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danielpbarronAUCTION 1 ABMBS, q 133. 350k heard Birdman . << sold. come pick up00:03
Birdmanin town?00:04
hanbot<danielpbarron> btw i discovered a way to put any number of different quality piles of the same item in your inventory << how's that?03:21
danielpbarronput them one by one into craft containers, pick up containers, move them into inventory from container that is also in inventory04:48
danielpbarronalso, containers of the same quality will stack04:49
mircea_popescui'm glad you enjoy the various fixes diana_coman has been pouring in :)04:59
hanbotcool deal05:04
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diana_comandanielpbarron, I don't sell samovars, no09:29
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diana_comanAUCTION: 1500 cft 146q opening 800k; ETA 2 Feb 8pm gmt13:10
danielpbarron800k diana_coman13:52
diana_comanAUCTION: 1500 cft 146q, 800k heard from danielpbarron ; ETA 2 Feb 8pm gmt13:52
mircea_popescu!~calc 1500 * 180 * 1.4614:36
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 1500 * 180 * 1.46 = 39420014:36
danielpbarronoh shit, containers of any quality stack14:40
diana_comandanielpbarron, did you take that container from another container/at craft?14:43
danielpbarronoh, now i can't stack some14:44
mircea_popescuanyway. there exceptionally won't be a server downtime today.14:44
mircea_popescuwe'll do more changes next week.14:44
diana_comanmyeah, it's a bit of work in progress that part: at the moment it won't stack if you pick it up from the ground14:44
diana_comanit will stack if you take it with take all/take stack all14:45
danielpbarronhow can i get a container into a position where that is possible?14:50
danielpbarroni somehow have 7 samovars stacked14:50
danielpbarronthey are used14:50
danielpbarronand there was defo some mixing14:52
diana_comanwhere what is possible?14:54
danielpbarronwhere i can "take and stack all" containers14:54
danielpbarronso that it would say, take all samovars and stack them14:54
danielpbarronbut that's not how i stacked mine14:54
diana_comanso how did you stack yours then?14:55
danielpbarroni picked up 1 of quality x and dropped it on a pile of quality y and it became a mixed pile of quality z14:55
danielpbarronpicked up from inventory14:55
danielpbarronand dropped in inventory14:55
danielpbarroni had just picked it up from the "ground" and just after its final craft had finished14:55
diana_comanhm, so you picked it up from the ground and it did not mix, as expected, right?14:56
diana_comanthen you took it from inv and dropped it on the other stack of samovars in inv and then it mixed?14:57
danielpbarronbut i can't repeat this14:57
diana_comansigh; as I said: it's work in progress there14:57
danielpbarronit happened at least once before, because somehow i had this pile in the first place14:57
danielpbarronand it seems unlikely to me that 2 samovars would start with the same quality, to end on the same quality14:57
danielpbarroni don't know if 3k samovars have been made yet for this to be a more likely event14:58
diana_comanwhat do you mean 3k samovars?14:58
danielpbarronit's almost 3k per click14:58
diana_coman2 samovars starting with same q and used up should end up same , no?14:59
diana_comanbut that's beside the point here14:59
danielpbarronso ~3k different remainders when dividing14:59
danielpbarronright, so i mean it's not likely for them to have same starting quality in the first place14:59
diana_comanatm there are a few cases when the mixing is a bit relaxed but it's still work in progress, so don't rely on it yet14:59
danielpbarronso if i click around enough maybe i can stack all my samovars?14:59
diana_comangradually it will be brought to a reasonable place where things CAN be mixed but you decide what to mix15:00
danielpbarronor was the recent crafting to do with it?15:00
diana_comanlolz, I suppose that is one appraoch, clicking around - it's perfectly fine anyway15:00
diana_comanwell, crafting is a sort of click too15:00
diana_comanmost likely the crafting had to do with it though, yes15:00
diana_comanin any case, feel free to play with it, but there are no guarantees as to stacking atm15:01
mircea_popescuo wd foxy15:12
diana_comanha, a wpl remark15:12
mircea_popescudiana_coman btw the chat shows it rounded, 4.00015:13
mircea_popescutop shows it 4.7015:13
diana_comanmore or less round as it were, lol15:14
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 5 stacks lbn, q 237, opening 2mn. ETA tomorrow 17:00 ART.15:20
mircea_popescu~ the esteemed audience is cordially invited not to act the asshole now that lbn is being offered and spuriously predent like it's abundant, only to spend the remainder of the year whining about wanting to buy lbn and how they're waiting for lbn. either buy it now or stfu ~15:21
danielpbarron2 mn15:21
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 5 stacks lbn, q 237, 2mn heard danielpbarron . ETA tomorrow 17:00 ART.15:22
mircea_popescudanielpbarron got 12 aw g 136. want it ?15:25
mircea_popescushould i make moar ?15:26
danielpbarronwhat are you selling it for?15:26
mircea_popescu!~calc 35880 * 12 * 1.36 * 2.5215:27
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 35880 * 12 * 1.36 * 2.52 = 1475615.232000000315:27
mircea_popescuyou can pick this up right now if you want to.15:27
danielpbarroni'll take it15:27
danielpbarronand would buy more15:27
mircea_popescuaite ima go get some wwbs then15:28
mircea_popescutrade moi15:28
mircea_popescudiana_coman hm ?15:28
mircea_popescutyvm danielpbarron15:29
diana_comanhad fun with the esteemed audience thing15:29
mircea_popescuyeah well. everyone's all "oh, lbn makes money" then expect to buy it at i dunno, 300%. fucking lbn. gimme a break.15:29
mircea_popescuthe supply is so drastically constrained...15:29
* diana_coman is calculating re lbn as last time she bought stacks and stacks she did not regret it AT ALL15:29
mircea_popescuhey, people suck at pricing. i'm starting to believe it's the #1 characteristic of the species.15:30
mircea_popescuin fact -- i'm starting to think the only sane definition of what "everyone knows" as emotion is exactly this : the aggregate muck and gunk that prevents correct pricing.15:30
mircea_popescumuch like there's a word for gunk in an engine there is a word for gunk in a head.15:30
diana_comanwell, what everyone knows is by definition rather doomed to be largely irrelevant unless things really don't change at all - by the time everyone finally gets the memo, most of it is lost on the way and meanwhile it probably doesn't apply anymore anyway15:32
mircea_popescuyet the emotion thing is invariant across cultures and times.15:32
diana_comannot to mention it is "knows" rather than knows there15:32
diana_comanby emotion thing you mean "it's safe and cuddly to go with what everyone knows"?15:33
mircea_popescukinda what the mpex accounting tongue in cheek refers to as "intangibles" for this reason. "you spent 5mn on your wife, do you have a wife worth 5mn ?" "no, i have a 20 dollar bitch and 5mn worth of sentiments".15:33
mircea_popescudiana_coman nope, i mean everything. humiliation, elation, everything in between, all everyone ever "feels" is obtained through taking two values, diffing them, and allocating a name to the result.15:34
mircea_popescuit's after the fact, see, not before. the emotion is what you CALL the heading.15:34
mircea_popescuquite literally tokenized as in the results of the craft.15:34
mircea_popescu"i went in with 100k worth of materials and got out 20k worth of the tool i was making + 80k worth of TINKERER'S SENTIMENTS!!1"15:35
mircea_popescudanielpbarron found your 1 rotten fruit ty was delishius :D15:35
danielpbarronlots of little freebees out there. eulora is the best faucet around really15:36
danielpbarronsometimes the bot won't put a thing in the container and if i see this happen i'll just drop it rather than risk it mixing with a different quality15:37
mircea_popescui drop odds and ends now and again for all sorts of reasons.15:37
mircea_popescuand yes, q 183 rf, lessee15:37
mircea_popescu!~calc 80 * 1.83 * 1.515:37
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 80 * 1.83 * 1.5 = 219.6000000000000215:37
mircea_popescu219 satoshi yep, just about faucetish15:37
diana_coman3mn on the lbn mircea_popescu15:38
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 5 stacks lbn, q 237, 3mn heard diana_coman . ETA tomorrow 17:00 ART.15:39
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, 3.25 mn15:40
diana_comanI'm not sure I fully grasp the theory re emotion there15:40
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 5 stacks lbn, q 237, 4mn heard diana_coman . ETA tomorrow 17:00 ART.15:40
mircea_popescuo wow just got rf with stick!15:41
diana_comanjudging by how rarely one CAN get basics with a stick that sounds positive15:42
mircea_popescudiana_coman let's work it with reference to dream states. a dream state differs from the waking state in that there not being an objective reality to keep the entropy clock (see here also http://btcbase.org/log/2017-01-28#1609142 ) the brain is stuck doing the timekeeping. and what the brain does is on-demand timekeeping, which is to say that IF you ask about symbol X, THEN the antecessor AX of symbol X is produced ; and if yo15:43
mircea_popescuu ask of AX, THEN AAX is produced. AAX does not exist beforfe AX, but comes after AX ; it's not AAX that defines and creates AX nor AX that flows necessarily from AAX but vice-versa.15:43
mircea_popescunow then. in this structure, we can understand "emotion" or "feeling" : it's not what CAUSES an action, behaviour, activity, whatever phenomena, but how the phenomena IS EXPLAINED. after the fact.15:44
mircea_popescuit's not "i love my wife therefore i spend a dollar on her" but "since i already spent the dollar let's call it love".15:44
mircea_popescuthe example with the wife is rare ; in general it's more like "it's not that i'm lazy because i don't like math ; it's that since i'm lazy anyway may as well call it not liking math". entirely the economy of internal self-indulgence.15:45
mircea_popescuwhich is why once confronted with the stick, and the very strict "you'll either math OR DIE" they struggle ~against the question~ (in torquemada's acception of what "the question" is, let us put them to the question) while that lasts ; but once it is no longer feasible to keep up the struggle... they... like math.15:46
mircea_popescubut not before.15:46
mircea_popescubefore, it's all "our democracy".15:46
diana_comanhm, I don't think that follows as such because decision is not baked-in; what you describe is likely the path of least resistance and therefore the most commonly seen meaning that emotion marks a hole and easiest to fill the hole is by "calling it love/not liking maths" but this doesn't mean that emotion WAS the hole - I think it's just the marker; (I already tried to write on the topic recently http://www.dianacoman.com/2017/0115:48
mircea_popescuso you're calling misnomer ? ie, just because idiot calls clay pot porcelain doth not follow porcelain dun exist ?15:50
diana_comanI do15:51
diana_comanat the same time I admit I can't claim I have proof as in mathematically sound proof15:52
mircea_popescuyeah i see no argument. after all, if they can't just up and call whatever it is they happen to be doing "politics" or "scholarship" or "speaking latin" just on the flimsy strength of "that's what they happen to be doing", why exactly would we call emotion what they happen to be doing ?15:53
mircea_popescuturns out that most walkers today are in dire need of a sentimental education, along with everything else. they can't math nor can feel.15:53
mircea_popescuin typical fashion, the codicil is there from the get-go : "the only sane definition of what "everyone knows" as emotion"15:59
diana_comanI suspect this also has something to do with the old observation that "they don't have feelings" - not in the sense that they can't claim to "feel" this or that, cry or whatever, but in this deeper sense of something else than a name for ...basically convenience I suppose15:59
mircea_popescuwhich ends up in what was discussed underneath the sociopathy article : yes, "sociopaths" aka actual people can't possibly love the muggles aka "our democracy" pretend-people. for the same reason you can't love a cow, there's nothing there.16:00
diana_comanquite, yes16:02
diana_comanone can be fond of a cow though, so "fond of" works, sure16:02
Birdman2heavy stuff18:40
diana_comanAUCTION: 1500 cft 146q, 800k heard from danielpbarron ; ETA 2 Feb 8pm gmt18:58
Birdman2900k diana_coman18:59
diana_comanAUCTION: 1500 cft 146q, 900k heard from Birdman2 ; ETA 2 Feb 8pm gmt18:59
*** Birdman2 is now known as Birdman19:02
diana_comanAUCTION: 1500 cft 146q, 1mn heard from Birdman ; ETA 2 Feb 8pm gmt19:02
*** Quits: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396) (Quit: Leaving)19:06
danielpbarronmircea_popescu, selling lapidary considerations?19:32
*** Joins: diana_coman (~diana_com@unaffiliated/diana-coman/x-8319396)19:39
BirdmanAUCTION: 1 MS q132902  ||  Starting bid 266k  ||  ETA: tomorrw 3PM19:45
BirdmanAUCTION: 1 MS q132902  || 266k heard danielpbarron  ||  ETA: tomorrw 3PM19:45
Birdmanmircea_popescu can i sell you these beans per shop and buy some cs at the same time?19:47
BirdmanI have 1147 rr q295 if anyone is looking for 140%, 317k20:03
diana_comanBirdman, I'll take those rickety reeds20:09
Birdmansounds good, are you in town now?20:09
diana_comanwill be in ~5 min20:10
Birdmanalright ill come afterthis ord20:11
Birdmantook me forever to even render it because theres so many claims here lol20:11
diana_comanI'm in town Birdman20:15
diana_comanuhm, Birdman are you on the moon?20:30
Birdmanso close, my computer spazzed and i had to relog, i figured it was 50/50 i got to town before you said somethin20:30
mircea_popescuAUCTION : 5 stacks lbn, q 237, 4mn heard diana_coman . ETA tomorrow 17:00 ART.20:31
mircea_popescuBirdman yeah but out mining now, will be in town in a few hgours20:31
mircea_popescudanielpbarron ima look in store when i get to town20:32
Birdmani will have to break a coin for change quick diana_coman20:32
Birdmanthanks and enjoy, those are some nice reeds20:32
diana_comanI'll make them into ma20:32
Birdmansounds good and mircea_popescu if you have any pre-mixed sticks left i need about 60352 extra quality so maybe 3 sticks at like 40.2k or somethin20:35
Birdmanif possible/convenient20:35
mircea_popescufraid not but i'll take your broken ones.20:35
Birdmanim not really needing the coppers they're worth, so if i can *eventually* end up using them i dont mind holding onto them20:36
Birdmanand if you would take them back at the same markup i paid i'd do that too20:36
mircea_popescuwell yes20:37
Birdmanalright cool20:37
Birdmanwill take 7.2mn in sticks, have 8'113'655 in beans 14955 bb q153, so 120 sticks 920k and ill give you the 6400 change ping when around im just gonna idle in town20:43
Birdmani gotta give that spot time to breathe and get rid of some claims anyways, i get full seconds of lag soon as i go near it lol20:44
danielpbarrondiana_coman, i'll take the toves21:07
diana_comandanielpbarron, ok, I'll get back to town when this cs finishes21:46
diana_comandanielpbarron, ready21:54
diana_comantomorrow then21:58
BirdmanI suppose i'll run these next sticks into beans as well, unless i can find the correct spot to find LH, just trying to use the bundles i have22:56
Birdmani could go after some berries, but when i tried at first i got nothing but wpl claims and gave up22:57
Birdmanits funny though cause the two spots i tried gave me only one type, maybe i can take 10-20 sticks and run it in a straight line over that area and get a better idea of where to hit with the sticks, assuming one spot only will give me one resource type at my current level22:58
Birdmandefinitely gonna go see what i get from the DM spot though first22:58
danielpbarrondon't scout out with sticks22:59
Birdmantheres just always some 5 pronged answer to these problems22:59
Birdmanmy gathering level and sticks being two23:00
Birdmani get totally different results with the different tools23:00
Birdmani know for a fact the two spots i tried have more than just bb and just wpl, but over 100 sticks those are the only two i got23:01
Birdmanso if i can burn 20 of them to figure out where exactly to use the next 200 or w/e, its definitely +ev23:01
shinohaidiana_coman had me dig in this spot with like 50 sticks ... 100% Elusive Purple Snails23:01
Birdmannot to mention its not completely a waste or anything, the worst part of it is i have no threads so it'll be more keys to store and keep track of23:02
Birdmanahha thats disheartening shinohai, in my gathering experiences the worse of a gatherer you are, the more you can rely on small sample size results :/23:02
Birdmani used to get 100% ords from sticks, till i got better at it23:02
Birdmanhave i fallen so far behind in the gathering ranking i wonder? i know i used to be 3rd best23:03
Birdmanand for the record diana_coman i'd pay you to use your sticks lol23:05

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