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diana_comanhi mp3butcher16:26
mircea_popescuo hey16:41
diana_comanfrom the unintentionally entertaining cs: there is an enum re light "dynamic type" that can apparently be ...dynamic or static, dully named e.g. CS_LIGHT_DYNAMICTYPE_STATIC19:21
diana_comanbasically all lights are of "dynamic type" only some are only pseudo-dynamic and others are static19:25
diana_comanin fairness, there are also some dynamic-dynamic19:26
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mp3butcherhi diana_coman20:56
diana_comanoh hey mp3butcher21:00
diana_coman1 sec21:00
mp3butcherhi all21:02
diana_comanmircea_popescu: mp3butcher is afaik the author of the exporter I used to get Blender stuff out into Cal3d format21:03
diana_comanmp3butcher: I saw you maintain the Cal3d site + codebase currently?21:03
mp3butchermaintain is a big word21:04
diana_comanheh; so what's the status /situation there?21:04
mp3butcheri fixed stuff with morphtarget21:04
mp3butcherand include the blender exporter21:05
mp3butcherafter that i migrated to github as gna shutdown21:06
diana_comanI don't know if you had a look at eulora and minigame but basically we're building a LOT from ground-up simply because we want it properly done.21:06
mp3butcheri admit i didn't know about eulora21:07
diana_comanmyeah, and then when github shutsdown...21:07
diana_comanit's ok, it's a deep rabbit hole :)21:07
mp3butchercal3d is pretty mature...so there's no real code maintenance21:08
mp3butcheractually i maintained osgAnimation after that21:09
mp3butchernot the same beast21:09
diana_comanmp3butcher: minigame's plan is to make a proper market for artists21:11
diana_comanin the sense that players select what art they want (and where/which bits) and then artists get paid based on the use of what they made21:11
mp3butcherinteresting economic model21:12
diana_comanpart of this means that the client will be able to download from server ANY new piece of art as/when it becomes available21:13
diana_coman(and this part is currently precisely in the works)21:13
diana_comanfurthermore, we need to rather automate the export process from blender21:15
mp3butcherbig work indeed (blender api keep changing all the time)21:16
diana_comanahhh, THAT part is easy really: we fix the version and that's that21:17
diana_comanaround those parts, there is no tolerance for "improvements" that are more bloat and mess than anything else (also known as verschlimbesserung if you have any inkling of German)21:18
diana_comanif you don't mind me asking: what are you doing other than maintaining cal3d, osganimation and the like?21:19
diana_comanI suppose you might find interesting also the V versioning system for that matter.21:20
mp3butcherresearch on real time fluid mechanism (post thesis), crowd simulation,  contributing on OpenSceneGrpah ecosystem (core osg, osgBullet, osgCal, osgAudio)...all kind of GPGPU stuff21:22
mp3butcheri've worked with SVN,CVS, git so versioning system does not worry me21:24
diana_comanheh, V is...one  of a kind; let me fish some refs for you21:24
diana_comanmp3butcher: but at any rate: what *does* worry you?21:25
diana_comanat least cal3d and blender are not on the list :D21:26
diana_comanmp3butcher: here's a nice picture re V, perhaps a gentler entry point to it than anything else I can think of: http://btcbase.org/patches21:28
mp3butcherthe new Eevee python api worries me, cause would involve plugin maintenance21:28
diana_comanyou can select a project and see its tree of patches; each patch will be signed by its author and/or anyone else who is ready to publicly state they trust it21:28
mp3butcheri've never heard about this versionning system21:29
diana_comanheh, re new python I can further dispel your worries: we fixed Python version too, quite some time ago (basically < 3.)21:30
diana_comanto ref waaaay back in 2016: http://logs.minigame.biz/2016-11-28.log.html#t14:27:4721:33
lobbesbotLogged on 2016-11-28 14:27:47: <mircea_popescu> i'm not terribly sure python 3 has any sort of future. it seems altogether unable to muster specific support in tmsr, and the open sores movement is running out of steam.21:33
diana_comanmp3butcher: are there others actively working on Cal3d ? or how did you end up inheriting the maintenance?21:35
mp3butcheri inherit the maintenance because of a bug in morphtarget21:37
mp3butcherwhen i contacted Loic Zachary  he let my the key to the house as he was to busy with openstack21:37
diana_comanmp3butcher: as a starting point for Eulora you might find this interesting http://trilema.com/2015/ok-so-what-is-eulora-disrupting/21:40
diana_comanback then I was just a new player of Eulora too!21:40
diana_comanmp3butcher: maybe make a GPG key and register it with deedbot so that next time you connect we can tell that it's really you aka the same person?21:51
diana_comanthere is a lot new around here and it may take a while to get some of it21:52
diana_comanbut at any rate, you might want to talk to mircea_popescu too when he gets online as he's the ceo of minigame (Eulora's producer)21:53
diana_comanI'll go offline in ~15 minutes but I'll be back tomorrow and the channel is logged so I'll be able to follow-up tomorrow21:57
diana_comanmp3butcher: in any case, would you be interested in making the blender->cal3d automation part? (as previously stated, with fixed versions of everything so once done well it's forever, no eternal breaking because the api changed under you).22:00
mp3butcherit would be interesting.. let me think about it ...see you tomorrow22:07
diana_comanmp3butcher: take your time, no hurry at all.22:07
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