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mircea_popescunot being the first on the monthly top feels so... wrong, somehow15:15
diana_comanha! tanananana15:15
mircea_popescumyeah. i don't even know what to do. out here digging ords, but meh.15:17
mircea_popescu15mn kinda high bar15:17
shinohaiI shall hopefully finish the seeming endless clicks it is taking to buy and stack these ingredients today15:27
diana_comanfoxybot is basically made out of much click-frustration , shinohai , just so you know15:28
shinohaiyeah i tried the xmacros thing danielpbarron suggested, but still havent learned how to make it buy the right items15:29
mircea_popescutime cures all15:30
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shinohaihttp://imgur.com/a/c4JEQ   <<< Amazing technicolor rocks persist :/15:56
diana_comanthat's the default thing shinohai ; it doesn't find something; weird15:58
diana_comanbasically client fails to find the texture for the rocks, so it uses default texture (which is that checkered thing)15:59
shinohaihmmm, I go through my debug info and see what I can find15:59
mircea_popescuthey look kinda pretty16:04
mircea_popescubut yes you're missing a texture.16:04
danielpbarronshinohai, select the thing to buy before starting the script16:13
danielpbarronthe script just clicks "buy all" ; the thing you are buying doesn't change16:14
mircea_popescu!~calc 1364 * 152 * 1.9116:23
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 1364 * 152 * 1.91 = 395996.4816:23
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wyrdmantishi everyone. it's just me or the "explore 9999 line 9999 1 1 1 1" trick doesn't work anymore?17:45
diana_comanwyrdmantis, it doesn't work anymore yes; you need to either get a "/unstick" before trying to pick up (to interrupt your explore) or otherwise set proper times to allow the explore to finish18:19
wyrdmantisthanks diana_coman18:53
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Birdmani've had an inventory full of tiny used claim keys for days23:13
Birdmanyet my locked tiny claim, of which it was nearly the same age, with the key in storage, that had some 1mn+ bv of wpl and boulders, vanishes23:24
Birdmanreally does suck to suck23:24
Birdmandidnt expect it to last forever, just figured i could use gauge the time by some means23:24
danielpbarronoh shit, i think i lost a claim too23:25
Birdmani now suspect none of it is on a real schedule at the moment23:25
danielpbarroni had one right next me here in town23:25
Birdmantown was obv one of the spots cleaned23:25
danielpbarroni wish there was some warning on that23:26
danielpbarroni had a LOT of boulder and i think leather too23:26
Birdmanyeah, i'd store them in storage if i could get a 100% premium to withdraw them 20 at a time23:26
danielpbarroni took them out like a week ago23:26
Birdmanalthough these tables i thought that disappeared are back in the wall23:27
Birdmanso i could just not be rendering it23:27
danielpbarronplus it was an unbuilt claim23:27
Birdmanyeah same, purposely didnt build it too23:27
mircea_popescuBirdman tiny claims are the frailest of them all23:53
mircea_popescudanielpbarron well i kept saying, the smaller the claim the likelier it'll go.23:54
Birdmanyes, it was a constant worry of mine, "switch it to a better claim"23:54
mircea_popescuwell... no need to worry nemore23:54
Birdmanill survive23:55
mircea_popescusorry bout that.23:55
Birdmanlol did you do it with ill intent??23:55
mircea_popescui didn't do anything23:55
mircea_popescujust you know... can't keep claims forever, there's just no way.23:56
Birdmanright, no need for sorrys23:56
Birdmanthis isnt the first time i shot myself in the foot in this game, and not even the worst23:56
Birdmanthink i remember breaking a ton of cs way back23:57
mircea_popescuo yea i recall that lol23:57
Birdmantons or ord enums that the claims disappeared too, probably much more than 1mn bv23:57

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