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mircea_popescumeh. so for reason i don't understand, bot paniced that "table not found in world" with table in its own inventory and started filling me up with keys.00:48
mircea_popescupossibly lag i guess ?00:48
mircea_popescuanyway, data for 6713 bh hits (with 7 cft smalls) : 455 cft + 773 lbn used.01:07
mircea_popescugot low q (208) : 392 cft + 157 sb + 70 sr + + 2 rf + 1 bn ; also 45 TPT q 170 ; 107 wpl q 143 ; 2 ae q 14401:09
hanbotyou "got" cft? you mean cdg?01:10
mircea_popescugot hi q (685) : 203 cdg + 56 sb + 9 sr + 2 bn + 2 f ; also 19 wpl q 469, 3 tpt q 56001:10
hanbotwhoa 685.01:10
mircea_popescuso to math this, 60 * (392 * 208 + 203 * 685) + 58 * (157 * 208 + 56 * 685) + 79 * (70 * 208 + 9 * 685) + 159 * (45 * 170 + 3 * 560) + 152 * (107 * 143 + 19 * 460) + 71 * (208 + 2*685) 384 * 2 * 144 + 80 * 2 * 208 + 88 * 2 * 685 =01:13
mircea_popescu245058.35 total bv loot01:14
mircea_popescuwell, and 10 ordinaries, to boot.01:14
mircea_popescudanielpbarron your guy should be fixed btw.01:17
mircea_popescuanyway, buying the stuff from myself it'd be 180*1.8* 455 for cft + 773 * 169 for lbn (iirc it sold at 1 ecu / q point ?) = 27805701:17
mircea_popescuseeing how it took 25 hours, i'd say it made me no less than 245058 * 1.5 + 100000 for ords - 278057 = 18953001:19
mircea_popescuie somewhat better than previous estimate of 100k/day01:20
mircea_popescuanyway. ima try now a run with 1 cft / small see01:27
diana_coman<mircea_popescu> meh. so for reason i don't understand, bot paniced that "table not found in world" with table in its own inventory and started filling me up with keys. <- sounds like a lost drop message so yes, probably lag07:11
diana_comankind of weird it did not recover though as "table not found in world" means just that: it did not find the table when it tried to pick it up07:12
diana_comanhm, after that it might get confused regarding table slot I suppose07:13
diana_comanone day bot will get to actually *look* in inventory and around itself...07:14
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mircea_popescuyeh. worked overnight just fine again.13:05
mircea_popescuand holy shit 800 sb13:06
mircea_popescuso this run is going to be way the fuck better than yest's.13:06
mircea_popescuit's weird though, somehow i have 8 tiny keys in inv.13:12
diana_comansome lag can cause the keys to fail to be moved to the claim too, but that doesn't really mess up the bot in itself, since the rest still falls in place anyway14:24
diana_comanbasically the only potential trouble there is if it happens too much and your inventory gets full14:25
mircea_popescuwell yeah but it's getting close lol. i had a lot of shit in pockets14:26
mircea_popescubut the best - well maybe not the best, but a GREAT - part of this bot is that you can just you know, sculpt it. like, want to get it in a diff lane ? point it that way for a while then point him back etc.14:51
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SilverjaywTrying to register an account15:21
Silverjaywdoesnt seem to be working15:21
mircea_popescuhey there Silverjayw15:22
mircea_popescuwhat are you doing exactly ?15:22
SilverjaywI am registering my pgp key with deedbot15:22
mircea_popescuok but how ?15:23
mircea_popescuwhat are you saying to it ?15:23
Silverjayw$register <DA289F46468AB2A7019FACA0ED1C6135AA4F2B49>15:23
Silverjayw$register <AA4F2B49>15:23
mircea_popescuno <15:23
SilverjaywTried both of those15:24
mircea_popescuand what's it say to $register DA289F46468AB2A7019FACA0ED1C6135AA4F2B49 ?15:24
SilverjaywImport failed for <DA289F46468AB2A7019FACA0ED1C6135AA4F2B49>.15:24
mircea_popescuwithout the < > !15:24
SilverjaywIll try that15:25
Silverjaywwell i think that worked15:25
Silverjaywthanks man15:25
SilverjaywGoddamn im an idiot15:25
SilverjaywSo now im supposed to ask someone here for an account yes?15:26
mircea_popescuyeah. me.15:26
SilverjaywOh hello15:26
SilverjaywSo may I have an account? haha15:27
mircea_popescusec yea lol15:28
mircea_popescuSilverjayw http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/35612338-e810-43d9-91a5-335b3959db63/?raw=true15:31
SilverjaywSo if i may ask whats with all of the encryption15:33
mircea_popescuwell, doing things right.15:33
Silverjaywand while im at it whats with the person who writes the website not seeming to know anything for sure15:33
mircea_popescuwhich website ?15:33
lobbesbotTitle: Eulorum (at www.eulorum.org)15:34
SilverjaywThey talk about the game as if they arent really sure about anything15:35
mircea_popescuah, the wiki is community-maintained.15:35
SilverjaywOh that makes sense15:35
mircea_popescuso i guess that'd be literally true.15:35
mircea_popescuanyway, once you manage to log in i'll give you some stuff to get you started, come find me.15:35
SilverjaywWell i am having a little bit of an issue with the login15:36
SilverjaywI assume the idea is i import the pgp key you sent me yes?15:36
Silverjaywand read something inside it?15:36
SilverjaywWell anyway i tried to import it and I dont see it so i cant read whats inside15:38
mircea_popescui didn't send you a key ; i sent you a message. you decrypt that.15:38
SilverjaywOh my15:40
Silverjaywi am way to tired for this15:40
SilverjaywOk ill get that done15:40
SilverjaywOk so one more issue15:45
SilverjaywI have the 0.1.1 client and it says when i try to log in that i am not running the correct version15:46
mircea_popescuan no, you need 0.1.2b15:46
mircea_popescuwhere'd you get the 0.1.1 from ?15:46
Silverjaywhttp://minigame.bz/jurov/ They all say 0.1.1 here15:48
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Releases by Jurov (at minigame.bz)15:48
mircea_popescuoh, you're using the windows binary, didn't compile it ?15:49
mircea_popescuthe problem is that the client got a major update few days ago, and it's not backwards compatible. until jurov gets around to releasing a new package ; or until you compile the new source, you can't connect to the server.15:49
mircea_popescuotherwise the source is in http://minigame.bz/eulora/source/15:50
SilverjaywI could do that15:50
mircea_popescugo for it ; there's a compilation guide on the wiki ; and from what people report the job's not too difficult.15:51
SilverjaywI wish linux was better in general for gaming and i would run it on my gaming computer15:51
mircea_popescuit certainly runs on linux ?15:51
mircea_popescui'm currently running it on an old ubuntu for instance.15:52
mircea_popescuoh you meant, run ~linux~ on your gaming computer.15:52
SilverjaywYes I dont like windows at all but its just a pain to run linux for most games because of bad performance drivers or just plain inconpatability15:53
SilverjaywI have kali linux on my dell inspiron but i dont think i could run any games on that haha15:53
mircea_popescuyeah. eulora so far is pretty flexible, about half the players run it on windows. seems to be ok.15:53
mircea_popescuSilverjayw well, ity does need a gfx card. but it's not VERY picky, you can prolly run it on most, if the drivers are up to date.15:54
SilverjaywI guess i could try it on my laptop then15:54
SilverjaywWhen do you think there will be a windows version?15:55
SilverjaywWel an updated windows version that is15:55
mircea_popescui see stuff like amd radeon 6700 and nvidia gt 630. i mean... these are decade+ old by now ?15:55
SilverjaywJa i have intel hd 3000 though15:55
mircea_popescumaybe worth a shot.15:56
mircea_popescui dunno when, lessee what jurov says.15:56
SilverjaywI used to game on my laptop but 20 fps constantly maybe less is a little bit of a pain15:56
mircea_popescueulora is a very relaxed game anyway.15:56
mircea_popescubut i'm currently running with fps limited at 40. otherwise it does 130 lol15:57
SilverjaywThats not bad15:57
mircea_popescuyeah the client is not terribly demanding atm.15:57
diana_comanheh, mircea_popescu are you using 2 tables or did the bot drop one and left it there?16:01
diana_comanand welcome Silverjayw ; have a look around when you get in and ping people for some jobs maybe16:02
SilverjaywOk will do still trying to compile16:16
mircea_popescudiana_coman im using two tables but i got both i think16:17
mircea_popescuwhat's in it ?16:17
diana_comandidn't go to look at it, just saw it from far away16:18
mircea_popescua ok. i dunno.16:21
jurovSilverjayw: i'm on it, windows binary should be in few hours16:22
SilverjaywHey thanks man16:23
SilverjaywIll probably have it compiled by then but it will be nice to have a well done version for when i mess up this one haha16:24
SilverjaywWell it seems that compiling eulorum doesnt work well on visual studio 201516:33
SilverjaywWell played windows 10 well played16:34
mircea_popescujurov win. what was your addy again ?17:20
mircea_popescuSilverjayw would be helpful to document that "doesn't work well", you know, so people can fix it etc.17:22
jurovmircea_popescu: 14TcBLr18WqFWpgxUW7SJU3DKwCrYB5GGU17:24
jurovSilverjayw: iirc there was some if (a & b) instead of if (a && b) and msvc rejected it17:26
SilverjaywWhat do you want me to document?17:59
mircea_popescuhow it fails.18:07
SilverjaywOk ill get that gathered up18:52
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jurovsooo... it appears moving stuff to 64bit ints introduced some C99 stuff20:32
jurovthat VS2010 won't eat20:33
jurovlike sscanf(moneyString,"%"SCNd64"20:33
jurovno biggie, just grumbling20:35
diana_comanaha jurov, there was no real way around it - it might barf on the PRId64 too20:38
jurovit ate "64d" will see what happens at runtime20:41
mircea_popescuwhat's this really need, an ifdef or ?20:47
jurovyes all fixable with some #defines so far20:50
jurovdiana_coman: there are several functions in worldhandler/botactivity that declare bool return value21:01
jurovbut no repturn statement21:01
diana_comanhm, sounds like bot might need some cleaning too then; what are those?21:03
diana_comanah, I see now PickupEID and such; sigh21:04
jurovworldHandler:;PickupEID worldHandler::DropFromSlot21:05
diana_comanbasically logically speaking they should return a bool; unfortunately in practice there is none they could return, hence the mismatch; will do a cleaning anyway for next release21:05
jurovalso all QueryInterface functions should return some void*21:05
jurovpresumably null21:06
diana_comanyes, null will do there21:07
jurovso, win32 client appears to work, uploading as we speak21:45
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jurovHi Silverjayw. I have windows client ready21:50
SilverjaywOh cool can you link it to me?21:51
jurovyes, a sec21:51
jurovdo you have older version already?21:52
SilverjaywWhen i tried to build in visual studio 2015 there was 31 build errors which i believe have something to do with service pack one21:52
SilverjaywI can get it again if thats what i need21:52
SilverjaywBut i dont have it bnow21:52
jurovok i made both "full" and "update" packages21:53
jurovupdate does not cointain CS21:53
SilverjaywOk could you link me to the full package?21:53
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silverjaywHey did i miss you sending it? i had to relog21:56
jurovnoi i'm still uploading21:57
silverjaywOk man21:58
jurovdiana_coman: there was no ftp server change recently? it just times out when i try to connect21:58
jurovnm, finally logged in22:00
jurovsah512: c4462db91ac494ed8f497cfd78a8f98f75b11233eeca597ded1727478355c746794b0eea6b8d92213af86cbe154486b35ad3aabb6628696098b9e2b34672345c  Eulora-V0_1_2-win32-full.7z22:02
jurovsilverjayw: http://minigame.bz/jurov/Eulora-V0_1_2-win32-full.7z22:04
silverjaywThanks man22:05
jurovpls report if it works22:05
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jurovhttp://minigame.bz/jurov/ updated22:19
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Releases by Jurov (at minigame.bz)22:19
dylanr461Hi, I am in need of an account.22:21
jurovwelcome dylanr461, just lurk and mircea_popescu will come in a while22:22
jurovdylanr461: do you use linux or windows?22:24
jurovsee above address to download the client, i just compiled new version22:24
dylanr461ok thank you22:25
silverjaywHey man can mircea send me my username and password again by any chance? The one he sent first doesnt work22:25
jurovsilverjayw: it worked before? or it doesn't work from the start?22:26
silverjaywI didnt get a chance to try it before becuase i got it today and thats when the version wasnt updated for windows yet22:27
jurovi see22:27
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