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mircea_popescuhola diana_coman11:07
diana_comannice event coming up mircea_popescu , should probably make a bit more of a market for lapidary/higher numina stuff too12:07
diana_comanwill the new books be given too?12:07
diana_comangathering 400 + lapidary 200 from my point of view :p12:08
diana_comanbah, gathering 60012:08
mircea_popescui was gonna say, i thought i already gave out gathering 400 lol.12:18
diana_comanyeah, quite long ago, lol12:19
mircea_popescuanyway, will auction off some gt in a little bit here.12:27
diana_comanby the looks of it I might have some bps of beetle brew, alchemist gin and toothpaste if anyone wants them13:49
diana_comanwill see when I finish this run of gumbo cons13:50
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mircea_popescuAUCTION : 225 GT, q 133, opening 16mn. ETA 17:00 ART tomorrow.16:40
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diana_comanmircea_popescu, is that GT at some 737 markup?19:22
diana_comanah, no, nm, for some reason I kept thinking of acg instead19:23
mircea_popesculike 16.2k base iirc19:26
mircea_popescu21804 at this quality.19:26
diana_comanyes, works out some 326 markup19:26
diana_comanwill take it I guess - could really do with some higher q, will have to mix it; anyways: 16mn on the gt19:27
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 225 GT, q 133, 16mn heard diana_coman . ETA 17:00 ART tomorrow.19:49
mircea_popescui can't make much higher q because bps. but i could make more 130ish if i had more sg an' boulders19:49
diana_comanhm, I have boulders, didn't know you are out of them or anything19:53
mircea_popescume either, somehow, lol.19:53
mircea_popescualso, pps ?19:53
mircea_popescupss lol19:55
diana_comanwell, pss I need to make my own cs since I can't seem to get my hands on any otherwise, lol19:56
* mircea_popescu sold ~3k pss worth of cs, is tapered out.19:58
diana_comananyways, how many boulders you need?19:59
diana_comansuch a pain to take them out20:00
diana_comanhanbot, what are you charging for inconsequential tokens these days?20:02
mircea_popescui dunno, a few k ? a stack ?20:05
diana_comanI'll grow old taking them out of storage, lol20:17
diana_comanlemme see20:17
* danielpbarron will sell 2k q326 boulders for 4 mn20:20
diana_coman4mn? o.o20:22
diana_comanis that the current price for boulders?20:23
danielpbarronand 8k q223 boulders for 5 mn20:23
* diana_coman goes to check the shops again20:23
mircea_popescudanielpbarron 2000×59×3.26 = 385k bv ?20:24
* danielpbarron shrugs20:25
mircea_popescudiana_coman i dunno, im thinking moar like 15020:25
diana_comanmircea_popescu, 2003 boulders 207q20:27
diana_comanguess I'll make sure that I always have some stocks of basic resources around20:28
danielpbarroni'll give ya 500k for it20:28
mircea_popescui guess he gets it!20:32
diana_comancan't refuse money, can I20:33
diana_comandanielpbarron, trade me when ready20:33
* mircea_popescu wonders if he should sell basics rathert than craft them now20:34
diana_comanahaha, you sell them at 160%, right?20:34
diana_comanI guess the problem is simply that there aren't enough around20:35
mircea_popescuwhat else do you pay 200% on danielpbarron ? rr ? bn ?20:35
diana_comanenjoy the rocks danielpbarron20:35
mircea_popescudiana_coman problem may also be disintegrated trade, ie, no common pricing scheme20:35
diana_comanand yeah: do you need other basics at this markup?20:35
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hanbotdiana_coman> hanbot, what are you charging for inconsequential tokens these days? << still @ 500k ea22:35
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