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danielpbarron>Daniel has got 11.000m ECu worth of Maculature I and assorted loot while crafting. Congratulations!00:30
Birdmanwhat was bundle bv?00:33
danielpbarrongot some 601 quality toils now00:33
danielpbarrontinkerer's :D00:33
Birdmanmeant bv not q idk what consids are for bv00:33
hanbotcongrats danielpbarron00:35
danielpbarroni still have the key to that claim so let's see00:36
danielpbarronwoah wtf00:36
mircea_popescuo hey nice00:36
danielpbarronmy tiny and small ennumerations are gone from storage00:36
mircea_popescuno ?00:37
Birdmansigh, same00:49
mircea_popescuwill be looking into this.00:50
danielpbarronand yeah my boulders are gone. seems i took the leather back into storage thankfully00:52
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hanbotso diana_coman and anyone else interested in the modeling process etc; getting blender to work with crystalspace's exporter is turning out to be a suparbitch. in blender's (2.59, specified by the cs exporter no less) userprefs the cs addon is "disabled". here's a paste of the complaint and relevant script bits: http://wotpaste.cascadianhacker.com/pastes/fDRaF/?raw=true05:03
hanbotwhere v2.59=2.65, typo05:13
hanbotanyway i'm fairly clueless at this point, would like to submit models but this last step looks like a chokepoint atm.05:16
mircea_popescushall look into.05:25
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Birdmani tend to hit a tiny claims 39% of the time while barehanding08:12
Birdmanthough the claims tend to not give much more than 1:1 for resources08:13
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diana_comano hey, congrats danielpbarron08:54
diana_comanfoxy on the other hand lost connection 3/4 on the remark, so lots of time lost08:55
diana_comanhanbot, I'll have a look at that, as I remember I got all the possible importers to work, none of that problem; trouble was that they were shitty though; as soon as I get a bit of time I'll set up something with the versions you have and get back to you08:56
Birdmanah that sucks09:02
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mircea_popescuBirdman danielpbarron so tiny small enums confirmed gone ; will be back wed.14:51
danielpbarronoh nice, mini popped 150 chairs for the head15:10
danielpbarronoh wait not mini15:10
danielpbarron>Daniel has got 2.000m ECu worth of Chair for the Head and assorted loot while crafting. Congratulations!15:11
danielpbarron160 cfth q 11.6k :D15:12
danielpbarrondid that with quality 23 blueprints and quality 451 bundles15:14
danielpbarronmost of the value went into the chairs too15:15
danielpbarron1.856 mn in chairs, 2.04 mn total15:16
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diana_comannice danielpbarron , congrats!15:20
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