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mircea_popescusure. what do yuou pay ?04:45
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DianaComanwhat q are the sentiments mircea_popescu ?07:16
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mircea_popescuDianaComan lemme see here one sec13:49
DianaComanlet me know13:54
mircea_popescudarn... turns out i have a whole lot of feelings, 0 sentiments.14:03
mircea_popescuno idea how this is possibru, but there it is.14:03
DianaComanaham, me too14:03
DianaComandanielpbarron, what do you charge to make some sentiments out of provided feelings? and what q do you make them?14:05
DianaComanmircea_popescu, how did it go with the grass?14:05
danielpbarronidk, haven't tried since the update14:06
danielpbarronbut prolly 2x the value14:06
mircea_popescuDianaComan been still working on the gt thread (lol! a pun!).14:06
mircea_popescupretty much done by nao.14:06
DianaComanso 200% even with provided feelings?14:06
DianaComanor how is that? what do they take anyway besides the feelings?14:07
DianaComanwhat q is the gt coming out mircea_popescu ?14:07
DianaComanand uhm ftr: having different q in the craft-table does NOT work14:08
DianaComanit still messes them up14:08
DianaComannot that high then14:08
danielpbarrondoesn't matter what they take really; I have exactly enough ingredients to match how many sentiments i can make14:08
DianaComando they take something exotic/can't be found?14:09
DianaComanor what is the bottleneck on them/why are they so expensive?14:09
danielpbarroni guess it does sorta matter now huh, in that you might want to supply me with high q stuff to make the thing that goes into sentiment making14:09
DianaComanthey are lapidary, aren't they?14:10
danielpbarronso then i need high quality leather, shavings, snakeskins, ppb14:10
DianaComanor mcguyver?14:10
danielpbarrongung-ho to make the water and mcguyver to make the flagon14:10
danielpbarronlapidary to make the sentiments14:10
DianaComanaha; so 3 passes, hm14:10
danielpbarroni hope i didn't already make all my waters14:11
DianaComanugh, so basically if nobody starts making bps then we run out of those too and on the other hand they are needed to make..bps14:12
danielpbarroni'll make some mcguyver blueprints once someone starts making enough bits for the bundle quality to go up14:12
DianaComananyway: assuming I provide you with all those ingredients, so wpl, ibs, ss, ppb, high q, feelings if needed; what would you charge then?14:13
DianaComanbut you know danielpbarron if you want that to happen, you have to sell some sentiments at something more reasonable as otherwise it won't happen14:13
danielpbarroni'll have to get back to you, not sure if i'm forgetting any ingredients14:13
danielpbarronif you're providing everything but the blueprints i think we can work out something reasonable14:14
DianaComanwell, if not, then I suppose my only option is to do some huge overcrafts until I loot some sentiments - although seeing how I never did until now and otherwise foxy seems to lack the luck muscle entirely, it will be interesting14:16
danielpbarronhow many sentiments do you need?14:18
DianaComanwell, at an absolute minimum, I suppose 1, but ideally at least 9914:18
DianaComanthe cons takes 1-99 sentiments14:18
danielpbarronso like 5 crafts worth14:18
DianaComanseeing how I want it as high q as possible, I'd need at least 99, preferably double that, to make at least 2 cons14:18
danielpbarroni think my thing makes 21 per14:18
danielpbarronthen 1014:19
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danielpbarronDianaComan, how much would you charge me for highest quality : 312 shavings, 1482 leather, 156 cordage, 78 ppb, 78 snakeskin20:33
danielpbarronfrom there I can give you a quote on however many sentiments you need20:34
danielpbarronthat lot of items would let me finish off my water of anamesias20:34
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DianaComanuhm, danielpbarron do you mean you'd sell me all the resulting sentiments from that ?21:42
DianaComanthing is: "highest quality" is a poor way of putting it, since yeah, I can obtain for instance 800q, but not 1500 items at that q or in any case, it would make it more expensive21:42
DianaComanso if this deal is about you finishing off whatever you have, that's a different story all together21:43
DianaComanguess I should update my shop huh21:43
mircea_popescuhi euporium ?21:43
mircea_popescuwas this a bot ?21:44
DianaComanyeah, it's Azelphur's and jurov's bot21:44
DianaComan&item ampoule21:45
euporiumMisshaped Ampoule Design(1) cat: Blueprints I base value: 1345, 2 other items match21:45
DianaComanupdated shop: http://www.dianacoman.com/eulora/foxystore/22:23
DianaComandanielpbarron, ^22:23
DianaComandid anyone click a consideration already?22:36
DianaComanmircea_popescu, ?22:36
DianaComanit seems like it will take me at least 1 hour, quite curious what comes out of it22:46
DianaComan$item desspayr22:48
DianaComan&item desspayr22:48
euporiumBlack of Desspayr(1) cat: Ingredients I base value: 29170, 2 other items match22:48
mircea_popescui clicked like 4 yes23:23
DianaComanhm, so I got: 74 bct bps + 49 slag bps, 182q both23:35
DianaComanand 697 library dusts same q23:35
DianaComanthat's 13k worth of bps and another 12.5k worth of basic numina, which wouldn't look *that* bad, except the bundle going in was 225q and taking the apparently rare tinkerer sentiments + the tome that takes canines etc23:38
DianaComanwhat bps did you get out of your runs mircea_popescu ? were they all on bouq?23:38
DianaComannot to mention that the consideration bp alone cost me way more than that, so it seems bps are VERY expensive for the time being23:39
mircea_popescuall on bouq, as i said at the time - one mcguyver iirc a coupla something else and a bunch tink23:41
mircea_popescuso roughly speaking bps are worth 2-1000% or somesuch ?23:42
* mircea_popescu is just burning 3.5k bct to make cc atm23:43
mircea_popescucomes out q 15223:43
mircea_popescuDianaComan did you also get maculature ?23:43
DianaComanit would seem so, but I suspect it is basically inflated significantly by the cost of the consideration bp itself23:43
DianaComanyes, go the maculature too23:43
mircea_popescuthat prolly worth something also.23:44
DianaComantrue, but not exactly 700k now or more23:44
mircea_popescubut congrats eh, first euloran to produce bps ?23:44
DianaComanwell, you were first, no?23:44
mircea_popescuwell i only made consen23:44
mircea_popescunot like, slag bps23:45
mircea_popescuDianaComan q 182 maculature should be if memory serves like 3.2k a pop or so, bv23:45
DianaComanuhm, I'm confused: you said you clicked considerations, so then you got bps, no?23:45
mircea_popescuwell, qabv but still.23:45
mircea_popescuDianaComan yes, but the bps i got were in turn considerations.23:45
DianaComanI see, considerations are the bps looted from bouq; for some reason I thought each line would loot its own bps so bouq would loot bouq bps etc23:46
DianaComanI guess not23:46
mircea_popescunah, seems bouq loots the cons for the other lines.23:47

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