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mircea_popescuhey dy damn00:23
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SilverjaywIs mircea on by any chance?00:31
mircea_popescuaha ?00:32
SilverjaywOh hello i tried my login now that i got then new client for windows and it says either the password or username is invalid00:33
mircea_popescui think you must be doing something wrong then00:34
SilverjaywNot gonna lie probably haha00:34
mircea_popescuwell that's odd. i think actually problem was on this end.00:35
mircea_popescugive it ~5 minutes and try again plox.00:35
SilverjaywOk thank you for the help00:35
SilverjaywOh also i know a guy dylan who is gonna be on later to get a login just a heads up00:40
mircea_popescuah cool.00:40
SilverjaywThe login works great now thanks00:43
mircea_popescuyay nice.00:44
mircea_popescuso lessee here00:44
mircea_popescuim at -250 50 -15000:44
mircea_popescucome say hi00:44
SilverjaywIll make sure and do that00:45
SilverjaywHow best do i change from windowed to fullscreen?00:46
mircea_popescualt-enter ?00:52
mircea_popescuthere's also settings in euclient.cfg00:52
SilverjaywOk i will try that00:53
mircea_popescuyup alt-enter does it00:53
SilverjaywYes thank yo7u00:54
SilverjaywDo i need certain sound and video drivers for this game? I seem to have no sound and choppy framerate00:58
mircea_popescuit dun have much sound atm.00:59
mircea_popescuchoppy video is definitely gfx driver problem though, unless your card is from like 199000:59
SilverjaywThat will do it then i have a gtx 96001:00
mircea_popescutry the load lightening trick discussed in logs, makes it much better for low end cards.01:01
mircea_popescuin other news diana_coman check out the minecraft people : http://hopper.minecraft.net/help/pixel-format-not-accelerated/support/01:03
lobbesbotTitle: Support ~ Pixel Format Not Accelerated - Hopper (at hopper.minecraft.net)01:03
SilverjaywI think i see you01:05
mircea_popescuhow do i look ? i'm the guy in a forest of pikes with a table01:07
mircea_popescuah are you down there in that valley ?01:08
mircea_popescuSilverjayw yeah come up the hill01:09
SilverjaywSorry man things got busy i will be back in like an hour01:09
mircea_popescuno prob01:09
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danielpbarrondid i get a pop on something?02:46
danielpbarron1k mysterious rock just mysteriously appeared in my inventory while explore02:47
danielpbarronlol they are so heavy i can't move just from them02:48
danielpbarronyeah wow, that's like a 0.8 pop02:50
danielpbarronis that a record?02:50
mircea_popescuoddly doesn't show up in pops ?02:51
mircea_popescunope, there it is. no idea why the tops don't show it yet, but it's there.02:54
mircea_popescucongrats daniel, you struck it!02:54
mircea_popescuremember like... TWO YEARS AGO ? when there was a contest to find skill items ?02:54
mircea_popescubefore altars and everyhing ?02:55
mircea_popescuhttp://trilema.com/2015/eulora-sunday-event-july-the-19th/ <02:56
lobbesbotTitle: Eulora Sunday Event - July the 19th on Trilema - A blog by Mircea Popescu. (at trilema.com)02:56
danielpbarronwell good thing the pop itself is worth so much 'cause i can't claim a prize in that contest02:57
mircea_popescunuts huh.02:58
mircea_popescuanyway, definitely largest to date.02:58
hanbotcongrats danielpbarron. yow!02:59
mircea_popescu(22:35:16) >Daniel has got 0.81 BTC worth of Boulder and assorted loot while building. Congratulations!03:03
danielpbarron>> Prizes can be claimed at any point I'm online, by trading me and showing me a skill item from the selected list, bearing their crafter mark, that hadn't been found yet. <<  hm.. it doesn't have my crafter mark on it.03:30
mircea_popescui guess that'll have to be fixed huh.03:32
diana_comanoh wow, congratulations danielpbarron !08:02
mircea_popescuso in further updates of my now piddly exploration run, 8880 attempts yielded :13:18
mircea_popesculow q (208) : 963 sb + 445 cf + 95 sr, also 106 wpl q 142, 70 tpt q 169, 6 ae q 14313:19
diana_comannot bad for bh for sure13:19
mircea_popescuhigh q : 13 wpl q 177 ; 11 tpt q 210 ; 124 cdg q257, 34 sr q 258, 47 sb q 25713:20
diana_comanI think it's quite exploring 2.0 with this new relentless bot-with-table13:20
mircea_popescuit is!13:20
mircea_popescuand i used 932 lbn + 144 lbn13:21
mircea_popescucft i mean.13:22
diana_comanif only noobs actually read this; or something13:22
mircea_popescuso altogether : 58 * (963 * 208 + 47 * 257) + 60 * (445 * 208 + 124 * 257) + 79 * (95 * 208 + 34 * 258) + 152 * (106 * 142 + 13 * 177) + 159 * (70 * 169 + 11 * 210) + 384 * (6 * 143) ie13:24
mircea_popescu272533.1 bv incoming, and13:24
mircea_popescu180*1.8* 2.54 * 144 for cft + 932 * 169 for lbn = 276014.2413:26
mircea_popescuso the bh with 1 cft was actually a wash.13:26
mircea_popescui also only got 1 ord as opposed to 10 previous (shorter) run.13:26
mircea_popescusuch variance i swear.13:26
diana_comanuhm, but wait13:27
diana_comandid you actually use 1 cft of 254 q??13:27
diana_comanhow does that make sense?13:27
mircea_popescuhow not ?13:27
diana_comanif I use 1 cft I'd use the lowest q I can get ffs13:27
mircea_popescuthat's what this is.13:27
diana_comanwhy to overcraft it ..just a bit kind of style?13:27
diana_comanI mean sure, you can, but it's not very surprising it didn't turn out great13:28
mircea_popescuwell... you got low q grass ?13:28
mircea_popescuor cft ?13:28
mircea_popescubut you have a point, i should have used q 1 lbn and cft here, not q > 100.13:28
mircea_popescuit's just that i dun have any.13:28
diana_comanI am using some q3 here, lol13:29
diana_comancft I mean13:29
mircea_popescuwhat q basics do you get from it ?13:29
diana_coman33 with 1 single cft13:29
diana_comanyou prolly still have higher sortage than me I'd guess13:30
mircea_popescuso one q 254 cft = 8.5 q 3 cft in terms of result value.13:30
diana_comanmhm, you mean assuming that you get the same number of items from a claim with 1q 3 or 1q254?13:31
diana_comanas for lbn I always use highest q now that I can keep them separate; I guess q11 lbn would also be an option, but I certainly don't have enough of that13:33
diana_comanon this run so far (720 attempts with a basic pickaxe) I already got 1000 grass at 33 q and 276 at 371q for instance13:34
diana_comanplus 15 tlc 308q (another reason to use high q lbn right now)13:35
diana_comanand some 600 sb , 200 wpl , 100 sr13:35
diana_comanbut interesting how you are basically stuck overcrafting whether you want it or not if you say you don't have any cft under 100 at all13:37
mircea_popescudiana_coman i usually get 1.13:39
diana_comanthat's precisely my point above: I usually get more than 1 with such low q cft13:40
mircea_popescui rarely do.13:40
diana_comanthat's why I undercraft in the first place really: to get larger quantity faster (even if lower q)13:40
mircea_popescubtw danielpbarron what size claim was it ? im writing an article!13:41
diana_comanwell, with 254 I probably wouldn't get more than 1 either, sure13:41
mircea_popescuunless you want to ?13:41
diana_comanshould say underbuild I suppose13:41
mircea_popescuanyway, to cap up the mining data thing : 272533.1 * 1.6 + 10000 - 276014.24 = 170038.72 profit over 8880 tries, coming to 19.15 ECu gain per attempt.13:42
mircea_popescuwhereas yest's 189530 profit over 6713 hits comes to 28.23 ECu gain per attempt.13:43
mircea_popescuo look at that, i didn't add cft quality in THAT data. brb restating.13:44
mircea_popescuhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2016-08-06.log.html << this line should read 180*1.8*2.54* 455 for cft + 773 * 169 for lbn = 505083.813:46
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Saturday, 2016-08-06 (at logs.minigame.bz)13:46
mircea_popescuand so the subseq becomes 245058 * 1.6 + 100000 for ords - 505083.8 = −1299113:46
mircea_popescuie, a 2 ecu loss rather than a gain. hurr.13:47
diana_comanlosses are but gains for others13:47
mircea_popescufunny lol, this run seemed weaker than that run ; once i did the math... nope.13:47
mircea_popescuand the math is so fucking intricate just loosely evaluating things doesn't work.13:48
diana_comanmaths kills uh oh maths kills13:48
mircea_popescuANYWAY. i don't think it's terribly fair, to count very high q items such as q 600+ grass obtained through the risky and expensive behaviour of 7-cft mining with high q cft, at the same % as normal grass.13:49
mircea_popescuso the numbers for prev run aren't prolly all that correct.13:49
mircea_popescufor one thing, i dunno who else can get grass in the upper half of 1k quality.13:49
diana_comanugh, anybody can: they just need very high q cft13:50
diana_comanand with several iterations one can get that anyway13:50
diana_comanif they really are after it13:50
mircea_popescuwell yes but it'll cost them even more.13:51
mircea_popescuat least so i think.13:51
mircea_popescubut sure, get q 10`000 cft, make any q grass you wish.13:51
mircea_popescuanyway, iterations don't really help, i've seen a dampening at work. for instance, the absolute highest grass i can get is ~1060 or so.13:52
mircea_popescui can iterate that as many times as i want, still won't get higher.13:52
diana_comanwell, as long as you have highest sortage by a significant margin, you should be able to get basics at higher q with lower costs I'd say, makes sense13:52
mircea_popescubecause crafting THAT into cft with the best bps i got gets me cft q same as i used to get it in the first place.13:53
diana_comanso that's the limitation of your bps13:53
mircea_popescuyeah, it's a dynamic sort of multi-limit thing13:53
diana_comanbut you know, with high q cons you can easily get some bps at 500q - should get you higher q cft I would say13:53
diana_comanbut for the same reason as you just (finally) acknowledged here re high q not being quite same as middle q, I would certainly not sell bps at 500q13:54
mircea_popescuthis is a point. maybe i should click a few tink books see what happens.13:54
mircea_popescudiana_coman i'd sell them, if i made them. why not, i'll make more.13:55
diana_comanI meant not at price calculated same as 150q bps13:55
diana_comanfor one thing it simply doesn't add up as far as I seen until now13:55
mircea_popescuthere is that.13:55
mircea_popescui wonder how the fuck to calculate these13:56
diana_comanthat was precisely "for another thing" - I have no idea how to price them properly (other than perhaps a direct: this is my cost on x runs, hence ..)13:56
mircea_popescumircea_popescu> so one q 254 cft = 8.5 q 3 cft in terms of result value. << going on this logic, 254/3 = 84.666666667 and we want ... 8.5... so maybe should just add a factor = 10% of the q diff ?13:58
mircea_popescuie, how much is q 100 cft ? 180 * 1 * 1.8 each. ad q 1 cft ? 180 * 0.01 * 1.8 + 180 * 0.01 * 1.8 * (1 - 0.01)/1013:59
mircea_popescuso 324 for one and 35.316 the other14:00
mircea_popescuwould you sell q 3 cft for  180 * 0.01 * 1.8 + 180 * 1 * 1.8 * (1 - 0.03)/10 = 34.668 each ?14:02
mircea_popescuor, more's the point, would you exchange q 3 for q 254 cft, 9.345794393 to 1 ?14:02
diana_comanhm, good question; I have to think of it a bit14:02
mircea_popescuthe problem with "this is my cost" is that buyer has the very legitimate q of "over how many runs".14:03
diana_coman9 q 3 cft for 1 q 254 cft hm, might work;14:03
mircea_popescuand if the answer isn't... i dunno, 1mn, or w/e the fuck daniel did to get the myst... or if the answer doesn't include the myst, you're on weak ground.14:03
mircea_popescudiana_coman 9 and change!14:03
diana_comanlol, yes; and yeah, that's the trouble with the cost approach14:04
mircea_popescuessentially you can't separate public and private sphere in any public way ; nor can you say "up to here it's me being lucky, from here on it's the item costing so much"14:05
mircea_popescuof course, the OTHER point of concern being that in my last run i used 144 cft and produced 445 + 124 = 569 ie nominally enough for barely 190 cft.14:08
mircea_popescuso this process is altogether marginal after all.14:09
diana_comanhm, on one hand it would mean to get at least 9 low q grass where I would get otherwise 1 high q; on the other hand it means putting in 9 cft bps (low q) instead of 114:09
mircea_popescuwell actually no, i got all the ords, i could have noobs mine them get low q dilute it out14:09
mircea_popescudiana_coman yeah, the bp question is, so to speak, "smecleu' de tine titele de-olalta"14:10
mircea_popescu(don't try and translate that to english, you'll hurt yourself.)14:10
mircea_popescubecause if you have very low q bps, such as q 3 say, it is still more reasonable to rectify them by mixing with high q bps14:11
mircea_popescuthan to use them straight.14:11
mircea_popescui have some q 20 for instance and im not burning them.14:11
mircea_popescuso tbh, i think the problem of "how to price very low q items" is going away by itself :14:11
mircea_popescuwe won't have any.14:11
diana_comanthat's what I did with quite all my 450+ q bps - used them to up some of the low q ones I was stuck with otherwise14:11
diana_comanlol, that might be although some noobs will come at some point and they would get low q, no?14:12
mircea_popescuso you know, use your q 3 grass while that lasts, showoff!14:12
mircea_popescu"oh, why are you mining with high q cft". WHAYDO YOU THINK14:12
mircea_popescudiana_coman yeah but i mean... how is a noob going to produce bps.14:13
* diana_coman was unaware of the rarity of low q grass given that she sold some stacks of it back in the day14:13
diana_comanby getting a job to click?14:13
mircea_popescui suppose someone could show up tomorrow, deposit a coupla btc or w/e, buy a table, buy 10mn work of tokens, buy everything and click away.14:13
diana_comanwell, not q1 bps for sure, but still14:13
mircea_popescuso this only seems hard because people are lazy & clueless.14:13
diana_comanto be fair it is hard to make sense of it directly for sure14:14
mircea_popescu"altcoin mining" is a) much harder and b) doesn't actually pay.14:14
diana_comanbut that's not an excuse as to why there is nobody even trying apparently14:14
diana_comanbut everybody does it!!!14:14
mircea_popescu"i wonder why i'm poor after a lifetime dedicated to trying what everyone else was!"14:14
diana_comanbut it worked for ..someone!14:15
mircea_popescu"the only way to get ahead [if you're dedicated to trying what everyone else is] would be getting lucky or inheriting! god damned lack of opportunities! HUO!"14:15
diana_comanspeaking of buying: I have some 50 tomes of various qualities from 149 to 265 at least; let me know if you want any of them14:17
mircea_popescuqualities of what staple ?14:18
diana_comanlol, I got them out in my inventory to count them and order them by q as storage is a pain for this; now I'm playing a kind of puzzle in my inv to put them in groups by q14:22
diana_comanthe unexpected games in eulora14:22
mircea_popescuwhat are ya talking about ?14:23
diana_comantomes don't mix; in storage you can't see quality unless right click and so just one at a time, huge pain14:23
diana_comanbut in inventory they show the quality now, a pleasure14:23
mircea_popescuoh oh.14:24
diana_comanso got them all in inv and now sorting them by q: moving them about like in a puzzle, lol14:24
danielpbarronmircea_popescu> btw danielpbarron what size claim was it ? im writing an article! << i'm gonna write one too i guess. I don't know if i can find out what claim it was, since it came as extra loot to something else, but maybe i can deduce it from the screenshot i took when i first found my guy stuck overweight14:28
mircea_popescubut either small or tiny then right ?14:28
mircea_popescuor were you mining ords ?14:28
mircea_popescuanyway, write article, ima see if bb can be persuaded to run a qntra piece on its basis.14:29
danielpbarronyeah tiny or small for sure14:32
diana_coman7 tomes 149q; 20 tomes 157q; 16 tomes 291q; 6 tomes 293q; 10 tomes 308q14:33
diana_comanmircea_popescu, danielpbarron anyone else wanting to click some cons or otherwise wipe themselves with really expensive tomes ^14:34
danielpbarronSat Aug  6 22:43:13 2016, Stone Pickaxe,178.95,57.02,169.93,Small Boulder Exploration Marker ,2914 << perhaps this was it. it's the last line in my explore log before a long string of nothing (the result of this pop causing my character to become overweight in a way that the bot wasn't expecting)14:35
mircea_popescui'll buy 'em14:35
danielpbarroni haven't used the last batch of tomes i bought14:35
diana_comanright, the bot would move only the boulders so it would get overweight, sigh14:35
mircea_popescudiana_coman you realise diana_coman had nfi you can loot... myst stones while doing boulders.14:35
mircea_popescuyou totally discovered a whole new level.14:35
danielpbarronit's a really exceptional case, and i don't mind at all getting jammed for this reason :D14:36
diana_comanwell, there was the possibility as previously hinted for sure; but otherwise the bot IS BLIND basically, so yeah, until it starts actually seeing the world around it there isn't much to do about it14:36
diana_comanmircea_popescu, you coming to town for the tomes or want them later?14:37
danielpbarronboulders in general have been very profitable for me. seems to be very likely to pop14:38
diana_comaninteresting; are they even lowest value basics? (don't recall)14:39
danielpbarronnah, sb is14:39
danielpbarronboulder is 2nd lowest14:39
diana_comanoh, and was that bh?14:40
danielpbarronmy guy's been running since midnight or so and he's got 2.5k boulders14:40
danielpbarronno i'm using a pickaxe right now14:40
diana_comannice; aha; tbh boulders and flotsam are another big reason why the bot got to use the table, lol14:41
danielpbarron1.8k at q459 ; ~800 at q24214:41
diana_comannot bad at all14:42
danielpbarron26 pickaxes used14:42
danielpbarronunfortunately not that many polished small stones found, which is what i'm really after14:43
mircea_popescudiana_coman well since you got them out ima come over.14:54
mircea_popescubut i'll need like 10 mins.14:55
diana_comanit's good, I just get back from my ord by then too, lol14:55
*** Joins: DianaComan (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)14:55
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DianaComanready mircea_popescu , ping me/trade me when ready15:07
mircea_popescui am o nthe hill, butt-tabling my way towards you15:07
mircea_popescu-22 -2415:08
DianaComanand that would come to... 88462*4.43*(7*1.49+20*1.57+16*2.91+6*293+10*3.08)15:12
mircea_popescuim sorry, 3/4 bn ?!15:13
* DianaComan is calculating again as it sounds crazy15:13
DianaComando you see anything wrong in there though?15:13
DianaComanas I don't15:13
mircea_popescu7 + 20 + 16 + 6 + 10 = 59 books meaning 12468571per book ?15:14
DianaComanthey are 59 books indeed15:14
mircea_popescuyeah but im not paying 12.5mn per lol15:14
DianaComanguess the high q ones get there since they'd be some 300k base value * 4.4315:14
DianaComanno, that'd be still less, ugh15:15
mircea_popescuthat's 1.2mn15:15
DianaComanwhat is wrong there, lol15:15
mircea_popescu6 * 29315:15
mircea_popescutry 2.9315:15
DianaComantrue, sorry15:15
DianaComanaha, that sounds better15:16
mircea_popescudefinitely largest trade in history.15:16
mircea_popescufunny thing being that by now the trades struggle to equal the pops.15:16
mircea_popescubefore it was quite otherwise.15:16
mircea_popescuas we had dozens > the 11  mn previously record.15:16
DianaComanwell, it's really just this super pop of daniel's though, isn't it?15:17
mircea_popescudaniel the superpop :D15:17
danielpbarroni think i had the previous record too: the sizeable15:18
mircea_popescuyeah tho that was never quantified.15:18
mircea_popescupossibly under my 11,6815:18
DianaComanat least those tomes are light actually15:20
mircea_popescuDianaComan hit me15:21
DianaComanit's 53.6 lol15:22
mircea_popescuwe'll be here a while huh.15:23
mircea_popescu9 at a time15:23
DianaComanyeah, will try to keep them ordered by q at least15:23
mircea_popescugood idea.15:23
mircea_popescuok 16 29115:24
DianaComanthose are all the 16 at 291q15:24
DianaComanwhy u busy15:24
mircea_popescucuz i gotta dump15:24
mircea_popescuonly like 20 slots empty or so15:24
DianaComan157 q now15:25
DianaComan2 more of those15:25
DianaComan1 more at 308q15:26
mircea_popescu10. word.15:27
mircea_popescu7 14915:27
DianaComan7 at 149q15:27
DianaComanonly 6 at 293 and we are done15:28
DianaComanphew, that was long; thank you!15:28
mircea_popescutyvm hehe15:28
mircea_popescuoh look at that : more bitcoin trade than bitpay processed today.15:28
DianaComanahahaha, why so mean, they are doing their best, neh?15:29
mircea_popescui think we need bigger blocks for it too!15:29
DianaComannow that my shelves are free, gotta go mine some sg to make more gin to make more..tomes15:30
mircea_popescui could just sell some more gt tho ?15:30
DianaComanwhat do you have?15:30
mircea_popescuo wow check that out, i don't. you bought me out ?15:31
mircea_popescuhm. want soem gin then ?15:31
DianaComanwhat gin is that?15:31
mircea_popescuq 133, 134, 136...15:32
DianaComanhm, should work; how much do you have?15:33
mircea_popescuyou can have 3k q13315:33
mircea_popesculessee. 3230 * 1.33 * 3.27 * 7254 -15:34
mircea_popescuha! COUGH IT BACK UP!15:34
DianaComanhm, lemme calc with that 3.27 of yours so that I don't end up having to up the tome prices ugh15:34
mircea_popescucheck me out mr ATF man, i'm selling OVER A BITCOIN'S WORTH OF CHEAP GIN.15:35
mircea_popescubath tub distillery!15:35
mircea_popescuno labels even!15:35
mircea_popescuand she's probably underage.15:35
DianaComanuhm, trouble is that it doesn't make sense15:38
DianaComanit seems I end up cheaper if I sell to you the stuff to make gt and then buy the gt??15:39
DianaComanso will do that instead I guess15:39
mircea_popescuo okies! course this means i'll have to craft some btks...15:41
DianaComanthat's not my problem, lol15:41
DianaComanbut it kind of makes sense too: you are supposed to be the crafter!15:41
mircea_popescua no i already did, they're stashed.15:42
mircea_popescualright, so let me know when you have the gear ?15:42
DianaComanyeah, will see; 3.2k gin makes some 1.6k gt and needs some...3.2k sg; will see how it goes15:42
mircea_popescuim short about 3k sg and 50k cr.15:42
DianaComanah, cr; right15:43
mircea_popescufor some reason the bank is INSANELY slow and laggy.15:50
mircea_popescuhey DianaComan i fished out some q 4 cft from my apparently ampler-than-memory stores.16:21
mircea_popescuguess what, q 33 product.16:21
DianaComaninteresting; 1 point more in q of cft ; higher sortage, but I guess lower building16:22
DianaComanwhere's your sortage at?16:22
mircea_popescumust be.16:22
DianaComanmine is ~300 - I thought that would be way lower than yours16:22
DianaComanoh, so there16:22
mircea_popescuof course, maybe mine's 33.9 and yours 33.1 or such16:22
DianaComanyeah, well16:22
mircea_popescuanyway. digging up some flotsam/cr atm myself.16:23
mircea_popescumostly to make tools, because hey.16:23
DianaComanmyeah, I made myself some nice tools some time ago; I am getting to the bottom of the pile so will have to repeat prolly16:23
danielpbarronIn Eulora News : http://danielpbarron.com/2016/until-it-isnt/16:25
*** Joins: silverjayw (4537dfe0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
silverjaywHello all16:45
silverjaywHow are we all doing?16:46
mircea_popescuoh, you missed the news i guess huh ?16:47
mircea_popescudanielpbarron got a 80 bitcent pop earlier.16:47
silverjaywUh i must have16:48
silverjaywWhats the news16:48
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Sunday, 2016-08-07 (at logs.minigame.bz)16:48
silverjaywWow congrats man16:49
silverjaywThats quite some loot16:49
silverjaywMeanwhile i still cant figure out how to pick up a rock haha16:50
mircea_popesculol. you should come visit me, i said i was gonna give you some items.16:51
silverjaywOk will i find you in the same spot as last?16:51
silverjaywSorry i didnt get back on in an hour like i said i fell asleep16:51
mircea_popescunah, lesee16:52
mircea_popescuim at 110, 313 now16:52
silverjaywIs there a map i can look at to get coordinates?16:53
* danielpbarron has a very nice resource map, but it's a trade secret :p16:55
danielpbarroni think there is a general map on the wiki16:55
mircea_popescuyou can use /pop and /pilot commands silverjayw16:56
danielpbarron/pos *16:56
mircea_popescuoh i mean /pos16:56
silverjaywI tried pilot and it didnt take me anywhere16:59
mircea_popescuyou gotta tell it where to point16:59
danielpbarronno, it points you, you gotta do the walking yourself17:00
silverjaywOh haha thanks17:00
silverjaywWhats with all these random exploration markers17:04
mircea_popescuthat's how people make money, they dig up the earth17:06
mircea_popescuoh is that you by the tent silverjayw ?17:06
mircea_popescutrade me17:06
mircea_popescuright click on my guy and pick the exchange button17:07
mircea_popescuaccept is on left bottom corner17:07
silverjaywSo what should i do from here17:08
mircea_popescucool. now go /explore, and when you find a tiny, you got the stuff to dig it up17:08
mircea_popescusee what you can find17:08
silverjaywIs exploration supposed to hurt?17:09
danielpbarronsilverjayw, what's your player's first name?17:10
DianaComanactually silverjayw you could be the guy to do this: http://logs.minigame.bz/latest.log.html#t14:13:3417:17
lobbesbotTitle: #Eulora log for Sunday, 2016-08-07 (at logs.minigame.bz)17:17
mircea_popescusilverjayw yeah.17:18
DianaComanexploration hurts if you do it bare handed17:18
mircea_popescuunless you get a tool.17:18
silverjaywWhere should i get a tool?17:19
silverjaywAnd what would i do?17:19
mircea_popescuyou'd have to buy one from a crafter.17:20
mircea_popescu~everything in game is player made.17:20
mircea_popescudid you manage to find anything so far ?17:20
silverjaywOh yes i did read that somewhere17:20
silverjaywNope nothing17:20
mircea_popescukeep going!17:21
silverjaywIs there anywhere that is particularly better to look17:22
mircea_popescuthat's for you to find out!17:25
mircea_popescupeople keep their own maps, there's not much agreement on the score.17:25
mircea_popescubut look into how to set up the bot, it's pretty tedious to do by hand.17:25
silverjaywJa i read about the bot in the help menu ive been using it but havent gotten anything so far17:27
silverjaywI think this is gonna  kill me before i find anything haha17:28
silverjaywAnd i just fell down a hole and died17:29
danielpbarronmy character has died thousands of times17:29
silverjaywHow big is the map17:31
mircea_popescu1k x 1k coords17:31
silverjaywThats pretty big17:33
silverjaywI see theres alot of features yet to be added17:33
silverjaywWell according to the help page17:40
hanbot<mircea_popescu> check me out mr ATF man, i'm selling OVER A BITCOIN'S WORTH OF CHEAP GIN << ahahaha good stuff17:48
mircea_popescufound anything yet silverjayw ? :D18:09
mircea_popescubtw mod6 how's your crafting skills ?18:25
mircea_popescuanyone selling pss btw ?18:34
*** Quits: DianaComan (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)18:40
*** Quits: silverjayw (4537dfe0@gateway/web/freenode/ip. (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)18:40
hanbotmircea_popescu 547 q216, 547 * 262 * 2.16 * 1.95 = 60363818:41
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)18:48
diana_comanhm at 195% I can sell 1k pss 201q mircea_popescu19:12
danielpbarroni'll buy that19:13
diana_comanok danielpbarron you got it19:13
diana_comanlemme fish it out19:13
diana_comandanielpbarron, trade when ready19:15
mircea_popescudiana_coman alrighty.22:05
mircea_popescudanielpbarron in other words : if your small build click was worth what, say 400 ECu ? getting 81 mn out of that means you hit on a multiplier of 200`000x.23:26
mircea_popescubut, fair warning, enjoy being the #1 popper but don't get too used to it! mwahahahahaha.23:33
mircea_popescuin other news, i kinda need a newb. DicePower you ever got the game running ? Azelphur ? lobbes ? sueastside ? thestringpuller ? yorick ?23:50
mircea_popescuorrr davout ?23:54

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