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mircea_popescuso nobody's going to sell me any grass/cft bundles are they.01:49
Birdmanany ppb bps available mircea_popescu ?02:12
Birdmani could make lots of bundles for you if you provide the grass, too02:13
Birdmanbut as is i think im getting free high level tinkering on what bundles i can make myself for now02:13
Birdmancome to think of it diana_coman, the tiny sm claims dont get built either, might be all mining stuff?02:53
mircea_popescu!Qauction 34m 24 one stack ppb bps q 7703:33
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26 STARTED by mircea_popescu: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34m coppers Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (24 hours)03:33
danielpbarron!~calc 9999*0.77*77*57*0.103:39
jhvh1danielpbarron: 9999*0.77*77*57*0.1 = 3379192.047000000703:40
mircea_popescudid i fuck up the calc ?03:46
Birdmanno thats 10x03:48
mircea_popescuthey are kinda expensiuve i guess. large craft03:49
BirdmanYes, I expected a stack to be auctioned or whatever but thats waay outta my league lol03:50
mircea_popescuholy shit03:57
mircea_popescuso ord cdg with electron bundle -> 35.6k cft q 103:57
Birdmani could see that04:13
Birdmanmy cft came out much higher q than what you made but less total value04:14
mircea_popescu!~calc 35600 * 0.01 * 6004:15
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 35600 * 0.01 * 60 = 2136004:15
mircea_popescu20k bv, not great for an ord.04:15
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (23 hours 14 mins)04:18
Birdmanidk where i am compared to you guys in building and sortage but im sure im pretty far behind04:29
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (22 hours 14 mins)05:18
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (21 hours 14 mins)06:18
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lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (20 hours 14 mins)07:18
diana_comanBirdman, you'll have same trouble on all tiny claims if you try with only 1 lbn, yes;wait until Wednesday07:20
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (19 hours 14 mins)08:18
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lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (18 hours 14 mins)09:18
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lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (17 hours 14 mins)10:18
diana_comanshinohai, what's your building level? I think I need you to build some claims for me10:47
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (16 hours 14 mins)11:18
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (15 hours 14 mins)12:18
shinohaidiana_coman: building lvl 8012:33
*** Joins: Birdman2 (~birdman@
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (14 hours 14 mins)13:18
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danielpbarronit says i'm unsucessful because i stopped focusing on my workbench13:38
mircea_popescudid you ?13:38
danielpbarronnot that i'm aware of13:38
mircea_popescumyeah. focus is a little buggy still. being worked on.13:38
danielpbarroni mean, i didn't do anything that has caused a craft to do this in the past13:38
danielpbarronactually this has never happened to me13:39
mircea_popescucrafting checks enforcing got more stringent after update.13:39
diana_comanshinohai, could give a go with that - still trying to figure out the best way to get a ton of low q stuff and preferably +ev out of my claims, lol13:48
diana_comandanielpbarron, was that on the super-long craft? did you target something else?13:49
danielpbarronwhat is target?13:50
diana_comanas in look at something else, interact with something else13:50
danielpbarronlook at?13:50
diana_comanin game obv, your character, not you13:50
diana_coman"view" if you prefer13:50
danielpbarronwhat is that, right clicking on something?13:51
diana_comangetting the description of some object switches your target to it13:51
danielpbarroni don't mind if that's gonna cancel a craft but at least have the decency to tell me when it happens, and not show me a progress bar for a week to make sure i waste the maximum amount of time on it13:51
diana_comanpoor bot actually protected people against this sort of thing as it purposefully re-targeted the workbench each time13:52
mircea_popescudanielpbarron sorry about that.13:54
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (13 hours 14 mins)14:18
diana_comandanielpbarron, it's frustrating on such a craft, clearly; sorry about it; ftr though the craft wasn't cancelled hence why it couldn't actually say anything any earlier - it just failed at the end because the target was different from what it had started with14:19
diana_comanshinohai, ping me when you are around if you want to do some claims for me14:49
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (12 hours 14 mins)15:18
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (11 hours 14 mins)16:18
danielpbarronweird, coulda sworn i had small claim bundles in my storage16:33
Birdman2im around 1/100 bh for a small and 1/1000 for ords17:12
*** Birdman2 is now known as Birdman17:12
diana_comannot that bad for bh Birdman217:14
diana_comanfoxy got almost 12k grass q6 out of an ord; with bundle 294q; and an older enum17:15
diana_coman!~calc (4894+7096)×60×0.0617:15
jhvh1diana_coman: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information.17:15
diana_coman!~calc (4894+7096)*60*0.0617:16
jhvh1diana_coman: (4894+7096)*60*0.06 = 4316417:16
diana_comanit seems I need low q bundles for fox17:17
diana_comanBirdman, what do you want for some low q bundles for mining?17:18
Birdmanlike small  bundles or something?17:18
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (10 hours 14 mins)17:18
diana_comanI guess small bundles to start with17:19
diana_comanprobably all bundles by the looks of it17:19
Birdmanwell its not the quality a noob controls really its the quantity17:19
diana_comanBirdman, a noob controls quantity going in, hence you CAN make them lower q than I can17:20
Birdmani can make more bundles out of 100 ingredients than a higher skilled person could17:20
diana_comanBirdman, foxy can NOT use less than 20 lbn for instance for a basics tiny thing; even at 11 q that's too high q basically17:20
diana_coman+ I'd rather not use more lbn than I have to, anyway17:20
Birdmani mean i guess at the end of it my minimum quality would be like 1/4 yours but for what you'd want my skill isnt really relevant for quality17:21
Birdmanright, its about quantity17:21
Birdmani dont have a bunch of bits either, you want to hire me to make bundles? i think that might be a job for shinohai17:22
Birdmanor some ultra noob, if im a noob still17:23
diana_comanthere is that, but not seeing noobs around much17:23
Birdmani also think severe under crafting like that wont really get you the results you want. From the builds i've seen sometimes you get some crazy high quality sometimes you get a bunch of low quality, it evens out17:25
diana_comanit seems in any case that the only way foxybot may remain useful is by using bundles only17:25
Birdmanyou should really just be after bits and threads instead of try to do severe undercrafting17:25
diana_comanand probably having a "bundling" mode17:25
danielpbarronBirdman, can you make some bundles for me?17:25
diana_comanBirdman, I did not see that17:25
Birdmanwell what the hell guys how do i even price something like that17:26
diana_comanper click, how else17:26
Birdmanas is all im doing with my time is barehanding17:26
danielpbarroni just need some ppb bundles made, i already have the branches17:26
Birdmanim not even as much a noob as i could be in tinkering17:27
Birdmani suppose i'd charge 3% of the bv of whatever bundle im making per click17:28
danielpbarronalso i can do those clicks for you now17:32
diana_comanBirdman, do you mean 3% of qabv there?17:36
diana_coman!~calc 180*0.0317:36
jhvh1diana_coman: 180*0.03 = 5.399999999999999517:36
danielpbarronBirdman, give me whatever you need crafted17:38
Birdmangive me like 15 i gotta build these smalls while i can keep track of em17:38
Birdmani only made like 500 cft bundles for you to click because i suspect if you are crafting them i'll get more value, but in much lower quality17:39
Birdmanso im gonna mix what you make with my over crafts to get decent threads17:39
Birdmanand come out ahead by the end17:39
Birdman!~calc 3500000+60*6000*1.7917:49
jhvh1Birdman: 3500000+60*6000*1.79 = 414440017:49
diana_comanmircea_popescu, what q bundles you wanted for cft as I can't seem to find it in the logs? got a load of low q grass, so I'm looking into this bundling thing17:51
Birdmanim in the market for low quality cft bps18:05
Birdmanshouldnt be using these q200 bps with bundles half that quality18:05
Birdmani retract my previous 3% offer to make bundles, more complex ones i'd probably want more, and probably wouldnt wanna do really cheap ones18:06
danielpbarron!~calc 4*0.02*77*57-44*57*0.01-0.06*77*57*0.118:11
jhvh1danielpbarron: 4*0.02*77*57-44*57*0.01-0.06*77*57*0.1 = 299.70618:11
danielpbarron!~calc 4*0.03*77*57-308*57*0.01-0.06*77*57*0.118:12
jhvh1danielpbarron: 4*0.03*77*57-308*57*0.01-0.06*77*57*0.1 = 324.7860000000000618:12
danielpbarron!~calc 4*0.07*77*57-355*57*0.05-0.06*77*57*0.118:15
jhvh1danielpbarron: 4*0.07*77*57-355*57*0.05-0.06*77*57*0.1 = 190.8360000000000718:15
danielpbarron!~calc 77*57*0.118:15
Birdmanso if two people, one noob one master, put the same bv of ingreds in a bundle, would it come out the same quality or different18:15
jhvh1danielpbarron: 77*57*0.1 = 438.9000000000000318:15
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (9 hours 14 mins)18:18
danielpbarron!~calc 178/0.0418:19
jhvh1danielpbarron: 178/0.04 = 445018:19
danielpbarron!~calc 4450/5718:19
jhvh1danielpbarron: 4450/57 = 78.070175438596518:20
danielpbarron!~calc (355*57*0.05)/(57*77)18:21
jhvh1danielpbarron: (355*57*0.05)/(57*77) = 0.230519480519480518:21
danielpbarron!~calc (308*57*0.01)/(57*77)18:21
jhvh1danielpbarron: (308*57*0.01)/(57*77) = 0.0418:21
danielpbarron!~calc (44*57*0.01)/(57*77)18:23
jhvh1danielpbarron: (44*57*0.01)/(57*77) = 0.00571428571428571418:23
danielpbarron!~calc (308*57*0.02)/(57*77)18:26
jhvh1danielpbarron: (308*57*0.02)/(57*77) = 0.0818:26
danielpbarron!~calc 4*0.04*77*57-0.08*77*57-0.06*0.1*77*5718:29
jhvh1danielpbarron: 4*0.04*77*57-0.08*77*57-0.06*0.1*77*57 = 324.78618:29
Birdman!~calc 152*.03*831118:29
jhvh1Birdman: 152*.03*8311 = 37898.15999999999618:30
danielpbarron!~calc 4*0.08*77*57-0.36*77*57-0.06*0.1*77*5718:35
jhvh1danielpbarron: 4*0.08*77*57-0.36*77*57-0.06*0.1*77*57 = -201.8939999999999518:36
danielpbarron!~calc 4*0.06*77*57-0.16*77*57-0.06*0.1*77*5718:37
jhvh1danielpbarron: 4*0.06*77*57-0.16*77*57-0.06*0.1*77*57 = 324.786000000000118:37
danielpbarron!~calc (308*57*0.05)/(57*77)18:39
jhvh1danielpbarron: (308*57*0.05)/(57*77) = 0.218:39
Birdmanso electron bundles giving everyone low quality i guess. maybe one of the next ones i build i'll get some really high quality stuff but very few of them18:44
danielpbarron!~calc 4*0.07*77*57-0.23*77*57-0.06*0.1*77*5718:46
mircea_popescudiana_coman 5-600 i think.18:46
jhvh1danielpbarron: 4*0.07*77*57-0.23*77*57-0.06*0.1*77*57 = 193.1160000000000418:46
danielpbarron!~calc 9999/30818:52
jhvh1danielpbarron: 9999/308 = 32.46428571428571518:52
danielpbarron!~calc 32*30818:52
jhvh1danielpbarron: 32*308 = 985618:52
DicePowerToday is the day!19:08
DicePoweror at least *a* day.19:08
DicePowerToday is a day!19:08
Birdmanyesterday's tomorrow19:09
DicePower(but not the day I become funny...obviously)19:09
DicePowerToday's goal is to remove Eulora and VS2010 and reinstall them, taking perfect notes of the new 0.1.2 compilation changes.19:11
DicePowerThen after I get through the issues, I can update the wiki again.19:12
DicePowerDoes anyone even use the wiki btw?19:12
Birdmanyeah all the time19:12
Birdmanplus if you're trying to set it up its useful19:12
DicePowerI noticed there were almost no edits to the Windows installation page since I edited it like 9ish months ago :P19:13
Birdmanthis page has all base values and is easy to navigate19:13
mircea_popescuwell nobod yuses windows, diff story.19:17
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (8 hours 14 mins)19:18
DicePowerOh yeah, forgot like 95% here are linux lovers :)19:19
diana_coman<Birdman> i retract my previous 3% offer to make bundles, more complex ones i'd probably want more, and probably wouldnt wanna do really cheap ones  - lolz19:32
diana_comanDicePower, you start sounding like a certain Elliot19:32
diana_comanwon't you better just run the client, get into the game and do some work for me - I'll pay you for it19:33
DicePowerNah, I'd rather have a better understanding of stat distributions :D19:36
diana_comanare you going to fit a distribution to ...what?19:38
mircea_popescuif the distribution fits...19:39
mircea_popescuwear it.19:39
diana_comanserver coming down in ~30 minutes for usual maintenance & update19:39
diana_comanyeah, sounds like distributions are fashionable19:40
Birdmando you have any DM for sale diana_coman ?19:41
Birdmanor would you have interest in trading electron ord bundles?19:41
diana_comanBirdman, I have yet to figure out what minerals are worth, esp the higher q ones19:43
diana_comanas for electron ord bundles I guess you might want to ask mp as he bought the most of them, dunno if/what he sells any of them for19:44
Birdmanyeah i figured they'd only get more expensive so if i could buy some for the old numbers i would lol19:44
diana_comanwell, then you won't have money anyway for them etc19:44
Birdmanthats not what i was saying19:44
diana_comanno, that is what I am saying, lol19:45
Birdmanyeah but why lol19:45
diana_comanbecause of previous experience with you , why else19:46
Birdmani was just saying i'd like to buy those things for the prices quoted before, nothing else19:47
ben_vulpesand i want thirty dollar bitcoins19:47
Birdmanwell if someone's saying thats what they want for them..19:47
Birdmannot that i wouldnt buy them for another price19:48
mircea_popescui ain't selling them for one thing and i sure as fuck ain't nickle and diming them.19:51
mircea_popescuwhat, electron sat on the things for A YEAR.19:51
* diana_coman finally understands WHY electron's butt is SO square19:52
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (7 hours 14 mins)20:18
DicePowerdiana_coman:  By distribution I mean that different characters have n total stat points distributed across all of the stat categories in different ways.20:25
DicePowerSo like, the 0.1.2b .tar.gz contains multiple files with the same name but of different case, i.e., EuloraV0.1.2\art\Graveyard~ and EuloraV0.1.2\art\GRAVEYARD~ which Windows wants to fix by overwriting one when the .tar is unzipped.  What is the proper course of action to avoid later linking errors, etc.?20:29
mircea_popescui dunno how you'd know this.20:31
mircea_popescuand in general ~ files are spurious, but wtf, overwrite by case ? what insanity is this ?20:32
mircea_popescuthere isn't a course of action for such stuff20:32
DicePowerThese are the possible courses of action:  imgur.com/a/RNrSN20:34
*** Joins: wyrdmantis (~wyrdmanti@host219-78-dynamic.27-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it)20:35
mircea_popescuso in practice : these are art files, game doesn't link art files. they are also backups. so you can delete them.20:35
DicePowerI take is that -ix OS file names are case sensitive, by that comment?20:35
mircea_popescubut in general, an os which overwrites Hi with hI is broken.20:35
DicePowerOh, that turned out to be the only file with a name conflict.20:37
diana_comanserver is back up; enjoy!20:45
diana_coman1 lbn building of claims should work now20:45
diana_comanBirdman, let me know re ^20:46
Birdmanwill do20:46
diana_comanalso: guardianship has been relaxed, so feel free to complain if it still says it's guarded when you are on the other side of the moon20:46
danielpbarronwill you knock it off DicePower20:46
Birdmanah sweet all my enums got bumped up one, still wont need bits to barehand20:51
Birdmanwell my tiny and small enums20:51
diana_comanBirdman, what do you mean bumped up one?20:59
Birdmanthe min and max on my smalls and tinies went up one20:59
diana_comanalso: mind making a tiny bundle for me with my own lbn so that I get some idea whether this is something that works?21:00
Birdmanill head to town21:00
diana_comank, I'm there21:00
Birdmanbasics 3-5, mining 2-3 farming 2-421:01
Birdmandont know about lj ones21:01
diana_comanwell, it'll do as data point anyway21:01
Birdmanim here21:02
Birdmanlj is 1-321:03
diana_comanso at minimum you need 1 for lj, 2 for farming and mining, 3 for basics, right?21:03
Birdman15 to make one bundle of each max21:03
diana_comanno, I want it minimum21:04
diana_comanthey are lousy bits so drop yours if you don't want them mixed21:04
Birdmani have the same21:04
Birdmanand already dropped em21:04
diana_comanheh :)21:04
diana_comanquite curious what this gets21:05
Birdmanq100 bit is q100 bundle21:06
diana_comanI mean as output from building with those21:06
Birdmanaaand the pss enum mixed down with some of mine lol sorry bout that21:06
diana_comanthe bundle q I could calc ofc21:06
diana_comaneh, not a huge deal21:07
Birdman.4 copper loss though!21:07
diana_comaneh, lol21:07
diana_coman1 cr q9 out of tiny + bundle 33q; apparently foxy can't win on tinies either way21:09
diana_comananyway, much better to get this out of 2 lbn than out of 20 lbn that foxy would need to use, there is that21:09
diana_coman!~calc 0.09*7321:10
jhvh1diana_coman: 0.09*73 = 6.56999999999999921:10
diana_coman!~calc 2*11*0.1121:11
jhvh1diana_coman: 2*11*0.11 = 2.4221:11
diana_comanahahahah, technically speaking it IS +ev21:11
diana_comanso yeah, 4 coppers at a time, foxy will make millions on tiny claims!21:11
diana_comanunfortunately lbn is rather expensive21:12
diana_comanguess I'm going back to not building tinies, huh21:13
Birdmanhave you been doing that, but also using tools?21:15
danielpbarronhave a noob build your tinies21:16
diana_comandanielpbarron, as soon as a noob actually shows up AND does the work, sure21:16
danielpbarroni guess super overcraft bundle with your tiny claim and noob building it21:17
danielpbarronshould give very high quality21:17
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (6 hours 14 mins)21:18
danielpbarronwould probably lose value in base terms but gain value in market terms21:18
danielpbarron!~calc 5*77*57*0.0621:21
jhvh1danielpbarron: 5*77*57*0.06 = 1316.721:21
Birdmanmy over crafts yield lots of low quality, very few very high quality, or somewhere in between21:23
Birdmansame resource, bundle q21:24
danielpbarron~your~ overcraft21:24
Birdmanq1650 cft bundle21:24
Birdmanwhy should it be different for a noob or master?21:24
danielpbarronif a higher skilled player makes ~their~ version of overcraft and you click it, it is mega overcraft to you21:24
Birdmanright and im saying you might get literal tons of low quality things21:25
danielpbarronare you talking about building claims?21:25
danielpbarronyour claims aren't that bad probably since your gather is pretty high21:25
Birdmani dont think theres great reason now to have noobs be building claims21:25
Birdmansince all players have that sort of low-to-high output spectrum21:25
Birdmanmight just be burning value and exp having a noob build21:26
diana_comanBirdman, for one thing, if foxy can't make much with them, noobs can get a free lunch : collect keys to make lbn and use foxy's unused claims and sell the output21:26
danielpbarronso you have ~high value claims, ~medium value building, so it's leaning already towards undercrafting, your trying to overcraft it brings you closer to an even craft21:26
Birdmanim also thinking the more skilled the higher quality you can make21:27
Birdmanyour bundle is worth more in your hands than a noob's, especially with it being very high quality21:27
Birdmanjust my theory anyways21:27
danielpbarroni'm finding it harder to make high quality stuff now21:28
Birdmanit seems the crafting is entirely different now than the building21:28
danielpbarroneasy to find things that technically profit in bv, but hard to make high quality21:28
danielpbarroni think maybe noobs are better at getting high quality stuff, but they have a harder time getting baked-in profit21:28
Birdmanbut with building im sure after a few ords you'll see really high q stuff and not that '8k q3' output always21:28
danielpbarronno i did a few ords and got quality 1 to 521:29
Birdmanyeah i also saw that with my thread making21:29
Birdmanand i did 5 smalls in a row and got q70, built another got q45021:29
diana_comanBirdman, foxy got q6 out of ord21:29
Birdmanthats a joke of a sample size, 5 ords lol21:29
danielpbarronBirdman, same input?21:29
diana_comanso not so sure about high q21:29
danielpbarronBirdman, 321:29
diana_comanbut yes, claims themselves matter, as I already shared here data on this21:30
diana_comannot sure how exactly, but they matter: same type of resource, precisely same bundle and same enum, still different quality of output21:30
Birdmanmaybe ords just have greater swings, or maybe electron bundles are undercrafts21:30
diana_comansame type of claim too, obv21:30
danielpbarronoh it's defo an undercraft for me21:31
Birdmani think we should be looking at bv output, im thinking no claim is really destined to give out some quality or another, but its some maths making it happen on the fly21:32
diana_comanI was trying to use low q , yes; because previously I used high q and lost a lot on it, lol21:32
danielpbarroni got like 50k branches that i can use to make 324 coppers in base value per click21:32
diana_comanlow q branches, right?21:32
danielpbarronor that was before this latest update21:32
diana_comanaha, yes21:33
danielpbarronlike 40k quality 1 and 10k quality 521:33
danielpbarroni guess that's a lot like what Birdman experienced21:33
danielpbarron1x to 5x quality range21:33
danielpbarroni have these annoyingly low quality ppb blueprints, quality 6. if figured out if i use quality 4 branches i get the most profit from them21:35
danielpbarronquality 4 branches at my minimum21:35
mircea_popescuso you make a bunch of what , q 10 ppb ?21:35
danielpbarronbut this profitable sweet spot is easier for me to hit than having a noob make the bundle21:35
diana_comando you get numina?21:35
danielpbarronthis is pre-update, it all might be different now21:35
danielpbarronbut i was getting 4 quality 6 ppb from 1 quality 16 bundle and quality 6 blueprint21:36
danielpbarronwhich is a profit of 324 copper21:36
mircea_popescunot bad.21:36
danielpbarronand when i had Birdman make the lowest q bundle he could, it was a lot less profitable21:37
danielpbarroninteresting to note that quality rounds ~up~ from 0 to 121:37
danielpbarronnot possible to have a less than 1 quality bundle21:38
* danielpbarron is rank 700 tinkering21:41
danielpbarronand i get 4 items in a tinkering output21:41
danielpbarronon both cft and ppb so i assume everything21:41
danielpbarroni think i got 4 shaped slags when i tried that21:41
danielpbarronyou are #1 tinkerer and you get 9 per click21:41
danielpbarroni'll bet diana_coman gets somewhere between 4 and 921:42
diana_comanI think foxy got 7-8, can't quite recall exactly but it's in the logs21:43
mircea_popescuwhoa i went from 25-30 to 24-28 somehow!21:46
Birdmanyou went down huh21:46
mircea_popescuand only making 8 now.21:47
Birdmanmight be because the rest of us went up21:47
mircea_popescupossible huh21:47
Birdmanthinning gaps in skills and all that21:47
mircea_popescuwell this blows.21:47
* danielpbarron still gets 421:47
mircea_popescuanyway, im currently turning q 57 grass into 8 q 132 cft.21:47
mircea_popescu!~calc 28 * 60 * .5721:48
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 28 * 60 * .57 = 957.599999999999921:48
mircea_popescu!~calc 8 * 180 * 1.3221:48
jhvh1mircea_popescu: 8 * 180 * 1.32 = 1900.800000000000221:48
mircea_popescu1k per click, minus whatever the bp's worth.21:48
Birdmanthats impressive21:48
mircea_popescunow the bp is like 35 base, so at least 1/3 of that.21:49
Birdman28 grasses21:49
Birdman!~calc 28*.5721:49
jhvh1Birdman: 28*.57 = 15.95999999999999921:49
Birdman!~calc 28*.57/1.7921:50
jhvh1Birdman: 28*.57/1.79 = 8.91620111731843521:50
mircea_popescu!~calc (957.6 * 1.65 + 18 * 20)/190121:50
jhvh1mircea_popescu: (957.6 * 1.65 + 18 * 20)/1901 = 1.020536559705418121:50
Birdman!~calc 28*.57/1.79*221:51
jhvh1Birdman: 28*.57/1.79*2 = 17.8324022346368721:51
Birdman!~calc 28*.57/(1.79*2)21:51
jhvh1Birdman: 28*.57/(1.79*2) = 4.458100558659217521:51
Birdmanso you use 4.5x more grass value for almost 8x on the dot as many thread values as me21:52
Birdman!~calc 138/(132*8)21:52
jhvh1Birdman: 138/(132*8) = 0.1306818181818181821:52
Birdman!~calc (132*8)/13821:53
jhvh1Birdman: (132*8)/138 = 7.652173913043478521:53
diana_comanhm, 528q cft bundle; mircea_popescu do you need to do a test run with it?21:55
mircea_popescuthat's jusdt abnout what im doing atm so no ty.21:56
mircea_popescu!Qauction 2.5m 24 one stack cft q 13221:57
lobbesbotAUCTION # 27 STARTED by mircea_popescu: one stack cft q 132 Opening: 2.5m coppers Ending: 2017-02-23 21:57:26 UTC (24 hours)21:57
Birdman!Qbid 2721:57
lobbesbotBirdman: (bid <auction id (INT)> <bid (coppers)>) -- e.g. !Qbid 123 12mn21:57
Birdman!Qbid 27 2.5mn21:58
lobbesbotAUCTION # 27: one stack cft q 132 Heard: 2.5mn from Birdman Ending: 2017-02-23 21:57:26 UTC (23 hours 59 mins)21:58
DicePowerjurov:  Currently the Windows installation instructions on the wiki say to add the CS path reference to Configuration Properties -> VC++ Directories -> Include Directories, but from our convos in the channel log I can only find you telling me to add it to Configuration Properties -> Linker -> General -> Additional Library Directories.  Which folders needed to be added to each of of them?  Did the one require21:59
DicePowercs_July24/cs-forupload/out/release10/libs and the other CrystalSpaceLibs (or some folder inside it), or did one of them require both?  Also, were said changes only applied to the apppsclient property page or to the libgui property page as well?21:59
diana_coman!~calc 22*60*0.06+18*0.0922:04
jhvh1diana_coman: 22*60*0.06+18*0.09 = 80.8200000000000122:04
diana_coman!~calc 7*180*0.0922:04
jhvh1diana_coman: 7*180*0.09 = 113.3999999999999922:04
diana_coman!Qbid 27 3mn22:05
lobbesbotAUCTION # 27: one stack cft q 132 Heard: 3mn from diana_coman overbidding Birdman Ending: 2017-02-23 21:57:26 UTC (23 hours 51 mins)22:05
danielpbarron!~calc 0.04*4*57*77 - 0.08*57*77 - 0.06*0.1*57*7722:15
jhvh1danielpbarron: 0.04*4*57*77 - 0.08*57*77 - 0.06*0.1*57*77 = 324.7860000000000622:15
danielpbarron!~calc 0.05*4*57*77 - 0.17*57*77 - 0.06*0.1*57*7722:15
Birdman3 q448 cdg into q448 cft bundle gives one cft q46722:15
jhvh1danielpbarron: 0.05*4*57*77 - 0.17*57*77 - 0.06*0.1*57*77 = 105.3359999999999622:15
danielpbarron!~calc 0.07*4*57*77 - 0.30*57*77 - 0.06*0.1*57*7722:16
jhvh1danielpbarron: 0.07*4*57*77 - 0.30*57*77 - 0.06*0.1*57*77 = -114.1139999999997522:16
diana_comanofc by the looks of it I actually need very low q cft given that nobody is otherwise making low q building bundles22:16
Birdman!~calc 60*3*4.48+18-(180*4.67)22:16
jhvh1Birdman: 60*3*4.48+18-(180*4.67) = -16.19999999999993222:16
Birdman!~calc 60*3*4.48+(18*2)-(180*4.67)22:17
jhvh1Birdman: 60*3*4.48+(18*2)-(180*4.67) = 1.800000000000068222:17
Birdmanlose about 2ecu bv on that22:17
Birdmansurprisingly decent22:17
Birdmanlose alot more with the actual price i paid for bps22:17
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (5 hours 14 mins)22:18
lobbesbotAUCTION # 27: one stack cft q 132 Opening: 2.5mn Highest Bid: 3mn Ending: 2017-02-23 21:57:26 UTC (23 hours 38 mins)22:18
danielpbarronwent and mixed my branches to quality 4 pre-update, now optimum quality is 2 or maybe even 122:21
Birdmansuch is the way of things in eulora22:22
mircea_popescuoptimum is 1 ?22:24
mircea_popescuoh cause tiny q bps ?22:24
mircea_popescuso mix the bps up.22:24
jurovDicePower: include directories are for .h or .hpp files, library directories are for .dll files22:33
jurovotherwise... i need to redo the compilation and put down the process meticulously22:34
DicePowerI think there are some new steps with 0.1.2 :)22:36
*** Quits: wyrdmantis (~wyrdmanti@host219-78-dynamic.27-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) (Quit: wyrdmantis)22:36
DicePowerI'm gonna try to record my journey through compiling the new version and I can update the wiki again if it helps.22:38
*** Joins: wyrdmantis (~wyrdmanti@host219-78-dynamic.27-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it)22:38
DicePowerIt appears as if the linker already found cs_July24/cs-forupload/out/release10/libs magically.22:41
jurovi checked the files and turns out i made several changes: http://minigame.bz/jurov/0.1.2win.diff22:47
DicePowerOkay, so...22:55
DicePower"diff --git [filename]    index...    --- [filename]    +++ [new filename]" means change filename to new filename22:56
DicePower- means remove code line, + means add code line, to the file specified in the first "diff -git [filename]" up from it22:57
DicePowerThe other lines without + and - are just for context to search the place in the code I take it.22:58
DicePowerDoes the @@ -283,7 +283,7 @@ thing have some meaning?22:58
*** Quits: wyrdmantis (~wyrdmanti@host219-78-dynamic.27-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it) (Quit: wyrdmantis)23:00
jurovline numbers23:14
DicePowerahhh :P23:14
jurovand it's very proper you read it, when you're satisfied with the patch it can be applied automatically23:14
DicePowerI think I'm just going to comment out all lines of the code that reference FoxyBot instead of applying the FoxyBot related changes.23:15
jurovfor example if you have tortoise-anything installed , it has "apply patch" function23:15
DicePowerSince I'm modifying the client, should be cleaner to just not use compile FoxyBot at all.23:15
jurovbut it's integrated in 0.1.223:16
danielpbarron!~calc (13*60*0.01) / 18023:16
jhvh1danielpbarron: (13*60*0.01) / 180 = 0.04333333333333333523:16
danielpbarron!~calc (16*60*0.01) / 18023:16
DicePowerCan't just search the solution for "foxybot" and comment out the references to it?23:16
jhvh1danielpbarron: (16*60*0.01) / 180 = 0.0533333333333333423:16
jurovyes you can try to exclude it, but why. And there are references to foxybot widgets in XML files, too23:17
danielpbarron!~calc (16*60*0.2) / 18023:18
jhvh1danielpbarron: (16*60*0.2) / 180 = 1.066666666666666723:18
danielpbarron!~calc (15*60*0.2) / 18023:18
jhvh1danielpbarron: (15*60*0.2) / 180 = 123:18
lobbesbotAUCTION # 26: one stack ppb bps q 77 Opening: 34mn Highest Bid: No bids Ending: 2017-02-23 03:33:02 UTC (4 hours 14 mins)23:18
lobbesbotAUCTION # 27: one stack cft q 132 Opening: 2.5mn Highest Bid: 3mn Ending: 2017-02-23 21:57:26 UTC (22 hours 38 mins)23:18
DicePowerI just thought it would simplify my mods.  Less clutter and such.  This install is just for my testing purposes, and I'll be reinstalling, possibly just grabbing the binary when I go to actually play the game.23:19
danielpbarron!~calc 0.36*4*180 - 0.2*180 - 0.51*1823:20
jhvh1danielpbarron: 0.36*4*180 - 0.2*180 - 0.51*18 = 214.0199999999999823:20
DicePowerSo there's no chance I'd actually want to use FoxyBot with this install.  Iunno, that was my original rationale for not installing FoxyBot during 0.1.1 when I started this project.23:20
DicePowerMaybe it's significantly more effort now to exclude it than to work around it.23:21
Birdmanseems to be decent profits in that danielpbarron23:22
danielpbarron!~calc (16*60*0.12) / 18023:22
jhvh1danielpbarron: (16*60*0.12) / 180 = 0.6423:22
danielpbarron!~calc 0.36*4*180 - 1*180 - 0.51*1823:23
jhvh1danielpbarron: 0.36*4*180 - 1*180 - 0.51*18 = 70.0199999999999823:23
danielpbarron!~calc 0.29*4*180 - 0.64*180 - 0.51*1823:24
jhvh1danielpbarron: 0.29*4*180 - 0.64*180 - 0.51*18 = 84.4199999999999923:24
DicePowerThe goal of my mod is to automate the process of repeatedly loading the game/character creation/etc.  It just seems like loading one less thing would be better.23:25
danielpbarron!~calc (16*60*0.06) / 18023:25
jhvh1danielpbarron: (16*60*0.06) / 180 = 0.3223:25
danielpbarron!~calc 0.20*4*180 - 0.32*180 - 0.51*1823:26
jhvh1danielpbarron: 0.20*4*180 - 0.32*180 - 0.51*18 = 77.2223:26
danielpbarron!~calc (16*60*0.15) / 18023:30
jhvh1danielpbarron: (16*60*0.15) / 180 = 0.823:30
danielpbarron!~calc 0.32*4*180 - 0.8*180 - 0.51*1823:31
jhvh1danielpbarron: 0.32*4*180 - 0.8*180 - 0.51*18 = 77.2223:31
danielpbarron!~calc (16*60*0.1) / 18023:33
jhvh1danielpbarron: (16*60*0.1) / 180 = 0.533333333333333323:33
danielpbarron!~calc (15*60*0.1) / 18023:33
jhvh1danielpbarron: (15*60*0.1) / 180 = 0.523:33
danielpbarron!~calc 0.25*4*180 - 0.5*180 - 0.51*1823:33
jhvh1danielpbarron: 0.25*4*180 - 0.5*180 - 0.51*18 = 80.8223:33
danielpbarron!~calc (16*60*0.11) / 18023:35
jhvh1danielpbarron: (16*60*0.11) / 180 = 0.586666666666666723:35
danielpbarron!~calc (15*60*0.11) / 18023:35
jhvh1danielpbarron: (15*60*0.11) / 180 = 0.5523:35
danielpbarron!~calc 0.26*4*180 - 0.55*180 - 0.51*1823:36
hanbot!Qbid 27 3.5mn23:36
lobbesbotAUCTION # 27: one stack cft q 132 Heard: 3.5mn from hanbot overbidding diana_coman Ending: 2017-02-23 21:57:26 UTC (22 hours 21 mins)23:36
jhvh1danielpbarron: 0.26*4*180 - 0.55*180 - 0.51*18 = 79.0200000000000123:36
danielpbarron!~calc (16*60*0.13) / 18023:43
jhvh1danielpbarron: (16*60*0.13) / 180 = 0.693333333333333523:43
danielpbarron!~calc (15*60*0.13) / 18023:43
jhvh1danielpbarron: (15*60*0.13) / 180 = 0.6523:43
danielpbarron!~calc (16*60*0.12) / 18023:44
jhvh1danielpbarron: (16*60*0.12) / 180 = 0.6423:44
danielpbarron!~calc (13*60*0.13) / 18023:45
jhvh1danielpbarron: (13*60*0.13) / 180 = 0.563333333333333423:45
danielpbarron!~calc (13*60*0.15) / 18023:45
jhvh1danielpbarron: (13*60*0.15) / 180 = 0.6523:45
danielpbarron!~calc (13*60*0.14) / 18023:45
jhvh1danielpbarron: (13*60*0.14) / 180 = 0.606666666666666823:45

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