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lobbesbotA#365 O=29mn HB=32mn E=09-12 05:03:44 (4h14) >>> 87 AW q31000:48
lobbesbot--- end of auction list, 32mn total bids ---00:49
mircea_popescuMocky sorry about that! can confirm -- bot finds table. problem is -- bot doesn't drop inventory items to ground and so can't craft because ow00:52
Mockyahh, so drop to the ground. I tested with small quantities for that reason.00:56
Mockyi figure there's a bunch of things bot doesn't do. I've made only 3 tiny contributions to the crafting bot, and rolling back one of them was the table fix!00:57
mircea_popescusee the way crafting worked in foxybot was, it dropped all ingredients on ground before attempting click01:17
mircea_popescuthen it picks them up stack by stack, adds the requisite to tool and drops the magain01:17
mircea_popescuthis causes locks when the dropped stack is ghosted01:18
mircea_popescuwhich is where the "you got nuke" comes in very handy -- foxybot didn't.01:18
mircea_popescuotherwise it's just not practical to craft, i got 800k flotsam im making ibs. i use 7 at a time, and i can at most carry like 60 or so01:18
mircea_popescucan't just reload every 10 clicks01:18
Mockyyeah i felt that when testing with bps courtesy danielpbarron, could only do 14 clicks, used second table for reloading01:20
mircea_popescucan i do that ?01:21
Mockywell, manual reload. not bot01:22
Mockymanually used table instead of ground basically01:23
mircea_popescua a yes01:27
lobbesbotA#365 O=29mn HB=32mn E=09-12 05:03:44 (3h14) >>> 87 AW q31001:48
lobbesbot--- end of auction list, 32mn total bids ---01:49
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lobbesbotAUCTION # 365 has ENDED: 87 AW q310 SOLD to danielpbarron for 32mn coppers. Attn: mircea_popescu05:04
mircea_popescudanielpbarron you about ?05:07
mircea_popescudanielpbarron damn. how about nao ?05:32
mircea_popescucool trade in ~5 mins plox05:33
mircea_popescuall there yes ?05:35
mircea_popescuaite. ty & sorry for earlier!05:35
diana_comanmircea_popescu, in fairness the drop to ground part was iirc later addition so it didn't make it into any public release10:43
diana_comanit should also similarly drop to the ground the end product when it reaches some threshold as otherwise you get ow with end product10:44
mircea_popescui'm speccing it to put it in storage10:45
diana_comaneven better, yes10:45
diana_comanoh and Mocky, please, put in the /bot bundle too at next release!10:46
mircea_popescufucking impossible to fucking craft, piece of shit useless client guaranteed to get ghost bag in <100 clicks10:51
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Mockydiana_coman, that sounds interesting. how will that work?12:52
diana_comanMocky, what exactly?12:52
Mockyso it's like crafting but with enum and makes bundles12:54
diana_comanMocky, http://ossasepia.com/2017/04/13/bundling-with-foxybot/12:54
diana_comanyes, it should do same as crafting but simply take the bundle as soon as it's made - and user should better choose a "wrong" container, of course12:55
diana_comanthe code is there in the post anyway but ideally you'd want to add the drop ingredients part just like in the updated crafting12:56
diana_comansince the problem is same (also for output as some bundles can be heavy indeed)12:56
diana_coman<Mocky> so it's like crafting but with enum and makes bundle -> not only enums, no12:58
diana_comanany bp, there's no difference really12:58
Mockyoh, alright12:58
diana_comanwhatever the user equips and whatever container they target12:58
diana_coman1. make the crafting to work well, dropping ingredients and storing outputs 2. check for bundle rather than finished product12:59
diana_comanand ignore "wrong" container or even fail IF it is the right container since you'll prolly run into trouble (craft will either finish or your takeall will fail)13:00
Mockymakes sense13:01
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Mockydiana_coman, mircea_popescu I just finished 'precision step size while exploring' which was a prereq for multi-table. this took me a lot longer than I thought it would. Now I can either press on with multi-table or switch back to the craft side. If I do multi-table my estimate is saturday evening for a build that will probably mostly work because I can't easily test it. If I do crafting friday evening is eta for /bot mix, /bot store, /bot16:07
Mockyunstore, /bot bundle, drop mats to ground (or separate table), dropped product to table (or storage)16:07
Mockyeta will be longer if hurricane knocks out power16:08
diana_comanI think mircea_popescu is waiting on the fixed crafting part so I'd say go for the crafting16:24
Mockyok, will do16:37
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mircea_popescuMocky i got ~250k clicks i can't do because crafting as is dun work. that's 400 hours or some shit, so if you get the bot crafting i'll be happy for atleast three weeks.19:49
Mockyroger that19:50
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