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mircea_popescugah dc'd.00:17
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diana_comanand lost another table, this is getting ridiculous07:24
diana_comanguess it's time to code before explore again07:24
mircea_popescudiana_coman mine is "fixed" now, hasn't lost anything. 3k hits12:28
diana_comanmine basically fell off a cliff/was warped to the starting point hence lost the table obv; but I lost my patience with this crappy unreliable line movement thing already14:43
danielpbarroni've been using a line length equal to the total explore attempts, in combination with an xmacro script that periodically turns my guy to the side and then presses up-enter in the chat box which had previously typed /pilot at some point i'm trying to focus14:46
diana_comandanielpbarron, it's really just a line/call in the code to point your guy to some coords (pilot thing)15:33
danielpbarronyeah i know15:36
danielpbarronwell why hasn't anyone else done it?15:36
diana_comanlol, for all you know they have done it?15:38
danielpbarronseems 'they' haven't based on the table troubles15:42
mircea_popescudiana_coman well in honesty, your fault for moving it into teleport. how's poor bot to know ?15:58
mircea_popescumake the line not go through teleport15:59
diana_comanit doesn't, lol15:59
mircea_popescuoh ?!15:59
diana_comanit just slided until it got to one of the many "end of the world" thing15:59
diana_comannot the teleport itself15:59
diana_comanthe only "fault" there was that I left it on for too long basically16:00
mircea_popescui've noticed it's not as simple as "slide" ; there are some strange attractors in the world (ie, places which, once reached, the bot doesn't leave)16:00
mircea_popescucertain hill peaks etc16:00
diana_comanor rather: that I did not use some saner movement strategy as I used to, lol; for some reason I stuck to trying out this line that everybody seems to use16:00
diana_comanheh, the centres of old euloran power!16:01
mircea_popescuoh look, coupla ordinary boulder.16:01
diana_comanthere ARE things in this euloran world that *your* philosophy has never dreamt of!16:01
* diana_coman is writing tomes upon tomes of doubtful ...stuff16:02
mircea_popescui need a noob so bad i'm half considering going on fiverr to try and hire one.16:02
mircea_popescuwtf is wrong with people.16:02
diana_comanoptimistically they are just busy somewhere else16:10
danielpbarronthe "attractors" are hills because a step uphill is longer than a step down16:27
danielpbarronand it only takes a few itterations16:27
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mircea_popescudanielpbarron ah makes sense, the best documented i have is the hill between the grass and the sb17:45
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danielpbarronyep, feels like you get sucked up the hill. It's almost impossible to explore the valley inbetween18:32
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diana_comanalmost 1 minute, lol20:11
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