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Birdmanready hanbot00:04
Birdmanmircea_popescu 6954 q83; 55 q213; 557 q16200:05
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Birdmanmircea_popescu you mentioned i could make a shop page on the wiki?00:10
alikimjurov: it took me a whole week to figure out a fare share of it, not that fast00:15
mircea_popescuBirdman i dun see why not ? you got your user page no ?00:42
mircea_popescuand hit me for the wpl00:42
mircea_popescualikim "fair"00:43
mircea_popescuBirdman so we trading wpl ?00:44
alikimyou are right, speaking 3 languages is a bitch ;)00:44
mircea_popescuhey, you fixed my game, least i can do is fix your spelling :D00:44
mircea_popescuwhat's the other two ?00:45
Birdmanmircea_popescu its all in the table00:45
alikimmmm.. I rather will not divulge ;)00:45
mircea_popescu(6954 * .83 + 55 * 2.13 + 557 * 1.62) * 1.3 * 152 =1341962.85600:46
Birdmansounds good00:46
mircea_popescugot it.00:47
mircea_popesculet me guess, farsi and basque00:47
mircea_popescudanke Birdman00:48
mircea_popescubtw you got any stacks of basics worth teh mention ?00:52
Birdmanill check in a bit00:53
Birdmanbout 6k high q birds nests00:59
mircea_popescui want like 100k f / sr01:04
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Birdmanwhat did you find some oxy clean, davout ?01:27
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Birdmanmircea_popescu would you make me a sortage skill book?05:12
Birdmanalso gonna have ~ 400 srs for sale soon, q6305:24
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I can sell 1 stack of q1 flotsam06:28
mircea_popescudiana_coman how much ?12:40
diana_comankk, will take it out when I get back to town, as I'm out building some ords12:42
diana_comanmircea_popescu, trade12:56
mircea_popescudiana_coman 1sec12:59
mircea_popescusez you'rer busy12:59
diana_comanhave fun13:00
danielpbarroni got a pop on a grass small yesterday, 1k q700+13:00
diana_comanwow, congrats danielpbarron13:00
danielpbarronmade my character get stuck, but was a pleasant surprise nontheless13:01
mircea_popescuwhat'd he get ?13:01
diana_coman1k grass 700q+ from a single small?13:01
diana_comanjudging by past experience, foxy is more likely to get a single grass from 1k smalls than the other way around, lol13:02
mircea_popescunice going dpb13:02
danielpbarronThu Apr 14 23:13:08 2016, ,-359.76,7.20,-23.40,Small Clump of Dry Grass Exploration Marker ,96613:03
mircea_popescualmost half a pop.13:04
danielpbarronbarehanded, used 7 q320 threads13:04
mircea_popescunice huh.13:04
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alikimso, since I plan to add a kind of minimap to my bot in the future, I made a hi res map of the island today, if anyone else needs alikim.com/projects/eulora/map.png15:29
alikimalso found a few movement pecularities that I think should not be allowed, can tell you diana if you are interested15:30
alikimproper map link http://alikim.com/projects/eulora/map.png15:32
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alikimas a result of all that I'm exploring the moon now btw http://i.imgur.com/RwQvUei.jpg15:38
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alikimfirst claim on the moon http://i.imgur.com/jzInDDA.jpg15:44
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diana_comanahaha, that picture on the moon is nice16:39
diana_comanI gather he discovered teleport basically16:39
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mircea_popescunice use tho18:42
Birdmandiana_coman can you make me some bod?18:50
diana_comanBirdman, I can18:51
Birdmanjust 2 for now18:52
diana_comanwell, it'll probably be a bit until I get another bod run going as it needs loads of stuff (poc->ampoules->bod, hence loads of eps and assorted resources too); probably Sunday the earliest18:53
diana_comanftr I used 46 cs at eps and I found 6 ords in total18:54
diana_comanactually 47 cs18:54
diana_comanalmost 1 ord for 10 smalls18:54
Birdmanthats pretty good19:03
Birdmanwhat's your gathering level ?19:04
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mircea_popescubtw diana_coman got more flotsam ? sr ?21:44
mircea_popescuhalfway through the pile of axes ; got 5 tink levels from it. pretty sweet!22:17
mircea_popescuevery level gives me 1-2 points of durability more per axe, ie 0.01% ish22:24

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