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feedbothttp://thewhet.net/2019/01/perambulating-mp-pretense-vs-pretense/ << The Whet -- Perambulating MP: Pretense vs. Pretense01:27
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requiemzzhello im having some issue installing on linux02:45
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mircea_popescusrsly, five minutes ?03:01
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requiemzzim having issues installing the game on linux its failing after running "make"11:10
diana_comanrequiemzz, be a bit more precise : what steps have you followed and what is the error it gives?11:19
diana_comanuse http://p.bvulpes.com/ to paste the error at least11:19
requiemzzfollowing http://www.eulorum.org/Ubuntu11:20
diana_comanwhat step are you at?11:20
requiemzzstep 511:21
diana_comanfor one thing, gcc 4.9 is latest on which it will likely work11:22
requiemzzok ive changed to 511:22
diana_comangoing above 5 is likely to end up in all sorts of trouble11:22
requiemzzi was at 7 then went to 511:22
requiemzzill try 411:22
diana_comank, let me know how it goes11:22
diana_comanother than that: your path looks dubious - is "dev" your user and did you actually put cal3d in your home dir directly?11:24
requiemzzi did11:25
requiemzzit says there is no 4.9 package but maybe im not referecing it correctly11:26
diana_comanwhat ubuntu version are you running?11:26
requiemzzsudo apt-get install gcc-4.9 g++-4.911:26
diana_comanit might well be that newest repos think the world started with 5 or something11:26
requiemzzubuntu 18.0411:26
diana_comanpossibly g++-4.8?11:27
diana_comanor otherwise you can try repo for xenial or whatever earlier ubuntu was called11:28
requiemzznew message11:35
requiemzzim running gcc 4.8.511:36
diana_comandid all previous steps (i.e. 1-4 and then autoreconf and ./configure at 5) succeed?11:37
diana_comanalso: now your path is..different so how come ?11:38
diana_comanwhen you specify the prefix for configure did you give the actual path to cal3d on your system?11:39
diana_comanrequiemzz, where are you stuck?12:37
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mircea_popescuhey requiemzz14:40
mircea_popescudiana_coman we evidently have to static this, "works on linux" is as much a fantasy as "works on windows"14:41
mircea_popescuit's not possible for him to run 10.04 or w/e it was when we compiled it, they've glued broken glass everywhere, it's an expert's weekend to get a year+ old version going anymore.14:42
mircea_popescurequiemzz it is entirely possible your configure failed because bad paths or something equally silly. do this :14:43
mircea_popescuautoreconf --install --force >> requiemzz_errors.txt14:43
mircea_popescu./configure --prefix=$HOME/dev/cal3d >> requiemzz_errors.txt14:44
mircea_popescumake >> requiemzz_errors.txt14:44
mircea_popescuthen link that requiemzz_errors.txt14:44
diana_comanmircea_popescu, static linking cal3d and cs is another huge can of worms15:21
diana_comanand no, he doesn't (at least not yet) need to run 10.0415:21
diana_comanbut anyway, the road there afaik is via cuntoo15:21
mircea_popescuprolly, yeah.17:22
mircea_popesculessee what he says when wakes up, atm im almost convinced its pathfuckery.17:23
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