directory23:57
DicePowerSweet, it came with a video game lol23:59

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