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*** Joins: ben_vulpes (~ben_vulpe@unaffiliated/benkay)05:52
ben_vulpesdanielpbarron: http://danielpbarron.com/2017/gentoo-eulora-quest/ is missing from your new site05:55
ben_vulpeshey mircea_popescu may i have an eulora login?06:34
mircea_popescuoh sure. i thought you already had one.06:34
ben_vulpeslost to the misty mists of time06:34
mircea_popescuwell you can have it back eh.06:34
ben_vulpesi'd not object to a ressurection06:35
ben_vulpesah ty06:35
mircea_popescuben_vulpes, http://p.bvulpes.com/pastes/XqoyX/?raw=true06:36
mircea_popescuahahaha symond goodwhine06:36
mircea_popescuthe list of playernames in that game i swear\06:36
ben_vulpesi get a "server not available" hm06:38
mircea_popescuyou prolly have the old server ip ; see http://logs.minigame.biz/2018-04-22.log.html#t10:03:2406:42
lobbesbotLogged on 2018-04-22 10:03:24: <diana_coman> Eulora is back on, at its new home; to connect, you'll need to set this ip in client's data/servers.xml ; specifically, the line in there should look like this: <server name="Eulora" description="Hello, New User? See Mircea for login account" ip="" port="13331" />06:42
ben_vulpesthat ip is strangely familiar06:43
mircea_popescuben_vulpes, so were you rich ? various ancient items quite valuable these days.06:46
diana_comansymond goodwhine is mine, pre-AI :P06:47
diana_comanahahah Mocky your char is "fuller than a fully full pinata" - you prolly ran out of inventory space06:52
mircea_popescuno real pops since the server move huh.06:55
mircea_popescui've been diligently braiding braids into cordage, but...06:56
mircea_popescuthough i guess i'm not actually OC at all.06:56
ben_vulpesthere are buildings now!06:56
mircea_popescucan even go in the portal.06:57
mircea_popescutests, basically. been there a while. but we're gearing up towards actually using them.06:57
ben_vulpesi've got a pile of lbn and some ~300 putrid leather06:58
mircea_popescuwell, if pinochle fellow gets around to modeling it properly, we might even find out what they're worth!06:58
ben_vulpesand 2.7k putrid leather ennumeration and another 2.7k spicy moss ennumeration06:59
ben_vulpesdoes everything being black indicate a bad build or some kind of game mechanic06:59
mircea_popescudefine "everything"06:59
ben_vulpesthe ground.07:01
mircea_popescuah. it's early morning.07:01
diana_comanmircea_popescu, if anything foxy's been even worse than usual at claims so yeah, what pops, lol07:02
ben_vulpesi have dragged the bottom of my chat window offscreen :(07:10
ben_vulpesclient today, bot tomorrow, /me bbl07:12
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Mockydiana_coman: I've gathered some low quality rickety reeds14:54
diana_comanMocky, how many ?14:55
diana_comannot bad, I'll buy them; come to Foxy in town14:56
diana_comanMocky, can you tell me how many and q are those? there is a glitch when I try to look at them as they are14:59
Mocky2000, q114:59
diana_coman!Qcalc 2000*0.01*6714:59
lobbesbotdiana_coman: 134014:59
diana_comanthat's bv, hmm, let's see15:00
* diana_coman searches for own shop lmao15:00
diana_coman!Qcalc 2000*0.01*67*1.315:01
lobbesbotdiana_coman: 174215:01
diana_comanMocky, that's what I can offer; alternatively you can auction them in chan I guess, perhaps others can offer more15:01
Mocky1742 works, was what i calc'd15:02
diana_comancool stuff15:02
diana_comanI'll buy more on same terms15:02
Mockyup to what quantity?15:02
diana_comanbasically knock yourself out on it; also, I can prolly find some tools and/or books to sell to you if /when you want to move up15:03
Mockywhat kind of prices do tools and books fetch, ballpark?15:04
diana_comanMocky, hmm? if you mean how much you make with them...it depends on you+your char, nothing so crystal-clear there15:06
diana_comanif you mean how much do they cost: books were ~100k each iirc ; tools don't quite recall, will have to dig it up15:06
diana_comanMocky, this can give *some* idea re prices historically, fwiw: http://lobbesblog.com/queryauctions/pricehistory/view.php?ItemSHC=ch&TimeLookback=&Quality=&QualityWidth=&SortBy=15:07
Mockygreat, thx15:08
diana_comanMocky, there might also be a market for other low q resources; if you get a lot of them just auction them with lobbesbot and see what comes out of it15:52
Mockyoh, ok15:53
diana_comanor ask around, I suppose15:54
mircea_popescuthough it's prolly a good idea to keep lobbesbot auctions > 100k or so. for one thing there's a fee.17:33
mircea_popesculobbes, i don't recall, does your price history account for the float ?17:33
danielpbarronben_vulpes, http://danielpbarron.com/2017/gentoo-eulora-quest/ << ported, although most of the gentoo install guide is probably out of date. the stuff after you have a working system should still work for the eulora part of it though18:50
ben_vulpesayup; found it on archive.is, was useful, ty18:53
lobbesmircea_popescu: naw. base values were not affected by float (at least, they weren't as of sept. of last year), and price history doesn't do any ecu-to-btc converting >> http://logs.minigame.biz/2017-09-17.log.html#t23:40:4220:09
lobbesbotLogged on 2017-09-17 23:40:42: <diana_coman> lobbes, no, base values are unaffected20:09
mircea_popesculobbes, so basically it just lost it via the qabv ?20:09
lobbesWait, what'd it lose?20:14
mircea_popescuwhen the ecu floated, its effect wrt to items went into quality. so your data isn't affected, ie it "lost" the effect, through the mechanism of ... "well, there's just higher q items for sale, but prices are qabv anyway"20:16
mircea_popescui suppose not the best way to put it, but there it is.20:16
lobbesaa. Now I get what you mean20:21
*** Joins: shinohai (btcinfo@gateway/shell/xshellz/x-dnixecfxnyuplkfd)20:56
shinohaiI connected and landed directly in front of hanbot, who stares at me menacingly .....21:04
diana_comanhi shinohai , wb to eulora21:04
shinohaiJust here to see if danielpbarron wants to wrap up business.21:04
shinohaiBut ty21:04
shinohaiAs for my 20k s.mg shares, not sure what to do with those unless some of the lordship wants to take those off my hands.21:08
diana_comanshinohai, why not keep them? what's your plan anyway?21:14
shinohaiPermanent retirement.21:15
diana_comano.O ; s.mg shares sound like part of a retirement plan though, not exactly current cash or something21:20
diana_comananyways, enjoy21:20
shinohaiAlready am to a degree :D21:25
diana_comanthe devil is in ...degrees; take care21:27
shinohaidpb is such a hard guy to catch online .... must be busier than me!21:30
diana_comanmaybe he is...retiring too?21:39
shinohaiWouldn't think so, he set up a blog on pizarro, etc21:44

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