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alikimdoesn't look like00:00
mircea_popescuif you have 3 q 11 and 4 q 200 it will be (3 * 11 + 4 * 200) / (3+4) = 11900:00
alikimyeah but you gave me 3 of them and they mixed up00:02
alikimwith 4 of mine00:02
mircea_popescuso adjust teh formula.00:02
alikimwell I have 7 of 11800:02
alikimshould be 90 ish00:03
alikimyou sold me 3 for 300, right?00:03
alikimthey mixed in a table and became 4, then I dragged them back, they separated and it seems the q got swapped00:04
alikimbetween two bundles00:04
mircea_popescu(4 * 11 + 3 * 262) / (3+4) = 118.57142857100:05
mircea_popescuie, 11800:05
alikimah you sold me 262 both times?00:06
alikimwill keys turn into bit while stored?00:13
mircea_popescuiirc yea00:14
mircea_popescuonly if item's unlocked tho00:15
danielpbarronTue Apr  5 21:51:04 2016, ,-178.85,38.11,-146.81,Tiny Clump of Dry Grass Exploration Marker ,51401:59
danielpbarronprofit of 45k in base value terms02:00
danielpbarronalikim, ^^ u jelly?02:00
alikimno I'm happy for you02:01
danielpbarronbtw that's a log line from foxybot, the 514 at the end is number of grass units found from that one claim02:02
danielpbarroni used a quality 97 bit02:02
danielpbarrongrass came out 148 quality02:02
alikimwell you have books and skills and stuff so yeah02:03
alikimall I have is level 25 in exploration02:03
danielpbarroni have one of if not the highest gathering rank02:04
danielpbarrongot the 2nd tier skillbook named after me02:04
alikimwhat is your rank?02:05
danielpbarronover 500 now02:05
danielpbarroni guess that now means i produce high quality exploration markers02:06
danielpbarronand maybe i have a better chance than most at finding the exceptionally big markers02:07
danielpbarroni once found a 'sizeable' claim that came with an ennumeration worth several million in 'base value'02:08
alikimthis table screwed me up again, lost all my threads to a tiny claim02:08
danielpbarronthe bundle is worth like a third of a bitcoin or something02:08
danielpbarronno you didn't02:08
danielpbarronthat's not possible02:08
alikimI mean I got some branches from it that are cheaper than threads02:09
danielpbarronthreads don't go into tiny claims02:09
danielpbarrondo you mean a small claim?02:09
alikimI found small02:09
danielpbarronand the resulting branches are worth less than the threads that went in? sounds about right02:10
danielpbarronin general, overcrafting loses you value until it finally pops02:10
danielpbarronlike my tiny that made 500+02:10
alikimyeah it shouldn't have happened but the bot found my threads inside the table02:10
danielpbarronalthough all my tinies are probably profitable, the loss comes from the smalls mostly02:10
danielpbarronoh you didn't want it to build smalls?02:11
danielpbarronwhat are you doing with your smalls then?02:11
alikimofc not02:11
danielpbarroni might want to buy them02:11
alikimnot the cheapest material at least02:11
danielpbarronyeah i let my smalls lock, and then i go back later to build them, so as to keep the tiny and small qualities separate02:12
danielpbarronand this also lets me use my old high quality ennumerations i have saved up02:12
alikimI'll try to compile the game then write by own bot02:12
danielpbarronyou're on winbl0wz?02:13
alikimI lost a lot of money because of this bot02:13
alikimand today is the worst day02:13
danielpbarronwhat's a lot?02:13
danielpbarroni think 'a lot' to you is what i get for free every day02:13
alikima few hunders of copper02:14
danielpbarronnot even02:14
mircea_popescudanielpbarron great find eh.02:16
mircea_popescutiny > ord02:16
mircea_popescualikim eh dun sweat a few coppers ; that's how you learn the ropes, burning a little.02:18
danielpbarronhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YCM2gyCLhc << alikim check this out02:19
lobbesbotTitle: My Daily Bezzle - YouTube (at www.youtube.com)02:19
alikimhow much are those threads?02:19
danielpbarronwhat threads?02:20
danielpbarron180 copper for 100 quality, if going by the price Electron will pay02:21
alikimthat mircea gave me at the beginning02:21
danielpbarronwhat quality were they?02:21
alikimI don't know02:21
*** Joins: Birdman (~birdman@
alikimmircea: can you trade again?02:47
Birdmani could barehanded gather for a week before i get a level in farming02:57
Birdmanits like a cursed skill line02:57
alikimhow much is a q300 bit?03:42
alikimor q400?03:42
danielpbarronbase value is something like 33 and 4403:43
danielpbarronquality adjusted whatever03:43
danielpbarronElectron price03:43
alikimso for 400 it's 44*400?03:44
danielpbarronnono, 11*403:44
danielpbarron44 total for 1 bit quality 40003:44
alikimI buy q100 for 100 ea03:44
danielpbarronbits are one of those items that sell for way over actual value03:44
danielpbarronamong players03:45
danielpbarronelectron is savage03:45
alikimyes so what the player price?03:45
danielpbarronBirdman, ^03:45
Birdmani wanted over 1:1 ecu:quality on my high quality bits03:46
alikimhow much money?03:47
Birdmanwell i have a bunch of q 331 bits i'd let go for 400 each03:47
alikimok thanks03:50
Birdmanjust ping me if you're interested03:51
alikimsure I'm just trying to calculate what I need03:52
alikimso the higher the q of the bit the less stuff you extract?04:03
Birdmanwell you pretty much always get one out of tiny claims04:04
Birdmanhigher the bit higher the quality04:04
Birdmanyou see the increase in value in quality04:04
alikimyes but if I use higher q bit I get less amount of whatever I extract (of higher q)04:06
alikimI can extract a 100 of something q1 or say 20 of q504:07
Birdmantiny claims only give out one resource though04:08
Birdmanim pretty certain at least04:09
Birdmanive only ever gotten one04:09
alikimyes one type of resource04:09
Birdmanim saying one resource period04:10
Birdmantiny claim = 1 resource04:10
Birdmanall claims only give one type of resource, at least right now04:11
alikimwhat do you mean by resource?04:11
Birdmanoutput, w/e04:12
alikimthe amount of w/e is not one, it can be 56 or 9304:12
Birdmanyou've gotten 93 amounts of w/e out of a tiny claim?!04:13
alikimof q1 yes every time04:13
Birdmanwell thats news to me buddy04:15
alikimwhat I'm saying is that if I use higher q bit the amount drops04:15
Birdmanbottom line is with higher q bits you can expect, obviusly, more value04:15
Birdmanhowever it manifests i couldnt tell ya04:15
alikimwell I need to test it more but no, you don't get more value from higher q bits04:16
alikimbecause the amount drops a lot04:16
Birdmanyeah but a q 2 resource is worth 2x a q1 resource04:17
alikimfor low q yes, but if you get twice less q5 than q4 then no04:17
Birdmanright but i suspect that isnt the case04:18
danielpbarronyou do get more value, just not necessarily more profit04:18
Birdmanalso idk how the game calculates value04:18
Birdmanexp is in there somewhere, higher q stuff gives more exp04:18
danielpbarronalikim> I can extract a 100 of something q1 or say 20 of q5 << how is this less value?04:19
danielpbarronthat's an exact proportion04:19
danielpbarron20 * 5 = 10004:19
danielpbarronsomething quality 5 is worth 5 times the same thing at quality 104:20
danielpbarronif we're talking electron prices04:21
alikimwhat if it's not 100 and 2004:21
danielpbarronthen it's whatever else04:21
alikimyou chose the exact numbers04:21
alikimwhat if it's q4 100 and q5 50?04:22
Birdmanfind out04:22
alikimq1 is 1 it's always proportional to w/e04:23
alikimI will but so far it's twice less q5 then q4 as I said04:23
Birdmanfrom what q bit to what04:23
alikimabout 100 ish to 200ish04:24
Birdmanoh, duh04:25
Birdmanthese resources aren't the same base value as the bits04:25
Birdmanso you should see things like that happen obviously, and you're probably generating more value04:26
Birdmanyour bit base value cost went up 11, 1 quality point in whatever you're gathering could be upwards of 10 or more ecu04:26
Birdmanand you only use one bit ya know04:27
danielpbarronalikim, http://www.eulorum.org/User_talk:Danielpbarron << here's my personally compiled list of item base values04:28
lobbesbotTitle: User talk:Danielpbarron - Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org)04:28
alikimwell SB foe example is 58 so one q level gives you ~0.5 bit base value per q is 1104:31
alikimso 11 vs 0.504:31
alikimanyway I gtg be beack later04:32
Birdmanyeah but you're getting a .5 or w/e increase over x amount of sb you get, just for the extra 11 ecu in bit quality04:34
Birdmanyou arent paying 11 per standard branch you find04:34
danielpbarronnot paying 11 for a bit either04:36
danielpbarroni find it hard to believe there's any profit to be had in a noob building tinies04:37
Birdmanwell we're talking stricly base value inputs and outputs04:37
danielpbarronit's probably a strictly "do it to rank up" kinda thing04:37
danielpbarronand seeing as how alikim doesn't have building skill, it's probably a total waste04:37
danielpbarrona gracious donation to shareholders04:37
Birdmanbarehanded >> keys >> bits >> claims04:38
danielpbarronah, that's not a waste then04:38
danielpbarronexcept his own time04:38
Birdmanelectricity maybe04:38
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alikimI compiled the game client and after I run it, it opens the window with initial graphics in it and the progress bar at the bottom and then the client crashes, these are the details http://dpaste.com/11N4ZCX, can anyone please shed light on this?07:32
alikimerror.log is empty, no warnings or errors before it crashes07:42
diana_comannever seen that before, maybe jurov has some idea08:08
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danielpbarronalikim, if you're going to go to the trouble of learning how to compile it for the purpose of writing your own modifications, wouldn't it be worth the extra effort to move off of winbl0ws to a sane development environment?12:21
*** Joins: mircea_popescu (~Mircea@pdpc/supporter/silver/mircea-popescu)14:26
mircea_popescuso 17k cr q 231 from remark.14:26
mircea_popescu17 * 73 * 2.31 = 2866.7114:39
mircea_popescuand i put almost 5mn worth of bundle in, not to count whatever the enum/stick were worth... 1mn+ fo sho14:40
Birdmanthats pretty rough15:07
mircea_popescuyeah 50% ;/15:11
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alikimdaniel: windows is just fine17:23
alikimmircea: can you trade me?17:25
alikimas I understand you are a militant linuxoid?17:29
jurovalikim: we wenth through windoes sh*i with DicePower, find it in the logs, i'm not going to do it again17:29
danielpbarron"living with wooden stumps for arms and legs is fine" not only that, wood that you can only use under license or alternatively through piracy17:29
jurovlol cnat even speal it17:30
alikimI am by all means got going to argue windows vs w/e, done with all that years ans years ago17:30
danielpbarronthere is no argument to make in favor of winbl0ws beyond the obvious "it's what i've come to expect, and I'm too lazy to change."17:31
alikimjust curious17:31
alikimdaniel: nah, not taking that bite sry17:31
alikimI can tell you what I like most about windows though17:32
alikimpeople who use windows don't run around trying to turn others in17:33
danielpbarronyes they do.17:33
alikimwell, be better than that ;)17:34
danielpbarronobserve a thread about someone inquiring about how to move away from winbl0ws and see the hostages defend their captor. "oh you should dual boot to minimize the pain!!11"17:34
danielpbarron"oh but then you can't play gamez!"17:34
danielpbarrondon't confuse me with the type of linux zealot that wants the whole world to come over to my side, even at the expense of my own santity, like those behind nigbuntu and other luser-phriendly distros17:36
danielpbarroni don't think linux is that great either, but at least my gentoo linux can be configured to exclude the worst bastardizations17:37
mircea_popescusure alikim hit me17:47
mircea_popescudude firefox is fucking useless.17:47
Birdmanheh thats my argument, cant play games17:48
Birdmanwithout windows17:48
danielpbarronanything that you can't do without winbl0ws is NOT WORTH DOING17:49
Birdmanalright comrade calm down17:53
Birdmanthere's value in entertainment17:53
alikimwill items with diff qmix in my inventory ?17:57
alikimso I trade one q at a time then?17:57
mircea_popescunah just mix them17:58
alikimwill it be the same value?17:58
alikimmoney wise17:59
mircea_popescuyou can check this yourself!17:59
alikimI'm under alot of stress right now, can't think clearly18:01
alikimtrade me?18:02
mircea_popescuyou'll have to trad me18:03
mircea_popescuah, actually, get me A LOT of that leather, that's good.18:04
Birdmanwhatcha payin for leather?18:04
mircea_popescu((13 * 197 + 15 * 152) * 1.15 + (36 * 59 + 861 * 58) * 1.3 )* 0.04 = 2929.9118:05
mircea_popescuBirdman 130%18:05
mircea_popescualso fuck, i did teh math wrong lol18:06
Birdmani probably have ~ 6k leathers varying qualities if you're interested18:06
mircea_popescu((13 * 197 + 15 * 152) * 1.3 + (46 * 59 + 861 * 58) * 1.15 )* 0.04 = 2673.72418:06
mircea_popescualikim hm ?18:06
mircea_popescuBirdman very much so.18:06
Birdmanill start the bitch of a process of takin it out18:07
mircea_popescuding me when done.18:07
alikimI did the math for items separately it was 3300, now when they are mixed it's 2700?18:07
mircea_popescugotta show teh math you did ?18:08
alikimyeah I need to find it18:08
alikimit's in libre office spreadsheet, can make a screenshot of it18:10
Birdmanmircea_popescu: 2166 q77; 3732 q49; 569 q130; 170 q3018:18
mircea_popescusrsly screenshot of spreadsheets ? O.o18:19
mircea_popescuBirdman (2166 * .77 + 3732 * .49 + 569 * 1.3) * 152 * 1.3 = 837073.1218:20
alikimyou want the spreadsheet itself?18:20
mircea_popescualikim ideally, make it a sexpr line like i did above.18:20
Birdmani got 847'15018:20
mircea_popescuhow ?!18:21
alikimok next time I will18:21
Birdmanprobs cause you're missing the 170 q3018:21
mircea_popescuoh soz.18:21
mircea_popescuaite, 850k, hit me.18:22
Birdmankk, they're in the table18:22
mircea_popescuBirdman don e18:22
mircea_popescunono, ty!18:23
Birdmani've got troves of beans too so keep that in mind18:23
mircea_popescuhow about snails ?18:25
Birdmannothing noteworthy, just groceries really18:26
Birdmanreally just beans18:26
Birdmanlots of beans18:27
mircea_popescui got a large chunk of those myself.18:27
mircea_popescuboth low and high q, courtesy of diana_coman18:27
Birdmani get a decent hit rate barehanded and they're worth quite a bit so thats why i focus on em18:27
Birdmanmost bang for my bit18:27
mircea_popescuah makes sense18:28
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*** Joins: alikim (1b20321a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
alikimmircea:  the branches you got should be q5 not 4 (1 * 184 + 3 * 185 + 5 * 184 + 9 * 308) / (184 + 185 + 184 + 308) = 5.14618:46
mircea_popescuoddly they are 4 tho.18:47
mircea_popescui suppose the order of mixing fucked it up huh.18:47
alikimnot gonna mix anythine ever again18:48
mircea_popescucdb tho, wtf am i gonna do, keep stacks of every quality ?18:48
danielpbarronhere's what i do: put all the different qualities in a craft table, then click 'move all to inventory and stack'18:49
alikimyou can buy them from me as they are, so I don't lose 25% of my money and then you can mix them up if you like :)18:49
mircea_popescualternatively, you could also calc the mixes so they come close to ints18:49
mircea_popescui sometimes bother with this for high value stacks18:49
mircea_popescualikim mkay, but then ima only buy stacks of 1k items or more!18:50
alikimalso, when you mix them up the q gets rounded down so you lose even more money18:50
mircea_popescuthat is the thing.18:51
diana_comanalikim, it's a floored function, so q4 + q5 will give you q418:51
mircea_popescuthat's why it came to 4 not 5, you mixed some things in there.18:51
diana_comanbut q4 + q6 gives you q5 and you don't lose anything18:51
alikimok I'll sell you 1k stacks18:51
mircea_popescugenerally speaking : you can't do anything about consecutive quality stacks.18:52
alikimthen this is not the right formula for mixing (1 * 184 + 3 * 185 + 5 * 184 + 9 * 308) / (184 + 185 + 184 + 308) = 5.146, rounded down should be 518:52
diana_comandid you mix some of the intermediate stacks as it were?18:52
mircea_popescuwell yes he did18:53
mircea_popescualikim you mixed in pairs not alltogether.18:53
diana_comanso then apply the formula to each mixing18:53
alikimI'm not gonna mix a single resource ever again18:54
alikimI lost 600 copper out of 300018:54
danielpbarronyou can probably get away with not mixing18:55
alikimcan I buy some bits?18:55
mircea_popescualikim alright, how many didja want ?18:56
alikim1000000000000 but I can only buy 1518:57
mircea_popesculol. aite, lemme get 'em out.18:58
alikimbirdman: can I buy 2 q331 pls?18:59
mircea_popescutrade me.18:59
Birdmanalikim 400ea?18:59
danielpbarronalikim, are you actually making money this way?19:00
alikimmircea: thanks19:00
mircea_popescui dun even think 1 trn lbn exist in the game lol :D19:00
mircea_popescudanielpbarron well he has more today than yest, so he must be ?19:00
mircea_popescugotta say i'm pretty impressed, first bootstrapped eulora player. almost all the way up to a whole aureus coin.19:01
alikimI'm not making money I need bits for testing19:01
alikimmoney come from key bits mostly19:01
danielpbarronthat makes sense, 'cause i'm pretty sure you're paying way too much for bits19:02
mircea_popescuone thing you might consider doing is - see what's the lowest q lbn that STILL gives you q 2 or w/e mining, and then use the high q bits to raise your low q bits19:02
danielpbarronnot that the bits aren't worth that much to others19:02
Birdmantype /pilot 72 0 -33 and come to me, how many do you want?19:02
mircea_popescudanielpbarron quite obviously turning high q lbn into <10 q commons is a loser.19:02
danielpbarronbut you are wasting the benefit of high quailty bits by not having building to rank up19:02
alikimbirdman maybe 319:03
Birdmanjust 3?19:03
Birdmandont bother19:03
Birdmansave 3 keys19:03
danielpbarronheh finally! I was wondering why you guys are doing trades for amounts we typically round off19:03
mircea_popescuhe wants the high q lol.19:03
mircea_popescui do it because he's new. what's he to do.19:03
alikimbirdman: I need those for testing19:03
danielpbarronwork for me19:04
mircea_popescudanielpbarron for the lulz, his whole trade was actually what i rounded off trading some wpl with Birdman :)19:04
mircea_popescubut hey, again, what's he to do.19:04
danielpbarroni said already: work for me!19:05
Birdmanalikim come to those coords im there w/ bits19:05
alikimyeah I crashed coming19:06
mircea_popescudoes the client crash ?19:06
Birdmantake them for free alikim19:07
alikimnah I'll pay19:08
danielpbarronthe time it takes to pay is worth more than what you are paying..19:08
alikimsoryy I need to unload mircea ones first19:08
danielpbarrondrop table, put in table19:09
danielpbarronthey stay separate when put in a dropped table; then you can pick the table back up and they stay separate19:09
alikimthanks birdman!19:11
Birdmannp man19:11
mircea_popescuspeaking of bitbet auction in #trilema, time to do another s.mg auction ? what's teh playerbase think ?19:14
alikimI've been given a lot of advice today and lost money every time following it, including the table, not even gonna try it, can't afford to lose more money, I stashed that table in the robot19:14
alikimit screwed me up today twice19:14
danielpbarronwell you need to learn to use it correctly19:14
danielpbarrontable is key when it comes to keeping qualities separate19:15
alikimthis auto mixing is a horrible thing, there must be a button for it if you want to mix19:15
danielpbarronactually i agree19:15
alikim..or you are carrying very high q bits, you get dced, you relog and your key decays into low q bit and they mix19:16
danielpbarronno.. things already in separate spots in your inventory won't just merge19:16
danielpbarronalthough it's not often you can get two of the same item at different qualities in your inventory19:16
alikimis it the client that initiates mixing or the server19:16
danielpbarronit's the act of ~moving to~ inventory that mixes19:17
danielpbarronso.. server?19:17
danielpbarrona key is ~already in~ inventory, so doesn't mix with other bits19:17
danielpbarronbut if a key decays into a bit, and then you accept a trade for a bit, they will mix19:17
danielpbarronbecause the traded bit is now entering the inventory19:18
alikimso you mive something to your inv, the client sends msg to the server, the server mixes and send new q back?19:18
danielpbarronwell your client doesn't get to just define what's in you inventory.. so yeah i guess19:19
alikimor do I have a chance to stop initiating mixing on the client side?19:19
danielpbarroni'm not sure to be honest19:20
mircea_popescudanielpbarron> so.. server? << nah, client.19:23
mircea_popescunote that you can take used up cs from hand, put it down in inv next to cs stack safely. same from table, ikf you TAKE IT by hand.19:24
mircea_popescubut there are some buttons that say "take and stack", on the table and the storage.19:24
mircea_popescuso you know, if you say "take and stack" it'll stack. if you just move things around, it just moves things around. entirely client behaviour, server dun care.19:25
alikimso it's possible to change the client so it doesn't mix things up in your inv unless you manually drag items on top of each other?19:25
mircea_popescui would expect so. in particular it should be trivial to change the behaviour of storage buttonz if you want.19:27
mircea_popescubut until and unless that is done, the correct way to handle variate quality items is to : 1) drop a table. 2) drag and drop individually each of the item of the type into the table. 3) pick up, one at a time, from ground, stacks of items of type and drag them into table. 4) remove, one at a time, stacks of items of type, and drag/drop to table.19:29
mircea_popescuthis process will maintain them separate.19:29
alikimstorage is fine since it doesn't mix anything up but when I withdraw to inv I want things to be kept separate. Ideally I even want a confirmation every time you are about to mix things up19:29
mircea_popescuyou'll have to use a table then.19:30
mircea_popescuanyway, the solution to the problem i'm more inclined towards is to store q internally as a real ; even if display only as int.19:31
alikimyou still will accidentally mix things up, what if you need a high q item and you mix it with q119:32
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diana_comanserver coming down in 15 minutes for scheduled maintenance&update19:50
mircea_popescuhey alikim19:52
mircea_popescuaw darn he quit19:52
diana_comanserver back up20:12
mircea_popescuso : this wed saw an update re looting process ; should make it more common for players to loot rarer stuff.20:25
mircea_popescuthis is liable to affect both mining finds and craft results.20:25
*** Joins: frankil (~canaima@186-93-217-49.genericrev.cantv.net)23:08
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Birdmanso mining finds like claim rarity or the building ?23:15
Birdmanwoah getting sb cdg rr from the bbb area o.O23:21
Birdmantubers?! whats next!23:21
danielpbarronack, same thing here23:23
Birdmanall basics though, so maybe basics are everywhere now & you need better levels / tools to find the rares etc23:24
Birdmanbright side is the hit rates are up, down side is the basics get less quality than my groceries and are worth less23:25
Birdmanalso lack of farming exp from building now too23:25
Birdmananyone have bod for sale or dt?23:26
Birdmandanielpbarron i think i need another token23:27
danielpbarronalso, finding heavy stuff..23:27
Birdmandamn boulders23:27
Birdmangonna keep an eye on it till it hits a rare to see whats really goin on here23:27
danielpbarroni found leather barehanded just now23:29
Birdmannice, at the leather spot or random?23:29
Birdmanalso, got 2 out of a tiny from a bit, must have been quite the quality too considering 4 srs at q159 turned to q202 after adding what i got23:30
danielpbarronnear a spot that i would expect to have leather23:30
Birdmanso loss of value there too23:30
Birdmanwhich might have been possible before this change too just the first ive ever experienced it23:30
danielpbarroni don't think quality changed23:31
danielpbarronthe grass i had before update is same quality as the boulders i got after23:31
danielpbarronguess i'll focus my bot on shrooms or something23:32
Birdmanno im just saying i got two out of a tiny and they were higher quality than what i got previously23:32
Birdmanby a good bit23:32
Birdmanwhich has never happened to me before23:32
danielpbarrondiana_coman, http://logs.minigame.bz/2016-01-19.log.html?#t22:52:30 << is this in the latest version?23:36
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Tuesday, 2016-01-19 (at logs.minigame.bz)23:36
danielpbarronugh, finding grass and boulders where the shroom and moss should be23:39
Birdmanfound 10 different basics on the bean place23:40
Birdmanbut still with no beans23:40
danielpbarroni did get a moss23:40
Birdmanso basics are everywhere23:41
danielpbarronseems like it23:41
Birdmanand rare locations stayed the same, or expanded in some way23:41
Birdmanwonder if grass is found more often on the old grass spot23:42
Birdmanif not then what replaces the spaces where there were only basics23:42
Birdman~400 bare hands and my guy is over weight23:49
Birdmanso definitely cant do that over night anymore23:50
jurovand using inferior lbn on tiny claim gets me 3 pieces of output?23:59

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