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Mockyoh shit, sounds like a biggie, grats mircea_popescu14:33
Mockyi guess not big enough for all time hall of fame, only this month14:36
mircea_popescuhm ?14:42
mircea_popescuo look at that, q 1581 apron lint.14:42
mircea_popescudiana_coman, did you want tuber milk btw ? or i don't recall what we were doing with it.14:42
diana_comanmircea_popescu, can't quite recall; possibly it was part of cheese but iirc I still have a load of cheese14:43
mircea_popescuMocky, it's complicated-er than it seems. the top reports the total value, but because of overcraft one can a) always get in the top if they are doing expensive enough things and b) not necessarily profit by it.14:43
mircea_popescudiana_coman, i think it was something else.14:43
mircea_popescuMocky, eg, here i clicked a 35689 * 135.00 = 4818015 bundle. not counting the recipe and the tool decay, the result being 3.66 mn means i made a 1.2mn loss.14:45
diana_comanwhat are numbers when you are in the top!! :P14:46
mircea_popescuhey. what are numbers when i could have actually dinged. on oc like that...14:47
diana_comanthis could have is a bit like "he has great potential" :P14:47
diana_comanone can ding on a tiny claim iirc...14:48
* diana_coman feels a tad the gnat-grumpy-effect14:49
mircea_popescudiana_coman, yes, but you know, to get the same 1bn, one needs a much better ding on 100 than on 100k.14:49
diana_comantrue, true; have better dings is all I say14:50
mircea_popesculol. kk.14:50
mircea_popescuanyway,80% or so return on tm isn't the end of the world, iirc that was expensive af.14:50
MockyI think I was seeing the same thing on a small rr claim where 244 worth of cft and 187 tool wear got me 361 worth of rr for a 16% loss. or would have been had not diana_coman bought at a premium to give me 8% profit14:56
mircea_popescuMocky, most things sell at premiums, for this reason. the game is a) getting the premiums right and b) managing to wring a few % out of the tower.14:58
mircea_popescuthat's why items like http://lobbesblog.com/queryauctions/pricehistory/ or http://trilema.com/2015/whoever-said-resource-allocation-is-a-solved-problem-deserves-a-kick-in-the-nads/ are all about.14:58
diana_comanMocky, that's part of the trouble with "what is this worth?" : the quality-adjusted base value is really just that, a baseline, the minimum value as it were since s.mg via npc will pay that for it14:59
mircea_popescuimo a very close approximation of actual reality. certainly the closest one of these "virtual economies" in games ever got.15:00
* Mocky nods15:02
mircea_popescudoing a bouq click now, curious if it can even finish.18:33
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