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billymghttp://logs.minigame.biz/2019-01-08.log.html#t19:07:37 < what kind of clicks?03:11
lobbesbotLogged on 2019-01-08 19:07:37: <mircea_popescu> so i kinda need a noob to do some clicks... billymg did you have a guy ?03:11
mircea_popescubillymg ima give you a bunch of bundles and recipes, you're supposed to craft them03:11
billymgi don't have a copy of eulora running yet, is it related?03:12
mircea_popescuoh oh. yes, it is.03:13
billymgyeah, i need to get that going at some point03:13
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auctionbotSell order # 1034 has ENDED: No sale. Attn: mircea_popescu05:41
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shinohaidiana_coman: http://minigame.biz/eulora/binaries/cs_July24.tar.gz  <<< 404 ?12:49
diana_comanshinohai, link from minigame.biz is http://minigame.biz/eulora/source/eulora-v0.1.2b.tar.gz13:15
diana_comanso possibly some stale link13:16
diana_comanor http://minigame.biz/eulora/source/cs_July24.tar.gz13:16
diana_comaniirc they were in "binaries" although being obv ...sources13:16
shinohaisweet, thnx13:16
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