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mircea_popescuo hey wd diana_coman00:51
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diana_comanyaaay, a more reasonable pile of slithy tove! available fresh from the most remarkable claim: 225 slithy tove 227q (13mn the lot)07:49
diana_comanmircea_popescu aha, feels good07:50
mircea_popescugah lost connection half hour after setting it up for the night13:01
mircea_popescudiana_coman is the server down !?13:02
diana_comanno, foxy is crafting13:02
diana_comanbuilt that remark overnight without any trouble13:02
mircea_popescuda fuck this connection seems to have died hm13:03
mircea_popescudiana_coman o wow, no pop for building remark ?14:33
diana_comanyes, there was pop14:33
diana_comanI can see it in the top too14:33
mircea_popescumy today shows empty14:33
diana_comanmine shows 2 entries both for foxy: one for the explore one for the build14:34
diana_comanweird thing14:34
diana_comando you want those 225 st q227 (13mn total)?14:35
mircea_popescui think so. how many are they ?14:36
diana_comanuhm, lol14:36
mircea_popescu!~calc 225 * 2.27 * 5093 * 514:36
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 225 * 2.27 * 5093 * 5 = 1.300624875E714:36
mircea_popescuyuppers. do you want more cheez ?14:37
diana_comanwould want it if only either tm with it or at least some gumbo cons14:37
diana_comanas it is I don't even have enough tm bps to use the cheese I have :(14:37
mircea_popescuyeah ok. i guess i'll use them to make samovars instead.14:38
diana_comanbut st goes into making samovars too14:38
mircea_popescuyeah i was just asking to see what i do with it.14:38
mircea_popescuanyways - i'm in town at your leisure.14:38
mircea_popescudo you have flat slag bps ?14:38
diana_comanmyeah, but q67 only unfortunately14:39
diana_comantrade when ready?14:40
mircea_popescuim ready14:40
mircea_popescuoh it doesn't let you because cradting ? kk 1 sec14:40
diana_comanyeah, it said you were busy14:40
mircea_popescua cool.14:40
mircea_popescui'd take the flat bps, mine are q 1014:41
diana_comanwell, I also have some at something below 10, but I think those are worth anything only mixed so will hold onto them atm14:41
diana_comanany more cons coming out in the end or waters?14:41
mircea_popescuyeah ima auction cons in a sec here.14:41
mircea_popescuactually auction schmauction, waste of time, you're prolly the only one buying14:42
mircea_popescudiana_coman tell me what you want i'll tell you what qs i got.14:42
mircea_popescui can't see teh q.14:43
diana_comanah, 67q14:43
mircea_popescuso calc 'em14:43
mircea_popescua kk14:43
mircea_popescu!~calc .67 * 8824 * 10014:43
jhvh1mircea_popescu: .67 * 8824 * 100 = 59120814:43
diana_comanno markup ?14:43
mircea_popescu!~calc .67 * 882 * 10 * 10014:44
jhvh1mircea_popescu: .67 * 882 * 10 * 100 = 59094014:44
diana_comanah, you used the bv of flat stuff, nm14:44
diana_coman1 min to take out of bank for change...14:45
mircea_popescuof course... ima make 70 samovars which means 500 flats14:45
mircea_popescuyou got another 400 ?14:45
diana_comanhm, that would pretty much wipe me out entirely; let me see the cons situation atm14:46
diana_comanany apprentice gumbo?14:47
diana_comanapprentice tinkerer? neophyte gumbo?14:47
mircea_popescutinkerer q132.14:48
diana_comanbasically those 3 are the main ones I'm after atm; unless you have something other than neophyte/apprentice ofc14:48
mircea_popescun gumbo 48614:48
diana_comanoh my 486 will be a pain to oc seriously; but I'd take both anyway; how many + how much?14:48
mircea_popescuwhat, all of it ?14:48
diana_comanoh, are there tons of each? o.O14:49
mircea_popescuwell i was expecting 1s lol14:49
mircea_popescua sec14:49
mircea_popescusuppose i pass you my 8 ngumbo q 486 + my 27 ngumbo q 29 so you can play with it ; the bill is then14:50
diana_comanif you prefer to keep some, I could work with 5 apprentice tink + 5 n gumbo to have some decent runs14:53
mircea_popescu!~(8 * 4.86 + .29 * 27) * 15399  + 18415 * 1.32 * 10 * 13214:53
jhvh1mircea_popescu: Error: "(8" is not a valid command.14:53
mircea_popescu!~calc (8 * 4.86 + .29 * 27) * 15399  + 18415 * 1.32 * 10 * 13214:53
jhvh1mircea_popescu: (8 * 4.86 + .29 * 27) * 15399 + 18415 * 1.32 * 10 * 132 = 3.2805583290000003E714:53
mircea_popescuahem no wait14:54
mircea_popescu!~calc (8 * 4.86 + .29 * 27) * 15399 * 10  + 18415 * 1.32 * 10 * 13214:54
jhvh1mircea_popescu: (8 * 4.86 + .29 * 27) * 15399 * 10 + 18415 * 1.32 * 10 * 132 = 3.9279168900000006E714:54
diana_coman15399 is the bv of the cons bp?14:54
diana_comanI'll take them14:56
mircea_popescuaite trade me for the first 814:56
diana_comanlol, 13114:59
mircea_popescupleasure doin' bizniss witcha14:59
mircea_popescuhm ?15:00
diana_comanyou said 132 tink cons earlier? lolz15:00
mircea_popescu!~calc 18415 * 1.32 * 1015:00
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 18415 * 1.32 * 10 = 243078.0000000000315:00
diana_comanyeah, don't matter, but funny15:00
mircea_popescuhey it's a quarter mil15:00
diana_comanlook at that, it IS15:00
mircea_popescurounding errors lol, will give poor shinohai a headache.15:00
mircea_popescui'm tryin' to give it back to you over here...15:01
diana_comanwell, if trade is between bots , they'll be STRICT15:01
mircea_popescui suppose 60mn isn't even a record trade day is it.15:01
mircea_popescua well, we do what we can15:02
shinohaiI think I have had exact change in exactly one single trade throughout my time here.15:02
diana_comanshinohai, the secret is simply to store coins in bank when you have them15:02
diana_comanand retrieve them only when you need change15:02
diana_comanwell, IF you have them I guess15:02
mircea_popescudiana_coman if you hit some flat bps i'm buying. high q i dun care.15:03
diana_comanwill let you know15:03
mircea_popescucould well be a license to print money this, pay 10x for cons, load it with a ton of materials that DONT take anywhere near 1000% premiums, then potentially sell the results at 1000%.15:04
diana_comanmyeah except wos decay which is a pain given that no new wos around15:04
mircea_popescucourse at 3-5mn a click, it's a bit of a stiff game.15:04
diana_comaneulora is quite full of this sort of thing: it's "license to print money!!" ; BUT x, y, z15:05
mircea_popescukinda what i meant the other day shinohai , it's one thing to survive until the pop when your try costs 1-200 like with mining tools. but if it's 1mn different story altogether, budget goes way up.15:05
mircea_popescudiana_coman aha!15:05
shinohaiDecisions, decisions.15:06
mircea_popescuanyway, all tink tool and shaped slag bps i'll buy nqa15:08
diana_comanugh, my cookbook could do with ordering by value15:17
mircea_popescuprolly ya15:23
mircea_popescuanyway, on the other hand... one of these cons is gonna pop > 1trn one of these days15:25
mircea_popescuhumongo oc after all15:25
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mircea_popescuspeaking of electron bundle %, i guess i should buy a bunch of those huh.19:59
* diana_coman keeps fighting the battle between sense (buy them ALL) and resources (omfg that's a ton of coppers in total)20:05
diana_comanor rather between sense and cash I suppose, lol20:05
mircea_popescumyeah. well...20:09
mircea_popescui think my senses are losing this battle.20:09
shinohai&sell 2000 sb 58 10 "q121 Solid Branch"20:32
euporium`Error: Invalid time format. Must be YYYY-MM-DD [hh:mm] or NdNhNmNs or hh:mm20:32
* shinohai sighs20:32
shinohai&sell 2000 sb 5820:33
euporium`(sell <quantity> <item> <price_each> <expiration> [comnment]) -- Places a sell order, expiration can either be given in YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm or NdNhNmNs formats.20:33
shinohai&sell 2000 sb 58 2016-12-07 "q121 Solid Branch"20:38
euporium`An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.20:38
shinohaiI'll be goddamned20:38
shinohai!~later tell jurov think I've changed my mind about this thing20:38
jhvh1shinohai: The operation succeeded.20:38
jurovlol i see20:39
jurovImma write the bot off. If anyone wants it, ask me.20:44
shinohaiSorry but thanks for keeping me in mind on that one :)20:50
shinohaiah diana_coman got a pop21:24
mircea_popesculol poor shinohai21:41
mircea_popescuwow diana_coman got ... 3 pops ?21:41
shinohaiI wasn't even finding anything mining today. I must have pissed off one of the gods.21:43
mircea_popescumy run was pretty miserable too, i took refuge in slag shaping21:43
mircea_popescu&item sb21:45
euporium`Solid Branch(SB) cat: Basic Harvestables base value: 58 http://dianacoman.com/Eulora/Solid-Branch.html21:45
lobbesbotTitle: Solid Branch(sb) (at dianacoman.com)21:45
mircea_popescu&sell 2000 SB 58 23:59 "allurbase"21:46
euporium`Error: Invalid time format. Must be YYYY-MM-DD [hh:mm] or NdNhNmNs or hh:mm21:46
mircea_popescu&sell 2000 SB 58 1d1h1m1s "allurbase"21:46
euporium`There was an error, please try again later21:46
mircea_popescu&sell 2000 SB 58 1d1h21:46
euporium`An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.21:46
diana_comanlol, what's with the bot?22:21
diana_comanmircea_popescu, shinohai the 3 pops are sadly no pops at all in fact: they are simply high q crafting namely scaffoldings worth each more than 1 mn22:21
diana_comanso I "popped" by putting in high q and getting out less22:22
shinohaio i c22:22
diana_comanprobably I will "pop" again when I make them into turning wheels even22:22

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