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mircea_popescusooo.... off to try soem grass, on q 155 cft / q 59 lbn12:17
mircea_popescufirst try, 1 small, got q 53812:18
mircea_popesculbn grass comes out 12612:21
mircea_popescuaaaand i have 3 stacks, 2 in inv and 1 in ct. bot adds aLL grass, small or tiny, to the same one stack, the 2nd on in inv12:26
mircea_popescuthis is a massacre.12:27
mircea_popescu42 q414 grass -> 14 q 362!!!! cft.12:32
mircea_popescuaaaaand q 362 tinkerer feelings, also!12:34
mircea_popescuq 279 sb -> q 298 ppb!12:38
mircea_popescuholy shit this'll make some pretty decent cs!12:38
mircea_popescui wonder what q 500ish sb from smalls does. 600 ?12:39
mircea_popescuoh happy days!12:39
* mircea_popescu is suddenly excited.12:39
DianaComanoh yeah, that's quite the thing now - if only there was also an abundance of high q bps...12:43
mircea_popescubut... bps are made now, right ? you can actually control what q you make them12:47
DianaComanwell, they are looted and as reported yest, in rather small quantities + they take the bloody canines12:48
mircea_popescubesides, seems as the incentive with bps is to overcraft anyway, should be some pretty high q output12:48
mircea_popescui thought it was rotten canines12:48
mircea_popescunew item ?12:48
DianaComanso yeah, I did get those rather high q bps, but not exactly a lot of them12:48
mircea_popescuwell obv, high q means not exactly a lot :D12:48
DianaComanyeah, mine are bloody :D12:48
mircea_popescuso canine is the new st ?12:49
DianaComanprobably they share the first place :p12:49
mircea_popescuwell ima make a run of a dozen cs and see what happens to grass.12:50
mircea_popescuof course now the debate of all time : should i use low quality basic tools to make imp tools, thus getting shitty ones and wasting the bps ?12:53
mircea_popescuOR should i use high q basic tools to make imp tools, thus getting good ones and wasting the basic tool durability ?12:53
mircea_popescui'm sure the true value as established by free market mechanisms such as the auction will provide a directly usable input to discern this dilemma /s12:54
DianaComanI guess it depends on what bps you have really12:55
mircea_popescuhow could it depend on that ?12:55
DianaComanwell, if you have shitty bps, you'll kind of make shitty tools anyway12:55
mircea_popescuohh good point12:55
DianaComanon the plus side though: the tiny:small ratio is really different on basics with imp tools12:56
mircea_popescuwait, is it ? bp influences output somehow ?12:56
DianaComanso if you want high q basics12:56
DianaComanyou prolly really prefer imps12:56
mircea_popescui was impressed with my small/tiny ratio even on basics. got like almost even! 4:512:56
DianaComanso I would "waste" the basic tools for imps, but maybe that's just me12:56
mircea_popescuvery short run tho12:56
DianaComanaha, not bad, I haven't really mined basics in ages12:57
mircea_popescuwell sure, i can also make a call arbitrarily, but i was looking for you know, a logic.12:57
DianaComanyou mean as in : that is certainly and objectively better than the other in ALL situations?12:57
DianaComantry another game :p12:57
mircea_popescuwell now i gotta look.12:58
mircea_popescuso i got imp stone axe q 231, and imp hoe 193 and 144.12:59
mircea_popescudoes the 144 count as shitty ?12:59
DianaComan144k you mean?13:00
DianaComanor 144 lol13:00
DianaComanoh, the bps13:00
mircea_popescuya. didn't you say the bps ?13:00
DianaComanthat sounds quite good to me,13:00
mircea_popescubut i mean, the bp value is only ~4.5k or so iirc. so what big difference do 50 q points make ? extra 2k in there, that's 5%13:00
DianaComantry it I suppose13:00
mircea_popescui guess i totally should do that huh.13:02
mircea_popescuso you know what, since i have everything here anyway, might as well do a single click on each and see what happens.13:06
mircea_popescusince i recall the devs saying there's no random component in quality calc ?13:07
DianaComanprecisely, that was my point: try one of each since not random, you can then figure out what is what hopefully13:10
mircea_popescuaite ima just finish this ppb run13:11
mircea_popescuok so imp c hoe, bp value 8515, bundle q 103, comes out....13:30
mircea_popescuok so imp c hoe, bp value 8515, bundle q 103, comes out.... 27951.13:47
DianaComanugh, that's what, 60q?13:51
DianaComanso lower q than your bundle??13:51
DianaComandid you get loot?13:51
mircea_popescuyeah some nosehairs.13:52
DianaComanbase value for imp hoe is 44k according to my cookbook, so that looks weird?13:52
DianaComanaha, so it did consider it overcraft, but kind of low q output in the end13:52
DianaComanreally curious what you get then for the imp axe/adze13:53
mircea_popescudoing another, diff bp13:53
DianaComanaha, or that, yes13:53
mircea_popescuok so imp c hoe, bp value 6353, bundle q 103, comes out.... 24143.14:01
mircea_popescuand finally,  imp pickaxe, bp value 10191, bundle q 104, comes out....14:02
DianaComanso clearly bp value counts, quite obviously14:18
mircea_popescuaha. taking the first as a baseline :14:18
DianaComannot directly added either, but a bit more subtle14:18
DianaComanwhat q was the loot in each case?14:19
DianaComan(all of them seem to be below bundle q , so I assume you got some loot in all cases)14:19
mircea_popescu8515−6353 = 2162 lower bp -> 3808 lower tool ; 1676 higher bp -> 2776 higherr tool14:20
mircea_popescuseems ~150%14:20
mircea_popescuand no, i am pretty sure the nosehairs were from b4. none of these looted.14:20
DianaComanwell, if you looted anything, it should be some message in the chat window ; if no message, than no loot14:22
mircea_popescushit, you're right.14:22
mircea_popescuwell, here's a mindboggler : the hairs are q16814:22
DianaComanso hairs q168 but imp tool what seems like ...q60?14:23
DianaComanugh, weird14:23
mircea_popescuwait a second.14:24
mircea_popescu46007 cs.14:24
mircea_popescuDianaComan : the bundle was q 103, but i used fully worn tools. so dunno that the bv can be much more than 15k or so14:25
DianaComanand wow, well done on the cs14:25
mircea_popescubundle 257, mostly on the basis of the ppb.14:25
mircea_popescui shudder to think what high q pss and tpt would do.14:25
DianaComanaha, I actually made some similar cs with a huge q bundle , but that was with some old high q ppb, wasn't sure it was repeatable14:26
DianaComanaha, guess I should mine my pss remark soon, hm14:26
DianaComankind of not sure it's not yet waste re mining rank14:26
danielpbarrontpt and pss aren't much value next to ft14:38
mircea_popescuit's mostly the ppb realy.14:38
mircea_popescuso let's try this again huh.15:25
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 2x25288 ICH + 1x29832 ISP, opening 150k ; 1 ATC, q 130, opening 500k ; 1 NGC, q 130, opening 500k. eta 13:00 ART tomorrow.15:26
mircea_popescuand check me out, i'm making q 226 dagsen flags also15:27
danielpbarron500k ngc15:27
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 2x25288 ICH + 1x29832 ISP, opening 150k ; 1 ATC, q 130, opening 500k ; 1 NGC, q 130, 500k heard danielpbarron . eta 13:00 ART15:27
danielpbarronDianaComan> uhm, danielpbarron do you mean you'd sell me all the resulting sentiments from that ? << no, I don't have so many toils.15:29
mircea_popesculet's try grass again shall we.15:30
DianaComandanielpbarron: for the sentiments you sell me, consider that you use MY inputs as it were (I just give them to you for processing), so how much just for the clicks/decay/bps basically; as for whatever else you want to make, see my shop and the prices there, place an order etc.15:31
mircea_popescuDianaComan iirc they take a water of anamnesia and the numina.15:32
DianaComanhe gave me a bill of materials for the water of anamnesia too, since he is the only one to make that too15:32
mircea_popescuah. what's it take i forget15:33
danielpbarronso just charge me whatever for all that i need to finish off my waters and i'll base the sentiment price on that15:33
DianaComanand that's fine, I can provide all that, but then he mixed my order with what he wants/needs to do otherwise and I don't see why15:33
DianaComandanielpbarron, that doesn't make any sense to me15:33
danielpbarronbecause why not15:33
DianaComanso then that is that, I won't go into this madnees15:34
* danielpbarron shrugs15:34
DianaComanbtw danielpbarron did the q of your consideration bundle change?15:34
danielpbarronoh i didn't look15:34
DianaComanI clicked mine15:34
danielpbarronno it didn't15:35
danielpbarronand still 89 macalatures on the blueprint15:36
DianaComannot surprisingly really, but I was curious15:36
danielpbarroni'd click the gung-ho one if i get it prolly15:36
danielpbarronnot in a rush to click mcguyver15:36
danielpbarronactually i'm not in a rush for either one, supplications are what i'm lacking most now15:37
DianaComanfrom my point of view, don't click any of them, don't care either way15:37
mircea_popescusooo... 13 grass q 822 from small15:38
mircea_popescuapparently stick smalls give better q than basic tool ?15:39
mircea_popescuwow i found an ae accidentally in the grass place15:45
mircea_popescuhow the fuck ? i mined this a thousand times15:45
danielpbarronyeah how have you not seen thatyet15:46
mircea_popescu2 eggs, q 57515:46
danielpbarronsmack dab inbetween the grass really15:46
danielpbarroni have that spot mapped out quite well15:46
mircea_popescuwell i dunno, never saw it b4.15:46
mircea_popescunow to see what 1 grass does when cft.15:46
mircea_popescuq822 grass -> q509 cft!15:48
DianaComanaha, goody15:49
DianaComanwell, if you get enough of that grass I mean, lol15:49
mircea_popescuso there's quite the diminishing returns eventually.15:49
mircea_popescuDianaComan the grass came from q 380 cft.15:49
mircea_popescuwell this does it, ima craft up my stash of q 1000 grass.15:49
DianaComanbut with a cs, right?15:49
mircea_popescuand i got feelings q 509 too15:50
mircea_popescunow this IS pretty epic.15:50
DianaComanhe he, quite strong feelings there15:50
mircea_popescuq1k grass - >q 564 cft.15:52
mircea_popescuand some pretty epic feelin's15:52
mircea_popescuso q1000 grass makes q 564 cft.17:09
mircea_popescuand q 564 cft in cs small makes...17:09
mircea_popescu9 grass q 1026! WOOT!17:15
mircea_popescuseems i get 9-10 grass pretty much consistently. that's say 9 * 60 * 10.26 = 5540.4 per claim.17:33
mircea_popescumeanwhile it costs 20.2k for the stick and 7 × 180   × 5.64 = 7106.4 for the grass, so ouch.17:34
mircea_popescuaaand a coupla q 853 snails.18:05
DianaComanmeanwhile I just started it on a US with a huge q bundle - if I don't get any sentiments, it means that Foxy really lacks sentimentality all together or something18:10
mircea_popescuouch and just ONE snail now.18:12
mircea_popescuthis is pretty evil.18:12
mircea_popescu3,5k worth, but still.18:12
mircea_popescuDianaComan considering that i have huge stores of tpt, would you consider subcontracting the charcoal production to me ?18:34
DianaComanhmmm, not really sure what benefit I have in that really; prolly better off buying the tpt if it comes to that19:05
DianaComanwill think a bit about it, but atm and on the spot I can't quite see a lot for it19:06
DianaComanit's also mcguyver in which iirc we are quite close re q19:06
mircea_popescuo brother, 100k tools  =45 eps20:29
Birdmanwhat do you mean20:32
mircea_popescuthat i burned about 100k worth of tools, and got 45 snails20:51
mircea_popesculike 25k if that.20:51
mircea_popescualrighty! so when do i buy some bod off you ? :D20:57
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 2x25288 ICH + 1x29832 ISP, opening 150k ; 1 ATC, q 130, opening 500k ; 1 NGC, q 130, 500k heard danielpbarron . eta 13:00 ART20:58
DianaComan500k on the atc, 600k on ngc21:01
DianaComanthought you were off auctions, lol21:01
Birdman700k on the atc, 150k on the ICH+ISP21:02
danielpbarron630k ngc21:02
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 2x25288 ICH + 1x29832 ISP, 150k Birdman  ; 1 ATC, q 130, 700k Birdman  ; 1 NGC, q 130, 630k heard danielpbarron . eta 13:00 ART21:04
DianaComanmircea_popescu> alrighty! so when do i buy some bod off you ? :D <- in a few days I guess; I already have done the first charcoal run, it's more that I got a bit sidetracked trying to actually click a consideration myself21:04
mircea_popescuso this is fucking sad. if i match the cft to the lbn and use 1 cft per small, i DO get same quality product21:04
mircea_popescuwhich is eps 131 and grass 15721:04
mircea_popescubut fuck me it seems a worse waste than mixing qualities.21:05
DianaComanyou can match the cft the other way around21:05
DianaComannamely 7 lower q cft21:05
danielpbarronit is a waste21:05
DianaComaneither way it is a waste of something: money, time, q , output21:05
mircea_popescunuts. da fuck shall i do.21:06
danielpbarronlock smalls, simple21:06
mircea_popescunot a bad idea huh. how i do that again ?21:06
DianaComanand then spend your time building them manually, sure -> loss of time21:06
danielpbarroncourse the bot can be reprogrammed to drop the table before building each claim21:06
DianaComanas I said: choose the loss you are best with21:06
mircea_popescuDianaComan very useful for tyhings where they're rare enough like eps21:06
danielpbarronit's not really that much of a waste of time if getting your hands on super high quality is the gaol21:07
DianaComanI suppose so, but then if they are that rare, why the fuck not use either cs to get the stuff or otherwise if smalls are SO rare, wtf difference does it make21:07
mircea_popescuyeah huh.21:07
DianaComandanielpbarron, if that's the goal, then use cs ffs21:07
danielpbarronidk what your goal is21:07
DianaComanbut sure: the bot is free to change, it can be done21:07
mircea_popescuanyway, im definitely digging up sb overnight ; will make myself some pps.21:07
DianaComandanielpbarron, it's been shown that claims from cs give you higher q, so then when you say your goal is to get high q, then logically it follows one would rather use cs than tools21:08
DianaComanmircea_popescu, don't you get overweight quickly on sb ?21:09
danielpbarronthe change to make smalls lock is very simple21:09
danielpbarronone liner21:09
mircea_popescuDianaComan remark21:09
danielpbarronalso makes tinies lock21:09
DianaComanugh, you can make it equally simple to lock only what you want really21:10
danielpbarronyep, just have bits on you and it won't lock tinies21:10
DianaComandanielpbarron, for some reason, you are now switching the thing onto how simple it is to modify the bot for this, lol; it is simple, yes; not that the topic though21:11
mircea_popescusooo, q 101 bundle, adze 1036421:15
mircea_popescuwhich seems like q 110 or so21:16

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