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mircea_popescudanielpbarron, but i didn't say anything!01:00
mircea_popescuin other good news, this cs is 2/3 cooked, so i guess another day now01:00
Mockyaha! I see that not only I blogged about mis-adventure with visual studio and eulora, but diana_coman also, some 1300 days ago!02:24
mircea_popescuwait what ?!02:27
mircea_popescuo o i see02:43
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diana_comanhm, I don't really have a pile of tink books, might need to make some these days09:24
mircea_popescui think maybe i have one12:58
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lobbesbotPost from mocky: Foxybot Enhancements Part 3 Getting Into Trouble And Back Out <http://mocky.org/Foxybot-Enhancements-Part-3-Getting-Into-Trouble-And-Back-Out/>14:15
Mockyok so I'm hitting ordinary claims bare handed at a rate of about 2 per thousand now. it seems +ev to build them but less profitable than continuing on with tiny claims. Unless there's demand for tubers, rr or rf at quality 1 at 2x base price14:28
mircea_popescui'd take nt / rf actually. why not pile a bunch an' make an auction ?14:30
Mockyi don't have the coppers to buy the bundles, and if i make myself with 0 tinkering I don't expect good results14:34
mircea_popescuah there's that huh.14:34
mircea_popescutell you what, do the click for me, that'll net you a cool mn.14:35
mircea_popescui guess i'll be done in about 6-8 hours maybe. you around then ?14:36
Mockyi may be going hiking in virginia for the weekend tho, no idea how long click will take14:37
mircea_popescuyou don't have to be there for it though. just as long as you don't lose connection.14:38
mircea_popescui have nfi either, but i expect a ~long~ time.14:38
mircea_popescueg, the current click i'm about to finish took almost 3 days.14:38
MockyI think my connection is pretty reliable, but then it always is until it isn't14:40
danielpbarronMocky, make what yourself?14:41
Mockyordinary claim bundles14:43
danielpbarrontinkering doesn't make those better, unless you mean making the ingredients14:44
Mockywhat makes those higher quality?14:45
mircea_popescuas far as anyone knows, a bundle quality is the weighted average of the quality of the components.14:45
danielpbarronhigher building means you can put in more ingredients14:46
mircea_popescuyeah. you may not have realised this, but the recipes change depending who looks at them14:46
danielpbarronbut now i'm curious how he even got the ingredients14:46
Mockydid not realize that14:46
MockyI haven't the ingredients, but i saw the list and saw that what i don't currently have can be had from spirover14:47
mircea_popescuMocky, the logs are full of me saying "eulora is not what oyu imagine" at people, because there's all these naive/inept assumptions built into gamers by a lifetime of captivity in http://trilema.com/2016/the-eastern-rpg/14:47
mircea_popescuit's not that "oh, eulora is a bitcoin game that isn't a flimsy wrapper atop a jukebox". it's that eulora ~actually does decentralization~. not in the certification-seeking way, either, but as a fundamental, conceptual thing, resulting in incomprehensible stuff like "hey, recipes -- vary by reader. like fucking ancient texts. probolem ?"14:48
danielpbarronhuh, i should check out this shinohai dump14:48
mircea_popescuwhich ?14:49
mircea_popescuoh lol.14:49
mircea_popescuhttp://dianacoman.com/Eulora/mining-recipes.html << holy shit, what, you got slithy toves for tuber bundle ?14:49
mircea_popescudanielpbarron, the rf ord is easy enough, though.14:50
Mockyi have built a handful of small claims, including one with a ~1k quality bundle from foxy and i build 1 ordinary claim with spirover 250q bundle. so yeah, i realize i know next to nothing yet14:50
* mircea_popescu looks at his q > 2000 bundles. oh joy, that i bought them when i did!14:51
Mockyguessing what's-what is iffy, yet guess i must. I also found lobbes logs yest which go back much farther than bvulpes. it's so fun reading ~everyone being a noob just like me.14:53
Mockyso much reading to do14:53
mircea_popescuyeah, log.minigame.biz14:53
mircea_popescuiirc it's complete.14:53
Mockyhttp://logs.bvulpes.com/eulora?d=2018-4-29#345541 << ok, now i understand this. i didnt' understand that 69 to 94 lbn would be going into each bundle!15:09
mimisbrunnrLogged on 2018-04-29 19:04 diana_coman: Mocky, well done; Foxy can make bundles with 69 to 94 bits of nothing so if you gather some serious quantities of bits of nothing bring them to me and I'll pack you some serious bundles; I'll also buy low quality rickety reeds15:09
diana_comanMocky, aha; from the other side it can be difficult to say which part/where you don't get it unless you ..say something15:10
diana_comanin other news, I just had Fox make some 15 sm ord bundles but it's a pain15:10
diana_comanbasically I'd sell ord bundles I suppose if only I could do them by bot pretty much15:11
diana_coman(they ended up ~900q without much trouble really)15:12
diana_comanofc that didn't even help foxy much as she still got q3 out of the ord...15:12
Mockydiana_coman, at the time I thought I understood!15:18
diana_comantakes a bit of time to become eulora-suspicious enough15:21
diana_comanbtw, do you get any *small* claim by hand Mocky ? or just tiny and ords?15:22
diana_coman"by hand" = bare hand mining, no tool15:22
Mockyonly tiny and ord so far15:24
danielpbarroncool, there was a high quality samovar in spirover!15:26
danielpbarronand some high quality numina :D15:26
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danielpbarroni didn't see any ord ingredients. a few slag recipies and some basics18:24
mircea_popescuin other remarkable news : the oiriginal craft time delay was intended to balance economic considerations not yet much expressed in game. it has the misfortune that it stepped on my toe earlier, and so it's going the fuck away. starting wed all crafts will complete instantly ; the time system will be re-introduced later, once a) we finally get the fucking npcs and other items needed so player can increase productivity as origi18:25
mircea_popescunally designed and b) decouple crafting from net connection, so it can be simple queue.18:25
mircea_popescuin other words, enjoy this bonus while it lasts.18:26
Mockyoh man, you were due to finish that any time now18:27
mircea_popescufucking hell.18:27
danielpbarron!!! !!!!!18:53
* danielpbarron 'considers' what he will craft....18:55
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diana_coman!Qcalc 8*1.15*470/(5.95*470+1.2*59)20:50
lobbesbotdiana_coman: 1.5080389216320:50
diana_coman!Qcalc 8*1.15*470*1.5/(5.95*470*2+1.2*470)20:53
lobbesbotdiana_coman: 1.053435114520:53
diana_comanmircea_popescu, look at that ^ ; considering even basics at 200% and bps at 1000% tier 1 craftablle (dg) ends up ever so slightly +ev sold at 150%20:54
diana_coman!QCalc 8*1.15*470/(5.95*470+1.2*47)20:57
lobbesbotdiana_coman: 1.5156507413520:57
diana_comanin bv terms it would be indeed 150% so basically 150% is absolute minimum for which fox could sell *any* harvestables really (since at anything lower than that she's better off just crafting it and getting same in actual bv20:58
diana_comanof course, it might be that fox is simply too good a crafter to actually sell harvestables directly and that's that21:00
diana_coman(i.e. others might be able to sell harvestables at a lower markup and still find it best option for them)21:01
lobbesbotPost from dianacoman: A Tiny Stab at a Little Pricing Problem <http://www.dianacoman.com/2018/05/24/a-tiny-stab-at-a-little-pricing-problem/>21:57
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