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diana_comanBirdman> diana_coman have you seen changes in quality between resources in the same skill based on bv? <- no, I get the same for all resources of a type, regardless of bv06:11
hanbot<diana_coman> hanbot, what's the current price for inconsequential tokens? (still no supps because no bouq cons) << oos atm, and pretty reluctant to sell. i'll say something when (i hope that's a when, not an if haha) it moves.06:59
diana_comanhanbot, what q and tink ranks do you have?07:00
hanbotmy tinkering is lvl 194.07:01
diana_comanoof, a bit high07:08
diana_comanwill wait for noobs to get back in I guess07:08
hanbotyeah. i'm lvl 1 in gung-ho and lapidary in case that's ever useful07:10
Birdmandiana_coman ill sell you tokens 250k a pop07:26
Birdmancould discount that alot for tools07:27
alikimhow much is the book that allows gathering 100 - 200 ?08:58
danielpbarronalikim, only i can make that one :D10:58
danielpbarronnever made, let alone sold, one10:59
alikimso how people get above lvl 100 in gathering?10:59
j-dawgby gathering11:00
j-dawgwith tools (not considering recent bh aberration)11:01
alikimso initial book you eat allows you to get to any level up?11:01
j-dawginitial books are only up to 100 usually11:01
Birdmanyes alikim if you have the skill there's nothing stopping you from continuously leveling11:01
j-dawgthe bot is stopping him11:02
j-dawghas some psych issues11:02
alikimthanks birdman, when people say it's a book only up to lvl 100 it's very confusing11:03
j-dawgalikim you only really need a book once, then you can level up by doing the thing and going to heina11:04
j-dawgadditional books are only a convenience11:04
alikimyeah, in my head when people say "there is a book for each 100 levels" I understand it as you need a book for each 100 levels11:05
alikimbut I got finally11:05
alikimI'm not stupid, just explain it to me in simple words 10 -15 times and I get it11:06
j-dawgimagine what incredibly lame things were happening when eulora came out and noone explained it to us11:07
alikimyeah I can imagine how I'd be lost in there11:08
j-dawgand btw, i'm interested in yor code, too ;)11:11
alikimwhich one?11:11
j-dawgthe one you discussed with diana_coman yesterday11:12
alikiminterface code I can find a link, the bot code I'm not planning n releasing yet11:13
danielpbarronalikim, the 100-200 books are for getting fast rank ups in that range, without having to actually gather11:18
alikimyeah I got it11:22
alikimgood for me, no need to save money for it11:22
alikimjurov: you need the interface mod code?11:52
alikimbtw, I found an error in it, BN price is 71, not 58. I've been selling it for 58 heh11:54
j-dawg&item bn11:54
euporiumBird's Nest and Gin(BNG) cat: Potions I base value: 11395, 2 other items match http://dianacoman.com/Eulora/Bird's-Nest-and-Gin.html11:54
j-dawg&item bird's nest11:55
euporiumTiny Bird's Nest Ennumeration cat: Mining Techniques base value: 1, 7 other items match11:55
j-dawgalikim i don't need it. i am just curious11:59
diana_comancookbook says 71 for bn http://www.dianacoman.com/Eulora/Birds-Nest.html so where did you find that error alikim ?12:35
lobbesbotTitle: Bird's Nest(bn) (at www.dianacoman.com)12:35
alikimin my interface mod code for storage12:36
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diana_comancongrats mircea_popescu14:19
mircea_popescunice. ty14:19
mircea_popescualikim> I'm not stupid, just explain it to me in simple words 10 -15 times and I get it << i lel'd.14:21
mircea_popescumostly sentiments, too. sveet.14:22
mircea_popescuwd danielpbarron !14:42
mircea_popescuday of the pops eh ?14:42
mircea_popescusicne the 5th :14:44
mircea_popescu(09:35:32) >Grenadine has got 0.01 BTC worth of Maculature I and assorted loot while crafting. Congratulations!14:44
mircea_popescu(03:24:10) >Foxy has got 0.03 BTC worth of Wooly Mushroom and assorted loot while building. Congratulations!14:44
mircea_popescu(19:12:23) >Foxy has got 0.01 BTC worth of Shiny Rock and assorted loot while building. Congratulations!14:44
mircea_popescu(08:35:21) >Mircea has got 0.03 BTC worth of Black of Desspayr and assorted loot while crafting. Congratulations!14:44
mircea_popescu(10:19:22) >Mircea has got 0.01 BTC worth of Leaky Treebark Flask and assorted loot while crafting. Congratulations!14:44
mircea_popescu(10:41:33) >Daniel has got 0.01 BTC worth of Water of Anamnesia and assorted loot while crafting. Congratulations!14:44
mircea_popescureally gotta make a table of these in-game.14:45
danielpbarronoh nice it actually came out as some extra waters15:49
diana_comanwd danielpbarron15:50
mircea_popescuhttp://trilema.com/2016/eulora-hall-of-fame/ << made a statistic of it.16:09
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Hall of Fame on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)16:09
hanbotoh hey, neat16:29
lobbesbotNews from eulora: Eulora Hall of Fame <http://trilema.com/2016/eulora-hall-of-fame/>16:29
mircea_popescuhanbot your recent pops totally blew diana_coman off 2nd place.16:31
diana_comanlol, not that 2nd place matters by any measure given the difference 1-2 vs 2-316:38
diana_comanor in other words: 2nd place means only being the first of the last16:38
j-dawglast of the last! there can be only one!16:39
mircea_popescufunny how the last is a vet, and such things.16:42
mircea_popescuiirc grenadine's only been playing for about six months or so ?16:42
mircea_popescudiana_coman check it out, i'm > than everyone else combined!16:43
mircea_popescuof course : my uber 362 samovars loot, worth ~40mn base and easyly 1btc altogether is not even in there.16:44
mircea_popescuso not a very reliable top i guess.16:44
hanbot<mircea_popescu> iirc grenadine's only been playing for about six months or so ? << more like 8 i think. and my coupla big ass gathering pops didn't make it in either.17:27
mircea_popescueyah will hafta make the popreporting more accurate.17:27
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mircea_popescuhere j-dawg : http://trilema.com/2016/eulora-hall-of-fame/#comment-11723917:38
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Hall of Fame on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)17:38
mircea_popescuyou've lost even last place!17:38
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alikimalikim> I'm not stupid, just explain it to me in simple words 10 -15 times and I get it << i lel'd. << xD18:38
alikimmircea: would you like to buy 100k worth of beans?18:38
mircea_popescuspeaking of Apr 17 19:11:25 <Birdman>who looted 6 ngc 6 supplications from that nbc? oh, it was me! << did you get any nbc sups ?18:47
mircea_popescuApr 12 21:55:57 <Birdman>3 of the same consids that is, nbc << ah nm.18:48
mircea_popescuso it turns out that 1. clicking nbc is ~only way to get supps, which in turn is ~only way to get tokens, which in turn is ~only way to click any cons at all ; 2. i sold all the nbc i looted, which went for a very low price considering this ; and 3. birdman choked the line, as in we have no moar nbcs avail now ?18:49
hanbotouches if true.18:50
mircea_popescuApr 10 19:56:48 <Birdman>bundle q only 179 on the nbc << horrible idea, also.18:50
mircea_popescu2 NBC, q 277 & 289, 1mn heard Birdman << for the love of god, bundle lower than bp q ?18:50
mircea_popescui went through a lot of shit to get those two!18:51
hanbotwell if he was using my tokens possibly took a q hit there. iono about 100 pts tho18:51
mircea_popescueh, 100q points in token figure less than 0.1 q points in a cons bundle.18:52
diana_comanthat's the thing, I have one single nbc (had only one as far as I know) and I am waiting for a noob to click it (or otherwise to somehow make the bundle some 600q min I suppose)18:52
diana_comanyeah, the token is not much in there18:52
mircea_popescuah yeah, totally make the bundle huge and noobclick that thing.18:54
mircea_popescunbc and supps are getting pretty darned desperately needed and scarce.18:54
diana_comanwell yes, but meanwhile noobs got scarce too, exactly when I got more work ready for them, lol18:59
diana_comandon't know where zackorus vanished18:59
mircea_popescuhanbot too high ?19:00
diana_comanit seems so, maybe mod6 logs in19:00
mircea_popescuj-dawg is prolly newb enough. or yeah mod619:00
diana_comanor it seems so to me19:00
mircea_popescuor lobbes lol19:00
hanbotit's a tinkering click, no? i'm prolly too high.19:00
mircea_popescunah bouq19:00
diana_comananyway, do you have some huge q dusts maybe I can pump a higher q bundle, although dusts are not really a ton in there19:00
diana_comanwell, tinkering counts too19:00
hanbotwell bouq i'm only 2419:00
diana_comantink+bouq, hence I asked on both19:00
mircea_popescudiana_coman lemme look19:00
mircea_popescui got 339 ?19:01
diana_comanhanbot, what q were you getting from bouq before the change?19:01
diana_comanwhen it wasn't linked to input q19:01
mircea_popescudiana_coman bingo! i got dusts q 1148.19:01
mircea_popescuyay me.19:02
diana_comanwhat do you want for those19:02
hanboti don't remember diana_coman. i'll see if i jotted something, doubt it tho19:02
mircea_popescuhow many did you need, 999 ?19:02
j-dawgi made some toothpaste for you don't remember the quality, too19:02
diana_comanyes mircea_popescu 99919:03
hanbotaha, q58 actually (early march, which iirc is early enough)19:03
* mircea_popescu goes to look what supps cost19:04
diana_comanhm, might work actually, will calc a bit, atm I'm also considering if I can make some higher q gt even if only 4 to make a super-tome esp for this19:04
mircea_popescudidn't someone win uber canines, some 1k qual in auction ?19:04
diana_comanI was considering even shredding some bps to get some high q dusts otherwise19:04
diana_comancanines are not *that* much19:04
hanbotre super-tome, i have those q1337 canines19:04
mircea_popescu5k ?!19:05
diana_comanwell, yes, but the tome is 88k total19:05
diana_comanor a bit more even19:05
mircea_popescutome is like 90k, q 1337 canine comes to 70-80 q points in bundle19:05
diana_comanthe gt is 16k19:05
diana_comanmore than 3 times the canine19:05
mircea_popescuyou're not making gt > 400 tho19:05
diana_comandunno, have to calc it all from very start19:06
diana_comanprolly *after* the update tonight though, lol19:06
diana_comansince not much time before that :p19:06
diana_comananyway, how much hanbot for 1 of those canines q1337?19:07
mircea_popescuok, so supp bv is like 3500 or so. my 1k dusts add 114800 bv to the click, thus should yield no less than 114800 ÷3 ÷ 3500 = 11 extra supps. thus therefore : i want 10 ist for my 1k high q dusts, how's that diana_coman.19:08
diana_coman10 ist?19:08
diana_comanwhat is ist lol19:08
mircea_popescuinconsequential sacrifice token19:08
diana_comanwell, I don't have any of those, lol19:08
diana_comancan't really buy things with stuff I don't have19:08
mircea_popescubut the idea is that you get supps from the craft, which get turned into ist.19:09
diana_comanwell, what if the idea turns out to be wrong?19:09
diana_comanfor whatever reason?19:09
mircea_popescuthen we're sol.19:09
mircea_popescuyou wanna buy insurance ?19:09
diana_comanit's one thing losing/risking my money/stuff, it's another thing ending up not able to hold my part of some de19:10
mircea_popescu(this, btw, will be a future business line, obviously. someone with good auctuarial tables could interject in this deal and sell insurance)19:10
diana_comanbefore going into any such insanity, I'll probably shred bps19:10
mircea_popescudiana_coman the problem is you WANT me to have ist, so i can make more cons.19:10
diana_comandon't even know what q dusts that would make19:10
diana_comansure, but trouble there is that I don't have what you want19:10
diana_comanI'm fine to sell things to you when I have them, but not really before19:11
diana_comanesp when I have one single shot19:11
mircea_popescuso what do you propose ?19:11
hanbotdiana_coman> anyway, how much hanbot for 1 of those canines q1337? < 130k19:12
hanbotyou know i might have an nbc in storage too. sec.19:13
diana_comanhanbot, I'll take 1 canine19:13
hanbotkk omw19:13
diana_comanmircea_popescu, will calc and get back to you after the server update tonight (kind of a bit caught on the other front until then)19:14
mircea_popescuno biggy.19:14
mircea_popescui'm open to some sort of deal ; mostly just exploring this space.19:14
hanbotyeah i have 1 nbc tucked away, but it's q13019:16
diana_comanthat's not a bad thing hanbot really19:16
diana_comanwhat do you want for it? or do you want to buy tomes+bod?19:16
mircea_popescuprolly best to spread the clicking across multiple people.19:17
diana_comanwhy exactly?19:17
diana_comananyway, having it doesn't mean clicking it19:17
diana_comanjudging by your pop table it's actually best to give them all to you to click!19:17
mircea_popescudiana_coman just basic safety idea, you know, "put eggs in all baskets"19:18
hanbotdiana_coman i'd rather buy a tome and bod, yeah.19:18
diana_comanyeah , loads of those ideas are not always the best idea though19:19
diana_comansure, let me see what I ahd19:19
diana_comantomes 253q, bod 328q19:19
mircea_popescupop table, heh. tell you what, that's only half the story, if i got 167 mn in pops out of 2bn crafted on which i made a 13% loss, whereas some other guy made 3mn in pops out of 5mn in crafting on which he was 35% profitable, i'm so fucked it's not even funny.19:19
diana_comantome is 240%, bod is 52k+180%qabv19:20
mircea_popescudiana_coman hanbot how about you two get the high canine, high snakeskin high bps alligned and i make you a dt each with my superior skillz ?19:20
hanbotdiana_coman will buy a bod. what q do you expect a tome to be at w/ q1337 canine?19:20
hanbotah sounds good mircea_popescu19:21
diana_comanmircea_popescu, I kept wondering why are you so keen on the top of pop (other than for the name) when a top of wealth is kind of way more interesting from my point of view19:21
mircea_popescudiana_coman well a top of wealth is a privacy nighmare ; not gonna happen i don't think.19:21
diana_comanmircea_popescu, dt is mcguyver, iirc we were about the same there?19:22
diana_comanor did you increase that a lot too?19:22
hanbotanyway diana_coman ready to trade for the grc w/e19:22
mircea_popescumy tinkering is almost 90019:22
mircea_popescuthere's no way i don't have an edge over you. and edge matters dunnit.19:22
diana_coman755 tink19:22
mircea_popescuthese are no longer tink, they're Bink.19:23
diana_comandrat , I somehow forgot to take out the tome, lol19:23
hanbotyou selling me a bod?19:23
hanbotfree? lol19:24
diana_coman52000+1.8*3.28*29170−130000 = 94k19:25
diana_comanI did write above the price, lol19:25
hanbotso gimmie 36k19:25
hanbotoh i see.19:25
diana_comanbod is 52000+1.8*3.28*2917019:26
diana_comanthe canine is 130k, right?19:27
hanboti can't be bothered lol. go ahead.19:27
diana_comanso you owe me 94k , right?19:27
diana_comanoh, I might have change if needed19:27
* hanbot resets19:27
hanbotthere we go.19:28
diana_coman6k change, ok19:29
diana_comancool, thanks19:29
diana_comando you want that tome too?19:29
diana_coman253q, 240%19:29
alikimdiana: when is the update?19:32
diana_comanor ah, maybe make one with the higher q canine, right19:32
diana_comanalikim, in about half hour -45 minutes; it's every Wednesday19:32
alikimkk, thanks19:32
diana_comanserver back on20:47
Birdman<mircea_popescu>2 NBC, q 277 & 289, 1mn heard Birdman << for the love of god, bundle lower than bp q ? << would like to see you try to get a q300 consid bundle!20:51
Birdmanthat shits pretty intense, used q300+ tome q200+ everything else and the bundle comes out crappy20:51
Birdmanq1000+ dusts!20:54
diana_comanBirdman, what q dusts did you get when you shred?20:55
Birdmanmax output was ~q46020:55
Birdmanwhat held me back from getting q10000 was the SI20:56
diana_comanwhat q was the si?20:56
diana_comanit's not that bad though20:56
Birdmanbundle qualities were crazy, well over a few thousand20:56
Birdmanyeah well it is if mp just making q1000+ like nothing20:56
Birdmani've also no more nbcs20:58
Birdmanlast click on em looted me some other consids20:58
Birdmanso whatever loots nbc is needed20:59
Birdmanabc maybe20:59
diana_comanI thought it was only the apprentice bouq looting other cons20:59
Birdmani thought alot but its all useless till you do the stuff yourself20:59
diana_comankind of sucks because then it's exactly what I said above: one might click the cons and get other stuff but not supps21:00
Birdmanbut i did get ngc from nbc, so maybe abc loots apprentice consids21:00
Birdmanright well the supps weren't a guaranteed loot either21:00
Birdmanthink i looted some 2-3 times out of all the clicks21:00
diana_comanno supps -> no tokens -> no click on ANY cons21:01
diana_comanhow many clicks?21:01
diana_comandid you always loot something?21:01
Birdmanyes and iirc in total i might have clicked 1021:01
Birdmanbut not always supps21:01
Birdmanonly looted more consids once though21:01
Birdmani still have 20 supps and 11 tokens21:01
Birdmanwilling to sell for stupid money if it comes down to it, and i feel the sacrificers have tokens/supps enough at least to get this moving21:02
Birdmani think the real hold up is altar clicks21:02
Birdmanand apparently nbc21:02
diana_comandoesn't seem they do basically21:02
Birdmani'd think otherwise21:04
diana_comanmircea_popescu, how much would you charge to click some maculature bundles for me ? (bundles about 3k quality and with my clogs+screens; might prefer your shredding instructions if they are higher q)21:15
diana_comanactually bundles 3880q21:20
diana_comanpacking quite some xp there21:21
mircea_popescudiana_coman im set up to craft ltf / acg for a while here, so it'd have to be after tha.t21:22
diana_comanok, but how much?21:22
mircea_popescui dunno, 5k ea ?21:23
diana_comanwith your bp or my bp?21:23
mircea_popescuBirdman would like to see you try to get a q300 consid bundle! << i get 'em all the time! 99 q 500 bits means the bundle is like 300 just from that!21:25
Birdmanq500 mites*?21:25
mircea_popescuBirdman> yeah well it is if mp just making q1000+ like nothing << wasn't like nothing, was from q 3800 maculature ie 1600 bps burned21:25
mircea_popescuBirdman yes ; i loot mites the same way i loot dusts see.21:26
Birdmani get it but you said bits so was confused for a sec21:26
mircea_popescudiana_coman> I thought it was only the apprentice bouq looting other cons << all bouq cons loot cons.21:26
mircea_popescuBirdman everything comes from the same craft : bits, dusts, mites.21:26
mircea_popescudiana_coman with your bp.21:27
diana_comanI wonder how big the difference really is21:28
Birdmanwhat q SI did you use ?21:28
diana_comankind of too many unknowns to do anything21:29
mircea_popescuwhich difference ?21:30
mircea_popescuholy shit!21:30
diana_comanbetween your output and mine21:30
mircea_popescuMY LOOT WENT INTO THE TOOL21:30
mircea_popescudude. epic.21:31
diana_comanbasically whether it's worth it to have you click on maculature to get the high q dusts21:31
mircea_popescudiana_coman im positive you won't hit > 1k21:32
Birdmandiana_coman i have q450 dusts21:32
diana_comanquestion is whether you will with my bps as they are 143q21:32
mircea_popescumine are 180ish iirc21:32
diana_comanthanks Birdman but I'm quite sure I'll get them some 800q even if I click it21:32
Birdmanif i get some high q SI i can make > 1k21:32
Birdmanso we're all shredding bps now?21:33
diana_comanBirdman, prolly still lower than mine overall21:33
diana_comanmircea_popescu, how much for 10 of your shredding instructions 180ish then?21:36
diana_comanmight be fastest reasonable way21:36
mircea_popescu172 * 10 * 1.8 * 5 = 1548021:36
mircea_popescushould i look exact q ?21:37
diana_comanneah, that's fine, will take them21:37
mircea_popescuare you taking them in the form of delivering maculatures etc ?21:37
diana_comanwill get some epic bits too21:37
diana_comanwell,at this moment it seems most reasonable to just buy them and click at least one to see what q I get21:38
mircea_popescuok lemme get them out.21:39
mircea_popescutrade me now21:40
diana_comanu busy21:41
mircea_popescu187 turns out21:41
diana_comanI guess you might have way higher bouq skill21:42
diana_comanthat might make a difference21:42
mircea_popescu> 400 in any case.21:42
diana_comanmyeah, mine is below 200, lol21:42
mircea_popescuwell, a click won't kill you, see what you get at least.21:43
diana_comanso diff would be some 400q points o.o21:45
mircea_popescuyou got 910 ? not so bad ?21:46
diana_comanha, got 5 mites too, lol21:46
diana_comanyeah, trying to get my head around21:46
mircea_popescuhow you figure 400 ?21:46
diana_comanyou'd get 1330q?21:47
diana_comanor more21:47
mircea_popescuhow do you figure this ?21:47
diana_comanyou said earlier you had bundle about 3800 (mine is 3886) and bps are those that I used so..?21:47
mircea_popescuthe best i ever got was 1148; andf iirc from bundle higher than yours.21:47
diana_comanah, you did say 1148, why did I recall that as 130021:49
diana_comanwishful thinking21:49
diana_comanmyeah, then I guess it's probably best to just click them myself now21:49
diana_comanpossibly you'd get them more than 1148 now given all the tink you did in between but anyhow21:49
mircea_popescuin honesty i dunno whence that 3800 came from ; i might have typoed. i srsly thought the bundles were higher than that.21:50
diana_comanand now I can go gather some ss with these 910q bits of nothing , ha21:54
diana_comanshould make some epic tomes21:55
mircea_popescubreak a snake!21:56
danielpbarroni have tokens...22:03
danielpbarronnobody wants to buy them22:04
mircea_popescuhow much ?22:04
danielpbarronit's not like lack of supplications is holding me back22:04
danielpbarron1 mn22:04
mircea_popescueh get out 1mn. the whole click is like 170k bv.22:04
danielpbarronwell they sell for half a million each22:04
danielpbarronthe consideration alone22:05
mircea_popescu100k i'd consider, i guess. that's 100000% ffs. a mn... neah.22:06
danielpbarronok well making more supplications isn't gonna make that happen22:07
danielpbarronapparently hanbot doesn't mind doing this for now ; what happens when her altar runs out?22:07
mircea_popescuhopefully we end up with altar bps before that.22:08
danielpbarroni have them22:08
mircea_popescuwell they're lootable.22:11
mircea_popescubut yeah, are you building them or what ?22:12
danielpbarroni need rock double distilates22:12
mircea_popescuoh right darn.22:12
mircea_popescuoh and hanbot has the distillate bps , i recall now. lol.22:12
mircea_popescuso i guess eventually you two'll trade ?22:12
danielpbarronyes but she wouldn't sell them to me22:12
danielpbarroni tried22:12
mircea_popescuwhy not ?22:13
danielpbarronshe wants to get an altar blueprint out of it22:13
mircea_popescumakes sense, huh. "what happens when her altar runs out?" and all that.22:13
mircea_popescuwell... something's getting looted sooner or later.22:14
mircea_popescudanielpbarron how many tokens do you have anyways ?22:19
danielpbarrona few dozen i think22:19
mircea_popescuok, how about i trade you a few dozen NMGC consen for a few dozen ist then ?22:21
danielpbarroni want the gumbo ones for the distilates, but i guess i'd need the higher tier ones since the low ones only loot the lesser blueprints22:23
mircea_popescuoh, apprentice gumbo ?22:23
danielpbarronyeah i guess22:23
mircea_popescuthose are an utter bitch to get.22:23
diana_comanhanbot, 546q ss if you want them for your tome22:43
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