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MockyI've fallen down a... well? and can't get out. I'm at 76.8 0 -37.8913:59
lobbesbotPost from dianacoman: EuCrypt Chapter 13: SMG RNG <http://www.dianacoman.com/2018/05/03/eucrypt-chapter-13-smg-rng/>14:01
diana_comanawww Mocky , did you fall off the edge of the world?14:03
diana_comanor is it the central crater?14:03
Mockycentral crater14:03
diana_comank, log out and I'll pick you out this time; there's nothing useful in that crater really14:04
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Mockyok, I logged out14:05
diana_comanMocky, try it now14:06
MockyI'm good now, thank you14:07
diana_comanwhat do you do Mocky , other than playing Eulora?14:13
MockyI spend the week days slaving for my java overlords and on Friday when they hand me my well earned half crust of bread, it take it and head to the mountains for a hike14:17
Mockyhow about you?14:18
diana_comanmountain hiking sounds very nice indeed14:22
diana_comanfor the past 2 years I've been mainly Eulora-programming; it's in http://www.dianacoman.com/2018/03/30/my-first-2-years-as-cto-for-minigame/14:24
MockyI have 55k rr to sell you with quality 114:27
Mocky!Qcalc 55000*67*.01*1.314:27
lobbesbotMocky: 4790514:27
diana_comanmind doing it in a few hours? I'll be away from the keyboard for a while14:28
Mockyno problem, just let me know14:29
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mircea_popescu55k is not even half bad.16:52
mircea_popescudid you get foxybot to work Mocky ?16:53
MockyI did but I had to fix a number of things like a faulty parse of the "exploration marker" message and unable to find table & lbn in inventory. Also sometimes it seemed to try to build the wrong claim, so I improved that and taught it to autoloot lbn from the ground17:43
mircea_popescudo you have a blog ?17:56
MockyI do not. I started one 10 years ago and after one post looked back on it and realized I had nothing to say17:58
mircea_popescuyou have plenty to say ; if you don't publish the above what do i link to in the future ?18:04
MockyThat's a good point18:06
mircea_popescutell you what, i'll buy you shared hosting on pizarro's server for the rest of the year, you get a blog up there and publish the foregoing. how about that ?18:07
MockyI'll take you up on that offer. Now that I'm thinking about it again, I dare say I could come up with quite a few things to post about18:10
mircea_popescuworst comes to worst, do what i do18:12
mircea_popescuMocky, join #trilema, also.18:12
mircea_popescuyou know what that is, even ?18:12
MockyI've been reading #trilema logs the last week and trilema.com also.18:14
diana_comanoh hey, that work on the bot sounds very useful, Mocky18:36
diana_comanby the sounds of it I'd read your blog18:36
diana_comanat any rate, trade with Foxy whenever convenient, Mocky18:36
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MockyOk, i'm trying to trade you now. this is my first time trading this much weight so bear with me19:24
diana_comanMocky, no worries, just ping me when you're done19:25
diana_comanwith ctrl-click iirc you can grab the whole pile - first to inv, then to trade19:25
diana_comanshould work19:25
diana_comanhm, I think19:25
Mockyok it's in there, had it on a table19:26
diana_comanMocky, do you have change from that?19:27
diana_coman2k is fine19:27
Mockyall i hve is 175519:27
diana_comanthat works19:28
diana_comanthere we go, thank you19:28
diana_comanand I'll still buy more rr19:29
diana_comanapparently I can use a ton of it anyway19:29
Mockyso what will those reeds be made into?19:30
diana_comanthat'll make ampoules19:30
diana_comanfoxy's quite good with that line so it works very well for her at any rate but they are also quite useful forward in the chain19:31
diana_comanMocky, have you figured out how quality works at all?19:31
Mockyyou mentioned before about books and tools, and maybe you could sell me some, or how does that work19:31
diana_comanMocky, sure; books give you skills19:32
diana_comanas you use the skill, you gain experience19:32
Mockyi read aobut overcrafting and undercrafting and I felt i grasped it at the time but, i think i'll need to start doing it to fully comprehend19:32
diana_comanaha; I think you can see a bit of that at work if you build a claim for me for instance19:33
diana_comanlemme see what I can do for you19:33
diana_comanuhm, first I gotta put those reeds in storage, lol19:33
Mockyso where do the books come from, crafted also?19:33
diana_comanyes, crafted by players too19:34
diana_comaneven...written by players :D19:34
diana_comandid you find my "cookbook" ?19:34
diana_comanhttp://dianacoman.com/Eulora/index.html <- this contains the items foxy has seen /heard of in game so far19:35
Mockyyes i have it open actually19:35
diana_comanaha :) the "scribblings" are the skill books19:35
diana_comansuch as this one: http://dianacoman.com/Eulora/Foxys-Dismal-Scribblings-on-Gathering.html19:35
Mockyahh, i saw those when looking for books earlier today but didn't make the connection19:36
Mockythis game is different to what I expected, in a good way. I was afraid the 'bitcoin economy' was going to be a gambling thing or a bullshit communist 'share the wealth' thing like I've seen in other games19:38
mircea_popescui'm here to none of that crap.19:40
diana_comanfunnily enough the "share the wealth" crowd always shares someone else's wealth19:42
diana_comanno, no, they do share their "wealth" too; it just has those...""19:42
MockyI saw one free to play game where everyone logged in gets a % share of optional items purchased. jesus, if i wanted a welfare state of poor beggars funded by 1%'ers I can just walk out my front door19:45
diana_comanheh, where in the world is your front door Mocky ?19:46
diana_comanat any rate, follow Fox behind the house and trade so I give you a tool19:47
diana_comanwe'll dig a bit of cr19:47
Mockycurrently Raleigh North Carolina but maybe I get an upgrade soon, lol19:47
diana_comanMocky, dig a claim up19:50
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Mockyok, cr claim19:52
diana_comanMocky, right, pass me on the enum so I make a bundle for you19:52
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diana_comanMocky, there, have a look at that bundle's q19:54
diana_comanif curious, go and check what its value is19:54
diana_coman(at storage it will show it)19:54
diana_comanand then go ahead and build this claim with this bundle; get another claim and build it with a lower q bundle of your own; spot the difference :D19:55
diana_comanbtw lock the claim if you go away from it for a bit or it might vanish19:55
diana_comanahem, lol19:55
Mockyso the number in storage right next tothe icon is price then? i didn't realize that19:56
diana_comanI'll want the cr from this claim; otherwise you can keep that tool (and don't throw it away when spent as it's still used as input for some crafts)19:56
diana_comanit's base value19:56
diana_comanquality adjusted base value in fact19:57
diana_comanso it is the minimal price if you want - since S.MG (via Spirover, the NPC trader) will always pay that if you sell stuff to it directly19:57
Mockyi notice that building this claim takes substantially longer than what I've seen so far19:59
diana_comanaha; did you figure out why?19:59
Mockywell i haven't tried a lower quality bundle yet, but my guess is that it's proportional to the quality adjusted base value it is likely to yield20:01
diana_comanlike any hypothesis, all it needs is a good testing20:02
mircea_popescuMocky, anyway, luck does play a factor ; if you type /show top and look at all time, that's pretty much it.20:06
diana_comanFoxy can attest that bad luck plays an even more painful factor :p20:07
Mockyoh! that's what the tops of pops thing is, i saw the src file and had nfi what it was for20:08
mircea_popescubasically you can, in principle, experience VERY high returns.20:09
mircea_popescuthere's a case when noob player hit the ground with a cheap axe and got i dun even recall, 5mn worth of thorns or grass or what was it.20:09
mircea_popescuthree years ago or such, but anyways.20:09
Mockyi'm assuming you can't be equally un-lucky20:10
mircea_popescuwell... how lol. you know what you're risking going in.20:10
mircea_popescuanyway, this is ultimately why items sell for a % -- some are harder to get than others.20:11
shinohaidanielpbarron: you around this afternoon?20:18
lobbesoh hey, you're only a few hours from me >> http://logs.minigame.biz/2018-05-03.log.html#t19:47:1920:20
lobbesbotLogged on 2018-05-03 19:47:19: <Mocky> currently Raleigh North Carolina but maybe I get an upgrade soon, lol20:20
Mocky!Qcalc 17016*7320:20
lobbesbotMocky: 124216820:20
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MockyI was expecting  the quality of this tool to decrease, but I see it doesn't necessarily decrease each time20:24
diana_comanMocky, o.O?20:25
diana_comanis the tool same q as when I gave it to you?20:25
diana_comanthat is...weird; can you trade me the tool so I see this wonder please?20:25
diana_comanheh, no it's not20:26
diana_comanlook in your chat log Mocky20:26
Mockyoh hmm. you are right20:27
diana_comanbtw I'd recommend you make sure you have turned on full logging in game as that thing is quite useful20:28
Mockyoh, i will20:29
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Mockydiana_coman: thank you for your time, and the lesson and that tool20:34
diana_coman!Qcalc 17016*0.01*7320:34
lobbesbotdiana_coman: 12421.6820:34
diana_comanMocky, you're welcome!20:34
diana_coman!Qcalc 68*18020:36
lobbesbotdiana_coman: 1224020:36
diana_coman!Qcalc 68*180 + (1400-1213)20:37
lobbesbotdiana_coman: 1242720:37
diana_comanlook at that: he got 12421 qabv of CR from 12427 input cft+tool20:37
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Mockybut wasn't the quality of the cr 1.0 not .01?21:57
Mockyoh, nm, lol21:57
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