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mircea_popescu"Mircea has got 8.000m ECu worth of remarkable eps"01:11
mircea_popescudun dun dun01:31
danielpbarronwait so we have a value on remarks now01:31
danielpbarroni've got ~half a btc worth of 'em then01:32
mircea_popescuhow do you know ?01:32
danielpbarrongot 5 at least01:33
mircea_popescuyeah but you think they're all the same value ?01:33
danielpbarronwell mine might be worth more since i got them back when my ennumerations were way higher quality01:34
mircea_popescuthis one is q12601:35
mircea_popescu8mn would be ~two stacks of eps at base q.01:37
mircea_popescuof course ima get them higher, but anyways.01:37
danielpbarronwhat do my fellow elders think i should do with my sizable grass? should i build it myself for high q or have noob do it for MAXINT grasses ?01:39
danielpbarronassuming it's still there; haven't checked in a while01:39
mircea_popescutbh i can see either  way01:44
danielpbarronprobably gonna do it myself soon if only for a sure-fire instant double rankup of sortage and building01:45
mircea_popescuthere is that01:45
mircea_popescuand yo0u know, low grass is good for volume, high grass is good for cft high q anhd maybe tink numina01:45
danielpbarronon the other hand, it'd surely waste a lot of exp no matter what i do. maybe more profit in volume, especially if ranks are worth ~001:47
mircea_popescuwhich ranks ?01:48
mircea_popescuyou mean skill levels ?01:48
danielpbarronS.MG reports count ranks as worth nothing i thought01:48
mircea_popescuah as bv yea01:51
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diana_comandanielpbarron> what do my fellow elders think i should do with my sizable grass? should i build it myself for high q or have noob do it for MAXINT grasses  <- I would go for high q grass + xp really10:41
diana_comanlow q grass can be obtained in large enough quantities with noobs from ords10:42
diana_comanor auction it I suppose10:42
diana_comanthat might be the best if you are concerned about not wasting bv essentially10:43
mircea_popescubah left remark overnight, disconnected.12:13
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diana_comanhanbot, I picked up your altar so it doesn't vanish; ping me when you want it back13:33
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mircea_popescubtw, best tablewalking specs : /bot explore 100 line 100 1 1 1 114:23
mircea_popescuwill take you damned fast14:23
danielpbarronthat's in the logs14:26
diana_comankind of known since sept 2016? http://logs.minigame.bz/search?q=1+1+1+114:27
danielpbarroni also tried 1 1 0 0 but it takes just as long as 1 1 1 114:27
lobbesbotTitle: Search IRC logs (at logs.minigame.bz)14:27
mircea_popescuah ok14:27
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birdman2so i picked up my table while i had no inventory slots open i guess, and i cant find it anywhere and im also too overweight to get to storage16:58
birdman2think if i explore the bot will find it?16:59
danielpbarronworth trying17:00
birdman2it did, thankfully17:00
birdman2should've been my first move, not trying to drop 100 seperate bits17:00
jurovbirdman2: if you have slots full because of lbon, you can coalesce them easily17:02
birdman2yes but its alot of clicking i usually just send em all to storage17:03
*** birdman2 is now known as Birdman17:03
jurovrepeat /drop 999 any Little Bit O'Nothing till all are dropped17:03
jurovrepeat /pickup Little Bit O'Nothing till all are in17:03
Birdmandont want to mix em either17:03
jurovwell, put the better ones aside in the table17:04
jurovand other issues where you can't find stuff in inventory (it sometimes behaves as of there were hidden pockets) can be solver by dropping/picking up the item in question17:05
jurov*as if there were17:05
mircea_popescuBirdman drop ity17:15
mircea_popescuwith /drop17:15
Birdmanyeah i get it17:15
Birdmanyou want to buy some grass an sr though?17:16
mircea_popescunot right this second, out mining.17:17
Birdmankk keep me posted17:24
hanbotdiana_coman : ah, thanks for picking the altar up. i'm around a while for next time you're in town17:28
mircea_popescuohoh 700 snails from ord17:41
mircea_popescu!~calc 700*400*2.217:41
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 700*400*2.2 = 61600017:41
mircea_popescuhalf a pop17:41
mircea_popescuwhaack there ?17:49
* danielpbarron starts building a remarkable flotsam17:50
mircea_popescuo gl.17:56
diana_comanhanbot, you around? I'm coming to town in some ~3 min19:02
diana_comanlaters then19:07
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mircea_popescuBirdman im in town nao19:56
Birdmanyou still around mircea_popescu ?20:54
Birdman3085 q203 sr 8977 q201 cdg21:00
mircea_popescu!~calc 8397*1.65*2.01 + 3085*1.5*2.0321:01
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 8397*1.65*2.01 + 3085*1.5*2.03 = 37242.4754999999921:01
mircea_popescu!~calc 8397*1.65*2.01*60 + 3085*1.5*2.03*7921:01
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 8397*1.65*2.01*60 + 3085*1.5*2.03*79 = 2413031.204999999621:01
Birdmanneed change?21:03
Birdman3k is a pretty big corner to cut21:03
Birdmanhanbot you around for that hammer?21:04
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