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Birdmanhttp://logs.minigame.bz/2017-02-02.log.html#t02:10:07 << fwiw i havent gotten this error in awhile, used to get it every time i started the game00:47
lobbesbotLogged on 2017-02-02 02:10:07: <_lord_of_mars_> is it natural to have openal32.dll missing error?00:47
lobbesbotLogged on 2016-10-18 22:13:09: <Framedragger> unrelated: re. recurring missing OpenAL32.dll (note; apparently both 64 bit and 32 bit systems are to use this filename, for legacy support reasons) issues (http://logs.minigame.bz/2016-09-30.log.html etc), since i had to look into cross-platform sound libraries, it should be noted that this is an audio library, not related to opengl (it uses similar api / naming conventions for functions etc). windows users01:08
Framedraggertl;dr https://www.openal.org/downloads/oalinst.zip should sort it (ymmv)01:09
mircea_popescumind putting this on wiki too ?01:44
Framedraggerah! i should. and i will, kk.01:59
Framedragger(note, since this (usually) relates to the binary packages maintained by jurov, http://minigame.bz/jurov/ should, i think, also then be updated to include a note. (alternatively that openal installer could be bundled into those packages.)02:02
Framedragger(i'll write said note for the wiki later and ping.)02:03
Birdmandanielpbarron poppin like crazy these days02:33
Birdmanmircea_popescu any thought of auctioning ppb bps?02:33
mircea_popescuyeah ill do some tomorrow.03:06
danielpbarronsweeeet, questionable flagon pop07:06
danielpbarron>Daniel has got 1.000m ECu worth of Questionable Flagon and assorted loot while crafting. Congratulations!07:07
danielpbarron1.82 according to the chart07:07
mircea_popescuyou've been totally murdering it huh07:08
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lobbesin the spirit of redundancy, and since I'm building out an items table I figured I'd give lobbesbot the ability to query that table. Currently still being populated, so not many records yet, but command is: !Qitem <item short-form>08:27
lobbes!Qitem cft08:27
lobbesbotITEM: Coarse Frangible Thread (cft) Base Value: 180 Bundle Value: 18008:27
lobbesthanks to diana_coman for her very useful index08:28
Birdman!Qitem cds08:30
lobbesbotBirdman: Error: "cds" was not found08:30
danielpbarronhm, i think there is an error on that index08:32
danielpbarronit lists dazzling gemstone shards as 10000 value08:32
danielpbarronbut those are 100008:32
danielpbarronand i'm not sure how that bundle value got calculated either08:34
danielpbarronoh i see, 875 numina and 1 water is that08:34
danielpbarronbut the result is 21 shards, so the bundle value is very misleading there08:35
danielpbarrondivide by 21 and you get 1000 after rounding down08:35
danielpbarronshould have numbers there comparing base value to whatever the value would be if you used max ingredient quantities at quality 10008:36
danielpbarron!qitem dgs08:37
danielpbarron!Qitem dgs08:37
lobbesbotdanielpbarron: Error: "dgs" was not found08:37
lobbes!Qitem dgs08:45
lobbesbotITEM: Dazzling Gemstone Shards (dgs) Base Value:  Bundle Value: 2100508:45
lobbesso is my assumption correct that for bundles, the bundle value = base value?08:45
lobbesor is that false08:45
danielpbarroni think that is always true, except in the strange cases where the craft output is listed as greater than 1 on the blueprint08:46
danielpbarronin those cases, the base value is the bundle value divided by the number of units per output08:46
lobbeshm okay08:47
diana_comanmy website has 2 values that are shown on main page: base value and bundle value10:45
diana_comanbase value is taken from a list that was compiled manually whenever possible based on what spirover says10:46
diana_comanthe bundle value is calculated based on ingredients - I have a python script that does that as it generates the whole site10:46
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diana_comanhello Hero15:02
Herodo you know how to get a account diana?15:04
diana_comanyes Hero ; you follow the steps here: http://www.eulorum.org/Account_Setup15:05
diana_comanwhen you are done with that, just ask mircea_popescu in here and he'll make an account for you15:06
* mircea_popescu waves15:30
mircea_popesculobbes sorry, the game is pretty complex. danielpbarron has a point.15:32
mircea_popescuthe base values are confusingly related, but ultimately arbitrary. so you can't really infer the bv of the product from the bv of the bundle producing it.15:33
danielpbarron!~calc (333 * 6624) / ((9294 * 10) + (90 * 1000) + (333 * 6624))18:21
jhvh1danielpbarron: (333 * 6624) / ((9294 * 10) + (90 * 1000) + (333 * 6624)) = 0.923415435469529418:21
danielpbarron!~calc (((333 * 6624) + (9294 * 10) + (90 * 1000)) * 2.18) / (218 * ((1.75 * 6624) + 2383 + (2.57 * 6624 * 0.1)))18:25
jhvh1danielpbarron: (((333 * 6624) + (9294 * 10) + (90 * 1000)) * 2.18) / (218 * ((1.75 * 6624) + 2383 + (2.57 * 6624 * 0.1))) = 1.523681781278592318:25
danielpbarron52% profit on that run of questionable flagon18:26
danielpbarronthey are coming out quality 219 now18:26
danielpbarron!~calc 333 * 6624 * 2.18 * 0.00000001 * 100018:28
jhvh1danielpbarron: 333 * 6624 * 2.18 * 0.00000001 * 1000 = 48.08626560000000418:28
danielpbarronmarket value probably at least 100 USD worth of flagon here!18:28
mircea_popescuwow check that out.18:34
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Birdmani have coppers and nothing to do, anyone have some work \ whats in need right now?23:50
Birdman!Qauction 255000 24 9999 q166; 9915 q63; 8176 q33 tpf23:59
lobbesbotAUCTION # 11 STARTED by Birdman: 9999 q166; 9915 q63; 8176 q33 tpf Opening: 255000 coppers Ending: 2017-02-13 23:59:07 UTC (24 hours)23:59

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