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diana_comanin other planeshittism of extreme stink: wtf the skills (!!) and inventory windows use *map sectors* and moreover have them hardcoded in widgets in xml, arghhh18:34
diana_comanand the shaders are SUCH a sad pile of spaghetti...18:35
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mp_en_viajeso basically a skill is a zone ?18:55
diana_comanneah, that would be too logical19:03
diana_comanthe "podium" on which the little character thingie is in the inventory window is a "zone" , a sector on the map19:04
diana_comannow, what exactly do skills have to do with that I can't even19:04
mp_en_viajea yes yes19:23
mp_en_viajei remember that19:23
mp_en_viajethe idea is you can see the armor previewed o nyour char19:24
diana_comanyes,the idea of the doll is fine, but wtf do you need a sector MAP to see the armor on your char?19:32
diana_comanplus not even sure it makes that much sense anyway because: 1. the items themselves are shown there anyway 2. you see it directly on the char, what ; it sounds to me a bit like that "small inventory" window thing - something else to have but not really much utility to it19:39
diana_coman(meanwhile I realised why sector there - to show the 3d thing, it needs to be somewhere in the "world"; but that doesn't quite explain why this sort of artificial has-to-be-sector has any place in the actual world map otherwise)19:41
diana_comanat any rate, for now at least I just cut it out; if it's *really* wanted back, can be added as what it is - an artificial, GUI "sector", strictly GUI's concern and nobody else's19:48
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